Annie and Danny’s FastPass Podcast: Legacy Style

Thought I’d get a few more episode notes out before the weekend for your reading… listening… I’ll just say viewing. For your viewing pleasure!  It makes as much sense as anything else. 🙂

This is the ADFPPC logo. Pretty swank. ;D

We return once more to the continuing stoooooory of a podcast that’s gone to the… dang. I lost it.  I don’t know where I was taking that.

I’m going to preface this to say… “Sass Mouth” means R-rated. 😉

Episode 3:

This is an episode I’ve listened to and greatly enjoyed, and if  memory serves, is the first one where Annie gets really distracty. In THIS one she can blame it on alcohol. However it seems to set the precedent for later eps where no alcohol is consumed. I mean, that she mentions anyway…

Annie’s point that some argue that Walt Disney made Snow White to make money is a good one, b/c as she points out, nobody thought this WOULD make money. He was taking a HUGE risk and I don’t think he actually thought he was going to get rich off of it.  I’m thinking his entire hope was to just accomplish it, because he knew it would be a great accomplishment, and I think down deep he thought it would be successful – but I really, truly doubt he was thinking of it as “We’re going to be SO RICH” because there just wasn’t anything else to compare that to so there was no reason to assume that they would.

Ah, this ep is the one with the talk of Dan’s dream to travel back in time and put Pinto Colvig into a closet somewhere and claim the role of Goofy for himself. 🙂 Thanks Annie, for putting him on the spot. XD

Annie: “I would just like to mention, in the list of animators they show at the beginning, I noticed there was a man named ‘Bernard Garbutt’.”
Thanks for that, Annie. 🙂

Dan: “So you have not seen Lord of the Rings or the new Star Wars movies, but you have seen Chuggington?”
Annie: “NO, I haven’t SEEN Chuggington, I’m just aware of it!”

But she *has* watched “A Talking Cat?” or whatever she referred to earlier, so… YOU decide. 🙂

I love that Dan bleeps out Annie’s language with a vocal “beep!” noise. Which is put in later, obviously, and that is what makes it funny.

AN INTERMISSION! 😀  Wow. I feel really relaxed! Aw, I was grooving on that.

OK, I love the discussion on how Annie says “Thank you very much” b/c my daughter uses the hard “th” instead of soft, as Dan points out that Annie did… and she has no idea what he’s talking about… LOL!  I also love Annie’s actual “Thank you… VERY much” delivery. It reminds me of a thing from “3rd Rock from the Sun”.

Why are there random bleeps in here? LOL!

Annie, so drunk…

Dan: “There must be two sets of cleaning scenes.”
Annie: “No,  you’re just dumb…”

The fact that Dan refers to Once Upon A Time as “questionable”, but also is aware that they address the matter of where dwarves come from, amuses me to no end. XD  “It’s watchable.” Yeah. That’s kind of how I’d describe it too. 🙂

“I don’t think I mentioned it, maybe I did, but my mom loves Dopey…” I can’t tell if she sincerely doesn’t remember or if she’s being sarcastic.

Dan has several really great comments about this. “The birds are jerks.” “I get the feeling they all want to murder Doc.”

You know, the talk about how Snow White is kind of dumb for having no sense of self-preservation – I’m sorry, Annie, you were crying while you watched it? AWWWWW! Anyway – this got me thinking, like, do you think maybe Snow White has never ever set a single foot outside of the castle in her life and just no real world schema whatsoever that she can relate to?

So it’s like, she gets a crazy case of whatever the opposite of claustrophobia is, she runs until she finds a house, and she has NO concept of the fact that you don’t just go into random houses without being invited.  Then, since her stepmother has been making her clean all her life it makes sense to her to clean up this place since that’s like, her job… But other than that she’s just total sunshine.  Maybe the way she talks to the dwarfs is how her nannies always talked to her growing up so she thinks that’s how people interact.  I mean… maybe Snow White just has absolutely the WORST socialization of any Disney princess EVER and she just doesn’t know better.

Having said all that I think she’s adorable, little miss sunshine. Awwww. 🙂


Episode 22:
Omelette du fromage, mon petit ami!  Annie is genuinely going for an entire episode in French, and made it about a minute.

Wes and Dan’s Bird Podcast has a really hardcore manly theme song.

Dan: Why is Mater more popular than Lightning McQueen?
Annie: ‘Cause he’s the only funny, interesting one.
Dan: You think he’s funny and/or interesting?

Dan actually says “and/or” out loud. I love it when people do that. XD  I also love the implication of disagreement inherent in that question.

No, there is something weird about Miss Piggy bacon cupcakes.

Ahhh, the discussion I’ve been waiting for: blunt opinions about Saving Private Banks. (Yes I know, that was intentional.) I have a feeling I will agree with at least one of you, but that’s unfair of me, because I have not seen the movie. 😉

Emma Thompson, and BJ Novak/Jason Schwartzman – the reasons I DO want to see it. Tom Hanks – among the several reasons I don’t.  I LOVE Tom Hanks, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to see him as Walt Disney.

Dan’s mention of the Grantland review/perspective is kind of dead-on. My father, btw, grew up on Mary Poppins stories and when he saw the movie (as a child) he felt it was fundamentally WRONG to have Mary Poppins pretty, singing, warm and caring and only slightly standoffish.

I have read the first book, btw, to my daughter last year.  It’s bizarre and wonderful, and Poppins is utterly different. Everyone loves her and she loves no one. It’s… strange but I loved it, but my husband did not. LOL.

Now, ultimately, I think that the Disney movie is FANTASTIC. I love Walt Disney’s take on the story and I think the decisions he made on it were terrific.  I think it works as a movie in a way the book would not. HOWEVER… it’s the way this movie presents it that troubles me.  Disney and his magic overcome cranky old PL Travers.  I mean, it’s… it’s very self-congratulatory of the Walt Disney Company and I think that’s the thing that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  It mythologizes the reality of Walt Disney, of his company, his productions, etc etc etc.

Again though, haven’t seen the movie, goin’ by the trailer, TOTALLY not fair of me. 🙂

So Okay! Disney Dummies. 🙂  Annie’s vocal delivery of this story is perfect.

In this mother-daughter conversation about smokers, if the daughter is like 5 years old, I can vouch that kids will just say this kind of thing, legitimately. Somehow I have this image of a 9-year-old or something though. XD  And as the parent I’d have been all “Shhhhh! Honey, they can hear you!” XD  Because I’m a coward that way.

I kind of liked Dino-Rama. Did it for the first time this past trip. If I had been by myself and not with a 7-year-old, though, probably would have skipped it. 😉

I love the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, but as with many things that I love, I still can say, needs something fresh.  So I agree, update or replace with a new show!  And not a car show, please…


Episode 4:
This is officially the last of the first episodes that I listened to, I’m pretty sure.  At least I’m making some headway (but not really, only 2 eps a week?  We’re going to be doing this for another 15 weeks.)

I am jammin’ to the World of Colour song!

Dan’s definition of “Best” is everyone else’s definition of “Best”, except substitute themselves in for him when talking about whose fave it is.

