Saturday Blog Showcase: Living A Disney Life

Well, and aren’t we all? (To varying degrees, probably most of you reading are.  Some, perhaps not. I could have a bit more but – wait, what am I doing? NOT the point of the post, Rebecca.)

Today’s blog showcase focuses on a blog by Lisa Green, Living a Disney Life, which has been a pleasure to discover and dip into! Lisa is every bit as Disney obsessed as so many of us are – and let’s face it, if you are looking for Disney blogs to read, you probably are at least a LITTLE obsessed – and she updates frequently, with LOTS of information.  A DVC member and frequent Disney visitor/cruiser, Lisa is “Empty nesting with pixie dust” and her posts range a wide variety of topics.  I am jealous, her posts range such a variety!

A quick glance over the first three pages of her blog will give you reviews of old Disney vinyl soundtrack albums, GREAT first-person experience reports on cruises, a list of recommended podcasts (there are so many great ones! I think I’ve only heard half of the ones she lists), Disney Dining tips, and firsthand information on MyMagic+… 2 out of 3 parts of this have been posted so far and I’m linking to part 2, because it links to part 1.

And that’s actually not even everything you can find!  I jumped around a bit to keep you guessing. 🙂

Best part, the informative posts are written simply but expressively, and Lisa is not afraid to weigh in with her own opinion as well.  Until I was digging around the blog, I had NO idea it’s only a few months old.  It reads like a seasoned site that has been around for a while and earned its ears (as they like to say); this one is definitely on my follow list and I hope it pops onto yours, as well. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Showcase: Living A Disney Life

  1. Wow, Rebecca! I’m flattered and humbled by your review. All I really wanted to do was share my thoughts (and I have a LOT) on all the aspects of Disney in my life. I had no idea people would read them! I have been sincerely touched by readers’ responses and have met some absolutely wonderful fellow Disney-obsessed folks in the Disney social media community. You being one of them. Thanks so much…Lisa

    • Aw, it’s my pleasure! I’ve been meaning to get back to the Saturday Blog Showcase for weeks now, and I had a blast reading through your posts last night and was really impressed with it. If you have a lot to say, then you have a reason to blog! 🙂

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