Enchanted Tiki Ooze (I mean, Tiki TALK. Really.)

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Once more, we’re going back into the archives here as I catch up some… flashback time! (cue the harp music…)


Episode 10: Sharing the Holidays 
It’s Christmas Time up in here! Why didn’t the Tiki Room ever have a Christmas overlay? I’m just asking. As I’m sure everyone else is.

I think there’s clearly a market for Tiki Ooze.

Many people would intend to spend Christmas Day avoiding the crowds by staying at the resort. That’s probably what I would do. 🙂  I think I would like the cupcake idea, but I may be alone in that I don’t care for gingerbread. And a gingerbread cupcake makes me go “nope”. LOL! But I would kind of like gingerbread flavoured frosting, as little sense as that may make.

Cotton-headed ninnymuggins? 😀

There is so much to do at Fort Wilderness and I’ve done but a fraction of it! I think I would love to be at Ft Wilderness for Christmas.  I wouldn’t even go to the parks. I would just stay there and hang out.

You guys got an AMAZING number of responses to this question!

DVC members get SUPER Christmas at Disney World. (lol.)  Santa comes to their rooms! XD

I do actually love that idea of having a full kitchen and actually cooking Christmas dinner there. That’s a lovely idea that will never happen for me, but I like the sound of it!

Y’all are too cute. We get to end with a bedtime story.

…This story is getting surprisingly conflicted! Haha!


Episode 11: Sorry Folks, Ride’s Closed
Ride closures… That is a LONG closure for Splash Mountain. I’m usually very understanding of closures but that’s so recent after the last long closure. But then again it’s not as if it has stopped breaking down. 😛

I kind of agree that it’s sort of confusing as to how/why the monorail is down.  I mean… it seems really strange to shut down the most famous mode of transportation during the bulk of the day.  I know they HAVE to shut it down to work on it, I get that, it just seems a weird way to do it… middle of the day… I’m sure mid-day is better than morning and evening for sheer volume, just, wow. LOL.

I don’t feel like Barnstormer would set me back on my trip, lol. Though if I were planning on using it to introduce my trip partners to roller coasters (which I did with my daughter on her first trip), I might be disappointed.

I never did see Remy in person. I’d say “I missed him!” but honestly… it’s not that likely I’d have ever seen him even if he’d stayed forever and ever. 🙂  I like the story of him coming home to stay until he finds out there are cats. Then NO.

Pirates is one I would TOTALLY be upset about missing.  I have a hard time being at WDW and not going on Pirates. My daughter didn’t like it much last time either, I mean, she liked it once we were past the mermaid skeleton. That seems to have really troubled her though, even though she also thinks it was kind of cool to see what a mermaid skeleton would look like. LOL.  Always thinkin’, them kids. ;D

Fundamentally I agree with you though, in spite of disappointment over Pirates (which is funny for me to say since I’m not going when it’s closed)… there’s really nothing that NEEDS to be open for you to have a good time at WDW.  If you define your trip by one single experience you need to have, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The key is to take every moment and see the magic in it (there is lots)!

“Sorry folks, park’s closed! The moose out front shoulda toldja.”

I love that this is a meme now. I see it everywhere and it’s my new favourite thing. XD


Episode 12: We’re Going to Walt Disney World! (I wish.)
We’re up to the soft open of Spice Road Table!  I am dreaming of going here. (I probably won’t make it for at least five years. :P) But oohhh maaaan this food is RIGHT up my alley!

So, I’m one of the people who says that Avatar doesn’t belong in DAK! 🙂 And it’s just… I am sure it’s going to be great. I really am. But I would love to see them do something great without tying into a movie property.  On the plus side, it does seem like the Avatar thing has really… inspired them, so that’s cool!  What I’ll need to judge it by is whether I can go there and enjoy myself without having seen the movie. (Which I don’t plan on doing, really. I’m not a fan of James Cameron.) But if I can do it without feeling like I’m having the movie advertised to me, I will be fine with it, I guess.

I love the off-season, in the winter. I have only been once in January/February but it was terrific! A little on the chilly side at night but totally bearable, especially compared to this year. 😛 What can I say though, I’m really addicted to Disney in the Fall. The best!

I’m with you Keith, all this DVC talk… I just zone right out 😉

Oh, sure, make it sound like they randomly upgrade everyone all the time to deluxe resorts. That has sure never happened to me!  Maybe next trip.

Sean: “Yeah, sometimes people get free stuff, like bed bugs?”
Lovely! 😀

DANG it, Sean. Do you know how much time I spend convincing myself that I don’t want to join DVC because I can’t afford it? And you’re DESTROYING my self-delusion in this episode. DESTROYING.

I’m not a major fiend for getting the ADRs done on the 180-mark… but we rarely go for the popular sit-downs. Next time we go I am going to be trying hard for Be Our Guest so that WILL have me up at 5am trying for that…

I love that Sean keeps liquor in the Owner’s Locker. For some reason this just strikes me as hilarious. I mean it makes sense! But it makes me laugh, too. XD

I think I might be the only person on earth who doesn’t like ponchos and would rather just go ahead and get wet at WDW.  The one time I wore a poncho I did not stay that dry, I was hot, and I had nothing to do with it once it had stopped raining. So I’ve never used them since, haha.
Episode 13: Disney Legend Rolly Crump
Woooo, Rolly Crump!  I have to tell you in advance how dang impressed I am!

Rolly Crump’s statement that he was told he had the worst portfolio of anyone who was ever hired at Disney. Oh gosh. XD

He threw away his original Superman and Batman comic books! Doh.

The more Haunted Mansion stories that can be told, the better. So cool. Amazing. 🙂 I have not read the book by Mr. Crump so that story is entirely new to me. Fabulous!

