Mickey Mutineers: Take It Like A Cake

I FINALLY know what this means you guys!!

And it's kind of disgusting, but I had already guessed that.

And it’s kind of disgusting, but I had already guessed that.

You can get that as a t-shirt, by the way. BUY T-SHIRTS. Or wrapping paper! Because this is a sentiment that should adorn all gifts. 🙂

Episode 24:
That was a LONG lag after the theme song. I was all about to turn up the volume and stuff. XD

Reporting live from a ham sandwich!

Live show at D23? DO IT! I’d totally (want to) go see you guys there!  (I cannot make it to the West Coast so I just have to WANT to.)

Oooh, a Mutineer movie review! (as opposed to a Mutineer Movie Revue, which would only have to be AWESOME.)  Monsters University!  Art is also my son’s favourite. 😀

I was totally going to be a movie critic at one point. In college. I loved the idea and I even took some movie classes. The thing is I can never make myself write things so I gave up. XD

Matt’s internet is working great and his audacity is kickin’.

I love this conversation about Frozen! Back in June! Talk of the trailer and things like that. Tim, “Tangled” was totally CGI!

Matt: OK, so, if you stick stuff on your Magic Band… Everyone else: *perverted snickering*

Lots of hits from DC = me. Hi! 😀 (Actually I’m just outside DC in Maryland. So it’s probably not me, it’s probably the government, like you said.)

The “Nemo” portion in this episode is amusing me and Matt missed it completely. It went on for a WHILE, too. Complete with wailing.

Pizza pants? Jake: “I like him!”

Oh man, Tim’s audacity stopped working by the end of this one!

Episode 25:
Judge a person by what movie they know Tim Curry from.

This episode starts off quickly devolving into a discussion of the movie “Congo”, for reasons that completely make sense.

One of those moments where everyone is talking about something different. “Try to take over the world!” “Does anyone else see that monkey lookin’ at us?” “Beards are natural gorilla repellants.”  And Matt’s all “What monkey?”

I LOVE Echo Lake. The dinosaur’s name is NOT Norman! OH wait, I get it.

You can’t have two things from the same franchise in different parks?? What about Buzz Lightyear at Magic Kingdom and Toy Story Midway Mania in Hollywood Studios?

I… oh. When we buy through the Mutineers Amazon link, they get a list of what was bought? Creepy.

Is this the origin of “Take it like a cake?”  It’s an inside joke between Matt and Josh… Tim’s collection of pictures of birthday cakes… a special twinkle in his eye when cakes are around… Instead of ChiMo he needs to be CaMo.

YES!  It is! “It’s gonna sit there and take it.” “Gonna take it like a cake!”

And what follows is a lengthy poor choice of words, misuse of air quotes, and discussion of what colour the frosting needs to be or else it will “look bad”. XD

Nightmare Before Elm Street?

Episode 26:
I believe this is the first episode that went “YEAH Mickey Mutineers!” at the beginning.  I really didn’t think “Jake, you don’t start the show, Josh does!” though.

Tim has a bowtie. Bowties are cool.

I really don’t know what to say about how this episode’s start is just so much more ENTHUSIASTIC without Josh. “Triple-fist puuuuump!”

21-fist pump salute. Ahem.

So here’s the breaking news of the RFID chips in the refillable mugs. I think it’s actually something to do with the mugs coming to life in the middle of the night and running off with your jewelry but I could be wrong. 🙂

Oh hello! It’s the That Guy episode!  I can find myself in the That Guy discussion, I think. If I’m recalling correctly. XD I’m not going to say which That Guy I am. XD

…Okay, I’ll say it. I lost my temper at my kids in the park. 😦 I feel bad about it like EVERY DAY. But my son doesn’t remember, and my daughter forgave me.

Can I get a Monkey Fountaineers shirt?

So I did go looking for the Mickey shorts after listening to this episode. It’s pretty awesome, the ones I saw. I watched 3, I think.  Including the hot dog, which guest stars Betty White. “It was pink and delicious!” That was Betty White. 😀

So it’s the first round of Trip Advisor Hall of Shame. My favourite thing about this is that they just answer “You’re an idiot!” to everyone. XD

Well, but the second response to Erica is pretty unique. XD “I said GOOD DAY!”

Episode 27:
First ep with “Say something inappropriate!”  We’re up to like MILESTONE episodes.

Josh was under the seat the entire time! Wha…

Jake really likes canings. I kind of… I kind of wish I hadn’t said that.

Was that “snowball” reference to “Clerks”? Because I love that movie.  But with bleeping sometimes I’m not sure what I just heard. ;D  And half of what dirty stuff shows up on this show, I don’t even get what they’re talking about. LOL!

Did that quiet round of “Casey Jr” include the lyric “Like a heart attack”?

I’m sorry I don’t have a whole lot I can say about this one; I’m trying to finish up work at the same time but it’s a good ep.  There are Segway stunts and everything!

Morgan Freeman is now my pick for a celebrity guest at Disneyland too.  For the same exact reason. Narrate everything.  Morgan Freeman narrated his own birth.  Penguins didn’t exist until Morgan Freeman narrated “March of the Penguins”… he’s THAT GOOD.

