Mickey Mutineers: Please Don’t Say Ursula

Just a warning: I am trying to finish up my listen-in-full project by Christmas which is when Episode 50 is scheduled to drop. Meaning the catch-up will be happening a lot for a while, because I have a big backlog of show notes.  AND I found out that Jake (of the show) and at least one other person actually finds these entertaining, which just encourages me, so…

I made a meme.

I made a meme.

Episode 15:
Ahhhh, back to the early shows again. When nothing was funny. (LIES!) This episode is another milestone, because it’s the very first Matt episode! Tune in today!

Josh: “Introducing Matt, our fifth Mutineer!”
Jake: “Wh…why is he the fifth!?”
Tim: “I’m not that fat!”

I remember this episode. Jake sounds kind of like he’s loopy throughout due to recovery from appendix surgery. And Tim sounds like Tim, so… y’know.

This is what you’re supposed to do when you have your appendix out: You eat it. And you show it who’s boss.

I remember when the Mystic Manor ride opened! Everyone was WAY up about it and now nobody’s talking anymore. Nobody cares. Let’s start a resurgence of Mystic Manor love!

“You know what’s sad about Curious George?”
“He got into my bottle of ether and died?”
Wow, that is sad!

Voodoo Donuts is a good idea, although maybe not for Disneyland. But somewhere, somehow. I like it.

This is a family of brothers who love “When I See An Elephant Fly”. That was heartwarming (and at least the third time this song has popped up in this podcast).

You know what I noticed? I focus on the positive in this podcast a lot. Instead of, you know, the 85% of it that’s just crude talk. XD But that just shows you that there is variety here! I may mislead, but I’m not making stuff up!


Episode 16:
All Star Wars! It was the May the 4th episode. I don’t need to explain that.

You can make a link between ET and Episode I, which means that it’s an excuse to dis the ET ride at Universal! Woo. (I love that ride!)

Carl Weathers? You seriously got Carl Weathers confused with Billy Dee Williams?! LOL.

Did Samuel L. Jackson truly belong in the Star Wars prequels? Discuss! Actually this just serves to remind me of the fact that Sam Jackson was not always the total high-ranking BAMF he is today. For quite some time he took B-roles and this is kind of like that, even though he was definitely already a BAMF by the time the prequels were made…

I could go on and on about how Han shot first. Because he totally did! But argh. BUT, I can answer the question of why Greedo misses point blank against Han… According to the “Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina” Greedo is just a bounty hunter wannabe. He’s trying to capture Han to prove himself but he actually just sucks. XD

Kind of like me for knowing that! 😉

Point out how much weight Jabba put on between Episode 4 and Episode 6… C’mon guys. Fat-shaming never helped anyone’s self-esteem! I’m sure he’s already aware of how he looks!

Wait, guys… who says that Lando stole Han’s clothes at the end of “Empire”? Han got the Falcon from Lando, what if he took Lando’s clothes too? What if HAN wears LANDO’S clothes? …Whoa.

One of the things I learned from this episode: Josh has secretly never even seen any of Star Wars, only the Family Guy version. At least, that’s assuming I’m reading the subtext properly.


Episode 45!
Wow, do you actually try to do the intro off the top of your head each week? I couldn’t do that. My head is too full of useful info like the dialogue from “Back to the Future”.

I liked “Super Secret Squirrels”. 😦

Jake’s “Just The Tip” this week is worthy of hours of entertainment. I was already scared of beards, this is not helping!

In a fight between the Doctor, and Bill and Ted, who would win? Without any disrespect to Bill and Ted, obviously it would be the Doctor. I guess ultimately Bill and Ted could pull it together but only if the Doctor were the actual bad guy. And why would he be? SO THERE. I don’t know.

It’s the Top 12 Changes We’d Make To Rides!

Josh’s #3: Pirates on Pirates. I’m going to leave that there.
Matt’s #3: I don’t even want to say that. Something foul on Dumbo. XD Tim is right, there is no line on this show to cross!

Side note: do you guys DELIBERATELY say things that will be easily misinterpreted? “It doesn’t go down on them!” I mean.

Jake’s #3: O Canada in Epcot: add Rush into the movie! Apparently this is Canada’s greatest contribution to humanity.

Josh’s #1: Trap doors on all the spinners. And Tim gets lewd again. I am honestly not sure how any of the show’s listeners will ever be able to ride Dumbo again!
Matt’s #1: Have the T-Rex randomly eat someone in the car but it doesn’t hurt. OMG, Tim put this in the best possible way. “Like the buckle unbuckles automatically and you go ‘oh s***, it’s me!'”

