More Adventures in the Tiki Hut…


“Hut” on the heels (oh my gosh, I need to just delete that right now. WHY am I not deleting it?!) of my last Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast post, here’s another! Because the episodes keep coming and I keep listening and it’s all good! 😀

Episode 17: Disney Hangover
Keith and Alan just got back from Disney in this ep.

Sean: “Keith, you left nice, sunny, warm Ohio, right?”
Keith: “Uh, where was this?”

Getting stuck at Disney is like everyone’s DREAM. Not even joking.

Ohhh, Keith had the cheerleaders. Man! I think we might’ve been there for like a day or two at the same time as some cheerleaders. They were walking around Pop with a TON of glowing balloons. I was like “Good luck getting to sleep tonight…”

Talk of beef makes me hungry. Every time. I almost never ever BUY red meat/beef at home so I only eat it at restaurants. Meaning I have high standards for my beef and steak. Awww yeah.  I feel like eating some beef right now.  I’m not sure what this is all about, actually…

AAACK! Alan had School Bread, finally!  That’s a mostly positive, if unenthusiastic review. LOL. I wouldn’t run to order it again either. But there’s actually nothing at WDW that I do feel that way about.

PORK SHANK. Man I want some meat right now.

Keith’s single solitary turkey leg on the trip is still one more than I have EVER had, so there’s that.

I liked the MagicBands too! I also did not use it for charging to the room. I was completely on cash and gift cards as much as possible. But I loved the convenience.

Agreed on people hating on FastPass+ just for the sake of hating on it. Those who have tried it and have complaints I am fine with, but there are a lot who just hate the idea, and honestly… the idea itself is not a bad one. And the whole process is under development.  To hate the whole thing because of how it looks today is just not logical.

Good trip reports guys! 😀

…Be sure.. to drink your… Cheerwine. A crummy commercial?!


Episode 18: 40 Disney Dollars a Day at Downtown Disney
Uh-oh. This is it… I’ve reached “my” episode… DundunDUNNNNN! Fortunately there’s another guest, the excellent Matt Holley, so not all the focus is on me. Hahah. XD

But in all seriousness… this was an awesome time, very fun to record and I love playing the $40 at Disney game. And I’d never thought about it for Downtown Disney, so if you haven’t either… or if you HAVE… listen on!

My favourite part of doing this episode was when all the birds actually started singing live at the beginning.  I had thought that was pre-recorded, but boy was I wrong!… 😉

“But first, before we play, Rebecca, tell a little bit about yourself to our audience!”
Me: “OH, uh…” Yeah, I didn’t expect that. LOL. So I go on a bit much.  Pffff. XD

I have never actually been to the Ghirardelli Soda Shop. To my EXTENSIVE regret. 🙂  But to be honest… I’m not all that much of a “must-do” snack person. I get really picky b/c I don’t like to spend a lot of money so I bring my own snacks in. Heh. I do like me a Mickey bar but not an option here… I don’t really blame Matt for getting a sundae. I mean if you’re going to go ice cream why not go big?

I like Keith’s choice for a snack. I would never think of bread pudding as a snack but it sounds AMAZING. 🙂

Sean was absolutely cheap-o. CHEAP. O.

Aaaand now I want barbeque for lunch. You know what I had? a lousy sandwich. Two pieces of wheat bread and some turkey slices.

Alan quizzing me about barbeque.  I will not commit, hahaha, and the hardest thing in the world is to get an opinion out of me if I don’t hold it PASSIONATELY. (and I don’t about barbeque.) I will eat ANY barbeque right now. The more different kinds the better. OH MAN I wish I had some barbeque right now! XD

Matt’s quick service choice sounds good too. I think actually there is the slightest chance I may just be hungry. 😛

The OTHER sandwich place…  Actually their menu looks amazing. I would have a very hard time deciding on just two or three sandwiches. I think I could choose just one if I had to, but if someone told me “pick three” I’d go nuts.

I really DO like themed restaurants a lot. I am not saying I don’t like good food but I do prefer experience over food quality. Just a thing about me. XD

And next time I go to T-Rex I am going to bring my bathing suit. 😛

People get heated about a lack of gum for sale in the store. This is because people want what they want and they don’t care about rules. They are at DISNEY WORLD and they’re supposed to get what they WANT.

I want some dips too. (Remember what I said that I might be hungry? There’s no longer any doubt.)

Keith not only got closest to exactly $40, he also had a great “Haha! SCORE!” reaction when he announced his total.

I survived the season of the dinosaurs! And a meteor shower!  Sean’s all trying to make this into a competition and take me down, I’m having none of it. And Alan’s in my corner. So THERE. XD  Though I’ll admit that the Irish Step Dancing is quite impressive. I think Sean was just trying slightly harder because he thought he was going to be closest on his total, but Keith beat him.

A warning to anyone who is vaguely considering appearing as a guest on Tiki Talk: you will be asked about Cheerwine. I’m just saying. It’s not a bad thing, just know in advance. You’re going to be quizzed about it.

Matt has guts to bring up the Starbucks on Main Street knowing fully well that Keith and Alan have oppositional opinions about it. Mwhaahaha.

Listen to me answering these questions like I knew in advance what I was going to say! XD  I love Matt’s answers. He puts so much detail into them.  And I’m like “Haunted Mansion. Boom.” Except I didn’t literally say “Boom”.

WHY is it that every podcast episode I’m on, people start talking about peeing? I’m really starting to be concerned about this. 😛

Leave some messages and responses and reviews and things to let the guys know how much you want me to come back on the show! Or, even better, just review and rate the show on iTunes. 🙂  Mentioning me: optional.


Episode 19: Poly Want a Show! Part 1

Congrats to the Tiki Talk show for their partnership with V24Radio!

Keith! What could you POSSIBLY not like about the Polynesian?! (I am kidding. Just FYI. I got it.^_~)

I never really did think about West Coast = Hawaii Vacations, East Coast = Caribbean/Bahamian vacations…

So they’re using Aulani’s space as an inspiration for the Poly’s spacial redesign? Hm. I’m not opposed to reorganizing space.  I hope they will continue to have a water feature in the lobby though.

Ew! Bacterial parasite! Well then the waterfall is allowed to go.

But but but a glass bottom would be so neat… IF you had a lagoon or something right underneath. “If you had that, what would you look at?” LOL really now. But the neat idea put forth that the “glass” could be a screen to make it look like it’s water beneath.

When Poly goes DVC, a week’s worth of points to pay for a studio would be the cost for a bungalow. GAWRSH 😦  This may not be true, just a “buzz”.


