Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast: Now For Something Completely Different

[A note before I start: I began these notes about 2 weeks ago so they’re all over the place. lol!]

Well guess what.

I finished listening to Mickey Mutineers so I’m going to take up listening to what I sort of consider its spinoff show, Annie and Danny’s Fastpass Podcast.

This is the ADFPPC logo. Pretty swank. ;D

This is the ADFPPC logo. Pretty swank. ;D

Why do I call it a spinoff?  Because I first heard of Annie, aka @djphob, when she wrote in listener questions to the Mutineers and she was really funny and I was like “I like her.” 😛  But don’t ignore Dan, aka @BeefyDisney.  Dan is kind of quieter but also hilarious.  He comes up with the titles of each episode, after all.

Anyway, they are not in any way actually a spinoff of the Mutineers, but they were GUESTS on that show a few weeks ago so I can pretend like they are characters from the Mutineers who got their own show. Much like the Great Gildersleeve did after starting out on Fibber McGee and Molly. Or I don’t know, whatever. 🙂  (But really it’s not a spinoff. MAN, I’m not starting this out very favorably!)

Okay, so here is how things stand with A&DFPPC. Say that three times fast. 😛  I have listened to the first, um, four episodes?  And then I lost track of the entire world for a while.  And now there are 19 episodes. NINETEEN!  Are you out of your MIND?!  (I’m sorry guys, I just had a lot of caffeine.)  So I’m going to do what I did with the Mutineers, and start listening to current eps each week, then timewarping back and listening to the older ones.  Bouncing around all over the interwebs, that’s me. 🙂 [Ed. Note: On the day I post this there are 21 eps, not 19.]

One thing I know going in: I like this show.  Edited to add: I forgot to add a warning that Annie and Dan use adult language. I’m so used to Mickey Mutineers by now that I almost didn’t even think about it!  They really don’t go as far as the Mutineers, but there are some words and phrases you would not want to hear Mickey saying, if you know what I mean…

So here we go!

Starting with: Episode 19

Hello again, Dan!  And Annie seems to be channeling accents from Mary Poppins?

Happy Crimbo?

Dan’s parents went to WDW for Christmas and sent him some pins. Annie interprets this as a “Christmas BURN.”

Dan’s idea that Joe Rohde is a fictional person played by an actor. XD

Year of No Children? I have to confess: although I love taking my kids there and I would not go during an actual Year With No Children (as if such a thing would exist), the thought of going to the parks without all the strollers… that’s pretty amazing.

Dan: “I went to Disneyland three times.” Annie: *repeats in a mocking nasal voice*

Jealous. 😀

Dan’s pro-tip: If you want a really nice, clean bathroom, always use a hotel bathroom.  Now personally, I have never thought of this specifically, but looking back he’s ABSOLUTELY right.

Annie and Danny call No Way on a made-up story about falling into horse poop.  And Annie voices something I’ve wondered: why do people do this (make up the stories)? What do they gain from it?  I’ve been thinking about this since the Mutineers read a Trip Advisor story about a family finding a baggie of pot inside a hotel hamper at Grand Floridian.  A resort where THERE ARE no hotel hampers. 😀

I hope everyone who would listen to this podcast would know the I’m Too Excited To Sleep commercial.

Did you just say they have a jaunty “Teen Beach Club” song? *rewinds* YES!  Annie said Teen Beach Club.  Its sequel will be Teen Yacht Club! 😀

Enjoying the talk of Frozen. I haven’t really had a chance to talk in details about it with anyone, except my husband, who wasn’t really impressed. *G*  AMEN to the comment on the trolls not contributing.  Everyone knows it too, and that’s why you never see anyone talking about the trolls or how much they love the trolls or whatever.  No marketing with them either.  They don’t bug me really, they just slow the film down.

After all that Mutineer stuff, it’s weird listening to a podcast where the hosts have actual conversations and listen to each other instead of making suggestive one-liners and talking over each other all the time. XD  No judging on which I prefer, just very different. 😉

So now I’m leaping back all the way to Episode 1! The introduction to the two of you is so cute.