I love how you can hear Tim’s beer or whatever that is being poured and then fizzing. XD

I miss ALL the good stuff on Twitter. I’m never around for Listener questions or lists or anything! ARGH! Oh well. I’m not actually that clever on the fly anyway. 😉


Episode 46:
Beastie Mutineers. That was sad but I’m going to listen to it again. 😀

Am I wrong that nobody thought Josh was going to actually keep going with that or something? LOL that was awful and great. I’m really amused by you guys all giving your names. That’s adorable. I actually have a mental picture of you all during it. You’re so lame and cute. XD I’m sure you’ve got many opportunities in this episode to dissuade me of that mental picture but for now… wheee!

And you’re right, I did not listen to this on the actual date of release or anything near it. It’s Wednesday, 12/4. 😀


So R2D2 is confirmed to be in Episode 7. I had actually not heard that. Congratulations to Artoo! He’s officially official!

I love “Hey, where IS Perry?” in the background, completely unnoticed…

Is that a cat?! In the Frosted Flakes box? Wow. Holy moley that cat is going to kill you! OMG you guys, let Jake talk about the FastPasses! Bahahaha! XD

Epcot FP picks, pre-tiers: Soarin’, Test Track and Maelstrom. YEP! Those were my picks! 😀 Won’t be again, I guess… haha.

I have to credit “Into the Woods” for making me familiar with this version of Cinderella, related in the “Blood Behind the Ink” segment. That and the Tom Waits song that is referenced (that doesn’t exist).

Nice touch, making Doom Guy a part of the Tim the Food B****’s theme song.

Wait, what kind of accent is this, Tim?! Oh, I know what it is, it’s Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Random Matt… is random. 😀

I think that Walt Disney, were he alive today, might be a regular listener of the Mutineers. Partly as a way to lie in wait and choose just the right moment to take them down. I also think he might have made them “disappear”. And then four new dolls appear in “small world”…

Wow, I creeped myself out. 😛

Johnny Bravo has his own corner of the show now. Kind of a drunken ranty emails corner!

WAHAHA! I will in fact take notes on you if you are on this show. I am CREEPY like that! And speaking of creepy, congratulations Tim, you just finally made me laugh out loud while listening to the show at work. XD

I like this list of drinks that the characters would drink. Though I don’t know what most of those are. [/lightweight]


Episode 47
Best part of this ep so far: the HUGE breath Josh took before doing the yell.

YAY! Annie and Danny! I haven’t been able to keep up with the FPPC even though I loves it. It’s next on the list. This helps ease the withdrawals! Everyone go listen to Annie and Danny’s Fastpass Podcast!

Double-chin pump! XD

For the record I think that Annie is the first woman to officially be a guest on this podcast. (Another lifelong dream of mine, destroyed.) Way to go Annie! Breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceiling! 😀

“What are you diggin’ in your bum bag for?” LOL.

LOL, wait a minute! Was there an edit at like 14:30 or so? I mean, I’m sure there are tons of edits but that one sounds like it was a big chunk taken out. A big chunk of “moist”. (Ew.) Now I’m dying to know what was removed!!

Don’t say “pickle juice” three times! And I totally did it in my head and then laughed out loud again. I think my coworkers think there’s something wrong today.

Tim is bored and singing “Hakuna Matata” in the background. And has managed to get the others in on this too now.

More of the awful ride crossover ideas from Detsuh. I think Walter White’s Scary Adventures is the best. Not that I’d want to go on it but hey, I never wanted to go on Snow White’s Scary Adventures anyway.

This episode provides so many opportunities to answer “Ursula” to the listener questions!

Tim and Annie are just hitting it off left and right here. Duetting on Hakuna Matata, doing the secret ChiMo handshake, just… wow…

Guys I like Tim the Food B****. It’s so disturbing, oh god. But no don’t do it now! I was just eating an apple and I don’t need any of that coming out my nose!

“Beefypants” gets an apology but “DJ Hand Job” doesn’t?

Episode 17:
Tim’s sound effects. He should get paid for them.

“Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.” LOL I like how this turned up in episode 45 but backwards. “Wait what?!”

“It’s business time. Know how I know it’s business time? It’s Wednesday night.” WOOOO Flight of the Conchords!

They sell Astronaut Ice Cream on Amazon.com! I’m there! As Tim points out it’s probably Neopolitan, because that’s the only kind anyone ever sees.
Jake: “I’ve seen cookies & cream.”
Tim: “No you haven’t.”

Holy moley, Mickey Mouse singing “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz in “Mickey and the Magical Map” at Disneyland. I’m THERE.