Episode 20:  Walk Up and Eat
Hey! Stacey did an Enchanted Tiki Talk blurb!  You are now officially a Must-Do! 😀

I am glad to hear a positive opinion of the moat-draining on the Hub expansion. Lots of people have that “HOW COULD THEY?” response to, well, anything that gets done these days at WDW.  As Sean says, they’re not really using the moat anyway and this should really improve flow of people.

Mmmm, man, I really want to go to the Flower & Garden Festival one of these years.

I went to Fairfax Fare last trip. I wasn’t happy with what I got though, but I think that’s my own fault. I don’t really like park mac and cheese, but I got a hot dog with mac and cheese and bacon on it… I really just made a bad choice, I’m going to try it again.

And I have never been to Pecos Bill’s.  Despite YEARS of hearing how many people love it.

Sunshine Sheashons is a very, very good counter service place. Last time I ate there it was easy to find stuff for me and for my daughter and we have ENTIRELY different things we want out of theme park food. 😉

I had one really good experience/meal at Casey’s and one not so good experience/meal there – I wouldn’t say bad, just not what I was hoping for. So I’m a little on the fence about them right now.

I LOVE RIBS. Yaaaay!

Flame Tree Barbeque: just hearing that restaurant’s name makes me drool with barbeque fantasies. Ahhhhh.  It SOUNDS like perfectly-cooked BBQ.

I can’t remember if I did a Top 5 counter service post on my blog. If I didn’t, I should. I don’t think I did, I think I’ve done a review of Flame Tree BBQ and that’s what I’m thinking of. 😉

I love that outtake. “What was that?! Did you just like, vomit?”


Episode 21: Poly Want a Show! Part 2
More Poly Talk!  I hope everyone will forgive me but I have no notes on this episode. I don’t know a lot about the Poly except that I really want to stay there, so I have nothing at all to contribute to the discussion. It is, however, a very good interview whether you’re familiar with the Polynesian or not!  So, enjoy!


Episode 22: Our Must Do Interview
Stacy J. Aswad on your Must-Do Podcast! I realize that Rolly Crump is a bigger Disney legend but I have a platonic crush on the adorable Ms. Aswad so I’m more excited about her appearance than any others so far. Ahem. *^_^*

The Must-Do Disney program is part scripted and part improved, which is not a surprise to me; it’s the improvs, I think, that are why I like her so much.  Stacy’s sincerity shines through when she’s being silly and she reminds me of a dear friend of mine, so she transcends the “typical” script!

Sean invented Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius. The word I mean. And Stacy has fulfilled a lifelong dream by meeting him. “I was like Dear Diary, someday I hope to meet the person who made up…”

“As long as I’m breathing, it’s not impossible.” I love this. 🙂

Another great interview, great show, and great guest. 😀

Oh, and then Alan rubs in the fact that he took a surprise trip to WDW. Good for yooooou, Alan. ;P





Annie and Danny takin’ over your blog

Or not. I’m just trying to suggest that they are up in your internet right now. 🙂  In other words, notes on the past month or so of episodes, plus a couple of older ones!  Listen and enjoy, especially to Episode 27, which for reasons unknown is just FABULOUS. *lalala…*  Oh, and the notes for the episode started getting long recently. I don’t know why, I’m serious, but I’m kind of trying to dial it back…


Episode 26:
Annie the Robot. Well okay! 😀

OOooh!  Disney cookin’, Dan style!  For the record I have made Boatwright style Sweet Potato Pancakes. They were good but I didn’t do anything special with them so none of my customers paid for them. My customers were my husband and children so I let it slide.

Ticket price increase. From what I have heard on Internet, “to the ire of everyone” is not exactly true. You’ll hear from many people defending Disney’s right to raise their prices by $10 over 2 years if they feel like doin’ it. 😉  For me it’s… complicated and like with anything complicated I tend not to express an opinion.  Other than the way I put it there, lol.

To relate it to this show though, I love that you guys argue about almost every subject you tackle. Dan and I had a conversation about how in my last post I made it sound like they’re both jerks (okay that’s not what he said *lol*) when I said they are cranky about popular things, but what I really meant about it is that they both hold strong opinions but even when they do the other one usually holds the other opinion. So Annie and Dan get into these awesome debates and usually cover everything I feel PLUS the other perspective.  These discussions are great, seriously. I actually find them enlightening.

This is the worst elevator story I’ve ever heard! And I have had times when, not fooling, I’ve been sure that right before my elevator doors closed I would be attacked by the killer in the “Scream” movies. (this has been a fear since 1998, I’m dating myself.)

Big Thunder Oz? D:  I agree about the freaking mutiny Annie refers to. There is not a shortage of people ready and willing to go on that ride!

Universal is “New Money” and Disney is the old-fashioned lady saying “I can’t believe she’s drinking in diamonds at lunch time!” –I didn’t come up with that, that was Annie. But I paraphrased a tiny bit hence the partial quotes.

Is this the first time Dan has dropped the F-bomb? LOL probably not, but… it stood out for me 😉

Veiled classism! No actually Robot Annie is making for deep discussion! ;D No but seriously… this person came to hate Disney World so much after working there that they have to sign up onto forums just to tell everyone how awful it really is and they don’t realize it?  “I’ve seen the REAL Disney World and it’s not what you think it is!”

Robot Annie is not a science-tist.

I will say I hate leaving the parks at night and having to take the bus back. That specifically is the main reason I prefer to have my car. I’ll take the bus to get there in the mornings, return to the hotel for a break, and then drive back in the aftern oon/evening so I can drive back at close/whenever we leave.  I have had the experience the person was complaining about, and it’s hard.

Having said that, I wouldn’t write an entire “I would not stay here again!” post based just around that experience. LOL.

I LOVE Flame Tree Barbeque! Annie you have to go there it’s so good! Ahhhh. 😀  Funny thing is that I apparently have similar taste in restaurants to Dan.  Huh.  Not that I dislike the ones Annie is picking but I haven’t been to most of them. Or any, actually.

Though really I haven’t been to ABC Commissary either.  I’ve been to Backlot Express and I kind of think they’re the same? (They’re not)  But I think they’re similar and I love Backlot Express.

OHHHHH I haven’t been to Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Broke the similarity streak there, Dan. 😦  You should’ve picked something else.

But we got it back on the Boma/Jiko part. Score. 🙂

No, Be Our Guest is Counter Service for lunch and Table Service for dinner.  So it’s BOTH!

