Disney Trip Planning: Rebecca and the Accidental Upgrade

Like many Disney World enthusiasts, I have a likely-unreachable (for me, anyway) goal of staying at all of the resorts on property. If I lived closer and had the means to go twice a year or more, I’d probably be able to accomplish this goal, but as it stands over the past ten years I’ve stayed at four resorts.  So yeah. 🙂

In any case, because of this long-standing desire, I agonize a little too much about where to stay and I am not above an added hassle of doing a split-stay. For this trip, since it’s my first full LONG trip since becoming a travel agent, I planned on splurging and getting a room at Animal Kingdom Lodge using the Travel Agent rates.  I booked a package for the first half of the stay (more on that later) and then separately booked a Pool View with Bunkbeds room under the travel agent rates.  It was my first time booking under TA rates, and that process is different from general bookings, so I did it wrong (lol) and after some back and forth we cancelled my first reservation and made a new one.  I was told at the time that my deposit from the first reservation would be transferred to my second one, but in the end that didn’t happen. Things happened and long story short, the second reservation was cancelled too.

Bunkbeds! Solving life's problems!

Bunkbeds! Solving life’s problems!

These things happen.  The problem is, by the time I was able to go in and get together everything for the THIRD and hopefully final reservation… Only an Arusha Level Savannah View room was left under the TA rates. Well… um… I gotta think about that one, guys.  I know I said splurge but…

I'd be sleeping RIGHT NEXT to that horse! (Kids, how many errors can YOU find in that sentence?)

I’d be sleeping RIGHT NEXT to that horse! (Kids, how many errors can YOU find in that sentence?)

So long story short, I booked it at about $200 more than I had intended to pay. But this. Is. Important. I’m not talking just about my trip. I’m talking about staying at AKL.  I have been dreaming of a multi-day stay at AKL since I first set foot there in 2011, for dinner at Boma.  I stayed there for one night last trip, in 2013, and I HAD to go back.

Well, this map DOES kind of make a persuasive argument...

Well, this map DOES kind of make a persuasive argument…

So what would YOU do?  I upgraded the room and paid more. Because it’s ANIMAL KINGDOM LODGE.  And really, I guess it’s only $200. (I can’t believe I just wrote that.)  And having a savannah view … from everything I have read, all reviews and everything, Savannah Views are one case in which the upgrade is totally worthwhile.  Especially when you’re there with kids, or animal lovers, or just… there. ;D  The view in the morning on our last stay was not bad, we had a good sunrise with the balcony right there, but… it was the parking lot with a little of the pool and then in the distance some roads. I must admit, I’m looking forward to being able to extend my time in a fantasy world that I’m miles away from a city and just immersed in The Bubble.

Also: pretty.

Also: pretty.

I feel like a dummy for losing that first (and, well, second) reservation but… I think I made the right choice. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Disney Trip Planning: Rebecca and the Accidental Upgrade

  1. sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind when it comes to the cost of a vacation. One of these days I’m hoping to experience a stay at AKL, but right now because I spend all of my time in the parks or at various dining locations, places like Pop or AoA make more sense for me. My coming trip to Anaheim (just 23 days away!) will test me a little, with a planned stay at a standard hotel within walking distance of the parks will suss out my newer devotion to “the bubble.” I hope you loved your stay!

  2. The savannah view is amazing. We usually spend as much time on our balcony, animal watching, as we do in the parks. You’ll be glad you splurged 🙂

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