Saturday Blog Showcase: 365 Days at Disney

So, to be fair, I have KIND OF showcased this blog before, but not on Saturday Blog Showcase. And it had just started at the time so it deserves a revisit!

What, you may ask, does the name mean? 365 Days At Disney? What’s that about? Well, it comes from the blogger (Wes)’s desire to spend a year at Walt Disney World and write about it.  The plan is still in development, but that was the impetus for the blog: to figure out the logistics of spending a year at WDW, without actually moving permanently to Florida, and spending at least part of every day in at least one park.

So I followed for this, to see how that would go.  The blog has meanwhile blossomed upwards into a more widely-varying Disney blog, with thoughts on quite a lot of different topics.  Not just movie reviews and those kinds of things, but “When should you take your young children to see Frozen“. Not just “How I plan a trip to Disney” but “Surviving Someone Else’s Disney Trip“, which is itself an odd kind of planning post.

Wes has currently quite a few things going on in his personal life so the blog updates are not all that regular, but look at ME and you’ll see why I can’t talk. 🙂  What is there is great, and it is worth checking back for updates, whenever they may come!  Particularly because Wes IS still actively interested in the blog and has some great plans for 2014!

If you are interested in helping him out with his efforts to actually accomplish the title of the blog, let him know. More support, the better!  Tell him I sent you and I will get absolutely nothing in return, but it makes me sound pretty impressive! 😉


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