LOL Annie’s mother is mad at Dan for not liking Dopey. XD

Annie is really scared that people won’t realize she’s always kidding, and will think that she is just really dumb. Hahahaha, I don’t know why I find that so hilarious. XD

Dan wants to join a Disneyland “Social club” aka Gang.
Annie: “I don’t think you’re cool enough.”
Dan: “How dare you.”

So the Yeti is unfixable on Expedition Everest?  I guess since I never saw it when it worked right, I’m not missing it that much. We liked it. Y’know the first time I went on it I totally didn’t actually see the Yeti at the end. XD The second time I was like “HOLY GOD! WHOA!”  It was hilarious. XD  But I didn’t say “Aah! The Yeti!”

This scuba diver fantasy is alarming. Came out of nowhere. XD  “50 Shades of Nemo”, ugh, NO XD

Dreamfinder is a creepy dude but… I love him. Maybe b/c I’ve heard interviews with the guy who played him in the parks and he’s hilarious.

Annie: “What about science?…ience…?”
Dan: “Yeah, exactly… that’s a weird thing you just said.”

I am POSITIVE that nobody would miss Iago and Zazu if they were taken out. I mean, you’re right, if they took them out and made the attraction just birds without there being a history, nobody would love it, but they wouldn’t do that. But if they JUST took out Iago and Zazu I bet nobody would cry.

I actually didn’t care at all about Alien Encounter. I went on it once and didn’t actually remember having done so. I mean, I didn’t dislike it (I don’t think), I just don’t remember it. But Stitch, c’mon… really? 😦

I’m all about failing to finish blogging projects. ALL about it!

You know what’s the best part of the Twilight Zone theme? Them bongoes. 😀

Episode 23:
Welcome to another episode of Annie and Danny’s Legacy FastPass Podcast. That’s a really long name.  Oooh, All-Dan, All The Time!

Annie seems to have confused dead birds with Disney.

Creature Comforts in DAK becoming a new restaurant. I don’t know where that is, so I won’t miss it… I have a feeling you’re right about the Starbucks speculation.

And now I have heard little kids singing “Let It Go”. I hadn’t bothered with any of the videos but now I kind of feel like I’ve lived it all. Hahaha. XD

Annie knows fully well what a “glory hole” is. Nice feigning of innocence, but I’m not buying it. Though I am very amused by the supposedly-fired janitor.

The “Andy’s coming!” rumour drives me nuts. Because it’s like, way to kill something that was hidden and a little fun. 😛

This story about the bus driver who likes to give incorrect trivia amuses me. Is this intentional? Is he deliberately giving misinformation? I wonder if CMs make a game of this?

OMG, the worst Space Mountain story I’ve ever heard! XD


Okay, someone needs to explain to me if there is a way to find, rate and review podcasts on iTunes without actually downloading them or having an account. Because the having an account part is not going to happen for me (don’t ask why) but I want to support my faves over there. Is it possible? Pls comment if it is, and let me know how! Thanks! 😀


Episode 5:
Annie is apparently geniunely excited by Dan reporting live on location from Disneyland. There is something so cute about that.

Dan: “The Interwebs are EVERYWHERE!”
I don’t know why but that REALLY makes me laugh. XD

Dan is at the Del Sol Inn, and throws his enthusiasm in its general direction. 😀

It’s funny to go back to earlier episodes when they bothered to bleep out Annie’s potty mouth.

Dan is really “on” with this episode.  Yeah, broth!  Noodles in broth!  Anyway… YAY, Disneyland at Halloween time!  I want to go back, both to WDW and to Halloween. 🙂

I went to WDW for my birthday but it was in May 2008, before they started the “Free admission” thing. 😦  So no free gifts for me! But I did get a lot of happy birthdays and cool stuff like that. 😀

Oh I wish I’d known about the failed scavenger hunt. I could have said “Ooh, I have no ideas, but that sounds great!” if I had known. (Kind of useless over here:)

HOW do you melt Crocs to the sidewalk?!  While wearing them??

This scavenger hunt is pretty awesome. I want one custom-made. OH. How interested do you think people would be in getting these made for them? LOL!

Bwahahaha the Jedi Training Academy one. XD “Say, man, can I sign up for this? Is there like an adult one I could then?”

This is the best part, okay? This is the best: They’re discussing what noise should be the bleep noise and Annie says it should be Donald Duck making that temper tantrum noise he makes. Which turns into impressions of Donald, which then leads to this like quacking noise.

Dan: “That was an actual duck, though, that wasn’t Donald.”
Annie: “Where did that come from?!”
Dan: “I don’t know, it was me.”


And then there’s like 20 seconds of Annie doing her Donald impression over and over. Gahahaha.

Some strong opinions about small world up in here.

YES! Best use of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure in any podcast, EVER!

“I want to drink vicariously through other people being reDONKulous on Tweeter.” And she didn’t mean to say Tweeter, that’s why it’s funny XD

Dan: master of impressions. I couldn’t even tell that was him and not Annie at the end there. 😛

Follow @beefydisney and @djphob on Twitter! Plus there is also @FastPassPodcast, where you can keep up with the whole show.

Have a magical day! 😀


Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast

Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast.

This is the TikiTalk logo, I swiped it without their permission but since I'm linking to their podcast left and right I assume this is OK with attribution. :)

This is the TikiTalk logo, I swiped it without their permission but since I’m linking to their podcast left and right I assume this is OK with attribution. 🙂

What is it? This podcast is 3 Disney fans who get together once a week with a topic and each give their own opinions on it. It’s like a roundtable discussion. The McLaughlin Group for Disney fans but… less boring. 😀  Does this format work? YES!  I find the topics to be interesting, they get me thinking of my own answers, and having three different viewpoints discussed for each is even more engaging.  Also, each show is only about 20 minutes or so long, so I stand a decent chance of catching up in less time than it took me for the Mutineers! 😉  You can find the show on the Podbean website, or on iTunes; if you subscribe on iTunes, be sure to leave a rating and review!

Also fellas, welcome to my weird disjointed responses to episodes where you have to listen to the ep at the same time that you read the blog so that the responses make sense. Sorry for the weirdness. 🙂


Teaser: I want to write a really hardcore in-depth review of this but I’m not good enough to BS. But that’s a good teaser! 😀  And I’m a completist… I can’t skip the teaser, y’all. That would be CHEATING.

Episode 1!: The Phantom Tiki. Because YEP. 😀

Fellas, I can already tell it’s going to take me a few weeks to manage to tell your voices apart. Like maybe… 50. (Which is approximately how long it took with the Mickey Mutineers.)  Hi Sean, Alan, and Keith! 😀

Alan’s North Carolina accent is approximately what I remember from when I lived there. 😀

Keith and Sean like Magic Kingdom best, but Alan bucks tradition and likes Epcot best. What can I say… I dig that. 😀  Not because Epcot is my fave also, but because I respect his courage and honesty. 😉

For the record, I alternate directions when I start on World Showcase. I would PROBABLY start towards Mexico most times though if I don’t have a particular direction I’m heading for…

Who just said he’s never had School Bread?!  Was that Alan?  WHAAAA. XD


Episode 2: The Temple of Budget. Mein goodness, you’re all SHTARING at us! That’s totally my favourite line. XD

I like the format on this show.  Here are some things that happened!  Keith, what are your thoughts?  Sean, what do you think of this?  It’s all good you guys 😀  Personally I’m not sure yet what I think of the Glow With the Show ears.  I would not pay money for them, because I am hugely cheapo.  I have to see them to really decide if they’re worth the price, $25, I mean… they MIGHT be.  I need to see them in person. 🙂

So this is my introduction to the $40 A Day game… For the record, my food budget at most parks last trip was $35 a day for me and my daughter, total. We only ate at one table service restaurant though. I’d rather play this game. Virtual meals!