!!!  ANNIE! My worst dining experience was at Tony’s too! It was actually quite nice IN the restaurant but my food was weirdly sweet.  I don’t know but it was yicky to me.

This episode was like The Distant Future, The Year 2000.


Episode 8:
This episode is starting out with some real ol’ country rhythm.

Dan: We’re recording this a little bit in the past…
Annie: We’re recording this in September, that should give you an idea, because you’re going to be like “D*** it’s August!”
–And she immediately starts laughing b/c as she said it she realized what she was saying. XD

By the way, “D***, it’s February!”  I think that EVERY episode. 😉 [It’s now March so… there’s that.]

Sometimes… I get this strange impression that Annie, maybe, just maybe, gives Dan a hard time for no reason but to give him a hard time.  I don’t know. Maybe I’m imagining it. (Sarcasm is hard to pick up on in a blog so… it’s thick in this statement.)

All this time listening to the show and I’m finally finding out about Dan’s wife Kasmira. Frequently mentioned but rarely in personal detail!

OMG! This episode was before Frozen came out! Annie doesn’t understand why everyone apparently hates it in advance. LOL.

Why does everyone discuss the sexual orientation of the Winnie the Pooh characters?  I won’t ask why everyone thinks Rabbit is gay, because well, EVERYONE thinks Rabbit is gay. *shrug* 🙂

HAHA, Annie’s story about responding to forwards with articles… I do that too and every time I do people seem vaguely offended as if I’m calling them stupid. XD

Annie: “If you are listening to this and you don’t know Would You Rather, then we need to become best friends immediately so I can teach you about everything that’s fun in life.”
That’s actually the kindest thing I’ve ever heard. I usually say “then we aren’t friends” or something like that. LOL, because I’m callous that way.

I LOVE Tom Bergeron! 😀

You know, I can’t say “never ever again” to anything. So I pick the limit of SSE to once per trip. Because on my last two trips I’ve only managed to ride it once anyway. 😛  I’ve only had 2 Dole Whips in my entire life but I like having the option.

I’ll take the Deluxe upgrade on my suite thanks.

OMG the third question is HARD. I have NO idea what I would answer.

Dan, you are so lucky you have never seen any ads or anything of those stupid Buddies movies.  Ugh. No. You’re wrong about it, Dan. You’re just WRONG.

Dan: “Secret time, I don’t like kids very much…”
This is the worst-kept secret on earth, Dan. 😉  This is even worse-kept than when they used to call the DVC the best-kept secret. XD

And this inspires a great performance from Annie.


Episode 9:
“This is Episode 9, can you believe it?”
“She can’t.”

Life before Twitter… It’s like the Time of Legends!

I have the same reactions to a lot of things as Annie does with Cinderella – yeah, I know I saw this as a kid, but then when I watch it I’m like “OH GEEZ this is burned into my memory now!”

Incidentally the term “burned into my memory” is appropriate with this one; it was never a favourite, but my sister watched it perhaps once a day every day one summer, so I had it kind of memorized. And I don’t like it.  I don’t know if it’s because I saw it so many times (even peripherally) at age 10, or if I just think it’s bad, but I’ve shown it to my kids perhaps twice and I just go leave the room. Bleah.  Regardless, I KNOW I will remember it well enough to enjoy your discussion. 🙂

The trailers on Cinderella DVD… Chicken Little, Cinderella 3, Disney Princesses: A Christmas of Enchantment. This is just scraping the bottom of the barrel. 😛

You guys actually make me want to watch it again to look at the animation.  I haven’t paid too much attention to it since I’m not (notnotNOT) into the mice at all, but the Mary Blair parts make me interested.  My memory in the parts that I saw last time were that the animation was just meh.  Like it looks like the direct to video stuff in terms of quality.

Frog & Toad? The Fabulous Mr. Frog? LOL.

YES! It is like Tom & Jerry shorts in the start of the movie, BAH.  All the reasons I dislike this movie are flashing through my mind. XD

And also, I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. Just in case anyone thinks that, like, I hate fun or something.

This clock segment! Dear God XD

“I don’t think her life was that bad.”  Heehee. I’m kind of loving the turn this is taking. XD  I never bought Cinderella’s “so kind and loving that she’ll take everyone’s s***” attitude. Something else is up there.

I’m going to go to the Country Bear Jamboree someday! I never have. Ever. But I’m totally going to go!  I’ve tried to go the past two trips. LOLOL.

This Cinderella talking to the mice thing is one of the things that has always REALLY bugged me. Well ever since I was like 18 or so. 😉

Oh SWEET! More intermission music! The sad part is I legitimately bop around at my desk while this is going on.

And now I got to the part where the episode title comes from. Douchey nudist chickens. 😀  The hierarchy of the animals makes no sense. Too much of this movie has no thought in it and makes no sense! There is NO LOGIC!  Aaargh, HATE MOVIE!

No no, you guys, the cat’s name is “Lucy Fur”. I’m totally lying. But you could make that claim!  Maybe Lucifer is just what Cinderella calls him because she hates him so much.

I do love Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. I actually totally do. XD

Dan: “You’ve become very antagonistic.”

That dress is not blue. It’s the colour of moonlight thank you.

Your final decision on this movie is much, much kinder than mine would be. There are a handful of good musical moments but I don’t share your liking of Cinderella – I’ll take Snow White over Cindy any day just because Cindy has no real personality. I’m sorry but as much as Snow might be an out of it baby-woman, at least she’s got a personality.
Episode 27:
The episode begins with Annie and Dan introducing themselves in NEARLY the same voice! Hmmm. You know – when I was on Skype with them, I could only see Annie. Dan’s video was not showing up for some reason. I am now convinced that Dan is not a real person, just a creation of Annie’s.

And then I brag about my legions of followers who do whatever I say. LOL. That’s so not true. XD

And begin the R. Kelly jokes! Whoop! Never gets old. 😉

I’m going to confess that I was very nervous about having the buzzer. Then I let Annie peer pressure me into using it constantly. Although it does seem that until you buzz Dan, he just keeps going, so I’m not sure WHO was right here.

Dan: “I have an inappropriate thing I want to say. I want it to be clear that I was the first person to ask you to be on a podcast.”

Sadly, not true. 🙂 But he wants it to be, so I think he gets major points for that.

Annie points out my favourite thing to do with these recaps, which is to take some of the funniest things they say and quote them without any context at all! It’s AWESOME. “Teachers are pedophiles all the time!”

And Dan is just sitting there patiently waiting for us to stop talking about bows. XD  But he’s not allowed to buzz!