Captain EO: ready to see it leave? I actually agree, but I also do NOT want Honey I Shrunk the Audience back. I think it’s just as dated as EO and I just want a new 3D movie. Dagnabbit. 🙂

“I believe I was promised a grilled cheese sandwich.”

I love the Jake’s Friend story that no one would let him tell. “I wanna talk about my friend…”

Have you guys done an ep about the definition of a Hidden Mickey? If not, reminding now. If so I will found out soon…

And now we know Tim’s seduction techniques aka methods of getting great customer feedback on his cable installations.

Tim, NOBODY says Stitch’s Great Escape is awesome. Nobody. Ever.


Episode 48:
YABBA-DABBA-DOOOOO! 😀 Aaaahhhh I love these guys. ^_^

After all this time it turns out that they’ve all been the figments of Tyson’s imagination. AND so are Annie and Danny! What about Safari Mike and that other guy!?! This is creepy! Where does it end! What about ME?? (It’s ultimately always about me.)

So we missed the Mickey Mouse short at the beginning of Frozen. Which is sad, sad, SAD. I loved when they used Clarence Nash for Donald in PhilharMagic and the idea of doing the same with Walt’s voice for Mickey makes me happy.

Aaaahahahaha. “Say Gang, get aload’a this!” That kills me. And Harry Caray news delivery! My son calls him “Whiskers”, it’s a long story. I mean you can guess why but the full story as to why he has seen that sketch is long. XD (Short answer, he hasn’t.)

The secret of Shia LeBoeuf’s name meaning is revealed. (I think it may mean “douchebag”?)

“Why is Jake the only one without tattoos here?!”
“I haven’t been to… prison.”

I agree with Tim’s assessment of himself. He is clearly Winnie the Pooh, not Eeyore.

We have a very useful and informative “Just the Tip” from Jake today.

Holidayland? Is this a real thing? I mean was it?

It’s always a good day when the Main Street Electrical Parade is sung in meows.

“…And Josh please don’t say Ursula.” But he said it BEFORE that request was read! XD You can’t stop the Ursula!


Episode 18:
Why Tim is still allowed in Idaho.

Avatarland = Ferngully and its magical Goalie.

So wait, Avatar is like Ferngully meets Pocahontas? I dunno. I haven’t seen either of those. Yay me!

Beer talk is funny. IBUs? That’s how hoppy it is? (Random: The Hoppiest Millionaire. That has NOTHING to do with the podcast, it’s just me. I warned you in the meme, OK?) So if it has higher bitter units it’s hoppier? Seems contradictory.

“At Disney World there’s some other freebies you can get -”
The correct response is: “*Beads*.” “BEADS?!”

I don’t think they call the Disney Vacation Club their “Best kept secret” anymore. Last time I was there I didn’t see them advertising it that way but you know, I could be wrong, because I avoid that stuff. 😉

In the most recent episode they speculate that they’re all products of Tyson’s imagination, while in this episode they wonder if perhaps all their listeners, and their Twitter handles, are their father. Answer: Yes!

Yeah so – I crammed this one full of fun, huh? Stay tuned because I have … uh, some more to go!  I don’t remember how many. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mickey Mutineers: Please Don’t Say Ursula

  1. I find these entertaining too. I’ll have to come back and revisit this when I have more time to read it. Five minutes before I go to work and two screaming toddlers are demanding attention right now. Something about “food” or being “poopy” or some such nonsense.

    Keep up the good work. I’m working my way through the Mutineer’s back episode too. In the last week I’ve listened to 18 of them and only have 22 left to go. I’d think its affecting my mind, but I’d have to have one first for that to happen.

    • Hahaha! My kids are the reason why I’m so behind on my trip reports. These, at least, I can do while I’m listening at work and just type in a sentence as I go, then get back to the window I’m working in!

      You are WAY faster than I am at catching up on this show! I can only do it at work so it’s taken me a long, long time. 😛 I feel bad, I started doing this when Episode 30 came out. EPISODE 30!! XD

      I haven’t mentioned them a whole lot in my write-ups (because if I mentioned everything the posts would be even longer and more incoherent than they already are), but I really enjoyed your “bad tie-in” suggestions that have been on the show. That should be a regular thing!

      • I can’t do any more “bad tie-ins” because I couldn’t think of any more of them. I started racking my brain but all I could come up with was inappropriately bad names for Disney Attractions. I don’t know if the Mutineers will do anything with it, but I’m sending them the list this week.

  2. It would be nice, but I ran out of ideas for “bad tie-ins” weeks ago. Now I’m just coming up with bad emails and really dreadful lists of things that are not at all appropriate.

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