I’ve never had a turkey leg either. And, I have consistently said on EVERY trip I’ve taken that this time I’m going to get one. Then I kind of go “Naaah, not this time, maybe tomorrow” and next thing we know I’m going home and haven’t eaten one. Oh well!

Hey, is your BGM music from Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood? (I know, it’s from Hollywood Studios BGM, but it just popped out at me.  My kids LOVE that movie.)

Never had a Cheerwine, y’all.  Never ever, not once.

So here’s a funny thing. Last ep I said it would take me a few weeks to be able to tell you guys apart? I’m kind of almost there now.


Episode 3: Beaker’s Revenge.

Hey howdy hey, guys! 😀

This podcast makes excellent use of park music and BGM sounds, not just the Tiki Room stuff, but the Jungle Cruise noises etc.

News way back on this week that gets discussed: the lounge area being added to the Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios; Club Cool’s new flavours; the Jingle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom.

A Disney-themed Haunted House?  I love this idea! And hey, incorporating Dr. Facilier into an attraction makes ME happy. 😀  Meanwhile, the Oogie Boogie house, while cool, also sounds deeply disturbing. XD

They do have an Oogie Boogie costume character but I don’t think they bring him out often. I have seen maybe 1-2 pictures before. I think it’s only at Disneyland.

There really ought to be some kind of attraction using Chernabog. They’ve used him really well in parades, a limited-time Halloween attraction would be wicked!

OMG. OMG. The movie actors who don’t realize they’re dead! That is such a creepy idea!! XD LOL, there is a real theme of “ooze” in this idea batch though!  But I love the ideas of upping the scare factors at Sunset Blvd. Lots of ooze. XD

You think of Christian Bale and it makes you think of American Psycho and NOT Batman? I’m impressed.

They do have a villain M&G opportunity at the Halloween Party. It’s just hard to get into. They do a show then come down and you can wait to see them. I think it could be a lot easier. 😛

Judge Doom would be epic!  AAAGH!  HOCUS POCUS!  Okay now I’m just geeking out. XD  We tried so hard to watch that movie this year but I couldn’t find it online. You know, because I’m cheap. 😀

And my final thought… Beaker’s Revenge. so THAT’s what you mean. XD


Episode 4: The Tiki Arena.

Your Halloween episode traumatized me. XD

Underrated/overrated attractions is a topic that will never, ever die. I love it EVERY TIME.

I know the band Keith is talking about! I have not sought them out, but I have passed by when they’ve been playing.

Kali River Rapids as underrated?  You know – I’m ticked off.  I’ve never done this one. We had planned on it for the past trip, as a new thing to try and the day we were there it was BROILING and we were SO ready. So of course the ride went and stayed down. XD

Kali River Rapids as OVERrated? LOL!  We had not planned out for it at all, either. We were all just going to jump on and presumably ruin everything in our bags.

We liked Primeval Whirl enough to do it twice. But keep in mind that half of “we” was 7 years old.

Loved the throwback to ooze, guys. Get it? THROWback? Ahahaha I’m funny. 😛

You guys do an AMAZING job with the background music. It’s seamless and always on topic with what you’re discussing!  Also I love me some Tower of Terror, even though I only get to go it about once every 5 years b/c no one else in my family likes it. 😉

GASP! No love for Toy Story Mania?  …Actually, I’ll buy that. That ride, I LOVE that ride, but I would never ever wait longer than 30 minutes for it (or for any other ride really… shows are a different story, MAYBE, but rides… huh-uh).  People waiting 2 hours?!  I can’t fathom this.

I love Living With the Land! I don’t know if I feel like it’s underrated among Disney fans, but if we’re referring to general public or how Disney markets it, yeah, I’ll go with that. But Disney fandom seems to love Living With the Land appropriately. 🙂

Keith, I admire your bravery for listing Journey as underrated. I’m not sure I agree, but your rationale is still bold.

Did Keith just compare “Living With the Land” to the Pauly Shore movie “Biodome”?! OUCH! Hahaha!

CONTROVERSY! Alan picks Wishes as overrated at the Magic Kingdom! I’m aghast. 😀 Actually I’m not, I have to confess: Fireworks are fireworks to me. I’m not saying I don’t watch them, but I’m not the type to cry over it. However, Illuminations… I have to admit that I got teared up last time. (Keep in mind I’ve seen it TWICE. I’m a rides person so I will skip live entertainment in favour of shorter lines; I’m also a rope dropper so I will leave early sometimes.)

Living with the Land/Listen to the Land became a theme with my mother/daughter trip and so, I must admit, I’m getting a little choked up with your using the song at the close here. Thanks guys 🙂

Adventures in (Evil) Baking – Pt II

Check out part I to see everything up to this point.  Or just jump straight into the exciting part! (The what?) When we left off, I had a plate full of frozen cake balls… or did I? Well, on their way to freezing anyway. 😉  Shortly before they were ready to come out of the freezer, we were instructed to melt the red candy wafers.  This is accomplished just via microwave – stick them in, stir every 30 seconds, until they’re smooth.  My daughter got to handle that part, and we enjoyed watching the get progressively softer and sweatier (haha) until they weren’t just mushy, they were absolutely liquid.

I have to admit, that has an appeal.

I have to admit, that has an appeal.

By the way, that bowl is a lot smaller than it looks… just saying. 🙂 SO we took the cake balls out of the freezer, and I carefully stuck the first one onto the first stick and dunked it into the red topping… and it promptly fell apart.  Even though I had expected something like this, it still resulted in a bit of a panic from all involved and I ended up kind of squeezing it together, remolding, smoothing the topping over it, etc and I ended with something that was really chunky and awful looking. YAY! XD

This was also how I discovered that the candy topping hardens when it cools, and it will do that quickly on your fingers.  So you get these amazing waxy red fingers. It’s actually AWESOME, I’m not joking. I wish I could have taken a picture of this but I’m hoping you understand why I couldn’t. 🙂

Anyway, we proceeded delicately – putting the sticks in only lightly, being careful with the topping, etc. By doing this we got a few that looked about how they were supposed to, and another few that were kind of in between, and one or two that just plain split into two pieces and, tragically, had to be eaten. SO SAD.  I decided we would pop the second half of the balls back into the freezer and be ready to remelt the topping if needed; meanwhile, we would make the green glaze.

But before that, a quick look at the apples of our labours! Guess which is the first one?

But before that, a quick look at the apples of our labours! Guess which is the first one?

I also really hope you like our soups. ^_~  Anyway, the glaze was fun to make, although it was another full cup of confectioner’s sugar that was largely wasted.  The resulting glaze  was, in my and my husband’s shared opinion, too sweet to consume – even the smell is just like inhaling pure sugar. But it looks awesome.

The green mix is underneath the mountain of confectioner's sugar here.