And now somehow we end up on pee stories. See how can you not love a podcast that will spend a good 5 minutes talking about various kinds of pee stories? 😀  By the way my husband had a ton of follow-up questions on Dan’s story.

I’m not sure what I was buzzing.  I mean we weren’t talking about news anymore, just pee, so…

So then I got to firsthand experience how sometimes Annie will just challenge Dan on the news he’s reading as if he invented it and is like “But that’s STUPID! Why are you so stupid?!” in all but the words she uses. And sometimes in the words too. Oh, I love you guys, you’re very amusing. XD

Oh, and by the way, I have no concept of how much Legos actually cost. My “like $100” price tag is completely realistic and reasonable, thinking back.

Annie wouldn’t want Suri Cruise to be the prototypical rich kid to get her Spaceship Earth Lego set, once developed, because “She’d kick it over!”

I can’t believe how annoyed Dan got over the Tron comparison with Test Track and the announced Shanghai Disney (? was it that or Hong Kong) Tron Roller Coaster. “They’re not comparable. Not comparable!” The mean part of it is that I really did get what he was talking about, but I think Test Track is very Tron-inspired, so I just stuck with that argument. I’m not sure if it counts as trolling if it was done without malice… 😉

Oh here we are. “So R. Kelly, tell us about yourself…” and this is where I get embarrassingly bad here and say “Make something up.” I, augh, I cannot believe I did that. XD  Please don’t judge me!

On this podcast I learned that airplanes are just basically like big flying toilets. I mean between the pee stories and now the next discussion that has come up… This was supposed to be a discussion about travel agent stuff and here – I just… Well!

And here comes the Dining Plan discussion. This is probably what you most want to tune in for, guys. Here’s me trying not to encourage either Annie or Dan into arguing, which didn’t work. XD

Annie: “The Dining Plan is worth it if it’s free…”
Dan: “You know what else is worth if it’s free? A lollipop.”

Comparison = apt?  You decide, listeners!

Puttin’ me on the spot with questions about what kinds of surprises I’d do for Disney “Experts”, stuff like that… This poor guest sounds so nervous 😉

Oh, how I loved the best resort for a girls’ (adults) trip question.

Annie and Dan are so nice though. Everything I say they’re really nice about. They’re clearly taking pity on me. XD

“If you had to live in a ride like a bum, what ride would it be?”  My husband was in the room for this question, and he was like “Well, where else would you live? For all those reasons!”

Anyway… Sigh. 🙂 I can probably be funnier/more interesting on my next appearance. It was awesome. A++ would guest again! Especially for singing, although that would probably go best if I got some liquor in me first. 😀


Episode 28:
Nice opening music!

So ANNIE is Adele Dazeem. I thought it was me!  And I agree… that was just… SO BIZARRE. Hilarious and bizarre.

I was not watching the Oscars, I got my info JUST from Twitter, which was kind of hilarious.

Good point about the Croods – THE CROODS – being nominated over Monsters U. I think it’s politics. Like “Well Pixar just won last year and we’ll look like we’re just nominating it because it’s Pixar. We need another movie!”  Pffff. Monsters U was good.


St. Patrick’s Festival is ALREADY ON! Dude! It’s been on for 5 days already!!

I agree with Dan, this description sounds like ChumbaWumba. Dropkick Murphy? I haven’t heard of them. Apparently they sing about kicking things, according to Annie. XD

The rule about the 7 days’ worth of reservations in a 60-day window actually isn’t so bad, because it’s a rolling 60-day period rather than a set period. So you can do 7 days of reservations on Monday, then when you’ve used the first day you can go right in and make more if you want.

Why did Annie make me buzz Dan so much last show?  She hasn’t buzzed him at all this time. I feel like I was tricked into buzzing the poor guy. XD

OOOH! TWENTY QUESTIONS!  Attractions, questions, or resorts. I CAN DO THIS. I sucked at Birnbaum Blitz but that was Mickey Mutineers!

Dan: “See if you can beat us to the knowing.”
Annie: “I bet you can beat Dan.”
Dan: “How dare you.”

I love it when he says that! 😀

Annie: “Next week we’re going to play Monopoly.”
Dan: “But we’re not gonna narrate or anything, we’re just gonna play. Quietly. Just the sounds of the dice and the paper money…”
Annie: “And then the sound of me swiping the whole board off the table in a rage… and then the quiet sounds of Dan’s last breath.”

That escalated quickly! 😀

I should also mention there is this elevator music in the background and just… lol XD

Are there parades at Epcot?! 😛  Oh – I thought this was at Epcot. Never miiiind…  Annie’s AGONIZING over what she doesn’t like, hahaha.  Geez Annie! You gave up early! LOL!

GO DAN! He got it! 😀  The tension was incredible!

IS IT FORT WILDERNESS? IT IS ISN’T IT?  Oh.  I’m going to go with Annie’s reaction here. XD  “Does the name offend you?” Haha.

Annie gets bored, Annie starts singing her answers.

You guys really mess with me. Did Dan not ask “is it in Hollywood Studios?” Did Annie not say yes? But it wasn’t, it was in Animal Kingdom! So lost over here…

WAIT! I call foul! You can’t ask a question that is not yes or no! Dan you cheater!

Dan: “When did Dumbo come out? Like 1939?”
Annie: “Yeah, what were you, like, 25 when it came out?”
Dan: “Well, more like maybe 30?”

Timeless ride: Yeah it’ll totally be Haunted Mansion, or Pirates, for me.
Least timeless: would that be timeful? Anyway… I think American Idol Experience. That’s my thinkin’. Honestly though anything that ties into something current.  I keep praying that in another 5-10 years nobody will be into American Idol anymore. It’s not going to work that way for me. Sigh.

I can’t believe how well the I Dream of Jeannie music fits at the end here. Wow.

That’s it for this time but there are another two recent episodes I’m just not posting my write-ups on yet… I’ll try to have more earlier episodes too 🙂

Saturday Blog Showcase: 365 Days at Disney

So, to be fair, I have KIND OF showcased this blog before, but not on Saturday Blog Showcase. And it had just started at the time so it deserves a revisit!

What, you may ask, does the name mean? 365 Days At Disney? What’s that about? Well, it comes from the blogger (Wes)’s desire to spend a year at Walt Disney World and write about it.  The plan is still in development, but that was the impetus for the blog: to figure out the logistics of spending a year at WDW, without actually moving permanently to Florida, and spending at least part of every day in at least one park.