I feel like a slacker because I don’t have a WHOLE lot to talk about, but you know, this is just really interesting and I can’t talk about it too much without giving things away and having people not listen.  But he talks about things I’d sort of heard about, like Tiki Room being conceptualized as a restaurant and how it ended up not being one, and it’s just fascinating!

Maui Tiki story?

“I didn’t think Walt would look at every sketch. And he did.” This is one of my favourite quotes because it says so much about Walt Disney. Of course he’d look at every single sketch and want to know about them.

The episode’s “post credit” clip cracked me up. XD


Episode 14: Travelling with Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown, y’all. These guys are getting famous! Now I feel really famous too for having been on the show with the likes of Rolly Crump and Samantha Brown as guests. 😀

Samantha is a great storyteller; her Airplane Story is wonderful!

And what a great observation about Disney, “protecting” the guests who are there to have fun and not just the film crew for the Travel Channel. Everyone is a VIP.

“When I go down there, I go to work” and she works 14 or 15-hour days. Sheesh! I can’t imagine “working” at Disney. I think I’d love it just the same. Just to be there! But the funny thing is I have dreams all the time that I’m at Disney and I can’t do a doggone thing. 😛

Perfect question: “Everyone thinks you have the perfect job, but with your work schedule you don’t normally get to enjoy the amenities.” So basically what I say above: is it still awesome to be filming at Disney when you are working?  From the sound of it, kinda, a little bit.

Samantha Brown travels with: peanut butter, earbuds, and Pinkie Balls. I want to try the Pinkie Balls.

Samantha’s favourite resort is my favourite resort! #JUSTIFIED

“I always say that what’s great about hotels is that you can ‘date’ them. You don’t have to make a commitment.” 😀

OMG the story about the pandas. Nobody would think about this happening. This story is awesome!

Galaga? Who doesn’t love Galaga? “I’m as rich as Bill Gates when it comes to Galaga!”

The turkey leg counts as a healthy snack? *cracks up*

Hooray for Samantha Brown! Great interview!


Episode 15: FastPass, Just Pass, or Standby

Welcome Scott Campbell!  He is indeed a superfan of Enchanted Tiki Talk; and a great choice for guest. 😀

Guys! You snuck in a Mickey Mutineers-style quip about level of pleasure on the ride. LOL!

I’ve Just Passed Dinosaur multiple times now. I’d FP Safari though. I’ve done single rider on Everest and that worked well. Mwahahaha.  I do want to go on Dinosaur, for the record, but like Alan I just prefer the other two.

My answers for HS would depend on who I am traveling with. If I’m by myself, I can probably just skip TSM… buuuut I’m generally not alone so I’d actually have to decide between ToT and RnR. And that’s not easy.

Epcot: Pass The Seas. Paaaassss. LOL. I love the reaction to this though. “Can we skip all three?” “Nope.” “Can we fire the host?” XD

Seriously? You’d take The Seas with Nemo over Imagination?? Naw!  You guys are insane. Nope. It’s not that Imagination is great, it’s just that I haaaaaate the Seas with Nemo.

This is a LENGTHY rant of hatred against Captain EO from Alan. LOL!!

At the Magic Kingdom I match Keith. I think a FP is more needed at Dumbo than at Aladdin.

How do you FP or Standby a resort? “FastPass it means you REALLY want to stay overnight. Standby means you take your time getting there.” LOL I’m not sure how that works. Then again neither is Sean, obviously… ;D

The merits of Dole Whips, Citrus Swirls and Dole Whip Floats are generally discussed. Well, no, not discussed. Nor debated. More like “intricately explained without room for debate” by Alan. This is really Alan’s episode to tell us what it is.


Episode 16: The Return of Rolly Crump. (That’s not the actual name of the ep. I just picked that out because that’s how I roll.)
Jump right into the good stuff with a great question: what pranks has Rolly Crump played on/had played on with other Imagineers? 😀

The original concept for an Alice In Wonderland dark ride. Neat!

Smoked herring on lights 😛 This makes sense if you listen.

Rolly Crump took liberties with a cave woman. IT’S TRUE.

I want everyone to listen to this so I’m kind of just tantalizing with topics here. 😉 But the Tiki Talkers have some great questions. REALLY great questions.

Fantastic thoughts on post-Walt’s death. “They didn’t put a creative person in charge” re the parks, etc.

“Don’t they say that nothing’s dead in Imagineering or WED?”
“Ohhhh, they’re wroooong.”

His comments about WED and what it’s like today are very, very interesting and very telling.  I wonder how many people would view him as unnecessarily being a downer, when he probably knows what he’s talking about.

AH, they got Rolly Crump to answer the 5 Questions!  Too cool! LOL!  I think he likes Dole Whips.

I will need to read his book.  Very cool stuff. 🙂


And that’s it for today… keep coming back and keep tuning into the podcast!


Annie and Danny takin’ over your blog

Or not. I’m just trying to suggest that they are up in your internet right now. 🙂  In other words, notes on the past month or so of episodes, plus a couple of older ones!  Listen and enjoy, especially to Episode 27, which for reasons unknown is just FABULOUS. *lalala…*  Oh, and the notes for the episode started getting long recently. I don’t know why, I’m serious, but I’m kind of trying to dial it back…


Episode 26:
Annie the Robot. Well okay! 😀

OOooh!  Disney cookin’, Dan style!  For the record I have made Boatwright style Sweet Potato Pancakes. They were good but I didn’t do anything special with them so none of my customers paid for them. My customers were my husband and children so I let it slide.

Ticket price increase. From what I have heard on Internet, “to the ire of everyone” is not exactly true. You’ll hear from many people defending Disney’s right to raise their prices by $10 over 2 years if they feel like doin’ it. 😉  For me it’s… complicated and like with anything complicated I tend not to express an opinion.  Other than the way I put it there, lol.