Well I have now gone to and can see myself wasting a day or five there. 🙂

And now ten minutes in we are at the discussion of why it sucks to discuss politics, religion, and money on Facebook.  We got there from Mary Poppins.

I refuse to feel guilty for taking my small children to WDW and I’m not sorry. 😉 Just so we all know where we stand, lol.  I am however sorry when small kids detract from anyone’s experience at Disney, and I mean that sincerely.

Once again I agree with Annie, that I want rides to exist without being tied into something else with SYNERGY; but I also love the Gran Fiesta Tour and things. I mean, when it’s done subtly.  And that’s a good point about kids who are like, 10 or so have never lived in a world without Jack Sparrow… For those kids going on Pirates and not seeing Jack, it would be like “What is this weird ripoff of the movies, couldn’t they get the rights to the characters or something??” LOL.

Apparently everyone should go look up a video that Dan doesn’t know the name of which has something to do with Phantom Menace, and since I’m at work, I am not doing it. I’m sorry Dan. I’m so, so sorry.

“Do not get into the physical aspects of planes being in love!”–Annie

And now jumping forward again to Episode 20

We are discussing Pocahontas, which I have never seen. I’ll take your wildly divergent words on it. 🙂

This episode is actually meant to be called “The David Ogden Stiers Roles Episode!” I did NOT know he was in Alf!  So I have learned something today!

Holy moley, Annie, I have ALWAYS been into voice actors!  I have FOUND my podcast! It’s not about voice actors, but it’s about Disney and goes on about voice actors and hey, that’s-a for ME!

I’m not sure why I end up reviewing all the podcasts with the potty mouth hosts. XD I mean, it doesn’t bother me at all but it makes me look a lot less family-friendly than I am!  I even use asterisks instead of swearing in print! Hahaha.

So, a lot of the time when Dan and Annie discuss things and they disagree, I tend to agree with Annie.  I don’t know why, I just usually already hold her opinion on some level (like the trolls in Frozen).  But here I have to side with Dan.  Except for the part where I haven’t actually seen Pocahontas.  The fact is though, I have no plans to and I dislike scenes when I happen to see them.  Don’t kill me, Disney folks. It’s not the characters, it’s the presentation.

Annie: “They need to make an Anne Frank Princess movie.”  See, take things out of context and they’re even funnier. 🙂

Theory: I think they changed lyrics in the songs b/c kids are likely to sing these songs without realizing how major the songs are. So you can have dialogue that talks about killing “savages”, but you want to watch what an 8-year-old might wander around singing. “Dirty Redskin Savages, lalala!”

So the consensus is that the two songs Pocahontas sings are fantastic. I’m going to go one more on the Cranky Pants page and say… I don’t care for Colors of the Wind at all. Except for the version Brian Wilson did. I used to dislike all the songs but Just Around the Riverbend grew on me a little.

Episode 2:
I just realized I love that each episode starts off with a song that relates to the ep. I didn’t just realize that each ep does this. I just realized that I love it, that’s all.

Apparently everyone knew all this time what twerking was except me. I STILL haven’t seen it. (I will never be “With It”.)

Dan’s complete unawareness of what gets played on Radio Disney is ADORABLE (and familiar; he could be me!).  And his critique of the Jonas Brothers song about going to the year 3000 – this is like a Grumpy Old Man critique. “Not much has changed but we live underwater? Right there the song is immediately flawed!”  Hahaha.  With ya, buddy. XD

This makes me want to rewatch Atlantis. (Actually I’ve wanted to do that since I listened to this ep the first time, but I haven’t yet. Hm.)  Hey, it’s streaming on Netflix…

Atlantis: The Musical!  Somebody give this a kickier title.

OLIVER AND COMPANY?  Really? It’s… well… It is a Meh film. But what if I’m a big fan of Huey Lewis singing the opening song? What then Dan??

