Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast

Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast.

This is the TikiTalk logo, I swiped it without their permission but since I'm linking to their podcast left and right I assume this is OK with attribution. :)

This is the TikiTalk logo, I swiped it without their permission but since I’m linking to their podcast left and right I assume this is OK with attribution. 🙂

What is it? This podcast is 3 Disney fans who get together once a week with a topic and each give their own opinions on it. It’s like a roundtable discussion. The McLaughlin Group for Disney fans but… less boring. 😀  Does this format work? YES!  I find the topics to be interesting, they get me thinking of my own answers, and having three different viewpoints discussed for each is even more engaging.  Also, each show is only about 20 minutes or so long, so I stand a decent chance of catching up in less time than it took me for the Mutineers! 😉  You can find the show on the Podbean website, or on iTunes; if you subscribe on iTunes, be sure to leave a rating and review!

Also fellas, welcome to my weird disjointed responses to episodes where you have to listen to the ep at the same time that you read the blog so that the responses make sense. Sorry for the weirdness. 🙂


Teaser: I want to write a really hardcore in-depth review of this but I’m not good enough to BS. But that’s a good teaser! 😀  And I’m a completist… I can’t skip the teaser, y’all. That would be CHEATING.

Episode 1!: The Phantom Tiki. Because YEP. 😀

Fellas, I can already tell it’s going to take me a few weeks to manage to tell your voices apart. Like maybe… 50. (Which is approximately how long it took with the Mickey Mutineers.)  Hi Sean, Alan, and Keith! 😀

Alan’s North Carolina accent is approximately what I remember from when I lived there. 😀

Keith and Sean like Magic Kingdom best, but Alan bucks tradition and likes Epcot best. What can I say… I dig that. 😀  Not because Epcot is my fave also, but because I respect his courage and honesty. 😉

For the record, I alternate directions when I start on World Showcase. I would PROBABLY start towards Mexico most times though if I don’t have a particular direction I’m heading for…

Who just said he’s never had School Bread?!  Was that Alan?  WHAAAA. XD


Episode 2: The Temple of Budget. Mein goodness, you’re all SHTARING at us! That’s totally my favourite line. XD

I like the format on this show.  Here are some things that happened!  Keith, what are your thoughts?  Sean, what do you think of this?  It’s all good you guys 😀  Personally I’m not sure yet what I think of the Glow With the Show ears.  I would not pay money for them, because I am hugely cheapo.  I have to see them to really decide if they’re worth the price, $25, I mean… they MIGHT be.  I need to see them in person. 🙂

So this is my introduction to the $40 A Day game… For the record, my food budget at most parks last trip was $35 a day for me and my daughter, total. We only ate at one table service restaurant though. I’d rather play this game. Virtual meals!

I’ve never had a turkey leg either. And, I have consistently said on EVERY trip I’ve taken that this time I’m going to get one. Then I kind of go “Naaah, not this time, maybe tomorrow” and next thing we know I’m going home and haven’t eaten one. Oh well!

Hey, is your BGM music from Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood? (I know, it’s from Hollywood Studios BGM, but it just popped out at me.  My kids LOVE that movie.)

Never had a Cheerwine, y’all.  Never ever, not once.

So here’s a funny thing. Last ep I said it would take me a few weeks to be able to tell you guys apart? I’m kind of almost there now.


Episode 3: Beaker’s Revenge.

Hey howdy hey, guys! 😀

This podcast makes excellent use of park music and BGM sounds, not just the Tiki Room stuff, but the Jungle Cruise noises etc.

News way back on this week that gets discussed: the lounge area being added to the Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios; Club Cool’s new flavours; the Jingle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom.

A Disney-themed Haunted House?  I love this idea! And hey, incorporating Dr. Facilier into an attraction makes ME happy. 😀  Meanwhile, the Oogie Boogie house, while cool, also sounds deeply disturbing. XD

They do have an Oogie Boogie costume character but I don’t think they bring him out often. I have seen maybe 1-2 pictures before. I think it’s only at Disneyland.

There really ought to be some kind of attraction using Chernabog. They’ve used him really well in parades, a limited-time Halloween attraction would be wicked!

OMG. OMG. The movie actors who don’t realize they’re dead! That is such a creepy idea!! XD LOL, there is a real theme of “ooze” in this idea batch though!  But I love the ideas of upping the scare factors at Sunset Blvd. Lots of ooze. XD

You think of Christian Bale and it makes you think of American Psycho and NOT Batman? I’m impressed.

They do have a villain M&G opportunity at the Halloween Party. It’s just hard to get into. They do a show then come down and you can wait to see them. I think it could be a lot easier. 😛

Judge Doom would be epic!  AAAGH!  HOCUS POCUS!  Okay now I’m just geeking out. XD  We tried so hard to watch that movie this year but I couldn’t find it online. You know, because I’m cheap. 😀

And my final thought… Beaker’s Revenge. so THAT’s what you mean. XD


Episode 4: The Tiki Arena.

Your Halloween episode traumatized me. XD

Underrated/overrated attractions is a topic that will never, ever die. I love it EVERY TIME.

I know the band Keith is talking about! I have not sought them out, but I have passed by when they’ve been playing.

Kali River Rapids as underrated?  You know – I’m ticked off.  I’ve never done this one. We had planned on it for the past trip, as a new thing to try and the day we were there it was BROILING and we were SO ready. So of course the ride went and stayed down. XD

Kali River Rapids as OVERrated? LOL!  We had not planned out for it at all, either. We were all just going to jump on and presumably ruin everything in our bags.

We liked Primeval Whirl enough to do it twice. But keep in mind that half of “we” was 7 years old.

Loved the throwback to ooze, guys. Get it? THROWback? Ahahaha I’m funny. 😛

You guys do an AMAZING job with the background music. It’s seamless and always on topic with what you’re discussing!  Also I love me some Tower of Terror, even though I only get to go it about once every 5 years b/c no one else in my family likes it. 😉

GASP! No love for Toy Story Mania?  …Actually, I’ll buy that. That ride, I LOVE that ride, but I would never ever wait longer than 30 minutes for it (or for any other ride really… shows are a different story, MAYBE, but rides… huh-uh).  People waiting 2 hours?!  I can’t fathom this.

I love Living With the Land! I don’t know if I feel like it’s underrated among Disney fans, but if we’re referring to general public or how Disney markets it, yeah, I’ll go with that. But Disney fandom seems to love Living With the Land appropriately. 🙂

Keith, I admire your bravery for listing Journey as underrated. I’m not sure I agree, but your rationale is still bold.

Did Keith just compare “Living With the Land” to the Pauly Shore movie “Biodome”?! OUCH! Hahaha!

CONTROVERSY! Alan picks Wishes as overrated at the Magic Kingdom! I’m aghast. 😀 Actually I’m not, I have to confess: Fireworks are fireworks to me. I’m not saying I don’t watch them, but I’m not the type to cry over it. However, Illuminations… I have to admit that I got teared up last time. (Keep in mind I’ve seen it TWICE. I’m a rides person so I will skip live entertainment in favour of shorter lines; I’m also a rope dropper so I will leave early sometimes.)

Living with the Land/Listen to the Land became a theme with my mother/daughter trip and so, I must admit, I’m getting a little choked up with your using the song at the close here. Thanks guys 🙂


2 thoughts on “Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast

    • I think you’d REALLY like Tiki Talk! It’s a fun show, the hosts are really down to earth and it’s just casual and friendly without being rambly or unfocused. They’re informative and they stay on topic and everything! I mean, I love silly randomness (such as the Mickey Mutineers podcast), but I love a good discussion too. And they have REALLY good discussions. 🙂

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