Saturday Blog Showcase: Mouse on the Mind

It’s time, after a multi-week hiatus, for my blog showcase this weekend! And this week’s showcase is a long-0verdue nod to a blog that doesn’t really NEED a boost in traffic, since it’s a long-standing and popular one, but regardless a very deserving referral!

And that is to, by Melissa! Updated daily with pictures, reviews, opinions, LOTS of pictures, did I mention pictures?, and more, MotM follows weekly topics but doesn’t feel forced or locked into any routines because of it.  Right now, series include reviews of the in-park scavenger hunt-style games, such as Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, or Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure at Epcot; the sharing of a picture from each country in the World Showcase of a thing that makes Melissa happy; a Weekly Roundup of blog posts that caught Melissa’s eye; and of course the very popular monthly feature, “Kill, Marry, Refurb” that Mouse On the Mind co-posts with This Happy Place Blog (which I showcased waaaaay back when)!

Of recent posts, this review of the Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom is a favourite since I’ve actually done this and really enjoyed it; a post about the benefits of an in-resort coffee kiosk is interesting even though I don’t drink coffee; thoughts and ideas about Disney-inspired nail art bring out a lot of creativity.  There’s a lot more – like many of the best Disney blogs, there is always something!  Go and browse and enjoy! Leave comments, too… Bloggers love nothing more than to get comments and feedback!

Happy weekend!


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