The green mix is underneath the mountain of confectioner’s sugar here.

Then we add a few tsps. of water, and stir... and watch what happens!

Then we add a few tsps. of water, and stir… and watch what happens!

A cauldron full of slime!  Even over 30 I am still amused by things that change colour in water. :D

A cauldron full of slime! Even over 30 I am still amused by things that change colour in water. 😀

So we went back to drizzle this over the cake pops we’d already done… only to find out that the glaze is not thick enough to settle on top of the pops, and the topping on the pops had hardened so that it was slightly waterproof, so the glaze pretty much ran straight down it and onto the pop-holder base. D’oh!  Well, in any case, we were ready to try again with the second half of the pops.

This time went slightly better, though definitely not perfect.  The cakes really weren’t any more solid than they had been before, just a little bit cooler.  We did OK when I put the ball gently onto the stick, but my son, with a 4-year-old’s lack of strength awareness, would just push the whole thing right into the topping and they’d usually break apart again, at least a little.  So there was still a lot of gently pushing back together, and we went through a lot of the topping that way. It turned out the glaze wasn’t much easier to get properly onto the pops even when they were still wet; that topping just shuns liquid, and the glaze was simply not that thick.  So we just kept spooning, and it kept running onto the counter, but as I’ve said, the glaze is so sweet as to be inedible. So you really don’t want that much on there anyway.

So, the results! The quality is all over the place, ranging from “decently passable” to “WHAT IS THAT THING?!” 🙂

The one with the "bite" out of it broke - it's not really a bite. But I like how it looks, lol!

The one with the “bite” out of it broke – it’s not really a bite. But I like how it looks, lol!

049 050 052

Oh, and we nearly forgot the last of the frosting, didn’t we? Well, that was intended for the “stems”.  But the frosting was now basically liquid as well, maybe slightly thicker than the glaze.  So it was not about to “stack” the way the stems look in the pictures on the front.  Instead we got a nice little round drop on the top of each and that was it.  Which is also fine, because you may recall, it tasted like popcorn butter. 😛

So, each of the kids got to enjoy one of the pops, in addition to all the licking of fingers and munching on broken ones that had gone on… there were tummy aches and hyperactivity aplenty in the Kelly house last night, my friends! But here we are enjoying our treats:

D had already eaten enough of hers by the time I took this that it had fallen off the stick.

D had already eaten enough of hers by the time I took this that it had fallen off the stick.

I had to tell him "hold it up and smile!" because he was very solemnly staring at the camera with the pop waist-level. I swear he really did like it.

I had to tell him “hold it up and smile!” because he was very solemnly staring at the camera with the pop waist-level. I swear he really did like it.

This was my first one. (It's not really as big as it looks, this is a perspective selfie shot.) I was told it looks like raw hamburger, or a bleeding heart on a stick. Yay!

This was my first one. (It’s not really as big as it looks, this is a perspective selfie shot.) I was told it looks like raw hamburger, or a bleeding heart on a stick. Yay!

Here is the inside, because you know you want to know.

Here is the inside, because you know you want to know.

So, in spite of my semi-sarcastic (or sometimes completely sarcastic) remarks, what is my final verdict on this?  A LOT of fun, would do again! I would use real butter instead of margarine, and use only half of the recipe’s confectioner’s sugar quantities, especially on the glaze.  I would do the glaze just because it’s so fun to turn it into slime (yes, I am still 6), but it needs to be WAY less sweet.

I would use the glaze again, just because it is part of the desk and does actually look pretty cool, but MAN the sugar rush. Ugh. This is not a snack you can eat in one day unless you have 15-20 people at the ready to eat them. If you’re a family of four, you really can’t stomach 5 pops per person in 12 hours.  (Well, we can’t, and we don’t exactly restrict sugar.)  I can do without the tiny little tips of the “stems” from the frosting though. That’s really not necessary.

The one thing I DON’T mind is the mess, because it’s just too fun. If you go into it knowing you’re going to have a mess, then it’s really not a big deal. 🙂   It wasn’t all that hard to clean up even though it got everywhere, including the floor. And that candy does involve some scraping once it’s hardened. Be prepared for this stuff and consider putting down papers.

The fact that this is a kit is a big help because you have everything you need, in terms of supplies, readily available. I would not have gone out and bought lollipop sticks, and I would NEVER have thought to have a holed surface to let the dipped pops dry on.  This kit was super convenient and the best possible way to make our first set of cake pops. 🙂

And, in spite of how I presented it, they were not all disasters. Some of them actually came out looking close to how I assume they should look! Which, for a first try with two junior chefs, is not bad at all!

I'd eat it.

I’d eat it.

All in all, a B+ on this kit! You might be able to find it on eBay; I did find it on for $24.  I would not spend that much on it, if I were you.  If you’re an experienced cake popper I bet you could adapt this design for yourself for cheaper! 🙂 Otherwise, check toy stores around Halloween time and maybe something will “cake pop” up. Ahahahaha. Ohhhh, I regret writing that…

Adventures in (Evil) Baking – Pt I

This weekend, the kids and I were out on an extended shopping trip, and on our way home we passed a toy store that was going out of business and the signs were advertising “Entire Store 80% Off!”  Well, you know what that means: NOTHING is left. LOL. But I had to check it out anyway, because that’s a pretty sweet deal. The kids each found a couple of trinkets that rang in at under $1.50 with the final price cut; and I wandered around to see what they had and came across a “baking kit” section.

I had no idea that they sold baking craft kits at toy stores. Aside from the part where I was vaguely uncertain about the quality of the food involved, I was intrigued to find that all of the kits were Halloween-themed (but not too old – all were “best by” 2015 dates), and then to realize that more than half of what was left was from a Disney Villain brand!  Realizing that each kit would be under $4 each, I HAD to grab what I could.  We ended up with a Cruella DeVil mini cupcake kit, 2 Villains Cupcake kits, and an Evil Queen Cake Pop kit. (Oh and a Crayola “Candy Corn” cookie kit, but that’s not Disney, thus we will not be blogging on it.)  I put two aside to use as giveaway prizes if they worked out well – ie, if they were edible and worked the way the directions said – and then we got started on the cake pops first.

Aaaand because I knew this would be fascinating to people other than just me, I documented the ENTIRE event so that I could blog about it with you! 😀

Let's get this party starteeeed!

Let’s get this party starteeeed!

This is the back of the box.

This is the back of the box.

I opened up the box and went through the contents this morning just to make sure everything was there. (ALWAYS make sure everything is there.)  Anyway it was all present and accounted for, so I did the logical thing and took more photos to prove it.

The contents of the box - Thomas the Tank Engine cup and messy dining room table are not included

The contents of the box – Thomas the Tank Engine cup and messy dining room table are not included

These are the packets of powdered frosting. MMM, sounds yummy!

These are the packets of powdered frosting. MMM, sounds yummy!

Cake mix (contains wheat, if you missed that) and the red candy wafers that are used for the coating.

Cake mix (contains wheat, if you missed that) and the red candy wafers that are used for the coating.

And this baby is actually the spot where you stand your cake pops after they're done.

Note: finished product will taste nothing like apples.

