Flerp der hey, it’s der Meekii Muutinyeers

I don’t know. That’s supposed to be a Swedish Chef voice, because nothing is funnier than the Swedish Chef voice, but y’know. I suck at impressions. 🙂

I haven’t actually STOPPED writing out my reactions to the Mutineers when I listen to each episode, you know. I just stopped posting them.  I thought I’d move on to other shows and well, the Mutineers episode slowly piled up and up and the next thing you know… You’ve got 8 episodes piled up and it’s time to dump them before things get messy. 😛

Episode 51:
This episode is introduced by Stitch. Swearing. Which I think makes perfect sense, you know!

Josh sounds really subdued in this episode so far.

Bacon soda! Oh GOD 😦  “This smells like smoke!”  Apparently it killed Jake.

I really heard the largest Apple store in the world as a fruit store too. I’m really disappointed now.

Today’s episode has the Top 9 or 12 (but really 9) Disney Predictions for 2014. Going to the moon!

Tim’s main musical selection to sing today is The Unbirthday Song.  I love slow news days.

Jake is going to Disney World in May! And NOBODY is happy with this! Except me. I’m happy. I’m always happy!  Then Tim announces he’s going to Disneyland and Jake goes INSANE.  And also Jake has a Banana Stand t-shirt and Josh whispers his amazement.  Debate as to whether this is sexy or not.  Consensus: Not.

“One Man’s Dream.” Bahahahaha. XD

Episode 52:
Oooh, a new intro!  Fun fact about Rebecca: Roz from Monsters Inc is actually the ONLY Disney-related impression I can do!

Beef curtains?  I’m not going to google that.

Woohoo, unverified rumours! I’m going to take this as gospel. Gettin’ my news from Mickey Mutineers!

Well, I remember you guys mentioning Monty Python before, but I don’t remember if there was talk of – wait. Jake has said he doesn’t remember most of what they talk about, I can make this up.  As a matter of fact, in Episode 27, you did indeed say they should add a Monty Python experience into the UK pavilion! Yep. 😛  The real answer is I don’t know. I only pay attention when there’s a part with me in it. XD

So. Frozen Maelstrom? No. Please no.

I AM STARTING A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR A MICKEY MUTINEERS RIDE. I think it should go at Animal Kingdom. Because I think it would make a looooot of people upset. XD  Also it should be a spinner.  And probably should have a glory hole, just to be true to the experience.

WHO said “I’d rather watch Captain EO, Honey I Shrunk the Audience is awful”???  FINALLY!  I’m sorry, I thought I was the only person who was glad that was gone! Woo, validation. XD

Then some Star Wars movie rumours.  A Boba Fett spinoff. I read that a while ago and I wondered if people actually still think Boba Fett is cool. I totally can’t tell anymore or if he’s in the past. Didn’t Jango Fett kind of make Boba lame?

Barnstormer vs. Go-Coaster?  I won’t spoil you on the winner! But my vote would’ve gone to Barnstormer because of how much kids love it. 😀

OMG @Detsuh inspired a porn segment!  HAHAHAHA I had no idea how wrong that would sound when I started writing it, but I’m leaving it this way XD

Tim’s “hey gang!” voice resurfaces and cracks me up yet again. XD

Now the topic of mating turtles comes up, and yes indeedy, Josh is right: this topic has come up before.

Awwww! I love you guys too, Tim! Best part: “Oh wait, we’ve got to give a shout-out to R Kelly.” silence, then a genuinely perplexed “What?!”  AHAHAHA I love my stupid name. 😛  ChiMo represent!

Seriously though… y’all are awesome. As long as you don’t mind me talking about how adorable you are when you’re saying absolutely disgusting things, which I will be the first to admit is just WEIRD of me to do, then I am beyond happy to keep being a huge fan and posting completely random responses to your shows. Yay me!

Next week’s show will be epic, with Safari Mike and Annie and Dan!


Episode 53’s COMPLETELY EPIC ANNIVERSARY so epic I actually misspelled anniversary like three times and I’m still not sure it’s right!!

So hiiiii… how ya doing? 🙂

This opening theme makes me weep. It may be because its backbone is the greatest movie theme ever written (you may disagree, but if you do, we are not friends), but really, I’m getting legit choked up with all the clips. Awww. CONGRATS YOU GUYS!  A year of inappropriate behaviour!

Canadian Donkey Kong: limitless apologies. 😀

Did he just say Date Rapist? XD  Look, for the record, you guys got an audience yourselves, I just call attention to you. 😉 Hopefully this means I get a really cool hat. XD

Tim will read the Listener Questions this time. Tim: “‘Cause I can’t read! He drew me pictures!”

Tim takes a Forget-Me-Now every night b/c his life sucks. You guys, that is a good way to get advanced-stage chlamydia.

Stop saying I refuse to come on the show! Hahaha.

I now believe that Tim was telling the truth when he said he couldn’t read. “Does everyone already know me?”

Jake, you did an awesome job with the theme song.  I rock out to it sometimes at work.

HAHAHA! Best Clerks reference ever.

I think this blog right here is proof that I do need to be on the show. Because right now I’ve degenerated into just like, answering the stuff they’re saying, when it can no longer have ANY impact. 😛

I think my beer/deathmatch question is my best.  And I’m very pleased with the answers. I did write it knowing that Ursula would be having a beer. And apparently, also Mr. Toad! “‘Ello Guv’na!  Lick my back!”

