Sunday Blog Showcase: Relive The Magic

I’m far, far behind on Blog Showcases and there are a lot of people I’ve intended to get to for some time, so this weekend gets a two-fer! 🙂

Relive The Magic is actually both blog and podcast; you can find the podcast on iTunes, or collected here (for anyone who, like me, doesn’t use iTunes), and you can also get videos of the podcast recordings on the RtM YouTube channel. The podcast is hosted by Dallas Thompson, and he covers a wide amount of news on theme parks, Disney-related news, and very much more.  The podcast is well-informed, Dallas even attends events and records them live for you, and he also covers Disney Infinity and other fun things. 😀

Right now, though, I’m going to focus the rest of this post on the blog portion, because this is a Blog showcase – though I make up my rules so if I wanted to expland it to blog/podcast I COULD, but the other reason is because RtM keeps up the blog pretty regularly and in-depth, and I think that deserves as much of a shout-out as the podcast!  Blogging on a regular basis is HARD, and Dallas puts a lot of information and makes an effort to be thorough rather than just report the basic headlines of whatever news is released.

For instance, here is the RtM blog post on the Avatarland concept art.  As you have seen from my post on the subject (I should say “may have seen” since you might not have), everyone and their mother can post these pictures just to say “Hey look!”  Dallas cropped and enlarged them to examine details that are missed when you look at the whole thing in its original size.  That’s a great thing to do, too, because those concept art images are so full of rich detail that they DESERVE to be called out.

As of this week, Dallas is reporting on the newly-reimagined Disney Magic cruise ship, including the Avengers Academy experience for younger guests, and a description of the “AquaDunk”, the new water ride experience on-board the reimagined ship.  Both of these blog posts offered more information and detail than I have seen in most other forums, particularly Disney’s own official releases, so I find them really useful and I’m looking forward to the next posts.

Definitely keep coming back to Relive The Magic’s blog, and sign on for the podcast as well.  (Particularly the October ones, Dallas and I share a Halloween enthusiasm, and he’s been focusing on Halloween events lately!)


Saturday Blog Showcase: Modern Mouse Radio

So to start with, Modern Mouse Radio is also a podcast. Hence the Radio part of the name.  But the podcast is hosted by Josh and Keith, and Josh also runs the blog which houses the podcast.  I’m going to focus on the written portion here, b/c when I actually remember to do my podcast roundup, I link up to MMR podcasts already. 🙂

Josh has a lot of recurring features, all with a lot of thoughts, facts, and opinions in them.  When I started the blog showcase I mentioned that I like people who write like that – take Disney stuff and give an insight with opinion and personality.  MMR does this and does it well, and it’s high entertainment for me.  I’m not saying it’s FUNNY (although it often is, I’m just not limiting it to that), more like really well-rounded.  Entertainment as it should be.

There are a number of recurring features in the MMR blog: one is The Whole Picture, in which Josh takes an in-depth look at each Disney feature in the order it came out.  Most recently posted was The Three Caballeros, but keep in mind I said EVERY feature Disney released, so the one prior to that is Victory Through Air Power, which you have probably never heard of unless you are a hardcore Disney film fanatic.  Which you really might be, I’m not saying you’re NOT, don’t get excited. I’m just saying either you are, or you haven’t heard of this film.  Right?  We cool?

Uh, anyway.

Other recurring features are Top 5 lists (which I love, just in general) that avoid doing the obvious, simple theme and instead pick something hyper-specific like “Top 5 Disney Stories Horribly Ruined by Modernization” and the like; Disney Trip Planning posts which take a particular topic and go on at length about them (gee, that feels vaguely familiar to me somehow); and links to Keith Lapinig’s vlog entries (look, even though this is a blog feature I still snuck in a plug! Keith’s videos are EXCELLENT, everyone, and I recommend them as well; maybe I’ll do a full-on review/showcase someday soon!).

In all: great blog, great writing, and highly recommended for a fun way to kill several hours. Just keep going back through the posts and lose track of time! 😀

Saturday Blog Showcase:

Okay, want a great planning site that covers a ton of Disney news and tips, family-related stuff and more?  Then go to, because – okay, yes, I’m going to cheat here and use the site’s own tagline – “Mama knows it’s all about the Mouse.”