So I followed for this, to see how that would go.  The blog has meanwhile blossomed upwards into a more widely-varying Disney blog, with thoughts on quite a lot of different topics.  Not just movie reviews and those kinds of things, but “When should you take your young children to see Frozen“. Not just “How I plan a trip to Disney” but “Surviving Someone Else’s Disney Trip“, which is itself an odd kind of planning post.

Wes has currently quite a few things going on in his personal life so the blog updates are not all that regular, but look at ME and you’ll see why I can’t talk. 🙂  What is there is great, and it is worth checking back for updates, whenever they may come!  Particularly because Wes IS still actively interested in the blog and has some great plans for 2014!

If you are interested in helping him out with his efforts to actually accomplish the title of the blog, let him know. More support, the better!  Tell him I sent you and I will get absolutely nothing in return, but it makes me sound pretty impressive! 😉

Saturday Blog Showcase: Castles, Capes and Clones

So the name represents the basic triad of the Disney Universe as it now stands: Castles (traditional Disney with the princesses etc), Capes (Marvel superheroes), and Clones (Star Wars). Though one could also argue that perhaps the resemblance between Anna from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled NOPE, not going there! ;D

(Okay, for the record, I’m kidding. I don’t think the two characters look all that alike beyond a similarity in animation style that limits the way the faces look.  I was looking for an easy joke. MOVING on…)

So there you have it: The blog I have most recently discovered,!  The subject matter covered is widely varying, with those three themes in common.  So you’ve got reviews of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., a TV show I have not watched (but given that I have a background as an 80s Marvel geek, one I am still peripherally interested in, in the same way I’m interested in the Avengers movies); Disney parks news; movie news and speculative essays on the roles of women and non-Caucasians in Disney releases;  and photos from all over various Disney parks, including Hong Kong Disney, so who is envious NOW huh? 😛 Sorry; that just slipped out. 🙂

The blog is updated regularly and thus far there’s a LOT to read up on.  I find the writing style engaging too, not just standard news reporting but with some real thought to it, like the post I linked to about Disney’s upcoming “Moana”.  It goes into a lot of detail and just in general some great pensive thoughts. The same can be said for all the posts I’ve read, even the Throwback Thursday about Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee.  The other thing is that the variety of post topics available keeps the blog from running out of steam or getting stale.  It’s just good content all around; check it out today!  Why not? It’s Saturday – new blog day! 😀

Disney Dream Girls

What, ANOTHER podcast report? You’re saying. (Don’t deny it!)

Well, I’m trying to catch up on all the great Disney podcasts out there. I never will, but I’m having fun making the effort!

Disney Dream Girls is a relatively new entry into the market and as such I was able to catch up in only one week! Can you believe that? It’s like it’s not really me over here. 😀  I did take notes, because it’s only fair to take notes doggone it. 🙂

This Facebook Profile picture is (c) by Simon Phipps, created exclusively for Disney Dream Girls, and is used here without permission but as an ad for DDG so I hope it's OK. :)

This Facebook Profile picture is (c) by Simon Phipps, created exclusively for Disney Dream Girls, and is used here without permission but as an ad for DDG so I hope it’s OK. 🙂

I was a listener of Minnie Minxes during the first part of 2013, but as with many many other podcasts, I lost track and got way behind.  As it turns out, the ladies behind the Minxes have started over with a new podcast, Disney Dream Girls, and HEY! I can get up to speed on this one, right? 🙂

The only problem is I have this nagging feeling I’m not starting at the beginning. 😉  But that’s OK, it’s not as if there is a continuing storyline, right?

Goodness, though, I do love their accents. Wow. 🙂

Episode 1: Michelle had lunch with an Imagineer!  This is a really great topic because I have wondered what this would be like.  Apparently they have to have specific training because they are NOT allowed to give away any secret information.  They can only talk about things that are currently known.  Makes sense!  I guess it’s a lunch, not an interview. 😉

Michelle had lunch with Pam Rollins, an Imagineer she has heard of, which was a nice coincidence!  The lunch has a specific menu. I like all these details.  The salad was “basically everything in the fridge chopped up”, lol!  Yeah, Cobb Salad. 😀  Oooh and they got a card with the Cobb Salad recipe!

They offer this at The Brown Derby or at the Flying Fish… I think I’d take the Derby, personally 🙂 But well… crispy tempura… you’ve kind of got me with that one. 😉

Extra special things you can book at Disney – Characters in Flight… this is on my list of things I gotta do someday. My daughter really wants to but I’m not sure if we won’t get up there and she’ll get terrified… so we’re holding off for now.

Also a bit of details on Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom.  Interesting detail: You have to be weighed when you check in to make sure that the tethering is done properly.  This did not occur to me!

Wow – you get a documentary CD of your tour afterwards!  Now I want to do this. Bucket List! 😀

I am now incredibly hungry listening to the restaurant recommendations. CLAMBAKE. ❤

Jayne is renowned in the community for her Disney Bling so she is the one to go to for high-end gift recommendations. I will keep this in mind. 🙂

Episode 2: I finally figured out who I am reminded of whenever I hear Michelle’s voice!  But I can’t recall her name. Jane someone. She was Bubble on “Absolutely Fabulous” and one of the hens in “Chicken Run”. I don’t mean that in an unflattering way; that lady has a lovely voice, and also, I believe her accent is the same.

So this week’s podcast takes the idea of having all your meals in the Magic Kingdom, on a Dining Plan. Can you feed your family completely on the Dining Plan without spending any extra money? Jayne has the Quick Service Dining Plan and Michelle has the standard DP.

Ice cream for breakfast!  I’m with you, Michelle! 😀

I am learning something today. I didn’t realize that items over $4 could be on the snack credit!

Also I don’t like funnel cake either. It gives me a stomach ache. 😛

A nice rundown of New Fantasyland, which I need at least one more day to fully explore, so this is also appreciated even though I have already technically been there.  SO much I didn’t get to see!

LOL Prince Eric’s New Year Resolution. Woohoo! Can’t be good ALL the time!

Really? Ariel doesn’t sign autographs at Epcot?  We saw her at Akershus (as a human), and we got her autograph… though that was in 2011!

Episode #3: A great description of Storybook Circus, including some of the background details – we noticed the animal footprints (though I had forgotten them – thanks for reminding me!) but I don’t recall seeing the peanut shells!  I also did not notice the numbers which correspond to the opening dates of each park… I love the hidden, subtle details that Imagineers hide in their creations!

Re: Diaper-changing in line… what is WRONG with people?! 😛

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the shop, must say. The sugary smell kind of… drove me out, lol. I can’t take smells that sweet for some reason!