To relate it to this show though, I love that you guys argue about almost every subject you tackle. Dan and I had a conversation about how in my last post I made it sound like they’re both jerks (okay that’s not what he said *lol*) when I said they are cranky about popular things, but what I really meant about it is that they both hold strong opinions but even when they do the other one usually holds the other opinion. So Annie and Dan get into these awesome debates and usually cover everything I feel PLUS the other perspective.  These discussions are great, seriously. I actually find them enlightening.

This is the worst elevator story I’ve ever heard! And I have had times when, not fooling, I’ve been sure that right before my elevator doors closed I would be attacked by the killer in the “Scream” movies. (this has been a fear since 1998, I’m dating myself.)

Big Thunder Oz? D:  I agree about the freaking mutiny Annie refers to. There is not a shortage of people ready and willing to go on that ride!

Universal is “New Money” and Disney is the old-fashioned lady saying “I can’t believe she’s drinking in diamonds at lunch time!” –I didn’t come up with that, that was Annie. But I paraphrased a tiny bit hence the partial quotes.

Is this the first time Dan has dropped the F-bomb? LOL probably not, but… it stood out for me 😉

Veiled classism! No actually Robot Annie is making for deep discussion! ;D No but seriously… this person came to hate Disney World so much after working there that they have to sign up onto forums just to tell everyone how awful it really is and they don’t realize it?  “I’ve seen the REAL Disney World and it’s not what you think it is!”

Robot Annie is not a science-tist.

I will say I hate leaving the parks at night and having to take the bus back. That specifically is the main reason I prefer to have my car. I’ll take the bus to get there in the mornings, return to the hotel for a break, and then drive back in the aftern oon/evening so I can drive back at close/whenever we leave.  I have had the experience the person was complaining about, and it’s hard.

Having said that, I wouldn’t write an entire “I would not stay here again!” post based just around that experience. LOL.

I LOVE Flame Tree Barbeque! Annie you have to go there it’s so good! Ahhhh. 😀  Funny thing is that I apparently have similar taste in restaurants to Dan.  Huh.  Not that I dislike the ones Annie is picking but I haven’t been to most of them. Or any, actually.

Though really I haven’t been to ABC Commissary either.  I’ve been to Backlot Express and I kind of think they’re the same? (They’re not)  But I think they’re similar and I love Backlot Express.

OHHHHH I haven’t been to Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Broke the similarity streak there, Dan. 😦  You should’ve picked something else.

But we got it back on the Boma/Jiko part. Score. 🙂

No, Be Our Guest is Counter Service for lunch and Table Service for dinner.  So it’s BOTH!

!!!  ANNIE! My worst dining experience was at Tony’s too! It was actually quite nice IN the restaurant but my food was weirdly sweet.  I don’t know but it was yicky to me.

This episode was like The Distant Future, The Year 2000.


Episode 8:
This episode is starting out with some real ol’ country rhythm.

Dan: We’re recording this a little bit in the past…
Annie: We’re recording this in September, that should give you an idea, because you’re going to be like “D*** it’s August!”
–And she immediately starts laughing b/c as she said it she realized what she was saying. XD

By the way, “D***, it’s February!”  I think that EVERY episode. 😉 [It’s now March so… there’s that.]

Sometimes… I get this strange impression that Annie, maybe, just maybe, gives Dan a hard time for no reason but to give him a hard time.  I don’t know. Maybe I’m imagining it. (Sarcasm is hard to pick up on in a blog so… it’s thick in this statement.)

All this time listening to the show and I’m finally finding out about Dan’s wife Kasmira. Frequently mentioned but rarely in personal detail!

OMG! This episode was before Frozen came out! Annie doesn’t understand why everyone apparently hates it in advance. LOL.

Why does everyone discuss the sexual orientation of the Winnie the Pooh characters?  I won’t ask why everyone thinks Rabbit is gay, because well, EVERYONE thinks Rabbit is gay. *shrug* 🙂

HAHA, Annie’s story about responding to forwards with Snopes.com articles… I do that too and every time I do people seem vaguely offended as if I’m calling them stupid. XD

Annie: “If you are listening to this and you don’t know Would You Rather, then we need to become best friends immediately so I can teach you about everything that’s fun in life.”
That’s actually the kindest thing I’ve ever heard. I usually say “then we aren’t friends” or something like that. LOL, because I’m callous that way.

I LOVE Tom Bergeron! 😀

You know, I can’t say “never ever again” to anything. So I pick the limit of SSE to once per trip. Because on my last two trips I’ve only managed to ride it once anyway. 😛  I’ve only had 2 Dole Whips in my entire life but I like having the option.

I’ll take the Deluxe upgrade on my suite thanks.

OMG the third question is HARD. I have NO idea what I would answer.

Dan, you are so lucky you have never seen any ads or anything of those stupid Buddies movies.  Ugh. No. You’re wrong about it, Dan. You’re just WRONG.

Dan: “Secret time, I don’t like kids very much…”
This is the worst-kept secret on earth, Dan. 😉  This is even worse-kept than when they used to call the DVC the best-kept secret. XD

And this inspires a great performance from Annie.


Episode 9:
“This is Episode 9, can you believe it?”
“She can’t.”

Life before Twitter… It’s like the Time of Legends!

I have the same reactions to a lot of things as Annie does with Cinderella – yeah, I know I saw this as a kid, but then when I watch it I’m like “OH GEEZ this is burned into my memory now!”

