Limited Time Magic: Cinco (and on) De Mayo

Limited Time Magic.

Yep, it’s still going, even though I haven’t blogged about it for a while. 🙂

There are actually quite a few going for the month of May so far, with another big and exciting event coming up near the end of the month! Plus, I just barely missed blogging about a very exciting event that was well-received among the Disneyverse, which was a Star Wars Day celebration! Yeah, Hollywood Studios has its annual Star Wars Weekends in May, but this year saw the first Star Wars Day celebration on May 4th (because, you know. May the Fourth be with you? I needn’t say more). The event included basically a mini-SW weekend with character opportunities, dance parties, and a fireworks show to end ’em all. If you weren’t there, you obviously don’t love Star Wars.

(I am crying in shame in a corner, btw, since I *thought* I loved Star Wars but I wasn’t there, so obviously…)

Cutie-wootie widdle ears!! Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.

Sufficiently Loco? Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.

Anyway, this week’s offerings at Walt Disney World include a Cinco De Mayo celebration kicking off today (May 5) and going until 5/11! This includes not just a Cinco De Mayo celebration but also a Dia de los Ninos party as well. The festival is taking place at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion and includes music, appearances by the Three Caballeros (yay!), dancing, marionnettes, and food! You can also get some limited-edition Cinco de Mayo ears!

May 11 sees the coronation celebration adding Merida, from “Brave”, as the next official Disney Princess. The event is attended by all 10 of the current Disney Princesses, because you can’t see them ANYWHERE else. 😉

And finally, advance warning – uh, advance notice: on May 24, the Magic Kingdom will be open for a 24-hour party kicking off the Disney Monstrous Summer celebration. This party will be held at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, too, on the same date! So if you, unlike me, are able to stay up super late and have a good time… it’s going to be a BLAST!

Other Limited Time Magic offerings this week include the Cinco De Mayo ears, and a new nighttime show, “Magical”! You can not only experience the show, you can get glowing ears and accessories:

This May, come glow with a “Magical” new show at Disneyland Park—purchase your very own light-up interactive ear hat and engage with shows and attractions across Disneyland Resort like never before, including “Magical,” Disneyland Park’s newest fireworks spectacular. But that’s not all—as part of Limited Time Magic, discover a “Magical” fireworks viewing area along Main Street, U.S.A., reserved just for you when you’re wearing your “Glow with the Show” ears. Space is limited and will be first come, first served on the following dates: May 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 and 19, 2013.

Whew! So that brings us up to date, right?  See you next week – I hope – for more Limited Time Magic announcements!


Limited Time Magic: April Fools?

Well hi folks. 🙂 I missed last week’s update on new Limited Time Magic – last week was just rough for my schedule! – and I’m a tiny bit late with today’s, but I don’t think anyone minds, because I’m reasonably sure no one reads the LTM posts I put up. But I do! (Wait, I read my own posts? Eh, sure why not.)

To catch up, there are several new things to cover both at Disneyland and Disney World, some for the month of April and some more limited than 30 days.

I’ll start with the hats.

The hats kind of make me wonder, Is this an April Fools joke or something? DL and WDW each have their own unique hat for the month of April. What

Now I'm hungry. (Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.)

Now I’m hungry. (Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.)

follows now is purely MY opinion and yours might vary, but here we go. This is NOT just because I’m biased in favour of WDW, honest!

I think WDW’s strawberry ear hats are adorable. I don’t normally buy ear hats but I’m really tempted to try and grab a pair of these somehow. Except you can ONLY buy them at Epcot and I don’t think I can drive that far in an evening to pick up a pair. *G*

Good lord. What. (Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.)

Good lord. What. (Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.)

DL’s Cozy Cone hats on the other hand… Okay. Well. Look, I know when we were kids (including 30-year-and-older kids) we always wanted to pick up traffic cones and put them on our heads. (I’m almost sure that wasn’t just me. Help me out here.) But… would I actually BUY a hat for this purpose? On the other hand, would my children want to? Probably. So I guess I’ve answered my own misgivings. I still think they’re – to put it politely – ugly and clunky as heck. Okay, I’ll admit it, that wasn’t politely. 🙂 These are found only at Sarge’s Surplus Hut in Disney’s California Adventure.

