Mutineers part Two of Two

Just to mess with your day, here’s some more Mickey Mutineers! 😀

Episode 55:
Matt, that was really disappointing.  And Josh doesn’t care at all!  His descent into alcoholism continues.

Devil’s Punch Bowl? That sounds delicious.

Heeeeeeyyy! Tim!  He made it back from the Door to Hell!  I keep wanting to call that the Gates of Hell which I think may possibly be completely different.

Oh yeah, OK, I heard that Pixar Star Wars thing! I instantly called “No Way”, but several people say it’s a real thing… so… I’m confused. 😛

Tim and I share an opinion about the Cruise guy! Yay! Though I go one further, I won’t watch a movie with him in it. I refuse to punish myself. 😀

Tim: “Awesome so they just took parts from the He-Man movie, and… you guys remember He-Man? It has nothing to do with Star Wars, but…” LOL!  There is no inner monologue with Tim.

Ahaha, Tim just become self-aware!

And that seems to have stopped because now he’s telling us about the awesomest Nutella sandwich. “You guys are gonna think this is gross, but…”

Jake’s assessment of Tim’s ad is exactly accurate, he starts out awful and ends pretty strong. XD

Tim’s response to the BS game at one point sounded like he was speaking in whale.

I feel like all my comments this time around are about Tim but seriously… Tim and the billiard balls are the high point of this ep’s running gags.

Guys, Fact vs BS is a great game. Definitely do that one again. 😀

YEAH! Fort Wilderness!  I don’t know if I would stay there a year though. I just like shout-outs to Ft. Wilderness!  Josh can just go full hermit there.

Satan doesn’t get a role call!

Episode 56:
Tonight Annie is playing the role of Tim.  This is actually somehow massively awesome from the beginning.  As is the beginning of 15 seconds of mindless chitchat before “I’m recording right now…” “Oh.”

“There’s something on the wing! Some….”  *long long long pause* *Matt starts to talk* “THING!”  Yep.

They can’t have all the fairies at once? To bring Rosetta back in they have to get rid of Periwinkle? Just get rid of Tink.  Done and done.

Oooh, oh, the breakfast time difference! I can explain! It has something to do with Spring Forward which is coming up.  So 8:55am will be 9:55am when you get there.  I am pretty sure, at least, because others have mentioned this, and it happens on the app but not in the emails. It’s got something to do with how it will show up when the time change happens.

Matt’s description of how things start to come together for him, like a painting with the middle being filled in… “and tomorrow I’ll wake up like a chicken and it’ll be a whole new world!”

It’s true, I have never heard that Motel 6 joke before! LOL!!

Josh: Shades of Green’s got their own special bus.
Annie/Tim: *mimics in nasal mumbling*
Jake: Tim’s sassy!
Annie/Tim: I’m Tim.
Jake: You’re like Larry on that Pinky and the Brain episode!

Aaaaand I’m dead. XD

That Guy who parks wherever he wants in the parking lots, and ignores the attendants… LOL when my daughter and I were there, we were parking in the afternoon and an older couple of AP holders were parked in like a random section – and they were in a HUGE argument with the parking attendant about it. “Well we thought we could park here!” and he was saying “No, you’re AP holders, you know where you can park!  I can SEE that you’re AP holders!” Soooo awkwaaaard.

OMG that story of the woman on Toy Story Mania!  I’m on Team Jake over this one.

A group circle for the Trip Adviser Hall of Shame?  Darn you, Mickey Mutineers, that sounds SO DIRTY now.

“We went on Christmas Day and did not enjoy it at all!” OMG XD  How DARE other people come to the park on Christmas Day just like her!!   And she was ASKING for trouble, eating in the bathroom… honestly!


Annie, you were 14 when Monsters Inc came out? Is EVERYBODY on the internet younger than me?!  I’m going away to cry in a corner. In a rocking chair.

High price of admassion?

Annie: “Why can’t I still be Tim!?” Wait, this episode has a tear-jerker ending! 😦

Episode 57:
Is this a new open segment? I’ve never heard this before.

Josh already said something inappropriate… over and over. But it doesn’t count b/c Ann- uh Tim said it last time so I’m jaded now.