See, so how can you argue with that? You can’t. Because it’s true! 😀 I’ll allow that I have encouraged that in my own family, but it doesn’t take a lot of encouragement; my kids were pretty naturally drawn to Mickey as it is, more than either of them (including my daughter) were to princesses, Barbies, Barney, any of those things. Okay, I’m justifying; I have indeed pushed my own love of Disney World onto my children. But it is a good fit, for most kids, and so I still agree: it’s All About The Mouse.

To get a good idea of what is about, and where the author gets her info, take a look at the About MM page; that pretty much sums it up. 🙂 From there, there are lots of tags for particular posts, and a LOT of news articles. It’s definitely a Disney news/Disney planning blog, more than a Disney opinions blog, which is great; where would we be if we didn’t have these resources? I think we’d all still have our opinions but they might be a lot more frustrated from trying to navigate all the Disney stuff on our own. XD

My most-recommended recent post would have to be this review of dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant; as someone who is incredibly curious about this new and hard-to-get-into restaurant, I love the firsthand details and the way it’s written from a very approachable perspective, rather than just “this is what you can expect”. It’s as good for a review as it is for a chance to “live” the magic, which I try to do every day! Thanks Mama Mouse; your blog is one I’ll keep coming back to! 🙂

Saturday Blog Showcase: Jambo Everyone/Bwana Blog

Like animals?  Like Disney?  Like Disney’s Animal Kingdom?  Then you’ve probably already heard of Jambo Everyone and Safari Mike’s Bwana Blog, and don’t need me to introduce you to it. But just in case not, or if you just want to hear someone saying some nice stuff about the site, read on!

So Jambo Everyone, in general, is a site dedicated to information and news and such about DAK, run with enthusiasm and expertise by Dave McBride. Not technically a blog I suppose, since it’s an informational website, but its content is largely the same kind of thing you’d find on a blog anyway – photos, dining reviews and information, and so on and so on. They also have a strong theme of animal conservation (much like DAK), with information on endangered animals and ways to contribute to funds to help them!

Safari Mike’s Bwana Blog, the official blog of Jambo Everyone, is run by Mike McBride, a pretty well-known name in Disney Animal Kingdom circles (heard quite a lot last month at Animal Kingdom’s birthday celebration, on podcasts everywhere!), and the blog is continually updated with information, rumours, speculation, and general thoughts on DAK. It’s excellent. It’s not limited to just news, but the speculative posts are always grounded in information and intimate knowledge of the park. Another great thing is the detailed look at small portions of DAK, like posters or other theming.

I really can’t recommend one without the other, so visit both and explore and catch up on anything you might have missed!  The series about turning Animal Kingdom into a night destination (since it normally closes quite early and is considered by many to be a “half-day park”) is particularly good.

Saturday Blog Showcase: Disney Preparedness

I skipped last week’s Saturday Blog Showcase ;_;  I feel TERRIBLE!  I didn’t realize it until Sunday, then I thought I could do a Sunday Blog Showcase, then that didn’t happen.  Well last weekend was just hectic.

But I won’t miss another!

This week’s blog being showcased is Disney Preparedness, a great, GREAT advice blog.  Frequently updated with articles that offer reviews, personal experiences, and planning tips, you can find a LOT of information at this blog. Their tag is “We don’t tell you where – we tell you WHY”, so you’re not just getting straight information, you’re getting personal tips with good reasons behind them!

One of the most recent posts is a round-up post on the topic of Prepping Your Body for Disney World.  It’s physical fitness with a Disney goal, and there are posts on losing weight, hiking at Wilderness Lodge, and just generally being in shape to go to WDW.  Let me tell you, as someone who has gone at various different stages of fitness, I had a MUCH better time when I was more physically fit, just in terms of the fewer aches and pains at the end of the day!

Then there’s another section with saving and budgeting tips (always a good thing), another with posts about Disney Dreams, the aforementioned restaurant reviews… it’s all good stuff.  Really, check it out, bookmark it, and pass the word around to friends!