Second – the more limited-time events! Firstly I notice that they’re advertising the WDW summer room discounts as Limited Time Magic. I think that’s a bit of a stretch, to be honest, but I guess you could technically apply the term; the discounts are available for a limited time, and a trip to WDW is magical, so it all works! (Hey – psst – did you know that a travel agent can work these room discounts to your best advantage? Do you know anyone who is a travel agent? YES YOU DO! It’s me! I’ve saved more than one client money they didn’t know they could save with this room discount, and my magic is not limited time only! …Aaaaand, done.)

The REAL Limited Time Magic, for the week of April 8-14:

– At WDW, you can “Go Vintage at the Disney Truck Shop”. I don’t know what this means either, so here is the description on the site:

For one week only, the Disney Truck Shop will be parked along the Downtown Disney Westside route at Walt Disney World Resort, offering you the chance to pick up a limited release vintage-style tee. Available while supplies last, the tee has been inspired by the design and logo of the Disney Parks newest shop on wheels. So cruise over for this Limited Time Magic offer, and pick up some of your favorite souvenirs too—this is one ride you can’t afford to miss!

My take: cheat. You have a week to buy a vintage tee-shirt? That’s it? CHEAT. No wonder they put up the Summer room discounts as LTM too, to try to cover for that lame LTM. There were no ideas this week apparently.

– It’s especially lame when you find out that Disneyland is doing its version of WDW’s more-popular-than-expected Long-Lost Friends Week from 4/8-4/14. They’re keeping the exact possibilities on the down-low, but hopefully the voting from a couple of weeks ago will prove fruitful; here is the write-up:

Some rarely seen Characters are stepping back into the spotlight, but only for a limited time! During Long Lost Friends week, Characters you picked in an online poll will make appearances at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree in Frontierland, where you’ll have the chance to get up-close and enjoy photo opportunities. You could meet Robin Hood, Ludwig Von Drake… even the Three Little Pigs! Visit Disneyland Park to find out, and be sure to sample some long-lost favorite foods too, including Monte Cristo Strips and Zany Cotton Candy!

WHAT are Monte Cristo Strips? Someone mail me some!

So obviously I saved the best for last. If you are going to a Disney Park this week, apparently you win on events if you go to Disneyland, but you lose on hats. (From my perspective anyway.) I’d still pick the long-lost friends over the strawberry ear hat and the “Truck Shop” tee, though.

Join us next week for another installment of “Limited Time Magic: Will It Be Good This Time?”

Limited Time Magic: Spring Fling!

Spring Fling with the Bunnies, Easter and Mrs. Easter! Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.

Spring Fling with the Bunnies, Easter and Mrs. Easter! Image (c) The Walt Disney Co.

Next week’s Limited Time Magic is still looking ahead to Easter and the start of Spring, with a week’s worth of Spring Fling activities!

This spring, things get hoppin’ at Walt Disney World Resort when Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny come to visit. Delight in an array of family-friendly festivities, from egg hunts to season-themed processions to greetings with the floppy-eared couple—and more! Valid theme park admission is required.

Running from Monday, March 25 until Sunday, March 31, both WDW and DL are offering a variety of Spring activities at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot to add some fling to your spring. (see what I did there?)  At WDW, you can meet the Easter Bunny and his wife at the Magic Kingdom, or see them in a springtime procession before the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade each day; at Epcot you can see Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny at the UK pavilion (because… they’re English!? uh, okay), hunt for easter eggs and run relay races; and they’ve got special rabbit-themed accessories including Oswald ear hats.

I’m just going to repeat that, okay? OSWALD. The LUCKY RABBIT. EAR HATS.  You can find them at MouseGear in Epcot, while supplies last.

EAR. HAT.  Image (c) the Walt Disney Co.

EAR. HAT. Image (c) the Walt Disney Co.

At Disneyland, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny will be appearing on Main Street as well as in a Bunny Hop dance with Mickey, Minnie, and the Dapper Dans; the Easter Egg Hunt will take place at Disney California Adventure, with the Wilderness Explorer Egg Hunt in Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  If you find the eggs you win a badge!

The Oswald Ear Hats are available at Oswald’s Service Station in DCA.

So.  Reaction paragraph time!  I like the sound of this and I’d have a good time doing this with my kids.  I wish they’d have more events like this each week instead of waiting for, you know, “occasions” to pull these things out for.  As far as I’m concerned this is the kind of thing that LTM is about, getting to have an experience that you can’t plan too far ahead for, but that is a little extra added fun.

