Happy Disney Halloween!!


It’s Halloween!!  The bestest best day of the year! Unless you don’t like it. In which case OK. 🙂
But either way, one of the really fun things about Halloween is how much Disney celebrates it, too. They have exactly the kind of fun that you should have with it – submerging you in spooky fun, just scary enough to kind of make you grin without going too far. 🙂

If you’re needing a little Disney infusion into your Halloween, here are some of my favourite cartoon shorts!
Always a classic: The Dancing Skeletons, from 1929!

This has been my favourite Disney cartoon since forever. From 1952, Donald’s Trick or Treat! Got a catchy tune and plus Donald’s feet change colour!

No batch of Disney Halloween cartoons could EVER be complete without the masterpiece, “Lonesome Ghosts” from 1937!

Embedding is disabled on this particular video, but here is the Headless Horseman song from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (1949), performed by the wonderful Bing Crosby!

What’s your favourite Halloween Disney cartoon that I may have missed? Leave a comment; better yet, leave a link! 😀


The “I’m Back From WDW And I Love You Guys And I Love Halloween” Giveaway

Hey good-lookin’s! (I don’t know. I have no idea how to start these things. Forgive the awkwardness.) How is everyone?  I know it’s been silent here for a while, but I’m gradually coming back to life after a VERY hectic September capped by a wonderful whirlwind trip to my favourite place on earth. (hint: it’s not jail.)

Yeah, no secret: I went to Disney World with my sweetheart daughter and had a wonderful time!  But I was thinking of you while I was there – I really was! – and something I could bring back for you to enjoy as well.  That’s why I’m ready to start a new giveaway, hosted here and sponsored by Fairytale Journeys By Rebecca Kelly! (And that’s me!)

This giveaway is simpler and smaller; you will win a pin from WDW. A Halloween pin to be precise.

This pin right here, to be precise.  Oooh you sweet thing.

This pin right here, in fact. Oooh you sweet thing.

This is great if you trade pins, or if you like Halloween, or if you just like Disney.  There’s nothing wrong with getting a free pin!  Unlike my first giveaway, however, in order to enter you MUST like my FTJ By Rebecca Facebook page.  That’s mandatory to enter this giveaway.  As a result, yes I do expect a somewhat smaller group of entrants, but think about it: that gives you GREAT odds to enter if you win! 😀  The giveaway will begin at midnight EST on October 12, and continue for seven days, ending at midnight on October 19.  After that I’ll pick a winner and get in touch for their mailing address!

EDIT: I decided to start it early because I’m just that excited 😀 😀 😀  You can enter now! Click the link below!

I will be doing another giveaway before the end of the year, with a different pin as a prize, and that one will be open to non-Facebook entrants.  So if you are not on Facebook, hold tight and you’ll get a chance.  But if you are on it I hope you will enter! 🙂

Click here to enter the giveaway!

One of these days I’ll upgrade my blog so that I can embed that widget. 😛

And now, a tiny bit of information about FTJ By Rebecca, for anyone coming in late (I love your hair. No, not yours – I mean, not that it’s bad, I just – yeah, you, that’s – that’s cute) or wanting to know more about the page before they sign on to get updates from me.  First of all, I’m an independent travel agent with Fairytale Journeys.  Fairytale Journeys is great because it is an AUTHORIZED Disney travel planner.  Neither I, nor FTJ, is employed at all by Disney but we are authorized to book Disney vacations (meaning we are Disney-approved and we follow their rules and meet their standards).  We also have NO fees for any of our services. Ever.  You’ll never pay a single cent to me if you book with me, nor will you pay more for your trip than if you booked it yourself.  Instead you get personal help with all your details, plus a bit of Disney swag. 🙂

Anyway, the Facebook page is partly my way to communicate with my clients, or people who are interested in possibly taking a Disney trip, as well as to pass along Disney info and news, and finally just to send out some fun!  We sometimes play games, trivia contests and things, and I post photos and other fun stuff when I find it.  I am the only one running it, so it is not a huge amount of updates throughout the day.  I do love the idea of having a community with people commenting and replying to things so don’t be afraid to speak up if you want to.