Incidentally the term “burned into my memory” is appropriate with this one; it was never a favourite, but my sister watched it perhaps once a day every day one summer, so I had it kind of memorized. And I don’t like it.  I don’t know if it’s because I saw it so many times (even peripherally) at age 10, or if I just think it’s bad, but I’ve shown it to my kids perhaps twice and I just go leave the room. Bleah.  Regardless, I KNOW I will remember it well enough to enjoy your discussion. 🙂

The trailers on Cinderella DVD… Chicken Little, Cinderella 3, Disney Princesses: A Christmas of Enchantment. This is just scraping the bottom of the barrel. 😛

You guys actually make me want to watch it again to look at the animation.  I haven’t paid too much attention to it since I’m not (notnotNOT) into the mice at all, but the Mary Blair parts make me interested.  My memory in the parts that I saw last time were that the animation was just meh.  Like it looks like the direct to video stuff in terms of quality.

Frog & Toad? The Fabulous Mr. Frog? LOL.

YES! It is like Tom & Jerry shorts in the start of the movie, BAH.  All the reasons I dislike this movie are flashing through my mind. XD

And also, I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. Just in case anyone thinks that, like, I hate fun or something.

This clock segment! Dear God XD

“I don’t think her life was that bad.”  Heehee. I’m kind of loving the turn this is taking. XD  I never bought Cinderella’s “so kind and loving that she’ll take everyone’s s***” attitude. Something else is up there.

I’m going to go to the Country Bear Jamboree someday! I never have. Ever. But I’m totally going to go!  I’ve tried to go the past two trips. LOLOL.

This Cinderella talking to the mice thing is one of the things that has always REALLY bugged me. Well ever since I was like 18 or so. 😉

Oh SWEET! More intermission music! The sad part is I legitimately bop around at my desk while this is going on.

And now I got to the part where the episode title comes from. Douchey nudist chickens. 😀  The hierarchy of the animals makes no sense. Too much of this movie has no thought in it and makes no sense! There is NO LOGIC!  Aaargh, HATE MOVIE!

No no, you guys, the cat’s name is “Lucy Fur”. I’m totally lying. But you could make that claim!  Maybe Lucifer is just what Cinderella calls him because she hates him so much.

I do love Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. I actually totally do. XD

Dan: “You’ve become very antagonistic.”

That dress is not blue. It’s the colour of moonlight thank you.

Your final decision on this movie is much, much kinder than mine would be. There are a handful of good musical moments but I don’t share your liking of Cinderella – I’ll take Snow White over Cindy any day just because Cindy has no real personality. I’m sorry but as much as Snow might be an out of it baby-woman, at least she’s got a personality.
Episode 27:
The episode begins with Annie and Dan introducing themselves in NEARLY the same voice! Hmmm. You know – when I was on Skype with them, I could only see Annie. Dan’s video was not showing up for some reason. I am now convinced that Dan is not a real person, just a creation of Annie’s.

And then I brag about my legions of followers who do whatever I say. LOL. That’s so not true. XD

And begin the R. Kelly jokes! Whoop! Never gets old. 😉

I’m going to confess that I was very nervous about having the buzzer. Then I let Annie peer pressure me into using it constantly. Although it does seem that until you buzz Dan, he just keeps going, so I’m not sure WHO was right here.

Dan: “I have an inappropriate thing I want to say. I want it to be clear that I was the first person to ask you to be on a podcast.”

Sadly, not true. 🙂 But he wants it to be, so I think he gets major points for that.

Annie points out my favourite thing to do with these recaps, which is to take some of the funniest things they say and quote them without any context at all! It’s AWESOME. “Teachers are pedophiles all the time!”

And Dan is just sitting there patiently waiting for us to stop talking about bows. XD  But he’s not allowed to buzz!

And now somehow we end up on pee stories. See how can you not love a podcast that will spend a good 5 minutes talking about various kinds of pee stories? 😀  By the way my husband had a ton of follow-up questions on Dan’s story.

I’m not sure what I was buzzing.  I mean we weren’t talking about news anymore, just pee, so…

So then I got to firsthand experience how sometimes Annie will just challenge Dan on the news he’s reading as if he invented it and is like “But that’s STUPID! Why are you so stupid?!” in all but the words she uses. And sometimes in the words too. Oh, I love you guys, you’re very amusing. XD

Oh, and by the way, I have no concept of how much Legos actually cost. My “like $100” price tag is completely realistic and reasonable, thinking back.

Annie wouldn’t want Suri Cruise to be the prototypical rich kid to get her Spaceship Earth Lego set, once developed, because “She’d kick it over!”

I can’t believe how annoyed Dan got over the Tron comparison with Test Track and the announced Shanghai Disney (? was it that or Hong Kong) Tron Roller Coaster. “They’re not comparable. Not comparable!” The mean part of it is that I really did get what he was talking about, but I think Test Track is very Tron-inspired, so I just stuck with that argument. I’m not sure if it counts as trolling if it was done without malice… 😉

Oh here we are. “So R. Kelly, tell us about yourself…” and this is where I get embarrassingly bad here and say “Make something up.” I, augh, I cannot believe I did that. XD  Please don’t judge me!

On this podcast I learned that airplanes are just basically like big flying toilets. I mean between the pee stories and now the next discussion that has come up… This was supposed to be a discussion about travel agent stuff and here – I just… Well!

And here comes the Dining Plan discussion. This is probably what you most want to tune in for, guys. Here’s me trying not to encourage either Annie or Dan into arguing, which didn’t work. XD

Annie: “The Dining Plan is worth it if it’s free…”
Dan: “You know what else is worth if it’s free? A lollipop.”

Comparison = apt?  You decide, listeners!

Puttin’ me on the spot with questions about what kinds of surprises I’d do for Disney “Experts”, stuff like that… This poor guest sounds so nervous 😉

Oh, how I loved the best resort for a girls’ (adults) trip question.

Annie and Dan are so nice though. Everything I say they’re really nice about. They’re clearly taking pity on me. XD

“If you had to live in a ride like a bum, what ride would it be?”  My husband was in the room for this question, and he was like “Well, where else would you live? For all those reasons!”