After lunch, we got started on the cake portion of the recipe.  With an almost-8-year-old and a 4 1/2 year old, dividing up the duties gets tricky. So it becomes a sort of dance of alternating steps.  My daughter got to zap the margerine in the microwave to melt it, while my son got to dump the cake mix into the bowl. Then daughter breaks the egg into it, son does the water, and I pour in the melted margarine (side note: recipe called for butter; this may be part of why the cake was so breaky in the end? Oooops, spoilers!).  Then everyone takes turns mixing and it goes into the pan, and into the oven.

The mix has little dried chunks of apple in it. So those lumps are apple, not just lumps, which I found out after I tried to beat them into submission.

The mix has little dried chunks of apple in it. So those lumps are apple, not just lumps, which I found out after I tried to beat them into submission.

Here is the finished cake! As you can see there's not THAT much of it but that is fine since it won't look like this for long.

Here is the finished cake! As you can see there’s not THAT much of it but that is fine since it won’t look like this for long.

After the cake is done it cools. They suggest putting it into the refrigerator, and hey, I’m all for shortcuts so into the fridge it went. 🙂  At this point the kids had gone out sledding, so once they got back, we moved on to step 2, making the frosting.  This is another part where the recipe called for butter and I used margerine, and this time, I’m SURE that counted against me.  Also the amount of frosting made in this recipe was ridiculous compared to the amount needed.  Also it did not taste like caramel. It had a smell kind of like popcorn butter. But I guess when your frosting comes out of a tiny packet, it’s not going to be perfect.

My daughter and I whipped up the margarine, and then my son got to put the frosting powder into the bowl.

This boy had just gone sledding and been smacked with some mighty fine snowballs, apparently.  He is also dubious of the powdered frosting.

This boy had just gone sledding and been smacked with some mighty fine snowballs, apparently. He is also dubious of the powdered frosting.

And THIS is appetizing, yes?  Then we add powdered sugar, and...

And THIS is appetizing, yes? Then we add powdered sugar, and…

Voila! Actually, when completely mixed, it looks kind of good. I thought it tasted funny  but the kids were fine with it. (Really? They liked something that was 85% powdered sugar? How ODD!)  Later though, it separated and got very runny.

Voila! Actually, when completely mixed, it looks kind of good. I thought it tasted funny but the kids were fine with it. (Really? They liked something that was 85% powdered sugar? How ODD!) Later though, it separated and got very runny.

There is a full cup of confectioner’s sugar in that there frosting, folks. And it still tastes like popcorn butter. I’ll pass, thanks.

So next!  After this the kids got to crumble up the cake. This was a definite favourite part. They each took 1/4 of it at a time and just squished it with their well-washed hands, into tiny crummy pieces!

Because who doesn't like destroying cake? Deny it and I will call you a liar. :)

Because who doesn’t like destroying cake? Deny it and I will call you a liar. 🙂


Next, we put half of the frosting into this bowl and mixed until it all clumped together!  If you’re one of the people who hates the word “moist”, you’re not going to like what I say here. 🙂 “Half” of the frosting is really a random amount. I have no idea how much frosting we had.  So I just put in enough to make the cake crumbs moist enough to stick together in a ball.  In retrospect I think perhaps I should have used more, but oh well.

The kit comes with a piping bag so that you can use the rest of the frosting later. The kids enjoyed spooning the frosting into the bag, but all in all, I don’t think the final frosting touch is needed; my advice would be to discard whatever you don’t need in the cake mixing part.

Well, at this point we were finally ready to shape the cake into balls.  There were supposed to be 20, so I separated and separated again and then pulled off chunks and let the kids roll them up.  Then we put them all onto a plate lined with plastic wrap, and I stuck them into the freezer.

Lookin' like meatballs. But they're not!

Lookin’ like meatballs. But they’re not!


In the interest of not having a post that goes on and on forever, I’m going to cut this off here and finish the rest up this afternoon or tonight! 🙂  See you then!


Saturday Blog Showcase: Castles, Capes and Clones

So the name represents the basic triad of the Disney Universe as it now stands: Castles (traditional Disney with the princesses etc), Capes (Marvel superheroes), and Clones (Star Wars). Though one could also argue that perhaps the resemblance between Anna from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled NOPE, not going there! ;D

(Okay, for the record, I’m kidding. I don’t think the two characters look all that alike beyond a similarity in animation style that limits the way the faces look.  I was looking for an easy joke. MOVING on…)

So there you have it: The blog I have most recently discovered,!  The subject matter covered is widely varying, with those three themes in common.  So you’ve got reviews of Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., a TV show I have not watched (but given that I have a background as an 80s Marvel geek, one I am still peripherally interested in, in the same way I’m interested in the Avengers movies); Disney parks news; movie news and speculative essays on the roles of women and non-Caucasians in Disney releases;  and photos from all over various Disney parks, including Hong Kong Disney, so who is envious NOW huh? 😛 Sorry; that just slipped out. 🙂

The blog is updated regularly and thus far there’s a LOT to read up on.  I find the writing style engaging too, not just standard news reporting but with some real thought to it, like the post I linked to about Disney’s upcoming “Moana”.  It goes into a lot of detail and just in general some great pensive thoughts. The same can be said for all the posts I’ve read, even the Throwback Thursday about Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee.  The other thing is that the variety of post topics available keeps the blog from running out of steam or getting stale.  It’s just good content all around; check it out today!  Why not? It’s Saturday – new blog day! 😀

Top 5: Favourite Disney With Me posts of the 1st year

This is a weird, self-congratulatory post, eh? 😛  I just thought it would be a fun way to revisit a few old faves. 🙂  And by the way, THIS will be my 200th post once I put it up there!  Woohoo! 😀

#5: Hidden Kitties: the Feral Cats of Disneyland.

Not this kind.  Probably.

Not this kind. Probably.

I don’t remember who suggested this topic. I want to say it was from the Mickey Mutineers but it was a long, long time ago so all I remember is that it was a guy. XD  I wrote that I needed suggestions for an interesting blog topic and he wrote back, “Write about the Disneyland feral cats! Is that a true thing?” and I thought “OK! Research time!” Turns out it’s true, and it’s an amazing example of Disney, as a company, turning something that could have been a huge problem (WILD ANIMAL INFESTATION!) into an asset.  Nearly-free pest control AND they get lauded for their humanitarian efforts!  This is one of my faves because it actually was really fun to look into.  I don’t do nearly enough blog posts that require real research. 🙂

#4: Top 5: Sherman Brothers songs.

I found this on Tumblr but couldn't find a source. If it's yours pls. contact me and I'll either credit you or remove it if you want.  It's freaking awesome and I want you to have credit.

I found this on Tumblr but couldn’t find a source. If it’s yours pls. contact me and I’ll either credit you or remove it if you want. It’s freaking awesome and I want you to have credit.

