Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast: the Return!

This is the TikiTalk logo, I swiped it without their permission but since I'm linking to their podcast left and right I assume this is OK with attribution. :)

TikiTalk Logo is the property of the Enchanted TikiTalk Podcast, as much as it can be when it’s also the design of the attraction logo ;)’

I have been steadily listening to this show and do in fact need to prove it!Β  So here, have a smattering of episode notes all at once while I do my office work. πŸ˜›

Episode 5: Filling Our Bucket Lists

Ahhhh, Ye Olde Disney Bucket List.

I did one of these up for The Dis Life podcast, but it was really rushed and had almost no thought put into it. I need to redo it more structurally. I probably will not ever manage it. πŸ˜‰

Hi Katy!! πŸ˜€

Much interest in your bucket lists, and you haven’t said anything I totally wouldn’t do yet, so I don’t have much to say. I will say that I seem to recall Katy was the person who got me looking into the Wild Africa Trek at DAK, and yeah, this IS on my half-assed Bucket List already.Β  So is a Disney Cruise (moving onto the next thing listed)!

I’m going to admit to a weird little quirk of mine: Victoria & Albert’s is not on my bucket list.Β  I don’t really think I’ll cry bitter tears if I never eat there… Chef’s table or no.Β  I guess just b/c I’m not that much of a gourmand. I’d rather have like a spa experience than a foodie experience.

I heartily recommend a split stay. They’re awesome. πŸ™‚

LOL! Katy, you were great, rest assured. πŸ˜‰ Reminds me of how nervous I was on my podcast appearance. Hahaha!


Episode 6: Hungry Hungry Hippos

Greetings, Safari Mike! Popular podcast guest! ;D

I’m going to be breaking down and getting one of those chicken and waffle sandwiches even though my first reaction to that was “I think it might kill me”. πŸ˜‰ I mean it just… everyone seems to make it sound so good now πŸ˜›

Flame Tree BBQ is so so so so so good.Β  Total love for that choice.Β  Although I’ll confess, I am not really familiar with a lot of the other counter service options in that park. I compare it to counter service locations in other parks and it comes out on top for me. πŸ™‚

That Tamu-Tamu sandwich is tempting me though…

I remember when Tusker House was counter service! My first visit it was, and honestly, I loved it. I was SO pleased with Tusker as counter service that I was kind of peeved to have it switch to a table service buffet πŸ˜›

Rats. I’m getting really hungry.

I’ve been curious as all heck about the white chocolate elephant cupcake from Kusafiri. I’m not sure I can handle the sugar but yow!

Yak & Yeti… I’ve never eaten there (never done any table service in AK).Β  I think I’d probably like practically anything though. But I have to confess that the name “Yak Attack” sounds like something that will make you throw up.Β  Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰


Episode 7: Goofing Around with Bill Farmer

This episode is the one I’ve already heard, and it’s amazing! Spoiler alert πŸ™‚

Bill Farmer, y’all!Β  Voice of Goofy!Β  BILL FARMER!

Dawes Butler is a name you don’t hear tossed around so much anymore these days. I like Bill Farmer tossing some recognition his way. I didn’t realize he had taught voice acting, which is really, really cool. (His impression of Dawes Butler is amazing, btw. LOL.)

Voice acting used to be my dream.Β  Like seriously, my lifelong dream (for not my whole life).Β  The killer of this dream was that I am pretty good at accent impressions, but I only have one voice, and it’s mine. πŸ˜›

Bill Farmer did standup on the Disney Dream! (Yes, I’m relistening to this, but I’m still so impressed that I have to announce things, shut up. It’s IMPRESSIVE.)

AND he’s a member of Fred Willard’s sketch comedy troupe! That’s amazing. I love Fred Willard. πŸ˜€

I love how enthusiastic Bill is over the live action “A Goofy Movie” number. I mean, that was amazing, but Bill’s complete awe of it is so inspiring… Just the fact that he’s seen it, to start with!Β  Neat. πŸ™‚

I’ve always wondered what it must be like for the voices of the characters to go hear themselves sort of “set free”, like in rides or wherever.

Bill Farmer waiting in line & doing Goofy voices to mess with little kids = gold.

I actually had no idea Bill Farmer was so GOOD at Looney Tunes voices. That was sort of incredible.

He was in Robocop?!