Anyway… Sigh. 🙂 I can probably be funnier/more interesting on my next appearance. It was awesome. A++ would guest again! Especially for singing, although that would probably go best if I got some liquor in me first. 😀


Episode 28:
Nice opening music!

So ANNIE is Adele Dazeem. I thought it was me!  And I agree… that was just… SO BIZARRE. Hilarious and bizarre.

I was not watching the Oscars, I got my info JUST from Twitter, which was kind of hilarious.

Good point about the Croods – THE CROODS – being nominated over Monsters U. I think it’s politics. Like “Well Pixar just won last year and we’ll look like we’re just nominating it because it’s Pixar. We need another movie!”  Pffff. Monsters U was good.


St. Patrick’s Festival is ALREADY ON! Dude! It’s been on for 5 days already!!

I agree with Dan, this description sounds like ChumbaWumba. Dropkick Murphy? I haven’t heard of them. Apparently they sing about kicking things, according to Annie. XD

The rule about the 7 days’ worth of reservations in a 60-day window actually isn’t so bad, because it’s a rolling 60-day period rather than a set period. So you can do 7 days of reservations on Monday, then when you’ve used the first day you can go right in and make more if you want.

Why did Annie make me buzz Dan so much last show?  She hasn’t buzzed him at all this time. I feel like I was tricked into buzzing the poor guy. XD

OOOH! TWENTY QUESTIONS!  Attractions, questions, or resorts. I CAN DO THIS. I sucked at Birnbaum Blitz but that was Mickey Mutineers!

Dan: “See if you can beat us to the knowing.”
Annie: “I bet you can beat Dan.”
Dan: “How dare you.”

I love it when he says that! 😀

Annie: “Next week we’re going to play Monopoly.”
Dan: “But we’re not gonna narrate or anything, we’re just gonna play. Quietly. Just the sounds of the dice and the paper money…”
Annie: “And then the sound of me swiping the whole board off the table in a rage… and then the quiet sounds of Dan’s last breath.”

That escalated quickly! 😀

I should also mention there is this elevator music in the background and just… lol XD

Are there parades at Epcot?! 😛  Oh – I thought this was at Epcot. Never miiiind…  Annie’s AGONIZING over what she doesn’t like, hahaha.  Geez Annie! You gave up early! LOL!

GO DAN! He got it! 😀  The tension was incredible!

IS IT FORT WILDERNESS? IT IS ISN’T IT?  Oh.  I’m going to go with Annie’s reaction here. XD  “Does the name offend you?” Haha.

Annie gets bored, Annie starts singing her answers.

You guys really mess with me. Did Dan not ask “is it in Hollywood Studios?” Did Annie not say yes? But it wasn’t, it was in Animal Kingdom! So lost over here…

WAIT! I call foul! You can’t ask a question that is not yes or no! Dan you cheater!

Dan: “When did Dumbo come out? Like 1939?”
Annie: “Yeah, what were you, like, 25 when it came out?”
Dan: “Well, more like maybe 30?”

Timeless ride: Yeah it’ll totally be Haunted Mansion, or Pirates, for me.
Least timeless: would that be timeful? Anyway… I think American Idol Experience. That’s my thinkin’. Honestly though anything that ties into something current.  I keep praying that in another 5-10 years nobody will be into American Idol anymore. It’s not going to work that way for me. Sigh.

I can’t believe how well the I Dream of Jeannie music fits at the end here. Wow.

That’s it for this time but there are another two recent episodes I’m just not posting my write-ups on yet… I’ll try to have more earlier episodes too 🙂

That time when I was on every podcast ever

Sadly, that’s not literal: I am not on every podcast ever. But I am, by sheer coincidence, on episodes of several of my favourites last week and this week! It’s weird that it worked out that way – I have recorded 4 out of 5 guest appearances since last Saturday.  It’s pretty boss. 🙂

Well, since this post is about me, I'll just go ahead and play to that fact. My excuse is that this was Halloween.

Well, since this post is about me, I’ll just go ahead and play to that fact. My excuse is that this was Halloween.

I’ve recorded an episode of At Disney With Emily (which is the name of Emily’s blog and podcast), which is being edited and has not been released yet. I’ll link to it when it’s ready! Our discussion was mainly about FastPass+, with several diversions because I cannot stay on one topic to save my life. XD

Then I was on episode 18 of Enchanted Tiki Talk with Sean, Alan and Keith, and co-guest Matt Holley!  We played $40 a Day at Downtown Disney – lots of fun, harder than it seems, and great to listen to! (You will leave hungry though.)

Next to be recorded, but not yet released, is Episode 27 of Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast where we talked travel planning, I buzzed Dan multiple times at Annie’s urging over news releases (then felt guilty for it), and I completely failed to introduce myself well as a travel agent. I don’t perform well under pressure! XD  However, I had a great time and I hope I can come back! Monthly would be fine. ;D  Here is the direct link to the episode!

Following that recording, I joined Emily (from At Disney With Emily) and Dave Tupper from Kids’ Aventures in Hawaii as guests on David Hodges’ The Dis Life podcast. We recorded episode 22, Muppet Mayhem (obviously, March’s theme) and then I pushed David into releasing it a day early, because I think it’s so good. It was fun to record and when I listened to it I really felt it was just as fun to hear. I hope you agree! I’m a know-it-all about the Muppets, obviously. 😀

And I have not yet recorded, but will be tomorrow, the next episode of Mickey Mutineers. Yep, that’s right – dream accomplished. LOL! I have a feeling I’m going to come off poorly but… it’ll be fun. XD Edit: The recording went INCREDIBLY well. 😀 Link coming once it’s posted tomorrow!

Since I’m clearly some kind of internet celebrity now, I’ll just mention, I love podcasts and would always be happy to be a guest on ANY of them. Just ask. 🙂 I doubt my transparent begging effort will bring much results, but hey! It’s worth a shot, right? 😀

The Mickey Mutineers: “We’re brain-eating amoebas!”