Actually picking a Top 5 post in here is hard, hard, HARD work. Oh my gosh.  I have so much fun doing some of those Top 5 posts.  I also love the “Cars that aren’t from Pixar’s ‘Cars'”, the “Too Controversial Blog Topics”, and several others.  I’m going with this though, because I love the Sherman Brothers and their music. When I started getting (possibly far too) into Disney as a whole big THING, it initially was just the parks, then it spread to some of the classic movies, then it spread from there to the park music, and from there it was ALL the music. Falling into the music was essentially like falling into the Sherman Brothers.  Although, in a fangirly way, I actually prefer Ashman/Menken’s collaborations** (shhhh!), the Sherman Brothers really ARE Disney music.  The best of the classic movies, the best of the classic rides, it’s all from them.  Just like picking a favourite Top 5 post was hard, so was picking only 5 Sherman Brothers songs when they’re all wonderful. (Okay okay. NEARLY all. I’m not going to say it but you’re thinking it, I can hear you from here, so I’ll give you that one. And that. But come on, NEARLY all!)

#3: Return of the Hatbox Ghost?

So this was entirely speculative/rumour on my part, based on the appearance of a Hatbox Ghost (from the Haunted Mansion) animatronic sample being tossed out at the D23 conference.  Part of what I liked was having inspiration for a timely blog post; most of what I liked was getting silly in the writing of it and naming him “Hatbox Harold” for no particular reason.  In case you haven’t noticed it yet, I enjoy stream-of-consciousness humour and occasionally I get a kick out of letting my silly streak out and seeing what comes out as I type.  Naming the Hatbox Ghost was one of those. ;D  I think you can also chalk this post up to my getting comfortable in having a “voice” for the blog… it took me a while to let myself relax enough to be humourous, which I actually usually am in spades when I’m being casual.  But for quite a while I wasn’t sure whether I wanted this blog to be factual reporting, personal opinion, or somewhere in between.  I think I’ve settled on “between with a healthy dose of my personality smeared over it”. ^_^

#2: All my trip report posts.

I personally think the PhotoPass photographer could've tried a little harder with this one even if he was using my camera.

I personally think the PhotoPass photographer could’ve tried a little harder with this one even if he was using my camera.

I’ve said this multiple times in the past year but my daughter and I have a special WDW bond… right before she was born I began putting money away for her first trip, just in time for her 5th birthday. We all went (including her father and her younger brother, then 1 1/2), but it’s for certain that the ones who got the most out of it were her and I; I’d spent 5 years pumping her head full of Disney, after all.  I taught her to say “Daddy, I want to go to Disney World!” when she was learning to talk.  We had such a great time that I started immediately planning a trip for just the two of us, and we finally got to go on that one, a year later than I’d intended it, this past October.  I’ve been writing out the trip reports for three months now and I’m just over halfway done. XD At this rate I either won’t finish or I’ll forget it before I can finish… but I like prolonging it. 😀

#1: Things I’ve Learned From Miss Piggy.

Keep believing, keep pretending.

Keep believing, keep pretending.

I mentioned this earlier in my “Happy Birthday” post, but yeah, this has been the single most popular post I’ve got just for standalone hits. OK, granted, I think a lot of them come from people doing image searches instead of actually reading the blog but I’m still getting hits! ;P Anyway, I thought about it, and I do like this post a lot. It wasn’t really planned out that far in advance but I got the chance to do several things I like to do: deconstruct a character; act wise, like I know a lot about a lot instead of very little about a little; and talk about Muppets. Oh, and empower women, I kinda do that in there too. ;D  I don’t view it as any kind of an “agenda” post, but I think when you look hard at what Miss Piggy has been, in the past, there are things to admire. These things kind of get lost b/c it’s easy to overdo her and hard, at times, to see the reality of a person, which Frank Oz did actually strive to create, at least a little.  There are some good things, beyond just “She’s a DIVA and can do whatever she wants!!” to get out of Piggy, and they’re real things, and I don’t know.  I just enjoyed writing it. 🙂

So that’s it… Thanks for reading my blog! I hope I’ll have more and more posts in the weeks, months, and even years to come. ^_^



**My preference for Howard Ashman is probably almost entirely due to the fact that the Sherman Brothers, to the best of my knowledge, never made this face:


Happy Birthday to [Disney With] Me!

Well, fellas, it’s been a year!  A year of off-and-on, spits-and-spurts blogging at this URL, and I know I’ve fallen off more than once, but I’ve always come back, and I will keep coming back!  I’ve had a great time, and I’m really proud of the small but loyal audience my blog has built!

This is obviously not me, but I often wish it was.

This is obviously not me, but I often wish it was. I totally do this pose every day. [Because I’m cool.]

Some quick stats:

– In the past year I’ve amassed about 9,050 page views. That’s about 754 per month, which is nice and all, but I think this year I’d like to hit an average of 1,000 per month. 🙂 GOAL – SET! 😉

– I have just under 200 posts up here.  If I include the ones that are in draft format, it’s just over 200.

– I had one day where I got 1,051 hits in 24 hours. That was because Kasey from Kasey Knows Orlando (click that link!) very effectively promoted me on Pinterest, and it just EXPLODED!

– My most-viewed blog post remains “Things I’ve Learned From Miss Piggy“, which was an off-the-cuff piece I put together after seeing “The Great Muppet Caper” a couple of times last year and thinking how much I love her in that movie.  Really, it’s her best of all of them. 🙂

– It would appear that my two most-viewed types of blog posts are Top 5 articles, and my trip reports.  Saturday Blog Showcases are not unpopular, but they go in waves, and I think the Top 5s are definitely the most consistently viewed “type”.

With that in mind I think I want to try to write up a few Top 5s tonight, but it will be a little while before I have the time, since I’m battling a backlog at work, a head cold, and my kids being cooped up on snow days. 🙂

So for the meantime, let me just say how happy I am if you come here regularly, how much I love the Disney blogosphere, and how much fun I have writing here.  Thanks to everyone for supporting me, including many of my fellow bloggers (click that link to check out but a fraction of ’em), friends on Twitter (too many to list!), and long-time friends on Facebook and elsewhere!

So I’m wondering, do you have a favourite type of post here, or a favourite post in particular? Any comments you’d like to leave to sum up the past year (even if you just started reading yesterday)? I’m all ears! 😀

This is me. HI!! :D

This is me. HI!! 😀

2013 Trip Report: Day 4, Part 2: Putting the Splash Back Into Splash Mountain

After enjoying our ride on the monorail, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom at about 8:33 or so. So of course I’m all “let’s go let’s go, no time to look at Main Street right now, we’ll come back and see it later!” which hurts me, you have to understand. I love staring at the windows on Main Street.

We did take a few minutes to soak up the Halloween decorations, like the amazing pumpkin scarecrows at the front, and we passed a Trolley Show.



I captured a slightly awkward facial expression I'm afraid. Also I have no idea what their show was.

I captured a slightly awkward facial expression I’m afraid. Also I have no idea what their show was.

But for the most part, I would not let us browse or meander.  We passed Casey’s and turned, and then we were at Crystal Palace. As always, I felt underdressed. 😉

Well, it was definitely closing in on 8:40 by this point and 15  minutes late is undeniably LATE for your ADR. I didn’t have much hope of having it honoured but I was still hoping we could avoid having to pay for it.  We waited in line, I gave my name and apologized for being late, and then the CM just had me show my credit card and gave me a buzzer and we were told to wait. Whoa. I didn’t actually expect that! 😀

Have I mentioned before that D likes to climb things? Today was the day I really actually realized that if there is anything nearby that she can climb on, she will go for it. She’s like a large, very cute cicada. Anyway, this was the day when I was constantly pulling her off of things, especially lampposts. While we were waiting, she had nothing else to do so she climbed the railings.  I thought I’d take some pictures, but then remembered the camera battery was dying, so I took one and then turned it off:

I'm impressed by the fact that I did a "where is this?" post w/this picture and more than one person knew.