Keeping with the theme of being somewhere close to Hell…

Oh listen! Tim is singing! That took no effort at all! 😀


This does make me want to go to LegoLand! And I have kids so I won’t look weird! 🙂

Hey Super Bowl talk! Apparently two teams played football against one another! Does this happen often? 😛

Here’s something that may or may not be depressing! Well good. Decisive. 🙂  I am kinda sad about Push the trash can though.  I only saw him once, in passing. He was chasing this lady around.  This left an indelible mark on my daughter, she was talking about it for months afterwards.

WORST Kermit the Frog impression ever. And I even include my husband’s Owen Wilson impression among the worst Kermit impressions, and this topped THAT. I love ya Tim. 😀

Tim took down That Guy in the Haunted Mansion and became That Guy. Bahahaha.

I don’t know any other podcast where it is SO easy to get the hosts to sing. I mean sure, Annie will sing over nothing, but she’s just one person. This one, all four will just GO.

Tim: “I’ve gotta say though, Disneyland was fun but I honestly had more fun at LegoLand.”
Jake: “No you didn’t. Moving on.”

Wha? I didn’t know that Jake and PETA hate each other! Wow! Stick it to ’em. I have to go looking for this. 🙂

And now we’re onto the uselessness of marriage? I wonder if Seneca knew what she was getting into when she asked this XD  Bahaha…

Toky-doky-o XD

Episode 58:
Well… those are several decently good inappropriate things to say!

GASP! The Flux Capacitor! This episode is MY episode.  Not literally.

“Has anyone podcasted THIS far back in time?!” I like the way that this implies that others have gone back in time to podcast before. Now all the podcasts that do that are going to comment here like “Oh you didn’t know?”

This show just devolved into Caveman noises. Which I sort of feel is like it reaching an inevitability.

…I think that was perhaps the best shoutout I’ve received. Ah geez. XD  “Lllllady.”  And they did forget Annie!

Wow! They time-paradoxed Jake out of existence! It makes sense because he’s the youngest. The rest of them will follow. I’ve seen this movie like 30 times so I realize that’s in reverse from how it works, but… this is a different kind of time travel. Yeah.

“We’re breaking new ground here…”
“That’s way better than breaking new wind.”
“I dunno, I can argue with that one.”

Ladies and gentlemen. Your friendly 7-year-old hosts. 🙂

OOOH! Yay! A Top 12! Ways to save money at the Disney Parks!  I’m sure this will be useful and relatable for everyone. 😀

Tim’s eager to go first! Hmm.  This is a… kind of complicated one. (I don’t want to give out spoilers, you know.)

Sometimes I’m amazed that no one has ever asked me what the heck I’m listening to on the days when I sit at my desk snickering.

Wait a minute. How does Josh’s plan save you money? By pouring out iced tea from bottles and pouring whiskey into them? You’re still paying for all the iced tea that you’re not drinking, even if you ARE keeping from paying park prices! This cost-to-benefit ratio is questionable to me!

So what I’m getting out of the first few selections: Sneak in booze, sneak in booze, hide snacks next to your feet, and sneak in toilet paper. And then Josh points out the gaping flaw in Jake’s brilliant plan. Bahahaha!

What are the odds?/Never tell me the odds! Well-played. 😀

And the next theme here is ways to steal food. Sounds good so far!

Matt’s #2 is excellent!  We’re behind schedule for another Random Matt, I think.

I’m distracted by the music in this commercial break. I can’t concentrate on Amazon, I’m just hearing Tim singing. XD

Cup full of pizza with free refills. Wow.

Dumpster diving in Disney?  Well, it IS cheap… but drunk girls aren’t the only girls who throw up into the trash cans. I’m just saying. As a parent. Just saying.

Points to Tim for deciphering Johnny Bravo’s question. I didn’t get that either.

Jake: “Well this is a sports question, so I’m just gonna… back out…”
Tim: “Whoa! He faded to black!”

American Pavilion: Wal-Mart and a McDonald’s Play Land. Or a lot of bacon.

If this made sense to you, then you are either a Mickey Mutineers fan, or else you need to seek professional help. 🙂  Or both! Cheers, everyone! 😀


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