Bernard? That was Jake’s selection for who to get drunk with a while ago! Because he would get drunk very quickly and Jake could drink the rest of the alcohol! I need to look up which episode that’s in. I know I just listened to it recently…

Somebody… anybody… draw Jake destroying the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood. Illustrated Death Match, Mickey Mutineers against possibly the only group they could actually win against.

Matt: “We have a cat?”

If you had to use one ride vehicle as your everyday transportation, which one would it be?  That’s an AWESOME question. (It wasn’t mine.)  Mine would be… Doom Buggy.  I could call it Dragula Jr!  I mean think about it.  I don’t ever have to pull down on the lap bar, because a ghost will do it for me! It appeals to my laziness!

Alright guys, I have to be honest. There have been earlier eps where they said “We had some huge audio problems and so this ep doesn’t sound great”, but I listened and it was fine. This time, when they say “major audio problems”… I’m afraid they’re not kidding.  On the other hand, it’s HILARIOUS.  Jake sounds like he’s talking through a voice box. I am going to listen to this anyway because I love this show, they had a lot of fun, and all the people involved are awesome so I want to hear it. But be warned, the audio problems are legit… I’m just saying. XD

There is a great discussion right now about Star Wars. Unfortunately RoboJake is the one leading it and I’m distracted by how much he sounds like EV99 from “Return of the Jedi”.

Another high-budget commercial break? I’m floored!

I love Matt not actually getting the point of this game.

OMG Annie. Wet Hot American Summer?

Mwahahaha, Annie just got Tim to sing Hakuna Matata again!  It’s so EASY.

I’m actually now really disappointed that you guys aren’t discussing your personal theme songs. I know what I’m asking next week.

Again, I’m glad I asked about the theme music, because Jake deserves accolades for that theme song. And it should be recognized on the show, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know where it came from!  Actually, I remember someone mentioning Jake doing the music on his iPhone and I thought it was a joke. I never know when you guys are serious. 😛

Mary Poppins IS a Time Lord! I think this should have been obvious before now!

The “Which ride vehicle would you use as your daily transport” question, for everyone this time. Annie: “I ride the bus and it kind of feels like Dinosaur…”


Now that Dan provided a listenable version of Ep 53, here are a few comments on it as I go (since I already did like a big ol’ one up above…):

I didn’t like Mara Jade. I’ll say it LOUD and say it PROUD!  She’s a Mary Sue like every other character Timothy Zahn created.  And sadly, his books are among the BEST stuff the EU contributed.

Now I DID love The Courtship of Princess Leia.  I read it b/c I was super into Han/Leia, which is sooooo girly of me, but I like that it’s about way, way more than just the two of them. I started out LOVING the Heir to the Empire books but by the end of the third one I was sick to death of it, especially Thrawn and his ability to predict every single thing that would happen and be ready for it, except for one CRUCIAL moment in each book.  Too precise. Bah!

This second game that they play, the trivia one where everyone is unable to say their name before guessing, is a hoot. 😀

“In the mood for a chuckle, question mark?”

The best thing about this episode might be the dead serious low-pitch delivery with which Dan speaks every single sentence.  It’s like he HATES FUN. 😀

Episode 54:

It does sound like Jake is reading off of a plaque here at the Door to Hell.

Now I know how to make the normally so-very-mild-mannered Jake angry. But I would never dare to use this knowledge!

Nice of you to play down Beefypants’s heroics. 😀

Doom Guy was indeed here, early in the ep! Apparently he lives nearby. 🙂

What’s funny is that I missed when they actually said they were talking about “Overboard”. Then Josh goes “It’s a HELL of a day at sea, sir!” and I recognized it, somehow not having heard the word Overboard spoken mere seconds earlier, and then racked my brains for like 5 seconds until I came up with where it was from. Then I thought “Wait, did they mention Overboard?” and rewound and SURE ENOUGH.

This had no point. Pretend I didn’t say any of that, OK? 🙂  I do sure love “Overboard”…

You guys are really going to sing the whole “Log” song huh?  Yep.

Ah, the Mutineers rant on Meryl Streep’s comments.  I think “Women didn’t do much” may be a poor choice of words. 😉

Hey, Left for Dead! I love that – I’m sorry, no, I’m scared Jake is going to get me if I say it.

I have to admit I don’t know a lot about Outpost Africa so I can’t join in this one.

I do however enjoy the bashing of The Living Seas!  Jake’s dislike is based on heartache and a sense of deep betrayal. 😦  If I remembered The Living Seas I’d have an opinion… as it is I’m afraid I just don’t like the Nemo version. It’s nothing to do with Nemo, I *like* Nemo. I just think that ride could be better.

I’m sort of beginning to suspect that Josh is getting really drunk during this recording…

Jake: I would dress like Donald Duck, because Eff pants!  Ain’t nobody got time for pants!
Josh: Jake, have you ever said the F-word?
Jake: Once. Mom slapped me.

It was actually just before Josh asked that I began to wonder if I had ever heard Jake swear on here.

“Yeeeeah”, mocking Josh turned into Tim doing Jay Leno, which turned into me giggling into my hand and turning pink.

Josh going “Full Hermit” at River Country, I love it!  I mean maybe not the mental picture I’m getting now, but… Somebody needs to do SOMETHING with River Country, so…


I’ve got the next 4 eps done as well but I think this is enough for one post. Tune in tomorrow as………






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