I’m impressed by the fact that I did a “where is this?” post w/this picture and more than one person knew.

I’d love to do one of those “light fixtures of the MK” series or something. You’d think those would be boring but they’re not. The main reason I won’t do it is because PlusTheMagic already did it, and very very well at that. 🙂

So anyway! About 10 minutes, maybe a little less, and we were called like special people up to the podium and then inside! They do that cute little announcement: Pooh and his friends are now ready to meet the Kelly family! or whatever the precise wording is; this is only the second meal I’ve had at Crystal Palace.

My favourite thing about the restaurant is not the characters, or the food… it’s the architecture. Crystal P is just a beautiful, beautiful restaurant!  The name suits it. 🙂

Well, we got seated and ordered our drinks, and we were informed that Tigger would be coming around momentarily so we should stay put.  We did, and talked about the day ahead, our plans etc; I got the camera out, D got the autograph book and pen out, and we watched as the table next to ours got readied.  A little boy was going to be having his birthday breakfast and so it was made ready for him, and then the servers sat a Winnie The Pooh doll in the 4th seat, put two little jars of honey next to it, and went to bring the family in.  So the little boy, who was about 2 or so, comes in, sees the Pooh doll, and has NO idea what to make of it. XD His father had sat down across from the doll and it was clearly assumed that the boy would sit next to Pooh and the mother would sit across from him.  The boy refused that idea and steadfastly sat next to his father, leaving his mother the seat next to Pooh. XD Oh bother…

Next thing, Tigger was here!

Actually the best part of this pic is that guy in the Mickey shirt BEHIND Tigger. He is AWESOME!

Actually the best part of this pic is that guy in the Mickey shirt BEHIND Tigger. He is AWESOME!

Awww. I cannot not melt over how happy she looks. D loves warm hugs.

Awww. I cannot not melt over how happy she looks. D loves warm hugs. Meanwhile, Tigger appears to be making some kind of eye contact with that guy in the striped shirt.

D wore her princess tiara and got plenty of positive attention from it.  After Tigger, Piglet was only a short wait.  Piglet is my favourite to hug… very, very soft!

Softest hug in the parks and no foolin'!

Softest hug in the parks and no foolin’!

We didn’t take a picture of it, but I had to get up and hug him anyway ^_^

So we finally got up to get our breakfast at this point, because Eeyore and Pooh were having a rest. We loaded up on food since I wasn’t planning on getting another meal until dinner – just snacks until then; unfortunately, D’s stomach is the kind that can fill up quick and empty quick so I wasn’t sure if this would work. But we tried! After another 15 minutes or so, we saw Eeyore and Pooh coming around. Thank goodness b/c I was getting antsy to leave so that we could get to our first FP+ selections!

I may love hugging Piglet the most, but I love Eeyore the most just in general. Who doesn’t love Eeyore? Nobody, that’s who.

I'm sorry this is a dreadful pic. Whoops. :(

I’m sorry this is a dreadful pic. Whoops. 😦

And then Pooh arrived.  D told me afterwards that Pooh was the softest of all, and I’m inclined to believe her. 🙂  Oh, for anyone wondering, the little birthday boy next to us appeared to have a lovely time and did like meeting the characters, at least from what I recall; but he never did warm up to that Pooh Bear doll. XD



Our FastPass+ reservation for Splash Mountain had a window of 9-10 am, and it was now 9:30. This was still plenty of time, but I don’t like to cut things really close, so I was itching for the check.  Once we got it paid and left, I took another look at the schedule I’d drawn up.  I had our FP times on it, and then I’d gone with a loose timetable for everything else; I’m anal enough that I tried to estimate the time each ride would take, maybe guessing a little over what it might actually take so that hopefully we would have time to do MORE, not less.  The itinerary had initially been to arrive at 7:30, get in at 8, go on Pirates, go to breakfast until 9:15, then get to Splash by 9:30.  Since we left the restaurant shortly after 9:30, we were MOSTLY on-target and would just fit Pirates in elsewhere.

But in spite of my time-guessing everything, I want to repeat what I have said previously: I was COMPLETELY open to rearranging the schedule and doing unexpected things at any time. I waited for D to tell me if she saw something she wanted to do, and if we could, we’d just drop whatever was going on and do it.

First thing that happened: we were on our way through Adventureland to get to Frontierland, and we passed Aladdin’s Magic Carpets.  D had gone on that with her father and my friend Amanda last time, while I sat it out and took pictures.

From 2011; the Tiki Room was closed then because of the fire!

From 2011; the Tiki Room was closed then because of the fire!

Also from 2011.

Also from 2011.

D pounced on it, and there was hardly any line, so we ran on. We had a GREAT ride!  A spinner is a spinner, and I know that, but it was fun going around with D trying really hard to get us under the spitting camel. (I say “us”, I mean “me”, I’m the one who would’ve gotten wet.) The ride itself is just what it always is, but there was something really nice about doing it because D said “OH! Let’s do this!”.  So much of the trip is, by necessity, planned that somehow the unplanned moments ended up being the most special ones.

Here is the Magic Carpet ride, not moving at all! Enjoy this thrilling pic.

Here is the Magic Carpet ride, not moving at all! Enjoy this thrilling pic.

We now had just about 15 minutes to get to Splash Mountain, which was plenty of time, so we walked at a nice pace through the rest of Adventureland. We passed the Pirates Adventure spot and D was VERY curious about what it was and if we could do it (I deemed it a no; there’s spontaneous and then there’s complete derailing of the plans for the day, lol).  Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to do the Pirate’s Adventure, but it’s got to be on a trip where we have a little more time, maybe 2 days in the Magic Kingdom instead of one.

Splash Mountain awaited! It was not quite 10am and I couldn’t believe that so much of the morning was gone so soon, but I was READY to go onto Splash. I’d been really wanting to since it had been refurbed somewhat recently. Since it was still fairly early in the day, and we had FastPasses, there was nearly no wait at all to get on.  We were loaded with another four people onto the boat.

I had heard that, with the refurb, you could get even wetter than you had before.  I found out on this ride that it was COMPLETELY the truth. I don’t recall ever getting as soaked on Splash as I did this time. 😀  It was specifically ME, too, out of everyone, that got the worst of it – I’m quite sure. I found it hilarious so no worries. 😉  First, we got off to a rather splashy start with some backlash on the first couple of dips, then there was a lot of it on the larger drops… and of course, the big one. But the best one – well, the funniest one anyway, I couldn’t really call it “best” – was when we got temporarily stopped on one of the outside areas, and I was directly underneath a little waterfall.  It splashed onto me the entire time we sat there (probably about a minute), and the couple in front of us laughed at me going “Oh NO! You’re KIDDING me! GAH!” the whole time. XD

I don’t know if the ride really was improved from the last time I was on it, or not. I *think* the lighting and sound were better, but maybe I imagined that?  All I know is that I loved it. For the first “big” ride of the day it was the best choice.  I loved it more than I have loved it since my trip in the mid-90s – drenched or not!

