Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I was thinking “Gee, what can I write about this weekend in my blog?” because I’m trying to get at least one new post up on the weekends. (High expectations eh?) And then it occurred to me that HEY!  Captain America is a Disney movie! I can review it and be on-topic!

Except… this isn’t going to be a specially popular review, because I will say up front that I didn’t care for the movie.  And, I can’t really say all of why without revealing spoilers.  So I’m going to briefly touch on why I didn’t like it, and get that out of the way, and then discuss both the things I did like and a general overview of the film.

I'll say up front, he's not in it and I missed him, to be frank.

I’ll say up front, he’s not in it and I missed him, to be frank.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park in 2015

This weeked on Twitter I asked what my friends thought was the Best Disney News of 2014. The majority of the answers that I got were about Turner Classic Movies partnering on/sponsoring the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios, which is indeed fantastic!  Some related news is the fact that TCM is also showing “Treasures From the Disney Vault“, presenting vintage Disney shows and other material that has not been replayed on the Disney Channel for some time now. YAY, TCM! (Also noteworthy: many people were happy about the recent announcement that the Sorcerer’s Hat is coming down – this is also at Hollywood Studios. Hmmm. Coincidence?)

I nipped this from a recent post at - go there for lots of constant content!

I nipped this from a recent post at – go there for lots of constant content!

This led into a general discussion about Hollywood Studios, what it could be, what it is, what we hope will happen.  Admittedly the bulk of this discussion was with LeBeau, of LeBeau’s LeBlog (yes, this is just an opportunity to plus his blog, but it’s worth it), but a few others joined in here and there!

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Disney’s “Atlantis: the Lost Empire”

You might remember this. You might love this movie!  Or you might be all “I have skipped that one” or even “That’s a DISNEY movie?!”

Yes, this is a Disney movie.  Released in 2001, this is a Disney movie that doesn’t really look like a Disney movie (and, I think, is trying not to feel like one either). I really enjoyed it in the theatre, but looking back, I’ve always been less sure.  At this point, 13-14 years later, I could remember a very small handful of things. Michael J. Fox. Kida glowing and enveloped in light. And my personal fave, Don Novello AKA Father Guido Sarducci as Vinnie.

I could listen to this man read the phone book and enjoy it.

I could listen to this man read the phone book and enjoy it.

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Sometimes you just want to pull out the crayons

I was at Target today and I was tempted by one of my favourite sights: a full box of unused, pointy, perfect crayons. In our family this doesn’t last long; my kids are in the “Push So Hard The Crayons Break” school of colouring and thus none of our crayons last more than a few weeks at best. We do, however, have a large box of broken or flat crayons. 🙂

So, I broke down and bought a new box – it was only about $2.50 – of 48 crayons. It’s glorious! And already kinda worn down, of course, because we started colouring immediately. Or, if not immediately, within a few minutes of my printing out a bunch of Disney colouring pages from TV’s “The Internet”.*

I fully believe that everyone should take the time to break open a new box of Crayolas and put their mark on a nice blank colouring page. Disney-themed or not. I feel like I got my money’s worth out of these new crayons simply because I coloured this:

I called this "My terror that flaps in the night" and confused my kids with the possessive term.

Darkwing Duck is my jam, yo.

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Happy 2015!

Oh my, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still around. 🙂 I could post about where I have been, but it’s long and not very exciting and sadly, has nothing at all to do with Disney. Not even if I squint and stretch the truth a little bit. I’ll post about it eventually (it’s honestly nothing exciting), just to give everyone my boring excuse, but after all this buildup let’s change the subject tonight. 🙂

Right now, I just wanted to come in and say hello to everyone, and share a few New Years plans that I have gathered up:

1) I’m going to Disney World! That’s kind of a constant philosophical truth with me – I WILL always be going again someday, and that’s a given – but I currently have an actual trip planned with actual dates and actual everything. It’s coming up in November. I did tell the kids, because I can’t keep a secret THAT long, but we had a fun scavenger hunt on Christmas afternoon to break the news!

2) One of my New Years goals is to be more crafty in 2015. (Because after spending the second half of 2014 with hardly any spare time, I’ve decided it’s the perfect time to start new hobbies!) With that in mind I’m pulling out my cross-stitch supplies and going searching for Disney patterns! I found a few really nice freebies on Pinterest. Because you can find EVERYTHING on Pinterest!

I'm not very likely to actually do this one or in fact most of the ones I found. But wouldn't it be great if I DID?

I’m not very likely to actually do this one or in fact most of the ones I found. But wouldn’t it be great if I DID?

3) I’m going to try to upload some podcasts onto my mini iPod so that I can catch up. I am, no joke, somewhere around 8 months behind on most if not all of the ones I listened to. It’s sad. I have shed tears over this. …Metaphorical tears if you must know.

I missed you, blogosphere! I missed you so darn MUCH! ❤ Let’s never fight again. If I don’t come back soon… have a great year!

Rebecca, Not Dead (Yet)