Podcast Updates – 5/2/13

It’s May 2nd. Why is it so COLD AND WINDY out there? So messed up. At least there’s no snow here…

Podcast Updates:


Podcast Updates, 4/24/13

I ought to be ashamed of myself. I’ve kept everyone waiting for Podcast updates way too long. Why you might have had to go looking for them on your own!! FAIL, Rebecca. 😛

Podcast Updates:

Podcast Updates, 4/3/13

Lately I’ve been showing up at random in podcasts with little shout-outs and things. I like this. I appear to be taking over, one podcast at a time, without having any of my own to speak of.

…Hmm… I’m available as a podcast guest if anyone is interested! What do I have to talk about? Very…little… But I’m enthuasistic!  And my rates are VERY negotiable!  I can go as low as… free!

Podcast Updates:

Disney Podcast Updates, 3/21/13

Thursdays are normally my “day off” on DWM, but I forgot didn’t have time to do the podcast round-up for the week yesterday. And I really do like doing this, even though I’ll confess I can only listen to 2-4 of these per week, but I do alternate between them all! You should try at least one new one each week if you haven’t listened to all – you might find your new favourite! 😀

Podcast Updates:

Join me next week to hear me say “Why aren’t there more hours in a week so I can listen to all these dang things?” And as always, if you have a podcast and you’d like me to post when you update, leave a comment or gimme a ring! 🙂

Oh, one last thing: anyone looking for any kind of partnership/mutual endorsement thingie, I’d be happy to do that. Get in touch to discuss!

DisNews! 3/5/13

I’m trying to figure out what I want to call these things. Eventually I’ll hit on something catchy.  Right now “Disnews” is what I’ve named the text file I compile all these links in. 😛  I was picky this week…

WDW News:

Disneyland News:

Disney/Park Rumours:

Disney General News:

Disney Social Media: blogs roundup 2/28/13

Hungry? Eat some blogs! That actually sounds rather rude, I apologize. Just read them, and please enjoy.

More to come tomorrow!

Disney Podcasts Updates, 2/27/13

For your weekly listening pleasure, here are the most recent Disney-themed podcast updates:

I know for a FACT that there are more that I just am not aware of so please, feel free to leave a plug in the comments.  Thanks!

Disney News Roundup 2/26/13

Morning all… Best Disney parks-and-more headlines from the past week!

WDW News:

Disneyland News:

Disney/Park Rumours:

Disney General News:

Disney Social Media Round-up: Blog Posts 2/22/13

So I only got through half of the recent blog posts yesterday, lol. I’m going to assume you zoomed right through them and so here are some more! Enjoy!

Enjoy everyone! If I can keep this up I’ll start the roundup again on Tuesday with more podcast updates! If not, well, I apologize in advance! 😉

Disney Social Media Round-up: Blog Posts

Need some reading material? This ought to keep you busy for the week. Here’s a selection of my favourite Disney-themed blog topics from the past few weeks…

That’s it for today… Tune in for more!