We loved the Great Goofini and the Astounding Donaldo! Skipped Daisy and Minnie I’m afraid… We didn’t want to spend our ENTIRE day at Storybook Circus, especially since we’d spent like 20-30 minutes running around in the play area at Dumbo 🙂 Which was great btw!  My daughter is 7 and she adored it. 😀  With your review now I think I’m going to make a point to see Minnie Magnifique next time!

Pardon me for saying this but I just find Michelle and Jayne so charming. 😀 Just had to say it!

A special intermission informs me that Kieran had a great Christmas present this year.  I cannot wait until I can give one of those for Christmas. ^_^

Hooray! The lovely Lisa Green!  Like Lisa I got into Disney just after getting married… we went for our second anniversary. 🙂 Sadly my husband never got the same bug bite as me… lol 😉

May I say that if Lisa’s take on Maleficent is true, I will be MUCH more interested in seeing it! Maleficent is my favourite villain, and I honestly don’t actually want to see her be sympathetically portrayed, for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE relatable villains! But I’ve never seen Maleficent that way. 😉

Keep checking on the ADRs for Be Our Guest though! Things can open up with cancellations 🙂

OOOOH… Snow White up and running by the end of May?  I LOVE hearing this news! 😀

So that’s it for now, as there are only 3 episodes so far, but I believe the next one is coming out next week!  Do yourselves a favour and sign on to DDG early! 🙂

Saturday Blog Showcase: Get Ready For Disney

Guess what? I found a new blog! 😀

Well, lots of blogs are new to me… heck, I’m still finding out about blogs that have been around for years. Because I’m like that.  This one, though, actually is new – just started in 2014!  The downside is that there are only 6 entries so far, but the blog is consistently updated (look at my blog and shake your head disapprovingly… go on, shake it, that’s OK) and the topics are great.

The point of the blog is to get you ready for your next trip and answer questions you may have. The writer definitely writes opinion pieces though (which, as we all know if we follow my Saturday Blog write-ups, is a favourite thing of mine).  Obviously, review posts are opinions automatically, but I love it when you get a bit of personality into a review or just a general blog news post.  Yes indeedy, we have that here!

I think what really caught my eye was the most recent post, about Fort Wilderness… which, as we again all know, is among my favourite resorts and I camped there on my last trip!  My visits have always been tent camping, and I don’t get to spend as much time in the actual resort as I would like since they’re always short trips; this post has a perspective of a cabin visit, which I have never done, and it lists all the recreational activities at Fort Wilderness. Or at least, most of them; it’s true that there might be more. 🙂

Other topics include informational posts, such as the 2014 Disney Dining Plan list of participating restaurants; tips, like on using FastPass for the Be Our Guest lunch; and funny little mini-posts like “Here’s Your Ears!”  There are also subpages of the blog, including planning info, reviews of hotels, dining, recent Disney news, and some Frequently Asked Questions.  Still new, as I said, but clearly with some great plans and potential for growth!

Visit Get Ready For Disney here today and check back often for new content!

Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast: Now For Something Completely Different

[A note before I start: I began these notes about 2 weeks ago so they’re all over the place. lol!]

Well guess what.

I finished listening to Mickey Mutineers so I’m going to take up listening to what I sort of consider its spinoff show, Annie and Danny’s Fastpass Podcast.

This is the ADFPPC logo. Pretty swank. ;D

This is the ADFPPC logo. Pretty swank. ;D

Why do I call it a spinoff?  Because I first heard of Annie, aka @djphob, when she wrote in listener questions to the Mutineers and she was really funny and I was like “I like her.” 😛  But don’t ignore Dan, aka @BeefyDisney.  Dan is kind of quieter but also hilarious.  He comes up with the titles of each episode, after all.

Anyway, they are not in any way actually a spinoff of the Mutineers, but they were GUESTS on that show a few weeks ago so I can pretend like they are characters from the Mutineers who got their own show. Much like the Great Gildersleeve did after starting out on Fibber McGee and Molly. Or I don’t know, whatever. 🙂  (But really it’s not a spinoff. MAN, I’m not starting this out very favorably!)

Okay, so here is how things stand with A&DFPPC. Say that three times fast. 😛  I have listened to the first, um, four episodes?  And then I lost track of the entire world for a while.  And now there are 19 episodes. NINETEEN!  Are you out of your MIND?!  (I’m sorry guys, I just had a lot of caffeine.)  So I’m going to do what I did with the Mutineers, and start listening to current eps each week, then timewarping back and listening to the older ones.  Bouncing around all over the interwebs, that’s me. 🙂 [Ed. Note: On the day I post this there are 21 eps, not 19.]

One thing I know going in: I like this show.  Edited to add: I forgot to add a warning that Annie and Dan use adult language. I’m so used to Mickey Mutineers by now that I almost didn’t even think about it!  They really don’t go as far as the Mutineers, but there are some words and phrases you would not want to hear Mickey saying, if you know what I mean…

So here we go!

Starting with: Episode 19

Hello again, Dan!  And Annie seems to be channeling accents from Mary Poppins?

Happy Crimbo?

Dan’s parents went to WDW for Christmas and sent him some pins. Annie interprets this as a “Christmas BURN.”

Dan’s idea that Joe Rohde is a fictional person played by an actor. XD

Year of No Children? I have to confess: although I love taking my kids there and I would not go during an actual Year With No Children (as if such a thing would exist), the thought of going to the parks without all the strollers… that’s pretty amazing.

Dan: “I went to Disneyland three times.” Annie: *repeats in a mocking nasal voice*

Jealous. 😀

Dan’s pro-tip: If you want a really nice, clean bathroom, always use a hotel bathroom.  Now personally, I have never thought of this specifically, but looking back he’s ABSOLUTELY right.

Annie and Danny call No Way on a made-up story about falling into horse poop.  And Annie voices something I’ve wondered: why do people do this (make up the stories)? What do they gain from it?  I’ve been thinking about this since the Mutineers read a Trip Advisor story about a family finding a baggie of pot inside a hotel hamper at Grand Floridian.  A resort where THERE ARE no hotel hampers. 😀

I hope everyone who would listen to this podcast would know the I’m Too Excited To Sleep commercial.

Did you just say they have a jaunty “Teen Beach Club” song? *rewinds* YES!  Annie said Teen Beach Club.  Its sequel will be Teen Yacht Club! 😀

Enjoying the talk of Frozen. I haven’t really had a chance to talk in details about it with anyone, except my husband, who wasn’t really impressed. *G*  AMEN to the comment on the trolls not contributing.  Everyone knows it too, and that’s why you never see anyone talking about the trolls or how much they love the trolls or whatever.  No marketing with them either.  They don’t bug me really, they just slow the film down.