You know how last post I said I had some catching up to do? I still have some catching up to do. In terms of posting my notes, not taking them.  As of right now I have 11 episodes left to listen to!  I ROCK!  I think there’s something tragic about my priorities and sense of accomplishment here.

Anyway, in case it was not properly clear, each ep is linked to the Mickey Mutineers podcast site where you can download them; however I did it that way because that’s how I do it but most people would probably want to download them via iTunes, which I cannot use due to technological ineptitude.  But download on iTunes, then rate and review!

Episode 10:
Double-digits! Celebrate with me!! 😀

Whale, whale, whale!  Ahahahahaha I’m wayyyyy too amused by that.

“And we are the Mickey Mutineers! And I’m going to apologize for that right now. No, wait! I meant celebrate that! Yay, we’re us!”  Yaaaaay!  This is such a positive message for the youth of America…

This week’s Blue Sky News is a doozy!  Ohhhh, I remember when they announced the Downtown Disney/Disney Springs stuff!  Ohhh, memmmmmorieeees…

There is nothing, NOTHING on this show that makes me crack up as much as “Whhhaaaaa….?!”  Which I have started doing at home, and it makes my son laaaaaaugh. XD

I’ve never been to Disney Quest.  Don’t really care about it. I’m way too wrapped up in the parks so I never go anyplace else.

…Disney’s Porn Bungalow?

Oh! Oh this is the episode that randomly mentions me!  “Mickey Mutineers! We’re brain-eating amoebas!  On Twitter, @rkellywdw, you can use that!”  I *have* used that. ^_^

Let’s take a vote. Which of the Mutineers’ deluxe hotels do YOU, the listener, like best?  A France-themed hotel inside of Epcot; a water-themed hotel called “Disney’s Aqua Resort” (or something, I’m too lazy to go back and listen to the name again); or Tim’s surprisingly classy and not-food-related Black and White resort?  Personally I can’t pick. Plus I’d never have enough moolah to stay in any of ’em. 😉

This episode is noteworthy for Tim doing a lot of genuine serious talking. And getting mad at Josh and Jake for distracting him. I’m sure Tim is not the least bit hypocritical for doing this. XD

Episode 11:
Who knew it was so hard to say “Mickey Mutineers”?

Bringin’ up Left For Dead again.  I love that game!  So the upstairs of the Starcade?  Is that it? Am I making this up?  Star Traders? I don’t know Disneyland at all.

Nothin’ on the inside! Arrested Development shout-out 😀

Armchair Imagineering = an idea for a Wreck-It Ralph ride in Disneyland using Peoplemover technology and Starcade space for the queue.  Hmmmm. I like the idea of bringing the Peoplemover into it… so there’s that… And I will admit that going from game to game is a cool idea. But is it “enough”?

I think this is the first time that the Amazon promo has mentioned porn. And I also think after this it is ALWAYS mentioned. XD  I mean it is what the internet is for.

Hey, a random kid has shown up! I’m sure he is in no way known by the Mutineers!

“People with awesome beards only.”
“I’m out.”
“I’m out.”
“I’m in!”
“I thought you said AWESOME beards.”

HAHAHA, it’s funnier that Josh swore after accidentally using Robbie’s name than it is that he accidentally used it. XD

“All space aliens are British, but not all British are space aliens!”
“This is true. Because of the Revolutionary War.”
So THAT’S why…

I can’t believe I’m 11 episodes in and Matt still hasn’t put in an appearance yet.  That’s just… crazay!  I’m so used to Matt now!  Is it me, or is the show actually less crude without him?

Episode 12:
What a subdued, happy little quiet intro on this episode compared to nowadays.  I feel like I’m going through time.

It’s not that I’m JUST noticing this, but I love how Tim is the impetus for every stupid new location they get stuck in each week.  You all need to stop humouring Tim!

Arrested Development!  You guys are your own weird Arrested Development show.

Oh it’s meeee!  This is one of my episodes! “Our very good friend on Twitter” and then they can’t actually say my handle. LIAR!  No but that was a pretty good question actually. I can’t do genuinely messed up questions so I just try to give them opportunities to come up with their own weird stuff.

As far as I was aware, the Main Street Electrical Parade music is sung by a chorus of cats. Or it was at Disneyland, anyway… those feral cats have to be used for something.  Why else does Disney pay them?

More love for Ursula from Josh.  I know who must be on the valentine that I send him next year! (Wait, what??)

“You almost said ‘swamp ass’!”
“I have swamp ass right now, I’m sitting in like a freakin’ foot of water here!”
“Amazon dot-com.”
I can envision the thumbs-up and grin at the camera from here. ^_^

This is one of the eps that has me turning my head away from everyone else while at work so that I can snicker uncontrollably without being seen. XD


Wow, an actually relevant reason to use “BUCKFUTTER” in this ep. It’s like a dream come true!

This is another great ending of the show. Once again, the implication of really stupid things going on that aren’t actually going on?  Yeaaaaaah boy. 😀

According to the end of this ep I am promised a free high five and an air guitar if I can say the last thing that Jake says in this ep!  Aaaand, it’s… “Just keep swimming.”

Where’s my free invisible air stuff? 😀

Episode 13:
Recorded from The Internet!  In Cyberspace!  Y’all are Super-Teens Extraordinaire!  …What’s the Berm Bank? *runs away in shame*

So here are the Top 3/9 Rides and or Attractions from the Mutineers! SPOILERS, sweetie.

Jake’s #3: Space Mountain
Josh’s #3: The Barnstormer
Tim’s #3: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

One of the many things to love about Space Mountain is that you can yell Buckfutter on it. I have my doubts so this will have to be tried and proven for myself.

