Mickey Mutineers: So this one ep had a penguin

I have actually made my goal now, guys, and I’ve listened to every Mutineers ep. 😀 But I’m having to catch up still on the notes, so there is one more coming up before I celebrate my long-delayed awesomeness of… listening to a thing a lot. Wow.  This is less milestone-like than I thought. 😦

Meanwhile, here are a bunch of older eps and then the next-to-most recent, ep 49, at the end!  Please remember, everyone: NOT appropriate for children or for folks who don’t like to mix Disney with rude humour.  Otherwise, appropriate for… uh… actually this show is not really appropriate for anyone but you can enjoy it anyway. 🙂

Episode 19:
Matt, you had ONE JOB! Nobody knows how to do a fist-pump if he doesn’t say it. I actually got very confused by all that so I can only guess how everyone else must have felt.

Sad fact: my kids need lotion for dry skin/eczema, and thanks to this show I have started saying “it puts the lotion on its skin” on a nightly basis.  This is what my home life is becoming. 😛

OK, this Soarin’ movie info is interesting and I rather like the idea but Soarin’ isn’t in the World Showcase! It’s in the Land, in Future World! <– being That Guy.

Tim wants to know who everyone’s favourite Streetmosphere character is but he doesn’t ask it very well. And also do many people actually have favourite Streetmosphere characters, because I don’t, and neither does Matt.  Though he claims otherwise. 😛

At some point there was a creepy old man in the back roads of the Morocco pavilion selling rolled-up carpets. I’m not sure if you can find him unless you get lost though.  That’s what I’m getting from that.

Heyyyyy, shout-out to Annie/@djphob before she became famous!  DJ Fob!

Send listener questions to the Mutineers, whether Jake asks for them or not!  And whether I’m mentioned on the show or not, which I’m usually not!

Episode 20: Let’s roll this ball!

It’s the very first 20th episode EVER. I for one think it was a pretty good first try.

Matt made up for last week’s fist-pump fail by stepping up the numbers this time!

Jake disappeared at the BEST possible moment for some, like, serious kinds of dramatic tension.

I have two simulataneous thoughts: I think we’re probably going to lose the Muppets at Hollywood Studios too, and also, that is waaaaay TMI about the popcorn bucket. XD

A new Left For Dead and it’s my favourite one.  Zombie water parks.

The first official F-bomb has been dropped.  Oh and a challenge to me to find the first time Tim used it! No, it’s not challenged to me by name but who else could they mean. 😛

Anyway, River Country!  Surprisingly it’s a pretty rumour-free version based mainly on facts (I don’t know why this is surprising to me, I guess just b/c I don’t usually hear stories about River Country that don’t include inaccuracy/urban legends) and since I find River Country to be just about as fascinating as anything at WDW, I’m totally down with this 😀

Scariest Yoda laugh I’ve ever heard. That’s like ChiMo Yoda.

Candy… Mountain?  I’m so glad Josh is as confused by this as I am. You and me, Josh. You and me.

OH YES, this is the one with the Soarin’ Loop!  I *almost* did this on our trip. I was afraid my daughter might have believed me even though she has been on it before and knows very well it does not have a loop. 🙂  She’s deeply gullible, you see.

Oh that’s right!  This is another episode with meeeeee in it. (Guess what? Real reason I’m doing this. Keeping tally of me. No, not really.) Anyway “Ride This/Not That” was fun; we were given no explanation at all of what the question was about. It was just “Name a ride!”  I almost always name Haunted Mansion every time so this time to be different I named Soarin’.  Then Mansion wins. LOL.

More Flight of the Conchords, and if I’m not mistaken, nobody has any idea what Tim is referring to…

I am fascinated by how the endings of the episodes at this stage have extended vehicular sound effects following the lightsabre scream.  Last week’s was a police car siren and now a helicopter.  And it goes on and on and on. XD

Episode 21:
So it’s the… Top 12 Disney Rides. To Ride. While on mind-altering substances! WHAAAAA???

There’s something about the fact that they actually had a “don’t do drugs/here’s our episode about drugs” disclaimer that’s just… dare I say… adorable.

Having said, don’t expect a lot of specific reaction to content on this.  This is a family blog! 😀

Bahahaha, Jake.  Caffeine. On Tuck and Roll. Now we’re right back to adorable. XD

HA! I remember that low-flying goose that killed itself on Fabio’s face! That goose was probably in love with him. It was a tragic act of a broken heart. “It can never be! I shall die while embracing the one that I love!” And splat.

I like how this list might have kind of started out seriously but within just a few suggestions… we’re up to Disney Junior Live, on bath salts.

Best. Amazon plug. Ever.

The mere fact that you call it Poppy tells me you’re ready. [/callback]

Again with the shnozberries that taste like shnozberries!

Disgruntled crowd noises FTW. 😀

Episode 22:
Stopping in the middle is distinctly unpatriotic.

It’s confirmed! The Mutineers really DO podcast pantsless.  And Timless, in this episode. I’m… not sure what’s going on… I’m very perplexed.

