Saturday Blog Showcase: The Disney Freak Blog

This post is a bit late in coming today, but it is still Saturday as I write (and will still be, in the US, for several hours yet).  The blog I was originally going to feature today has not, I found out to my regret, updated in a month or so and although I do intend to keep it on my reading list, when I feature things I want to be sure it’s more or less active (at least at the time of the feature). I know I’m not one to talk about not updating much – and I also know I say this every week – so it’s not a judgment, just that I am going to wait a little bit on that one and come back to it. 🙂

Meanwhile, instead of my original (but great) choice, I’ve found a different great one! Today we’re looking at The Disney Freak Blog!  The blog has just celebrated its 2 anniversary, like within the past month, so clearly I’m stumbling onto it late. But it is going strong, and the author, Molly, has a great handle on running things.  She combines written posts with vlogs, giving reviews and updates and things that way.  She has a review of “Saving Mr. Banks” and some thoughts on the upcoming “Maleficent”, as well as other Disney- and movie-related news, scattered throughout.

She also loves “Frozen” and so there is a lot of content there.  Rather than be one-note about it, it’s all legitimately interesting and well-put together, fun and engaging. She uses plenty of photos and YouTube clips to illustrate her posts, and there are topics ranging from how to emulate Elsa’s smexy braid ‘do (that animated gif of Elsa letting her hair down. Cannot. stop. watching.), to kids little kids covering the songs from the movie, to a review of the Frozen Free Fall app. Which I have heard is essentially video game crack and makes me glad I don’t game on apps. I’d kill my phone battery in a couple of hours. 😉

There are also all kinds of things in between, breaking news from the World O’ Dis, photos of pretty things, and more.  Go, browse, enjoy!


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