Disney With Me in the Year 2014

Just in case you are wondering… Yes, I do plan on putting up original content again this year and not only talking about the blogs, podcasts, and various other creative efforts of other Disney fans. Not that I think in any way that doing this is a bad thing! The fact is that the Disney community has a LOT of great, entertaining, informative content and it’s easy to miss out on it.  I realize that my pointing these things out only matters if the people reading this blog aren’t already fans, but every little bit helps and I think that anyone who makes an effort on their creative endeavours deserves recognition and a potential audience!  I also STRONGLY believe in the power of word of mouth!

Having said that, I do plan on getting back to putting up my own posts here again… someday.  I first intend to get my trip reports finished, as that’s really my priority for my own writing.  And yes, I do know that’s original content! But it’s not what I intended this blog for – which was for Disney news, fun posts – things about Disney, not just about me, or even me at Disney.  That does have its place, by all means, but I just want this blog to be more of a little of everything rather than a personal blog about a Disney fan.  I know there are a whole lot of little of everything blogs and they can blend together, which is why I’m letting myself do the trip reports… I think letting people see a bit of me, as a person and a fan rather than a blogger, is what I want to do. 🙂  At times, in any case. 😉

Anyway, for now, I’m focusing on my trip with my daughter, because so much of last year was spent building up to that. Not that I’ve had any complaints – in fact the trip report seems to get good feedback! Just saying, I have plans. Wow, this was going to be a much shorter post and instead I’ve said the same thing three times in three different ways.



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