Podcast Updates – 5/2/13

It’s May 2nd. Why is it so COLD AND WINDY out there? So messed up. At least there’s no snow here…

Podcast Updates:

Podcast Updates, 4/24/13

I ought to be ashamed of myself. I’ve kept everyone waiting for Podcast updates way too long. Why you might have had to go looking for them on your own!! FAIL, Rebecca. 😛

Podcast Updates:

Saturday Blog Showcase: The Disney Beat

I try to keep a schedule on this blog, but the past month or so that’s gone out the window. Boo.  More realistic at following her schedule is Maisha at The Disney Beat, which is a smaller new blog you might not have heard of, but it’s a lot of fun!  The schedule follows a Wordy Wednesday post, based around certain themed Disney quotes, and a Friday 5-Day post that lists a top 5 of a particular topic, plus Road to RunDisney posts on Mondays.  Maisha also posts Disney news when it comes up.


One of the things I like most about The Disney Beat is how UP-beat it is.  For instance, she put together a fantastic and inspiring Wordy Wednesday post about the Boston Marathon tragedy, keeping the theme of Wordy Wednesday – a quote from Walt Disney – and respect for the awful events of the Marathon, AND a message of hope and goodwill.  The previous week was all about encouragement, and man, I needed it that day.  The timing was impeccable. 🙂


The subtitle of the blog name “The Disney Beat” is “in rhythm with all things Disney”, but you know, I think that thinking of it as being “upbeat” is in rhythm with Disney too… after all, Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, and a blog that uses Disney examples to make people happy both in and out of Disney just feels right.  It makes me smile and it’s a great way to spend my days, getting a dose of Disney and a good hit of optimism at the same time. Thanks, Maisha, for your great blog!


Follow The Disney Beat blog, and also follow her on Twitter as @thedisneybeat as well as her community page on Facebook.  Enjoy!

Saturday Blog Showcase: Walt Disney World With Toddlers

If you have kids, or even if you don’t but you just like to keep up with everything there is to know about Disney World, check out the new blog  This is a fairly recent start-up but is by an experienced blogger, and it’s been extremely popular so far!  I can understand why, too, she is full of information and facts.


The writer, Carrie, has two really adorable daughters and a lot of experience at Disney World as a Florida native.  She posts about park info from a parent’s perspective, including posts like this one – similar to my own Top 5 Epcot attractions for young kids, but we have slightly different focuses – as well as Disney news that relates to the interests of her young daughters.  She reviews resorts and restaurants, has a guest blogger or two to add other toddler/young children perspectives, and just generally seems to have it together.  I really enjoy the blog for its posts, its insights and its helpfulness!


I do have a toddler, though he’s on the cusp of outgrowing such a label (being 3 1/2), but honestly… I think I’ll keep reading this blog afterwards just because I like the perspectives on it.  There’s always a sweetness to visiting Disney parks with young children and it shows through in Carrie’s blog.  Recommended both as a resource and as entertainment!


So… this is a rather short review post, but there isn’t a whole lot I have to say; the whole thing is fairly straightforward.  Good blog; like it; recommend it; done. 🙂  Check it out!

Saturday Blog Showcase: Main Street Gazette

The Main Street Gazette, run by Ryan Wilson, is not exactly overlooked and it’s certainly not new. I first heard of MSG from Lou Mongello’s podcast, WDWRadio, where Ryan has been a guest and contributor on more than one occasion.

But there’s no rule that the blogs I showcase have to be little-known, or new, or overlooked! Far from it! I want to showcase great Disney blogs, and this is a great Disney blog. Updated pretty much daily, with fun and insightful looks at a variety of topics, MSG draws in content from all over Disney World and packages it up nice and pretty. With a great site design, too. I am actually always reminded of – and I believe this is precisely what Im’ meant to be reminded of – a tablecloth by that background, as if I’m sitting down at my little table in my kitchen nook and reading the morning paper over my coffee.

An example of the care given to each topic can be seen with a recent post, a review of the Fruit Tart at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios. Not a review of Starring Rolls – a review of one single, solitary item you can purchase there. I love how doing this ensures that this blog can go on for a long, long time and stil have plenty of content to add. New things come up at Disney World all the time, so there will always be things to cover.

Also, that review makes me want to eat the fruit tart. Like really.

It’s nice to have some morning reading, be it daily or weekly (MSG always makes me want to read it on Sundays to catch up), and to know that there will always be something worth checking out. Ryan is even-toned and professional in his writing and I like it. The weekly blogosphere round ups are a particularly nice touch; I tried to do something like that, but I have no filters *lol* so I just reported everything and then died. XD

Check out the Main Street Gazette for good readin’, good times, and good Saturday fun!