After all that Mutineer stuff, it’s weird listening to a podcast where the hosts have actual conversations and listen to each other instead of making suggestive one-liners and talking over each other all the time. XD  No judging on which I prefer, just very different. 😉

So now I’m leaping back all the way to Episode 1! The introduction to the two of you is so cute.

Well I have now gone to and can see myself wasting a day or five there. 🙂

And now ten minutes in we are at the discussion of why it sucks to discuss politics, religion, and money on Facebook.  We got there from Mary Poppins.

I refuse to feel guilty for taking my small children to WDW and I’m not sorry. 😉 Just so we all know where we stand, lol.  I am however sorry when small kids detract from anyone’s experience at Disney, and I mean that sincerely.

Once again I agree with Annie, that I want rides to exist without being tied into something else with SYNERGY; but I also love the Gran Fiesta Tour and things. I mean, when it’s done subtly.  And that’s a good point about kids who are like, 10 or so have never lived in a world without Jack Sparrow… For those kids going on Pirates and not seeing Jack, it would be like “What is this weird ripoff of the movies, couldn’t they get the rights to the characters or something??” LOL.

Apparently everyone should go look up a video that Dan doesn’t know the name of which has something to do with Phantom Menace, and since I’m at work, I am not doing it. I’m sorry Dan. I’m so, so sorry.

“Do not get into the physical aspects of planes being in love!”–Annie

And now jumping forward again to Episode 20

We are discussing Pocahontas, which I have never seen. I’ll take your wildly divergent words on it. 🙂

This episode is actually meant to be called “The David Ogden Stiers Roles Episode!” I did NOT know he was in Alf!  So I have learned something today!

Holy moley, Annie, I have ALWAYS been into voice actors!  I have FOUND my podcast! It’s not about voice actors, but it’s about Disney and goes on about voice actors and hey, that’s-a for ME!

I’m not sure why I end up reviewing all the podcasts with the potty mouth hosts. XD I mean, it doesn’t bother me at all but it makes me look a lot less family-friendly than I am!  I even use asterisks instead of swearing in print! Hahaha.

So, a lot of the time when Dan and Annie discuss things and they disagree, I tend to agree with Annie.  I don’t know why, I just usually already hold her opinion on some level (like the trolls in Frozen).  But here I have to side with Dan.  Except for the part where I haven’t actually seen Pocahontas.  The fact is though, I have no plans to and I dislike scenes when I happen to see them.  Don’t kill me, Disney folks. It’s not the characters, it’s the presentation.

Annie: “They need to make an Anne Frank Princess movie.”  See, take things out of context and they’re even funnier. 🙂

Theory: I think they changed lyrics in the songs b/c kids are likely to sing these songs without realizing how major the songs are. So you can have dialogue that talks about killing “savages”, but you want to watch what an 8-year-old might wander around singing. “Dirty Redskin Savages, lalala!”

So the consensus is that the two songs Pocahontas sings are fantastic. I’m going to go one more on the Cranky Pants page and say… I don’t care for Colors of the Wind at all. Except for the version Brian Wilson did. I used to dislike all the songs but Just Around the Riverbend grew on me a little.

Episode 2:
I just realized I love that each episode starts off with a song that relates to the ep. I didn’t just realize that each ep does this. I just realized that I love it, that’s all.

Apparently everyone knew all this time what twerking was except me. I STILL haven’t seen it. (I will never be “With It”.)

Dan’s complete unawareness of what gets played on Radio Disney is ADORABLE (and familiar; he could be me!).  And his critique of the Jonas Brothers song about going to the year 3000 – this is like a Grumpy Old Man critique. “Not much has changed but we live underwater? Right there the song is immediately flawed!”  Hahaha.  With ya, buddy. XD

This makes me want to rewatch Atlantis. (Actually I’ve wanted to do that since I listened to this ep the first time, but I haven’t yet. Hm.)  Hey, it’s streaming on Netflix…

Atlantis: The Musical!  Somebody give this a kickier title.

OLIVER AND COMPANY?  Really? It’s… well… It is a Meh film. But what if I’m a big fan of Huey Lewis singing the opening song? What then Dan??

Drinking game podcast ep. Want. Has this happened yet, or is it the Snow White Leads to Sass Mouth ep?

Rosie O’Donnell is one of the three or so reasons I refuse to see Tarzan. She’s probably the main reason.

Do not remake Captain EO. I love EO. I don’t want it to stay around forever by any means but good heavens I’d rather see something NEW, not a remake of EO.

Episode 21:
Annie just got her own extended, tinny fanfare. XD

Improv? Wait, improv podcast? Oh I see… improv a sketch. Ironically racist. XD  All in song. LOL.  And Dan’s efforts at keeping this inoffensive… scuttled by Annie… so cute.

Dan: We like ALL the races here. Annie: All the racists?

On the breaking ground for Avatarland: Dan: Did you see the giant Navi guy? Annie: Yeah! I didn’t notice him at first!

I’m going to call Avatarland “Wizarding World of Pandora” just to troll it.

Annie doesn’t know Launchpad’s name? My heart is breaking 😦

I had never, ever thought about people ruining the races for everyone by signing up just to meet characters and not being interested in the running. That sucks!

HEY I got a shoutout! Or was that a different Rebecca?  I think I was trying to be polite because I haven’t seen Pocahontas before so maybe Dan didn’t mean me. 😉  I definitely don’t like it, or want to see it, because I’m Ms. Grumpypants, but I probably shouldn’t say so since I haven’t SEEN it. LOL!

Oh Dan. DDP hasn’t included tip since like 2007. My professional opinion on the Dining Plan is that it really depends on how much you WANT to eat at table service restaurants etc. If you could go with just counter service most of the time, pay out of pocket. Unless you can get a free plan. Then take it. Seriously – if it’s free, it is worth it. Otherwise you have to really do the math. 🙂

This is maybe the best shoutout I’ve ever had. XD LOL you guys!  I get R. Kelly mentions at work and from friends all the durn time but this is the FUNNIEST. It really is, I’m not sure why but I’m laughing hard. XD Thank you ^_^

NEWSFLASH! I use too many smilies. Woo!

Moving on from ME… I love Top whatever lists.

YOU GUYS. I AGREE about Grand Floridian!

But I like both of your second choices. So we’re back at square one again. (what? I don’t know.)  I do like Dan’s assessment, “It hurts me.”

And I’ve never tried either of the number ones.  Tadaaaaa!