Oh gosh, your special guest is adorable. Z?  Zee? “Are you done talking about your favourite ride?” “…No.”

You guys are possibly the most laid-back people I have talked to AT ALL about ticket price increases.  I just… WOW.  Here I’m expecting you to hate everything!  Though I agree when you say it’s annoying to hear the people saying “Walt would be PISSED! Is this what Walt wanted?!” LOL.

I love it when Josh can’t talk. The Land pavilion! Have you ever gone to the Land pavilion and tried to ride the escalator only to find a huge line because one is down?  Actually… YES! Our last trip!  This podcast was in what, June? and my trip in October we were still down to just one escalator! BAH.

SO “Closer” is going to be in my head for the rest of the day and STOP. STOP! XD

OMG!!  TIM!  He regained consciousness!!  I thought he wasn’t here but he was just unconscious the entire time. How about that.  I buy it. 😀

“You’ve been listening to Mickey Mutineers. SURPRISE!”

Episode 23:
I happen to know in advance that this is my favourite episode.  Episode 23 lives in infamy within my memories. 😀

Moist. 😛

I almost thought I detected that someone else might have an … issue with moths.  Not that I know someone who does. Certainly not me.  Okay it’s me.  GOD I hate moths.

I would totally go on the Tom Petty Racing Experience!

So honestly, genuinely, I will be really sad to lose the Muppets. I am going to CRY. It’s the only, single, solitary attraction at Hollywood Studios that I will emotionally miss!  I’m up for Star Wars Land but… 😦 My MUPPETS!

Tim’s concept of Avatarland is… *different* from what I thought it was going to be. 😦

I find it really amusing that in this episode the guys are talking about competition between parks, and ultimately end with “until we can’t afford tickets anymore”, when in the PREVIOUS EPISODE they pointed fingers at people getting upset about ticket price increases. Guys, it’s ONLY like $5!! 😛

Whoa, this is the only podcast I’ve ever heard that mentions Steven Tyler doing the Shocker!  I think that’s soooo hilarious XD

I wonder what a McDonald’s Theme Park WOULD be like… hmmm…

Introduction of term ChiMo?

I think the phrase of this episode is “Moving on!”

“What opposite sex would you drink rum with?” “A woman.” That works.

You know, the old “Overrated resorts/restaurants” topic is always, ALWAYS good.  I mean I never don’t enjoy it, I don’t know. Yay!

I love the fact that making fun of Justin Bieber quickly degenerates into the Swedish Chef voice.

AND THEN THINGS GET EPIC!!  This is the 3rd or 4th time, easily, that I have listened to this episode JUST for the ending!

Episode 49:
I’m learning about things that girls can’t do. 😛

That penguin is adorably saying “penguin”.  Whose penguin IS that?

“The submarine voyage is going down for a lengthy refurbishment.” Penguin: “WHOA! Uh-oh!” I am relieved to know that the penguin is safe from the comments that came up during this part. XD

“Oh man! I got a great idea! My wife’s gonna be so happy after I do this…” THAT implies something I don’t want to know details of! 😀

OH, is THAT what happens in It’s Tough To Be a Bug?? D:

“Meow-meowmeowmeow-meowmeow…” “THAT’S where the Electrical Parade went! It’s down here!”

CRAZY TRAIN, TOM WAITS STYLE, in meows. …Was pathetic. XD  Matt gave up like immediately.

Yet another new theme for Tim the Food B****.  It’s got a great backbeat this time.  Disneyland Nerd is excited about exciting new beverages.

“Hop across the pond… There’s no pond in the United States!  This map’s stupid.”

I am SO GLAD that Tim the Food B**** is reporting on the Cronut! I am completely not interested in eating one but he’s making it sound… well actually I stand by my opinion. But I am entertained! 😀

You know, Tyson finally spoke this episode and just as I was thinking “Do I just not recognize Tyson’s voice or has he not spoken yet this show?”, Josh realizes he hadn’t. XD

Time for Random Matt! I love that he sounds totally surprised. “I had a dream. This dream is very interesting.”

Listener question: What is the best smell in the Disney parks? Josh: Ursula.

GAH, I just realized that I asked a question last week and it’s a really stupid one. I’m going to get made fun of. *hides*

You know, when @365daysofDisney asked for all the Disney ladies’ stripper names, I did NOT think of Daisy or Minnie. I’m a little troubled that Tim did.  But apparently Sleeping Beauty would be “Nymphomaniac”. Or “The Little Prick” according to Matt. Yikes.

And Tim’s all “she’s got good questions.” WORSE! I’m going to hide MORE because soon they’ll find out how stupid it is.  Oh wait, that’s right, this is take 2. Scrooge McDuck in the Bill Nighy role in Shaun of the Dead? I like it!

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t dead. She’s a rag doll! Corpse Bride, SHE’S dead, though not a princess I guess.  But absolutely dead!  Sally was never actually alive.  Splitting hairs, here. 🙂


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