Top 5: Favourite Disney With Me posts of the 1st year

This is a weird, self-congratulatory post, eh? 😛  I just thought it would be a fun way to revisit a few old faves. 🙂  And by the way, THIS will be my 200th post once I put it up there!  Woohoo! 😀

#5: Hidden Kitties: the Feral Cats of Disneyland.

Not this kind.  Probably.

Not this kind. Probably.

I don’t remember who suggested this topic. I want to say it was from the Mickey Mutineers but it was a long, long time ago so all I remember is that it was a guy. XD  I wrote that I needed suggestions for an interesting blog topic and he wrote back, “Write about the Disneyland feral cats! Is that a true thing?” and I thought “OK! Research time!” Turns out it’s true, and it’s an amazing example of Disney, as a company, turning something that could have been a huge problem (WILD ANIMAL INFESTATION!) into an asset.  Nearly-free pest control AND they get lauded for their humanitarian efforts!  This is one of my faves because it actually was really fun to look into.  I don’t do nearly enough blog posts that require real research. 🙂

#4: Top 5: Sherman Brothers songs.

I found this on Tumblr but couldn't find a source. If it's yours pls. contact me and I'll either credit you or remove it if you want.  It's freaking awesome and I want you to have credit.

I found this on Tumblr but couldn’t find a source. If it’s yours pls. contact me and I’ll either credit you or remove it if you want. It’s freaking awesome and I want you to have credit.

Actually picking a Top 5 post in here is hard, hard, HARD work. Oh my gosh.  I have so much fun doing some of those Top 5 posts.  I also love the “Cars that aren’t from Pixar’s ‘Cars'”, the “Too Controversial Blog Topics”, and several others.  I’m going with this though, because I love the Sherman Brothers and their music. When I started getting (possibly far too) into Disney as a whole big THING, it initially was just the parks, then it spread to some of the classic movies, then it spread from there to the park music, and from there it was ALL the music. Falling into the music was essentially like falling into the Sherman Brothers.  Although, in a fangirly way, I actually prefer Ashman/Menken’s collaborations** (shhhh!), the Sherman Brothers really ARE Disney music.  The best of the classic movies, the best of the classic rides, it’s all from them.  Just like picking a favourite Top 5 post was hard, so was picking only 5 Sherman Brothers songs when they’re all wonderful. (Okay okay. NEARLY all. I’m not going to say it but you’re thinking it, I can hear you from here, so I’ll give you that one. And that. But come on, NEARLY all!)

#3: Return of the Hatbox Ghost?

So this was entirely speculative/rumour on my part, based on the appearance of a Hatbox Ghost (from the Haunted Mansion) animatronic sample being tossed out at the D23 conference.  Part of what I liked was having inspiration for a timely blog post; most of what I liked was getting silly in the writing of it and naming him “Hatbox Harold” for no particular reason.  In case you haven’t noticed it yet, I enjoy stream-of-consciousness humour and occasionally I get a kick out of letting my silly streak out and seeing what comes out as I type.  Naming the Hatbox Ghost was one of those. ;D  I think you can also chalk this post up to my getting comfortable in having a “voice” for the blog… it took me a while to let myself relax enough to be humourous, which I actually usually am in spades when I’m being casual.  But for quite a while I wasn’t sure whether I wanted this blog to be factual reporting, personal opinion, or somewhere in between.  I think I’ve settled on “between with a healthy dose of my personality smeared over it”. ^_^

#2: All my trip report posts.

I personally think the PhotoPass photographer could've tried a little harder with this one even if he was using my camera.

I personally think the PhotoPass photographer could’ve tried a little harder with this one even if he was using my camera.

I’ve said this multiple times in the past year but my daughter and I have a special WDW bond… right before she was born I began putting money away for her first trip, just in time for her 5th birthday. We all went (including her father and her younger brother, then 1 1/2), but it’s for certain that the ones who got the most out of it were her and I; I’d spent 5 years pumping her head full of Disney, after all.  I taught her to say “Daddy, I want to go to Disney World!” when she was learning to talk.  We had such a great time that I started immediately planning a trip for just the two of us, and we finally got to go on that one, a year later than I’d intended it, this past October.  I’ve been writing out the trip reports for three months now and I’m just over halfway done. XD At this rate I either won’t finish or I’ll forget it before I can finish… but I like prolonging it. 😀

#1: Things I’ve Learned From Miss Piggy.

Keep believing, keep pretending.

Keep believing, keep pretending.

I mentioned this earlier in my “Happy Birthday” post, but yeah, this has been the single most popular post I’ve got just for standalone hits. OK, granted, I think a lot of them come from people doing image searches instead of actually reading the blog but I’m still getting hits! ;P Anyway, I thought about it, and I do like this post a lot. It wasn’t really planned out that far in advance but I got the chance to do several things I like to do: deconstruct a character; act wise, like I know a lot about a lot instead of very little about a little; and talk about Muppets. Oh, and empower women, I kinda do that in there too. ;D  I don’t view it as any kind of an “agenda” post, but I think when you look hard at what Miss Piggy has been, in the past, there are things to admire. These things kind of get lost b/c it’s easy to overdo her and hard, at times, to see the reality of a person, which Frank Oz did actually strive to create, at least a little.  There are some good things, beyond just “She’s a DIVA and can do whatever she wants!!” to get out of Piggy, and they’re real things, and I don’t know.  I just enjoyed writing it. 🙂

So that’s it… Thanks for reading my blog! I hope I’ll have more and more posts in the weeks, months, and even years to come. ^_^



**My preference for Howard Ashman is probably almost entirely due to the fact that the Sherman Brothers, to the best of my knowledge, never made this face:



2 thoughts on “Top 5: Favourite Disney With Me posts of the 1st year

    • Is that not the best thing EVER?

      Have you seen “Waking Sleeping Beauty”? That’s where I fell in love with Howard Ashman b/c that’s when I realized how much of TLM and BatB was from him. That’s also where I first saw that picture. XD

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