Nice plug on the new Mickey shorts!Β  And it’s interesting to know that they are in fact kind of related to Ren & Stimpy, in a weird way. πŸ™‚

“There are a lot of people who are Uber Disney fans and they know things-” “Like us.” “They know things even I don’t! …I can’t even find my wallet!” Hahahaha!

Bill Farmer’s Goofy laugh is the reason I love him as Goofy. That was what, fundamentally, got me to accept him – I grew up on Pinto Colvig, y’know, although I was still young when the Prince & The Pauper came out, I was alwyas one of those kids who noticed different voices and REALLY cared about it. I was not immediately accepting of Bill’s Goofy, but bit by bit he’s really crept up on me and now I love it. Equal footing with Pinto Colvig. πŸ˜€Β  And the laugh is what cemented it for me!

“Oh boy, that Cheerwine sure is good!” You guys really ARE going for a sponsorship. XD

I said this when I listened to the interview the first time, but this is fabulous. You had great questions! Congratulations on a terrific episode!


Episode 8: Holly Jolly Vacation

Haha, Bill Farmer recorded a promo spot! πŸ˜€Β  And somehow he was able to get Goofy to join in!

I would never go to see an Indiana Jones movie without Indy in it and I don’t care WHO is playing his son.

Some new Indy stuff in the park merchandise would be pretty cool though. πŸ™‚ And I would not mind seeing an update to the show, though I suspect that they will just replace it instead.

I’m not a huge PhotoPass person myself. I never did buy any albums but I bought a few pictures and things on my solo trip a few years back. But that’s about it.Β  I do think I should go ahead and do it though – if I have a large enough trip I will likely add it on.Β  You can amass quite a lot of photos if you care to use that system. If it’s prepaid I bet I could max that sucker out! πŸ˜€

So here it is, February. What else would everyone else be thinking of but Christmas? πŸ˜€ (Well, the podcast was recorded in December, not February. It’s just me discussing it now.)

YEAH first week of December!!Β  …No, I’ve never been, personally. I just figured that’s when I will go when I am able. πŸ™‚

The Christmas party is worth going to if you’ve never been before and you have the money to spend, but if you’ve been before or if you are budget conscious… no. (This is per Sean.)Β  I definitely want to try it at least once. But it is going to be a cost, for sure!


Sean comes up with these really creative holiday overlays for things. LOL! πŸ˜€

I really hope the Osborne lights don’t go anywhere. I still have yet to see them and probably won’t see them this year either. Stay until 2015, Osbornes!


Episode 9: Bottoms Up!

When I meet Sean, Alan, and Keith I’m going to have to remember that they’re tempermental and easily upset.

Hey guys, whatcha drinkin’? πŸ˜€ I’m a non-drinker so every time a show does this (and several do), I’m like “OK! So everyone’s drinking alcohol!” πŸ˜€Β  I do actually drink occasionally, but it’s only at VERY special occasions like anniversaries, or at Disney World.

The genuine horror over Keith possibly drinking out of a can. “Who drinks out of CANS?!”Β  His opinion is immediately invalid.

If you guys are talking about like, INTERESTING drinks I can listen. Not join in but at least listen. None of this girly “beer” stuff though. ;D

So I know I said I drink at Disney, but I actually only drink girl drinks. Like alcoholic milkshakes.Β  A margerita could POSSIBLY be considered a girl drink… maybe… so if i were to drink at Epcot I’d probably go there. But that’s going to be about it.Β  Beer is too strong for me. I do like a good watery pale ale though. ;P

The wheat beer that is mentioned sounds up my alley, in fact.

Frozen Jim Beam Red Stag lemonade. I didn’t even know this existed! Hmmm… is it like Mike’s Hard Lemonade?Β  Something in that (I think the vodka) actually causes me physical pain. It makes my neck/shoulder ache.Β  Weird, huh?

I had a Kirin Lager once! It was on my 21st birthday and my parents took me to a sushi restaurant. I ordered Kirin Lager because of an old commercial with Harrison Ford in it. (“Kirin Lager beero, kudasai.”)Β  I couldn’t actually drink it. πŸ˜›Β  Next time it’s Sapporo Ichiban for me! (No, not really.)

Awww, Labatt Blue story! ❀ Because I love Canada. Not because I love Labatt Blue… I prefer Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale…


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