Drinking game podcast ep. Want. Has this happened yet, or is it the Snow White Leads to Sass Mouth ep?

Rosie O’Donnell is one of the three or so reasons I refuse to see Tarzan. She’s probably the main reason.

Do not remake Captain EO. I love EO. I don’t want it to stay around forever by any means but good heavens I’d rather see something NEW, not a remake of EO.

Episode 21:
Annie just got her own extended, tinny fanfare. XD

Improv? Wait, improv podcast? Oh I see… improv a sketch. Ironically racist. XD  All in song. LOL.  And Dan’s efforts at keeping this inoffensive… scuttled by Annie… so cute.

Dan: We like ALL the races here. Annie: All the racists?

On the breaking ground for Avatarland: Dan: Did you see the giant Navi guy? Annie: Yeah! I didn’t notice him at first!

I’m going to call Avatarland “Wizarding World of Pandora” just to troll it.

Annie doesn’t know Launchpad’s name? My heart is breaking 😦

I had never, ever thought about people ruining the races for everyone by signing up just to meet characters and not being interested in the running. That sucks!

HEY I got a shoutout! Or was that a different Rebecca?  I think I was trying to be polite because I haven’t seen Pocahontas before so maybe Dan didn’t mean me. 😉  I definitely don’t like it, or want to see it, because I’m Ms. Grumpypants, but I probably shouldn’t say so since I haven’t SEEN it. LOL!

Oh Dan. DDP hasn’t included tip since like 2007. My professional opinion on the Dining Plan is that it really depends on how much you WANT to eat at table service restaurants etc. If you could go with just counter service most of the time, pay out of pocket. Unless you can get a free plan. Then take it. Seriously – if it’s free, it is worth it. Otherwise you have to really do the math. 🙂

This is maybe the best shoutout I’ve ever had. XD LOL you guys!  I get R. Kelly mentions at work and from friends all the durn time but this is the FUNNIEST. It really is, I’m not sure why but I’m laughing hard. XD Thank you ^_^

NEWSFLASH! I use too many smilies. Woo!

Moving on from ME… I love Top whatever lists.

YOU GUYS. I AGREE about Grand Floridian!

But I like both of your second choices. So we’re back at square one again. (what? I don’t know.)  I do like Dan’s assessment, “It hurts me.”

And I’ve never tried either of the number ones.  Tadaaaaa!

And now underrated! I’m on Team Captain EO apparently.

Dang, now we’re talking Michael Jackson’s personal life, and… lol.  I’ll just sum up with I agree with Annie on pretty much every point she makes.  Nothing interesting to add here, folks. 🙂

I love it when Annie successfully annoys Dan into telling her to shut up for a second. XD  It’s always with something weird, like singing made up lyrics about the Finding Nemo musical. Captain EO vs. Nemo, let’s go!

Disney transportation? Yeah, I’ll buy it. I’m too big a control freak and I prefer to drive, but the buses and boats and things are really good. And yes, the driving does get confusing; I got myself really, really lost a couple of times. 🙂

“I do all kinds of horrible shady things to use that back entrance.” Too much Mickey Mutineers ova here. You know we’re all thinking it!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast: Now For Something Completely Different

    • Welllll… I forgot to mention that part, since compared to the Mickey Mutineers who are DEFINITELY mature-audiences (that’s a funny way to put it, since they are being totally immature to earn that rating!), Annie and Dan are pretty restrained. But they do use strong language and tackle certain subjects from a more humourously adult standpoint, so I’m leaning towards no, not your style. I’m glad you asked, though, because that reminds me to add that to my blog post 🙂

      For the record, I’m listening to Episode 2 of Disney Dream Girls as I type this and will probably get to Ep 3 either tomorrow or Friday! 🙂 Dream Girls is more genuinely conversational than Annie and Dan, so I find I have fewer parenthetical comments – it’s easier for me to ramble when ridiculous things are going on – but their personalities and chatting style make for a great listen so I’m definitely going to be writing up this one soon, too 🙂

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