The episode ends with my favourite moment from “The Three Amigos”. Podcasts are fun. 😀

Episode 28:
I think that was Matt’s first cold open. “This is gonna be a real short trip. Hit it, Chewie!”

Dish-washing tips: use a kitten to dry. Thanks, Tim. (And yet they decided Matt is the “random” one.)

Marvel movie news. I don’t know anything at all about Avengers 2. Robot from the future? I have to try to figure out if this is a guy I know. (Like, one of my personal robot friends from the future. 9_9 No, I just mean from my prior knowledge of Marvel comics in the 80s.)

Feral cats at Disneyland! OK, I am not sure, but I THINK that Jake was the one who suggested I write a blog post about the feral cats back in like… March?

“Have you ever seen a friendly cat?”  …whaaa? XD

Seriously? You’re using Bukaki as the segue into Amazon.com? XD

And more notable purchase shaming!

Political Correctness. Now I’ve always wondered if the pirates chasing the women being reversed was PC, or more like “Inappropriate for children!!”  I don’t mind THAT one so much because I think it’s a little funny. 😉 I actually mind the one where the guy was talking about hoisting his colours on that winsome wench being changed into talking about, what was it? Food? 😛  But now it’s all about Jack Sparrow, so point is moot. (that’s my least favourite Jack Sparrow change.)

OH they got rid of Jose’s cigar. TELL ME ABOUT THIS. I mean geesh. Smoking so baaad. I mean, I don’t like cigars at all or anything but he does HAVE that one… Gibberish racist rants. XD Uh, not me, the Mutineers. NOT me.

Waiters dressed up like Hitler? (I can’t believe I typed that. I swear it’s funny in context!)

Oh yes the Fox & The Hound book has the most downer ending EVER. EV. ER. I can’t believe they decided to take this story and make it into a Disney film.


I’d be all over a Robin Hood ride.  I’m afraid if they decided to make a Jungle Book ride they’d just remake the Jungle Cruise.  The Jungle Book Cruise.

Episode 29:
When I have finished this episode I will be COMPLETELY UP TO DATE until the next episode comes out and then I’ll be behind again BUT STILL!!

…I don’t have anything to say. *weeps*

I really did listen to it. Seriously.

Episode 50! I love the beginning of this episode. Merry Christmas all. 😀

Tim’s shenanigans led yet again to getting stuck someplace. South pole! What!

Tim seats two! *snicker*  Josh: “We’re having two different conversations.”

Take it away, Jake, baby?  (Debatably, Josh MAY have said “Maybe”. I choose to hear “baby”.)

Once again, I am getting my information from Mickey Mutineers, which is sad and wrong.  Next Avengers movie they fight Ultron, eh?  Now I know!  I have no idea who Ultron is, actually. I do recognize the name. I just don’t know OF him. It? Whatever!

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that “What Does the Fox Say?” worked its way into a Mutineers episode?  Frankly I’m only surprised that it took this long. 😛

A 60-minute hourglass… It’s not 60 minutes PLUS one hour.

Jake’s idea: a year in review episode from memory! Trying to remember 2013 without cheating by looking at the internet? Ha, good luck. I remember 2013 by going back over old Mickey Mutineer eps.

“Back in January, there was a new Disney podcast that started…. …AND you’re listening to it right now!!”  Now they’re advising that nobody go back and listen to the early episodes. THANKS FOR TELLING ME THAT NOW, GUYS. 😛

This is a completely epic Segway stunt!  They’re going to leave Tim to die out there!

And in August at D23, nothing happened. THAT I remember!

“Bang, Marry, or Kill” from Detsuh. He needs his own corner. XD I’m sorry, but… bang Cruella? Nooo, ew.

Wouldn’t be a 50th Episode without Swedish Chef!

And time for Random Matt!  And Matt once again sounds really surprised by the idea. “I was just sitting there thinking about rabbit legs…”

Ending on a “huh!” feeling.  So that’s 50 episodes!  And in a few weeks, the 1-year anniversary!  Yeah but I don’t really care about that. 😛

This is as caught up as I will EVER BE, because tomorrow the new episode drops, and I won’t be listening to it until at least Thursday.  So I clearly have to post this today.  Sorry folks, two Mutineer posts in one day… you’ll live. 😀  Especially since it’s the last one for a while!  I’m CELEBRATING!  Celebrating my own ability to slowly listen to fifty 1-hour audio clips about nothing!  I’ma go get drunk! 😀 (I’m at work! Nothing of the sort will be happening! ^_^)


2 thoughts on “Mickey Mutineers: Take It Like A Cake

  1. Haha! Amazing! Thanks for doing this! And now you have a very good excuse to go get drunk. I don’t think anyone would hold that against you. I might use your notes to make a “Best Of’ clip show in the future. Maybe around Oscars time. A Mutineers Award Show! Okay now I’m just rambling. Anyway, you’re awesome.

    • Can I do your show while drunk? That might be funny. (side note: I don’t drink unless I’m at WDW, so that wouldn’t really happen. XD) I’m actually going to try do to a top five post based on like, my 5 favourite moments of the show or something, too! I’ve got a wealth of material here! I’m torn between 2 different possible number 1s, though…

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