I find it interesting that from the descriptions, Disneyland has a slightly better experience offered.  Getting a badge for the egg hunt? Pretty cool!

Limited Time Magic: Avoiding an “Eggs-cellent” pun

Other awful puns and lame phrases I didn't use: "Hop into the hunt", "get your Spring on"

Other awful puns and lame phrases I didn’t use: “Hop into the hunt”, “get your Spring on”

Planning on being in Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort between March 18 and March 24? If so, for a small extra fee you can join the Vinylmation Egg Hunt at Epcot or Disney’s California Adventure!  From the Limited Time Magic site:

Enjoy the most egg-cellent Limited Time Magic surprise yet! Embark on an Easter egg hunt through Epcot (valid theme park admission required). At the end of your quest, you’ll be rewarded with a special Vinylmation prize!

Get Started Visit Port of Entry in Epcot—located across from Duffy’s Meet and Greet—or International Gateway to purchase your special Eggs-perience park map and stickers, available for $4.95, plus tax.* Then, let the fun begin!

The Experience Explore the park and search for hidden eggs, using your map as a guide. As you locate eggs, mark the map with your stickers.

When you’re ready, take your map to one of the redemption locations and pick up your prize—a gift box with 2 Vinylmation key rings ($12.95 value*).

Purchase as many as you’d like—while supplies last—and play again and again. But remember, this experience is only offered for a limited time!

At DCL you go to Elias & Co on Buena Vista Street to purchase your materials.  What do you think, as Limited Time Magic events go?  I think this one is a winner!  This is exactly the kind of thing I’d love to do!  It’s timely, it’s fun, it’s ADORABLE; you get a prize, it’s interactive – MAN, now I want to go!

I love that at Epcot two of the eggs are Figment and Perry the Platypus (to replace the two Cars eggs at DCL)!  How cool would it be to get to do both of these? 😉

Also, added bonus!  Between today (3/15) and 3/21, there’s a poll to see which Long-Lost Friends should be brought back to Disneyland when they copy Disney World do their version of the popular LTM event from a month or two back!  No obvious information on when Long-Lost Friends Week will be at DL, but it’s fun to have some input.  Vote!  Vote for Merlin!!  Why?  Because I miss Merlin and it would make me happy.

Don't even try to tell me he's not awesome.  C'mon.

Don’t even try to tell me he’s not awesome. C’mon.

…Okay, vote for whomever you want… but you really should want Merlin. Haha.

MousekeEars: A Limited Time Mini-Mickey (Get it?)

Well, last week’s Limited Time Magic is actually a month-long (or longer) event, both at WDW and Disneyland, so this week’s is not really an event and more of an announcement of a new merchandise opportunity.

Hats!  Hats hats hats, tiny little hats to toss into the air and cry "HOORAY!" with.  I don't know, I have a cold. :P Image from the Disney website.

Hats! Hats hats hats, tiny little hats to toss into the air and cry “HOORAY!” with. I don’t know, I have a cold. 😛 Image from the Disney website.

From the Disney LTM website:

It’s the Year of the Ear and March brings some of the cutest ear hats yet – miniature MousekeEars!

And they are cute.  The picture doesn’t show how small they are, unfortunately.  The description also doesn’t make it clear, it just says they are collectibles.  So I went looking at the Disney Store and found a few links!  Apparently they come with keychain clips or hair clips, so you can wear them or use them as keychains or just collect them.  Here’s Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey!  (Note, apparently you can already find these on eBay for more than they actually cost at the Disney Store. Don’t go there yet!  You can buy them at Disney for only $12.95 plus shipping AND you can get 2 for $15! Don’t spend $20 for one on eBay!)

What do you think?  I always feel the non-event Limited Time Magics are a bit of a cheat, but this Limited Time Merchandise is adorable and I’d like to get some.  I’m glad you can order it online, it’s hard not to be able to just drop everything and go to the parks every time something cool comes out!

Limited Trolley Magic!

To kick off the first month of Spring – even though it actually doesn’t start officially until the end of March – Disney World has not just one but TWO Limited Time Magic events taking up …. pretty much all of March.  I’m not sure yet if this is going to mean that there won’t be other weekly events, or just that they will be added on top of the ones they’re announcing today.


In any case, the first – beginning today, March 1, and running through March 31 – is a kickoff for Disney’s new beauty products line, Beautifully Disney.