And now underrated! I’m on Team Captain EO apparently.

Dang, now we’re talking Michael Jackson’s personal life, and… lol.  I’ll just sum up with I agree with Annie on pretty much every point she makes.  Nothing interesting to add here, folks. 🙂

I love it when Annie successfully annoys Dan into telling her to shut up for a second. XD  It’s always with something weird, like singing made up lyrics about the Finding Nemo musical. Captain EO vs. Nemo, let’s go!

Disney transportation? Yeah, I’ll buy it. I’m too big a control freak and I prefer to drive, but the buses and boats and things are really good. And yes, the driving does get confusing; I got myself really, really lost a couple of times. 🙂

“I do all kinds of horrible shady things to use that back entrance.” Too much Mickey Mutineers ova here. You know we’re all thinking it!! 😉

Saturday Blog Showcase: Living A Disney Life

Well, and aren’t we all? (To varying degrees, probably most of you reading are.  Some, perhaps not. I could have a bit more but – wait, what am I doing? NOT the point of the post, Rebecca.)

Today’s blog showcase focuses on a blog by Lisa Green, Living a Disney Life, which has been a pleasure to discover and dip into! Lisa is every bit as Disney obsessed as so many of us are – and let’s face it, if you are looking for Disney blogs to read, you probably are at least a LITTLE obsessed – and she updates frequently, with LOTS of information.  A DVC member and frequent Disney visitor/cruiser, Lisa is “Empty nesting with pixie dust” and her posts range a wide variety of topics.  I am jealous, her posts range such a variety!

A quick glance over the first three pages of her blog will give you reviews of old Disney vinyl soundtrack albums, GREAT first-person experience reports on cruises, a list of recommended podcasts (there are so many great ones! I think I’ve only heard half of the ones she lists), Disney Dining tips, and firsthand information on MyMagic+… 2 out of 3 parts of this have been posted so far and I’m linking to part 2, because it links to part 1.

And that’s actually not even everything you can find!  I jumped around a bit to keep you guessing. 🙂

Best part, the informative posts are written simply but expressively, and Lisa is not afraid to weigh in with her own opinion as well.  Until I was digging around the blog, I had NO idea it’s only a few months old.  It reads like a seasoned site that has been around for a while and earned its ears (as they like to say); this one is definitely on my follow list and I hope it pops onto yours, as well. 🙂

Saturday Blog Showcase: Disney For Five+

To Disney, the average family coming to visit their resorts  is two parents and two kids.  You can see this reflected in their price estimates when they are marketing offers (family of four – always, family of four) and in the fact that relatively few of their resorts, outside of the Deluxe Villas, can accommodate more than 4 in all, unless the fifth is an infant.

And this is fine; this is standard. But just because they operate on the default assumption that you’re going to be coming with four people or less, that doesn’t mean that Disney is necessarily hard to navigate if you have more people.  It does, though, mean that it’s good to have resources and advice from someone who regularly does navigate with five or more, and that is where today’s Saturday Blog Showcase comes in.

Heather’s Disney For Five + is, first of all, written by a mother of three – so there is plenty of first-person experience.  Heather says that she is not only sharing her own experiences, but actively seeking input from other larger families, so if this mirrors your experience and you haven’t found her blog before now I’m sure she’d LOVE to hear from you – and you can only have a great time checking out her blog to begin with. 🙂

Much of the content on Heather’s blog is in the form of reviews (like this one for Be Our Guest, or this one for All-Star Music Resort), announcements of news (and breakdowns of the promos), which can apply to anyone travelling to Walt Disney World so don’t write the blog off just because you say “Eh, I only have one kid, I won’t have anything to read.”  Not that I think anyone would say that but y’know what I mean. 😉  One of the other reasons why I recommend Disney For Five + is because, as with so many of the blogs I showcase, I love her writing style.

I also love her choice of content.  I don’t mention it much but Mousekeeping (the term used for the housekeeping staff on Disney properties) are generally wonderful and if you have a great experience, they deserve to hear about it.  The latest post as of this writing is an entry on Mousekeeping and ways to show them some love if the person tending to your room goes above and beyond with a bit of extra pixie dust.  Another recent entry is a glowing review for Gaston’s Tavern that makes me crave pork. 😀

Unlike some of us bloggers (ME), Heather is able to keep many of her posts short and to the point, so you’ll get some nice bite-sized entries, easy to keep up with.  Definitely put her on your follow list, and enjoy!

Hopefully I will see you next week with another inconsistently-scheduled Saturday Blog Showcase! 😀

Sunday Blog Showcase: Relive The Magic

I’m far, far behind on Blog Showcases and there are a lot of people I’ve intended to get to for some time, so this weekend gets a two-fer! 🙂

Relive The Magic is actually both blog and podcast; you can find the podcast on iTunes, or collected here (for anyone who, like me, doesn’t use iTunes), and you can also get videos of the podcast recordings on the RtM YouTube channel. The podcast is hosted by Dallas Thompson, and he covers a wide amount of news on theme parks, Disney-related news, and very much more.  The podcast is well-informed, Dallas even attends events and records them live for you, and he also covers Disney Infinity and other fun things. 😀

Right now, though, I’m going to focus the rest of this post on the blog portion, because this is a Blog showcase – though I make up my rules so if I wanted to expland it to blog/podcast I COULD, but the other reason is because RtM keeps up the blog pretty regularly and in-depth, and I think that deserves as much of a shout-out as the podcast!  Blogging on a regular basis is HARD, and Dallas puts a lot of information and makes an effort to be thorough rather than just report the basic headlines of whatever news is released.

For instance, here is the RtM blog post on the Avatarland concept art.  As you have seen from my post on the subject (I should say “may have seen” since you might not have), everyone and their mother can post these pictures just to say “Hey look!”  Dallas cropped and enlarged them to examine details that are missed when you look at the whole thing in its original size.  That’s a great thing to do, too, because those concept art images are so full of rich detail that they DESERVE to be called out.

As of this week, Dallas is reporting on the newly-reimagined Disney Magic cruise ship, including the Avengers Academy experience for younger guests, and a description of the “AquaDunk”, the new water ride experience on-board the reimagined ship.  Both of these blog posts offered more information and detail than I have seen in most other forums, particularly Disney’s own official releases, so I find them really useful and I’m looking forward to the next posts.

Definitely keep coming back to Relive The Magic’s blog, and sign on for the podcast as well.  (Particularly the October ones, Dallas and I share a Halloween enthusiasm, and he’s been focusing on Halloween events lately!)