And that’s all for now!  You can like the page when you enter or you can already be liking the page, either one works, you just can’t NOT like the page if you want to enter this one. 🙂  Hope to see you there!

A Disney Dream: Because Really-Not-Particularly-Scary-At-All is just too long…

As of May 1, tickets are on sale for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in September and October. If you’ve heard of this but aren’t actually clear on what it is, let me give you a rundown in brief!

This? Is my new favourite photo. <3  (c) The Walt Disney Co.

This? Is my new favourite photo.

In simplest terms, this is Walt Disney World’s Halloween party. It takes place at the Magic Kingdom on select evenings in September and October. It is NOT included with general park admission; it’s a hard-ticket event, which means you have to pay extra to get in, even if you’ve already spent the day in the Magic Kingdom.

Is it worth the extra money? Well, I’ve never done it. But YES! 😀

Actually, it’s up to you to decide. It would be worth it to me, because I love Halloween and I love the Magic Kingdom, and this opportunity is one I’ve wanted to try for years now. But there are factors to take into account: it’s a very popular event so it can be crowded; lines for certain things may be longer than you’d like; and it is late, so you have to remember that if you’ve got kids, you’re paying more than $50 for each of them to possibly stay up later than they really can manage.

Before you make up your mind after I list all the down-sides to you, let me just talk about what the party involves, and why it’s a Disney Dream of mine lo these many years!

Around 6pm or so, on the nights when they’re running the parties, they start closing down the Magic Kingdom and guests are escorted out. There are already pumpkins and other light Halloween/October decorations out lining the park, and at this point, once closed, the park reopens with a total Halloween theme. Characters are available for meet and greets in their Halloween costumes; guests are encouraged to wear costumes – and this is the only time of the year when this is allowed, even among adults!

I have no idea who these are. Some witch and some scarecrow. Photo (c) The Walt Disney Co.

I have no idea who these are. Some witch and some scarecrow. Photo (c) The Walt Disney Co.

Along with the costumed characters, there are a bunch of other party-only activities and fun things: Trick-or-treating (apparently you can’t walk down the street without falling into candy), dance parties including a Villains Mixer, HalloWishes – the Halloween-themed firework show – and the Boo To You Parade. This parade is led by the Headless Horseman and features floats for villains, for the Haunted Mansion, and more.

I have to say I am less interested in the candy, and more interested in the character meets; less interested in the dance parties and more into the parade. I want to see that Headless Horseman, guys! This is possibly my biggest goal in life. 🙂

The above video is NOT by me, it’s by AllEarsNet, consistently one of the best Disney resources on the web.

So my daughter goes to sleep around 8pm every night. Staying up for this will be hard for her, and even though the party goes from 7pm to 12am, if we go I figure we won’t stay past 10pm. (And she’ll still be dead on her feet by then.) But; it’s such a great experience, I can’t wait to take her. I know she’ll have fun. 😀

This ain't your mother's Cinderella's Castle. Unless you're my daughter in which case, forget what I just said.  Photo (c) The Walt Disney Co.

This ain’t your mother’s Cinderella’s Castle. Unless you’re my daughter in which case, forget what I just said. Photo (c) The Walt Disney Co.


Dates for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary were announced at the start of May. You can save money by buying in advance; the ones closest to Halloween will be most expensive and will also sell out most quickly.

September 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, and 27, the advance purchase price is $59 for adults and $54 for kids (ages 3-9); at the door price is $65 for adults and $60 for kids.

September 29 and October 3, 4, 6, 10, 14, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, and 29, and November 1, the advance price is $62 for adults and $57 for kids; the door price is $67 for adults and $62 for kids.

October 11, 18, and 25, the advance price is the same as the door price, $67 for adults and $62 for kids.

October 31, there is no discount for buying in advance, but do it anyway. It WILL sell out early. The price, if you are intent on going on Halloween, is $73 for adults and $68 for kids.

Have a blast! Send me your photos! 😀

I'm sure this is totally what it's like, and all. Nearly empty park, characters all waiting to play with me.  Photo (c) The Walt Disney Co.

I’m sure this is totally what it’s like, and all. Nearly empty park, characters all waiting to play with me. Photo (c) The Walt Disney Co.