Mirror, mirror, something or other

Mirror, mirror, something or other… logo (c) Disney

I’m kind of on the fence about that logo, it’s very dramatic, but… aren’t we supposed to side AGAINST the Evil Queen?  What, it’s okay to emulate her if you’re into makeup because she’s really beautiful?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great LOOK, but it kind of ignores how they’ve branded the whole Evil Stepmother Thing all these years.  I’m digressing, though.  The celebration of the makeup launch will include a special event tomorrow on either coast – it’s at Tren-D in Downtown Disney FL, and Vault28 in Downtown Disney California – where you can get a complimentary makeover.   I would want to look like Ariel, thank you!

Because she's gorgeous, is why.

Because she’s gorgeous, is why.

More enticing to me, beginning on Sunday March 3 Walt Disney World will be celebrating SPRING! with a Main Street Trolley show!

The citizens of Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom park are bursting with excitement now that spring is in the air. Dressed to the nines in bright pastels and with a few new songs in their hearts, they arrive in town on a horse-drawn trolley adorned with colorful bouquets of flowers and ribbons. Put a little spring in your step and join in the celebration—another part of Limited Time Magic at Walt Disney World Resort.

Every time I’ve been on Main Street, the times when the performers come out and sing are always among my favourite moments.  I have to say because of that, I don’t consider this “Special” – it’s just an update to their show – but it’s nice, regardless, to know they still care. 🙂


Disneyland this week, in addition to being Beautifully Disney, is showcasing an Oz Exhibit in Downtown Disney:

Follow the yellow brick road to WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District for a limited-time event celebrating the release of the Walt Disney Studios fantastical adventure Oz The Great And Powerful. The gallery will showcase Oz-themed artwork—as well as costumes and props from the film, like Glinda’s gown and accessories.

I think it’s really interesting that the Oz promotions have been so thick over in CA, and much less so in FL.  It is because of the proximity to Hollywood?  You’d really expect that Hollywood Studios would be hyping that movie a bit more, but nope.  Too American, maybe?  WDW’s promotions seem to be trying for a wider, non-US-centric audience base.  Who knows?

Limited Time Magic: Dapper Boys?

Well, I spent some time hunting around last night to find out the next Limited Time Magic event that will be starting this Monday, 2/25.  And… it was hard to find advance word!  All I got were rumours, which meant it was being played pretty close to the chest, which meant essentially that it’s not meant to drive attendance to the parks so it’s going to be pretty small.  This morning the rumours were confirmed, and here is what we’ve got:

The Dapper Dans tip their hats to a new kind of music that they discovered while “strolling through the park one day.” Watch for this winsome quartet and their all-new medley that will have “Everybody” seeing “What Makes You Beautiful.” But they won’t be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to barbershop completely—after all, the Dapper Dans are the “Original Boy Band.” Part of Limited Time Magic, this musical time warp is a can’t-miss experience at Magic Kingdom park in Florida.

The Dapper Dans at Disneyland. Hey, that rhymes!  I did not take this photo and I don't own the rights.

The Dapper Dans at Disneyland. Hey, that rhymes! I did not take this photo and I don’t own the rights.

So beginning on Monday and running through Sunday, March 3, get set for some videos of the Dapper Dans (who, by the way, are one of the unsung gems – you see what I did there – of Main Street USA) barbershopping their way through … Boy Band music.  So there will be some expert harmony on stuff like that.  Kind of a waste. 😉  This, by the way, is concurrent at both WDW and DL.

What do you think?  Is this a fun Limited Time Magic or just filler? I think it’s a little bit weak – easily missed and well, frankly, although I wouldn’t walk away from it if I saw it, it’s not so “magical” that I’d feel bad if I didn’t catch it.  I will say one thing though, and I am completely serious about this: Barbershop is HOT.

Limited Time Magic, February 18-24, 2013

Limited Time Magic Logo is (c) Disney Co. not by me.

Limited Time Magic Logo is (c) Disney Co. not by me.

Hello from the Internet!  Remember when people used to say things like “surfing the Web” or “cyberspace”?  Nobody calls the internet “the World Wide Web” anymore.  I for one am glad.