Disney Dream Girls

What, ANOTHER podcast report? You’re saying. (Don’t deny it!)

Well, I’m trying to catch up on all the great Disney podcasts out there. I never will, but I’m having fun making the effort!

Disney Dream Girls is a relatively new entry into the market and as such I was able to catch up in only one week! Can you believe that? It’s like it’s not really me over here. 😀  I did take notes, because it’s only fair to take notes doggone it. 🙂

This Facebook Profile picture is (c) by Simon Phipps, created exclusively for Disney Dream Girls, and is used here without permission but as an ad for DDG so I hope it's OK. :)

This Facebook Profile picture is (c) by Simon Phipps, created exclusively for Disney Dream Girls, and is used here without permission but as an ad for DDG so I hope it’s OK. 🙂

I was a listener of Minnie Minxes during the first part of 2013, but as with many many other podcasts, I lost track and got way behind.  As it turns out, the ladies behind the Minxes have started over with a new podcast, Disney Dream Girls, and HEY! I can get up to speed on this one, right? 🙂

The only problem is I have this nagging feeling I’m not starting at the beginning. 😉  But that’s OK, it’s not as if there is a continuing storyline, right?

Goodness, though, I do love their accents. Wow. 🙂

Episode 1: Michelle had lunch with an Imagineer!  This is a really great topic because I have wondered what this would be like.  Apparently they have to have specific training because they are NOT allowed to give away any secret information.  They can only talk about things that are currently known.  Makes sense!  I guess it’s a lunch, not an interview. 😉

Michelle had lunch with Pam Rollins, an Imagineer she has heard of, which was a nice coincidence!  The lunch has a specific menu. I like all these details.  The salad was “basically everything in the fridge chopped up”, lol!  Yeah, Cobb Salad. 😀  Oooh and they got a card with the Cobb Salad recipe!

They offer this at The Brown Derby or at the Flying Fish… I think I’d take the Derby, personally 🙂 But well… crispy tempura… you’ve kind of got me with that one. 😉

Extra special things you can book at Disney – Characters in Flight… this is on my list of things I gotta do someday. My daughter really wants to but I’m not sure if we won’t get up there and she’ll get terrified… so we’re holding off for now.

Also a bit of details on Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom.  Interesting detail: You have to be weighed when you check in to make sure that the tethering is done properly.  This did not occur to me!

Wow – you get a documentary CD of your tour afterwards!  Now I want to do this. Bucket List! 😀

I am now incredibly hungry listening to the restaurant recommendations. CLAMBAKE. ❤

Jayne is renowned in the community for her Disney Bling so she is the one to go to for high-end gift recommendations. I will keep this in mind. 🙂

Episode 2: I finally figured out who I am reminded of whenever I hear Michelle’s voice!  But I can’t recall her name. Jane someone. She was Bubble on “Absolutely Fabulous” and one of the hens in “Chicken Run”. I don’t mean that in an unflattering way; that lady has a lovely voice, and also, I believe her accent is the same.

So this week’s podcast takes the idea of having all your meals in the Magic Kingdom, on a Dining Plan. Can you feed your family completely on the Dining Plan without spending any extra money? Jayne has the Quick Service Dining Plan and Michelle has the standard DP.

Ice cream for breakfast!  I’m with you, Michelle! 😀

I am learning something today. I didn’t realize that items over $4 could be on the snack credit!

Also I don’t like funnel cake either. It gives me a stomach ache. 😛

A nice rundown of New Fantasyland, which I need at least one more day to fully explore, so this is also appreciated even though I have already technically been there.  SO much I didn’t get to see!

LOL Prince Eric’s New Year Resolution. Woohoo! Can’t be good ALL the time!

Really? Ariel doesn’t sign autographs at Epcot?  We saw her at Akershus (as a human), and we got her autograph… though that was in 2011!

Episode #3: A great description of Storybook Circus, including some of the background details – we noticed the animal footprints (though I had forgotten them – thanks for reminding me!) but I don’t recall seeing the peanut shells!  I also did not notice the numbers which correspond to the opening dates of each park… I love the hidden, subtle details that Imagineers hide in their creations!

Re: Diaper-changing in line… what is WRONG with people?! 😛

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the shop, must say. The sugary smell kind of… drove me out, lol. I can’t take smells that sweet for some reason!

We loved the Great Goofini and the Astounding Donaldo! Skipped Daisy and Minnie I’m afraid… We didn’t want to spend our ENTIRE day at Storybook Circus, especially since we’d spent like 20-30 minutes running around in the play area at Dumbo 🙂 Which was great btw!  My daughter is 7 and she adored it. 😀  With your review now I think I’m going to make a point to see Minnie Magnifique next time!

Pardon me for saying this but I just find Michelle and Jayne so charming. 😀 Just had to say it!

A special intermission informs me that Kieran had a great Christmas present this year.  I cannot wait until I can give one of those for Christmas. ^_^

Hooray! The lovely Lisa Green!  Like Lisa I got into Disney just after getting married… we went for our second anniversary. 🙂 Sadly my husband never got the same bug bite as me… lol 😉

May I say that if Lisa’s take on Maleficent is true, I will be MUCH more interested in seeing it! Maleficent is my favourite villain, and I honestly don’t actually want to see her be sympathetically portrayed, for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE relatable villains! But I’ve never seen Maleficent that way. 😉

Keep checking on the ADRs for Be Our Guest though! Things can open up with cancellations 🙂

OOOOH… Snow White up and running by the end of May?  I LOVE hearing this news! 😀

So that’s it for now, as there are only 3 episodes so far, but I believe the next one is coming out next week!  Do yourselves a favour and sign on to DDG early! 🙂

Saturday Blog Showcase: Get Ready For Disney

Guess what? I found a new blog! 😀

Well, lots of blogs are new to me… heck, I’m still finding out about blogs that have been around for years. Because I’m like that.  This one, though, actually is new – just started in 2014!  The downside is that there are only 6 entries so far, but the blog is consistently updated (look at my blog and shake your head disapprovingly… go on, shake it, that’s OK) and the topics are great.

The point of the blog is to get you ready for your next trip and answer questions you may have. The writer definitely writes opinion pieces though (which, as we all know if we follow my Saturday Blog write-ups, is a favourite thing of mine).  Obviously, review posts are opinions automatically, but I love it when you get a bit of personality into a review or just a general blog news post.  Yes indeedy, we have that here!

I think what really caught my eye was the most recent post, about Fort Wilderness… which, as we again all know, is among my favourite resorts and I camped there on my last trip!  My visits have always been tent camping, and I don’t get to spend as much time in the actual resort as I would like since they’re always short trips; this post has a perspective of a cabin visit, which I have never done, and it lists all the recreational activities at Fort Wilderness. Or at least, most of them; it’s true that there might be more. 🙂

Other topics include informational posts, such as the 2014 Disney Dining Plan list of participating restaurants; tips, like on using FastPass for the Be Our Guest lunch; and funny little mini-posts like “Here’s Your Ears!”  There are also subpages of the blog, including planning info, reviews of hotels, dining, recent Disney news, and some Frequently Asked Questions.  Still new, as I said, but clearly with some great plans and potential for growth!

Visit Get Ready For Disney here today and check back often for new content!