I love how much kids love the Barnstormer. I have a video of my daughter the first time we went on it. She screamed this one solid unstopping whistling note the entire, what, 55 seconds of the ride.

I went on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride back in 1995 back on my first trip to WDW.  I remember going on it but I don’t remember anything else. Except that I could see the track in front of the car so I was kind of let down.

Jake’s #2: Amazon.com! And also, Spaceship Earth!
Josh’s #2: The Haunted Mansion
Tim’s #2: Dinosaur!

I love Spaceship Earth. I can’t really entirely say why but I just really love it.  Just a deep, abiding fondness.

The Haunted Mansion is only your #2?! JOSH NO.

D, my daughter, really loves dinosaurs but I talked her out of the ride.  Mainly because I know she’d HATE having the carnosaur guy popping out over and over.  She just needs to be a bit older.  She’d be clawing her way out of the car… Meanwhile I really REALLY WANT TO GO ON IT NOW.

Jake’s #1: It was the Haunted Mansion (this is proof that Jake and I share a brain, and also, that’s scary), but then Josh stole and downgraded it, so it is now: tie between Carousel of Progress and TTA People Mover.
Josh’s #1: Jungle Cruise – Disneyland
Tim’s #1: Radiator Springs Racers

Welp, I agree with the love for the Carousel of Progress. I was kind of obsessed with it for a little while and so my husband got me a DVD about the making of it. 😀 TTA People Mover is a fave too (and my daughter is mad at me that we didn’t get to go on it on our trip).   So I guess this is actually proof. One brain. (I want the whole thing back, ya bum.)

I didn’t get onto the Jungle Cruise this past time but I kind of feel like I have done it enough that I don’t have to ride it more than once every 5 years…

Annnnnd, finalement, a ride I have never gone on. So I have no comments! Mwah, goodnight everybody!

Episode 14:
This episode has my fave opening.  The “pull on that strap for me… keep pullin’… OK! Enjoy your podcast!” one.  And I have a milestone today: I finally realized that’s Tim doing that one. 😀

Another shortie from the Berm Bank and I still don’t know what the Berm Bank is. Berm whale?

But I do like Disney trivia games! So I’m cool with this!  Josh’s voice is nearly impossible to hear 😛

I don’t know why I make a point of mentioning every single time “Buckfutter!” is said in this podcast. I just DO.  What is this, #8?

How dare you ask who other than yourselves remember Gadget?  Don’t you understand internet??  I am AMAZED.  Also I’m kind of floored by the passion with which the Chip and Dale theme song was whipped out.  Wooo!

Why is it so easy to get Tim to sing?  I mean I’m not complaining. I’m exactly the same. EXACTLY.  I’ll spontaneously burst into song no matter where I am.

The Haunted Tiki Room theme song is amazing. Who wrote that again?  The Atencio Brothers? 😛

I can name that ride in 12 names!

Episode 43:
Wooo I’m up to date!  New episode comes out tomorrow so I will be behind again!  Go me. 😛 [See? Proof that I wrote this weeks ago!  4 weeks ago to be precise.]

Josh is AT THIS VERY MOMENT in line for the Tower of Terror!  See it was live when it was recorded, and that means that forever more, it’s happening live.  It’s nice to know that every time someone listens to this ep, Josh gets to go back to Disneyland…  Man, that’s it, I’m recording something live in WDW next time. 😛  It should totally work that way. PHYSICS!  I HATE YOU!

I’m actually really excited to go on Tower of Terror ^_^ I’m serious!

OMG I can actually hear Rod Serling in the background too! Above all the child-beating.  …I swear that makes some sense if you listen to the podcast. Kiiiiind of.

I would totally hate Josh if he were talking on his cell phone during the ride. XD  Then, though, if he said he was on a podcast I’d be like “OH! COOL! Say hi from me!”

“I can’t hear you over this loud Twilight Zone guy.”

I’m dying over the noise during the drops. XD  Jake is doing as good a job as anyone can. “This is going to make for an awful podcast.  Did you die?” And Josh is narrating and it’s jibberish. Jake: “He’s still going, folks!”

I swear to God I just listened to that three times over. XD

WOW… this commercial, it’s so smooth!  I – I… WOW! PRODUCTION VALUES!  Also ridiculously cheesy music. This is like a REAL commercial!

Wow, Tim got there FAST!  It only took him the time of the commercial break!

This podcast just turned into a Broadway one-man performance of The Lion King, complete with costumes and props. I assume.  Since I couldn’t see it, my head just filled that stuff in.

The California Dreamin’ ride experience is great. I *think* Josh said “Loop, loop, loop!” and they’re like “Did he say “Whoop whoop”? “I think he said “Lean, lean”!”  Oh that was good. That was too funny. The running commentary/mockery of Josh during it just… you guys, be aware that this was REALLY amusing.


OK. If you’re going to be talking about poo burritos, then the instruction “wrap this **** up” is just a little TOO on the nose. Gaaaah.

Episode 44:
Holy crap I think I went deaf on that intro. HEART ATTACK! XD

Extended Holy Grail references, singing, this podcast is just going full force IMMEDIATELY. Muppets references too?!  Don’t blow all your “A” material in the first five minutes you guys… (Yay!)

Tim’s tendency to sing everything is just starting to become really endearing.  Also my tendency to describe the Mutineers as “endearing” and “adorable” is just wrong, wrong, WRONG.

My legit reaction to the list of speciality churros: NO OH GOD, STOP THIS! PLEASE STOP! XD  I am laughing SO HARD. OH GOD!

A’ight, Trip Advisor Game of Shame!  I am there!