I digress!  Today marks the start of the next Limited Time Magic offerings at Walt Disney World Resort, and I am happy to report them for you here!  With a lot of emphasis on True Love Week, I have not seen as many announcements as its rather lowkey followup, which is an extended Presidents’ Day celebration.  From today, February 18, until Sunday the 24th, Voices of Liberty in Epcot will be performing a special Presidential show.  Per the LTM website:

Voices of Liberty, the a cappella group, is honoring Presidents Day for a limited time with musical performances at the America Gardens Theatre at Epcot. In this special presidential show—a Limited Time Magic experience—the Voices of Liberty will bring to life some inspirational moments from our nation’s history with impeccable 8-part harmonies accompanied by memorable quotes from American Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. It’s an a cappella hail to the chiefs of our country!

As a side note, I’m glad Voices of Liberty are a permanent fixture at Epcot (and Disneyland as well); I was a big fan of Five For a Dollar, the a cappella group who used to perform the preshow at the “Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage” show at Hollywood Studios, and I’m sad they’re gone.  Anyhow!  If you’ve got a WDW trip coming up or just happen to live in the area, check out VoL’s tribute to American Presidents!  Then trek over to the Magic Kingdom and enjoy a showing of the Hall of Presidents, not because of any special events but just because.  It’s Presidents’ Day, y’all!

Over at Disneyland, because I do love Disneyland too even if I don’t show it as much, you get not just one but two LTM events to enjoy right now.  First, the Presidents’ Day celebration is shared on the other coast: the West Coast edition of Voices of Liberty will be giving special performances in the Main Street Opera House (did you know there was one? because I didn’t; shame on me) in Disneyland Park.  Unlike the WDW version, these performances will be on February 18 and 19th, then from the 22nd to the 24th.

To sweeten the pot over at Disneyland, you get an amazing opportunity to preview “Oz, the Great and Powerful” in 4D!  From now until March 31, the MuppetVision 3D theatre is being used to show an 8-minute preview of “Oz”, with special 4D effects built into the theatre.  (Just a note: that page I linked to says it is an Annual Passholder LTM, but that was only for 2/15.  On 2/16 the preview opened to the general public.)

Oz the Great and Powerful, do not confuse it with "Return To Oz"

Oz the Great and Powerful, do not confuse it with “Return To Oz”

Lucky Californians! I have to say, most Disney live action movies are… ahem *tactful, tactful* not my style, but most Sam Raimi movies usually are my style.  Plus I know for a fact this one has Ted Raimi in it, and I’m a Ted-spotter, so obviously I’ll have to see this. 😉  No, but in all seriousness, this does look gorgeous… and I have to say, the ad campaign has been really creative and ingenious.  Which Disney’s ad campaigns often are, must confess.  But this “preview it in the park” idea is probably the best one.

(Or maybe the Epcot Land of Oz-themed play area in their Flower & Garden Festival is the best one.  I’m genuinely torn.)

Disney Social Media Round-up, 2/10/13

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Limited Time Magic, February 10-17 2013

Hello Disney Lovers! This is the appropriate way to address everyone because the upcoming theme for Limited Time Magic is “True Love Week”!

This image is (c) Disney and not by me.

This image is (c) Disney and not by me.

From Monday, February 11 until Sunday the 17th, the Magic Kingdom is celebrating Valentines Day with as much romance as it can pack into the park.  Visitors will get the chance to meet Princes along with their Princesses at special character greetings, get a few romantic photo opportunities in New Fantasyland and the Rose Garden, and enjoy beautiful decorations all over the park.  At dusk, Cinderella’s Castle will blush with pink, red, and lavender lighting.

There are also opportunities to buy romantic gifts such as long-stemmed roses and chocolate-covered strawberries (hint to guys: buy these for your ladies and you will be rewarded), valentine-themed merchandise, and intimate dinners-for-two at select restaurants (including Artist’s Point and the Hollywood Brown Derby)!

One of the most impressive opportunities by far is the announcement of a multi-couple vow renewal on Thursday, February 14.  This event was just announced and is already full!  On the steps of Cinderella Castle, the couples will get to renew their commitments of love with help from Disney Wedding Planners.  Given the popularity of engagements, weddings, and honeymoons at Disney World I’m not at all surprised this is already full.

Similar offerings will be available at Disneyland for this week.

What do you think?  I think this is the best Limited Time Magic event so far this year!  What a great reason to go to WDW for Valentines Day, whether you’re re-confirming your commitments or not. 🙂  Although their promises of meeting “Disney Sweethearts” just reminds me that they probably will NOT give us the chance to meet Lady and the Tramp… I don’t know, does anyone else just feel like they epitomize Disney Sweethearts, or is that just me?