Saturday Blog Showcase: Get Ready For Disney

Guess what? I found a new blog! 😀

Well, lots of blogs are new to me… heck, I’m still finding out about blogs that have been around for years. Because I’m like that.  This one, though, actually is new – just started in 2014!  The downside is that there are only 6 entries so far, but the blog is consistently updated (look at my blog and shake your head disapprovingly… go on, shake it, that’s OK) and the topics are great.

The point of the blog is to get you ready for your next trip and answer questions you may have. The writer definitely writes opinion pieces though (which, as we all know if we follow my Saturday Blog write-ups, is a favourite thing of mine).  Obviously, review posts are opinions automatically, but I love it when you get a bit of personality into a review or just a general blog news post.  Yes indeedy, we have that here!

I think what really caught my eye was the most recent post, about Fort Wilderness… which, as we again all know, is among my favourite resorts and I camped there on my last trip!  My visits have always been tent camping, and I don’t get to spend as much time in the actual resort as I would like since they’re always short trips; this post has a perspective of a cabin visit, which I have never done, and it lists all the recreational activities at Fort Wilderness. Or at least, most of them; it’s true that there might be more. 🙂

Other topics include informational posts, such as the 2014 Disney Dining Plan list of participating restaurants; tips, like on using FastPass for the Be Our Guest lunch; and funny little mini-posts like “Here’s Your Ears!”  There are also subpages of the blog, including planning info, reviews of hotels, dining, recent Disney news, and some Frequently Asked Questions.  Still new, as I said, but clearly with some great plans and potential for growth!

Visit Get Ready For Disney here today and check back often for new content!


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