These people are tools. XD

OK, I ended up not being able to comment a whole lot on this ep but it’s a good one. A really, really good one that had me kind of curled up into a shaking trying-not-to-laugh-aloud ball in the corner of my cubicle. That is a good thing, but I will also say that I hate them. A LOT. XD

More Mutineer Talk

Back to entertain you all with random notes from random episodes of the Mickey Mutineers.  Listen along with me at home!  www.mickeymutineers.com  But if you’re under 18, kids, get your parents’ permission!

Anyway, the most recent Mutineers episode is #40.  To prove how long I’ve been embarking on this “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” endeavor, I wrote these particular notes when the current eps were #32 and #33.  That means it’s just about 2 months ago.  GO ME! 😛  This is how long it takes me…  Enjoy, anyway.


Episode 32:

The general Mutineer consensus is “Screw OSHA” for having, you know, the safety of the workers in mind. 😉 If they wanted people to be safe they should have thought of that BEFORE they closed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad down at Disneyland for like 8 months straight, am I right?

Matt doesn’t believe that people actually have allergies to gluten and wonders what they did before gluten free food.  I can tell you: they felt sick.  A lot. 😉

Meanwhile the Electric Umbrella at Epcot serves a Macaroni and Cheeseburger. I AM EATING THIS, EVERYONE. I don’t want to… but I have to.  I may not return. 😛

Matt shouted like Josh! The Mutineers are turning into cranky old men. The next step is yelling at kids to get off their lawn, which I’m kind of assuming they already do.

See, that’s how you do an Amazon promo.  So many words!  Word salad!

I cannot believe how often this podcast randomly degenerates into singing.  Lots of singing!  There is SO MUCH SINGING in this crazy thing!  (And it’s all – uh… I’m too polite to say it. ^_~)

YAY, listener questions!  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve asked listener questions. Everyone else is cooler than me. 😦

Haunted Mansion bar serving SPIRITS… ahahaha!  I totally love this idea so much.  I swear that @JamboEveryone was a plant on this question and he asked it just so that the Haunted Mansion Bar idea could be discussed.  There is no other answer. 😀

Episode 4:

Wow, brush with celebrity: Flava Flav at Walmart at midnight.  Can’t beat that!

“Disney World needs to smack themselves in the face.”  Feelin’ the love! XD

I think this is possibly the first occurence of the term “BUCKFUTTER” in the show, but I might be wrong and might have just missed it before…   Anyway, all Mutineers are peevish about Cars Land coming to WDW (I still don’t want it) and contemptuous of WDW for stealing it.  “Why do they even have Imagineers since they’re not imagineering anything?”  What about ALL of New Fantasyland Tim?!  HUH??  HUH?!?

Oh wait… “Disney World opened the New Fantasyland and it was NOT a smashing success.”  “Well why would it be?”  I’ll just… go over here… *shuffles away to a corner*

Tim creates the best rumour to falsely spread, Cheese & Donuts Land.  The new Land of Tomorrow!

I was advised that this ep was the first one where the Mutineers “felt comfortable” with the show and “it might as well be episode 1”.  I can kind of hear that in this one; they sound like they’re having a lot more natural fun, which is what appeals to me. XD

“Did you say you’re going to summarize Spring’s question?” “HA!” I’m going to confess that it took me a long time to get that.  Then it clicked.  LOL.

And random singing!  Tim bursts into a vaguely Celine-Dion-like serenade.  I think perhaps it was supposed to sound more like Celine than it did. *G*

Episode 5:

The Mutineers share favourite Walt Disney stories. And argue over whether you can “do shoveling” or just “shovel”.  And then “When I see an Elephant Fly” pops up, as it so often does!

I like that everyone, in general, finds “Darth Mater” as unappealing as I do. The “Uhhhh” noise sums up my opinion.

“Remember when we started calling back to things, like, ten minutes ago?”  WOOHOO Callbacks!

I’ve got a count of at least twice that Jake has said “I seen it!”  I may have missed some. Yep I’m playing that drinking game. Yep it’s 9:40 am. 😀

HEY!  You guys are talkin’ my language here!  DuckTales, Talespin, Rescue Rangers, Bonkers  (Bonkers? Really? when that show was on no one liked it), and I’m going “Darkwing Duck?  And Darkwing Duck??”  And then they said it.  YES to the Darkwing Duck love.  He rocks my socks.

And then thanks for bringing up Dumbo’s Circus. That’s a memory I’d like to be lobotomized over.

Some good Hidden Mickey talk. Hollywood Studios is no longer a Hidden Mickey. 😦  They destroyed it with the Sorcerer Hat.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure = Inception?

This week’s listener question is about souvenirs or Mementos (the Fresh Maker) at Disney Parks.  Some interesting discussions.  And the word of the podcast is DEFINITELY “Segue” or “Segway” as the case may be.

Episode 33:

So YES, I listen to these out of order. Shut up.  Fast forward to NOW! [Note…. wouldn’t that be better if I’d posted this when 33 was the current ep? Oh well] And the episode starts with the Swedish Chef!  Since I haven’t yet re-listened to the first Swedish Chef episode, I haven’t mentioned how ridiculously much this makes me giggle. But best intro ever?  Perhaps, perhaps!

I was going to write about something else, and I can’t remember what it was.  It will now SURPRISE you!  You’ll never see it coming.

Asgard in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland… See basically, Tomorrowland now = Movie Tie-in Land.  I can accept Iron Man in Innoventions, if I have to, but truly now, how DOES Thor/Asgard tie into Tomorrowland?

Top 12 places to wet your.. weenis? Am I spelling that right?  A deliberately dirty-sounding word that isn’t dirty.  How bout that. ;D  This list is great b/c they totally, totally go the full way and talk about sticking your elbow into water over and over.  And then you have a wet weenis.

Random Goonies now.  I love this show.  “This wish is mine, and I’m taking it back!”  From the zombie.

Did you… just… make a Doctor Who reference (“moisturize me”)?