About Disney With Me

I thought I would make a blog.  It will be a blog about all things Disney but mostly Walt Disney Worl-  Wait, that’s ripping off several different sources, even if it is true.  Let me start again.

In 2004 I took my husband to see “Pirates of the Caribbean” for his birthday, and when I came out I said “You know… That’s a fun ride and I haven’t been on it in a long time.  We should go to Disney World for our anniversary this year.”  So we did.  When we got back I said “We should go again next year.”  He told me I was crazy. But we went again.

And thus began a beautiful relationship.  Unfortunately, life has dictated that yearly trips to Walt Disney World have not been possible, but even if I could go for a week or two every year, there are the other 50 or so weeks to fill up too.

Recently I had a great flash of ideas, to stop making Disney World my private hobby and to start making it a little more public.  Why not? With that in mind, I’ve signed on with Fairytale Journeys as as independent travel agent.  Fairytale Journeys is an authorized Disney Vacation Planner, and all the agents specialize in Disney Destination vacations.  I’ve passed the training, I get the special emails, I have a great group to answer any questions I don’t already know, it’s all there.  SO – not that I plan to make this blog only an ad for my travel agency – but it is a big part of my obsession, and one of my favourite things to do.

Just to clarify:
1) There is no cost to work with me.  All you have to do is book through me and it won’t cost you any more than usual (and it might save you money! I actively look for discounts for my clients!), and you get all the benefits.
2) I can help with as much or as little as you need.  Booking through me doesn’t mean that I am the only one who can make dining reservations or access your reservation details, it just means you have me available any time to help you with advice or call in for anything where you don’t want to stay on the phone.
3) I usually  do my best to give extra to my clients, if it’s at all possible. Promos and gifts do come out of my own pocket, so unfortunately I can’t offer things like “free dining” if Disney isn’t offering free dining.  But I will do whatever I can to work within your budget and still get you everything you need!

In the meantime, I have plenty to say and plenty of opinions about my favourite place on earth.  I’ve got two kids who are growing up to love WDW almost as much as I do, and a husband who might not share my enthusiasm but finds a certain charm in it nonetheless.

So come along and Disney with me.  Maybe we’ll agree, maybe we won’t, but if you’re like me you secretly enjoy taking a few minutes each day to relive Disney through someone else’s eyes.  Let’s go.


8 thoughts on “About Disney With Me

    • Hi! Thanks for the reply, I hope you stick around the blog! I may not be able to help you put the money together but I can help you save money wherever possible… let me know if you want to work on getting a travel quote, etc, because I’d LOVE to help you on a trip! 😀

  1. I sure love your blog! I found your through 365 Days of Disney. I think it’s time for more people to be public about how fun Disneyland is. Good luck on your travel agency stuff! I think you’ll do great.

    • Thanks so much! I checked out your blog the other day and will give it another longer look when I have more time! Disney is great, any park is fine with me 🙂 Love your idea with calculating times and things!

      I appreciate the well-wishes on the travel agent business! I’m having a good start, if you ever need any assistance (though you seem to be a regular so I’m guessing not needing any help at Disneyland, lol) you know where to find me. 😉

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