Muppet Shorts: Wilkins Coffee

Well before there was a Muppet Show or even a particularly well-defined cast of characters (other than “Sam & Friends”), the Henson company started getting recognition for 10-second TV spots promoting Wilkins Coffee.  As has been pointed out, when you only have 10 seconds to get your audience’s attention, you have to get creative.  Fortunately that was Jim Henson’s speciality.

The result is a long string of amazing, amusing and just plain weird spots of two Muppets – Wilkins and Wontkins – talking about Wilkins Coffee. By “talking” I basically mean Wilkins would say how great it is, Wontkins would disagree, and somehow Wontkins would then have some great bodily harm come to him, either by Wilkins or just by an act of “God”. 😀

I don’t need to explain much more than that; once you watch a few you pretty much know what to expect. Except you don’t, because there are easily 40-50 of these or maybe more, and at least half are original ideas.  I won’t show them all here, but you can find collections on YouTube if you search. Enjoy!

The ol’ cannon gag:

Similar, but a different punchline, and Jim did the voices differently:

You would NEVER see a commercial like this today!

Merry Christmas!:

Someone’s Top 10 collection (I disagree, there are others I’d put in here):


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