The Mickey Mutineers: “We’re brain-eating amoebas!”

You know how last post I said I had some catching up to do? I still have some catching up to do. In terms of posting my notes, not taking them.  As of right now I have 11 episodes left to listen to!  I ROCK!  I think there’s something tragic about my priorities and sense of accomplishment here.

Anyway, in case it was not properly clear, each ep is linked to the Mickey Mutineers podcast site where you can download them; however I did it that way because that’s how I do it but most people would probably want to download them via iTunes, which I cannot use due to technological ineptitude.  But download on iTunes, then rate and review!

Episode 10:
Double-digits! Celebrate with me!! 😀

Whale, whale, whale!  Ahahahahaha I’m wayyyyy too amused by that.

“And we are the Mickey Mutineers! And I’m going to apologize for that right now. No, wait! I meant celebrate that! Yay, we’re us!”  Yaaaaay!  This is such a positive message for the youth of America…

This week’s Blue Sky News is a doozy!  Ohhhh, I remember when they announced the Downtown Disney/Disney Springs stuff!  Ohhh, memmmmmorieeees…

There is nothing, NOTHING on this show that makes me crack up as much as “Whhhaaaaa….?!”  Which I have started doing at home, and it makes my son laaaaaaugh. XD

I’ve never been to Disney Quest.  Don’t really care about it. I’m way too wrapped up in the parks so I never go anyplace else.

…Disney’s Porn Bungalow?

Oh! Oh this is the episode that randomly mentions me!  “Mickey Mutineers! We’re brain-eating amoebas!  On Twitter, @rkellywdw, you can use that!”  I *have* used that. ^_^

Let’s take a vote. Which of the Mutineers’ deluxe hotels do YOU, the listener, like best?  A France-themed hotel inside of Epcot; a water-themed hotel called “Disney’s Aqua Resort” (or something, I’m too lazy to go back and listen to the name again); or Tim’s surprisingly classy and not-food-related Black and White resort?  Personally I can’t pick. Plus I’d never have enough moolah to stay in any of ’em. 😉

This episode is noteworthy for Tim doing a lot of genuine serious talking. And getting mad at Josh and Jake for distracting him. I’m sure Tim is not the least bit hypocritical for doing this. XD

Episode 11:
Who knew it was so hard to say “Mickey Mutineers”?

Bringin’ up Left For Dead again.  I love that game!  So the upstairs of the Starcade?  Is that it? Am I making this up?  Star Traders? I don’t know Disneyland at all.

Nothin’ on the inside! Arrested Development shout-out 😀

Armchair Imagineering = an idea for a Wreck-It Ralph ride in Disneyland using Peoplemover technology and Starcade space for the queue.  Hmmmm. I like the idea of bringing the Peoplemover into it… so there’s that… And I will admit that going from game to game is a cool idea. But is it “enough”?

I think this is the first time that the Amazon promo has mentioned porn. And I also think after this it is ALWAYS mentioned. XD  I mean it is what the internet is for.

Hey, a random kid has shown up! I’m sure he is in no way known by the Mutineers!

“People with awesome beards only.”
“I’m out.”
“I’m out.”
“I’m in!”
“I thought you said AWESOME beards.”

HAHAHA, it’s funnier that Josh swore after accidentally using Robbie’s name than it is that he accidentally used it. XD

“All space aliens are British, but not all British are space aliens!”
“This is true. Because of the Revolutionary War.”
So THAT’S why…

I can’t believe I’m 11 episodes in and Matt still hasn’t put in an appearance yet.  That’s just… crazay!  I’m so used to Matt now!  Is it me, or is the show actually less crude without him?

Episode 12:
What a subdued, happy little quiet intro on this episode compared to nowadays.  I feel like I’m going through time.

It’s not that I’m JUST noticing this, but I love how Tim is the impetus for every stupid new location they get stuck in each week.  You all need to stop humouring Tim!

Arrested Development!  You guys are your own weird Arrested Development show.

Oh it’s meeee!  This is one of my episodes! “Our very good friend on Twitter” and then they can’t actually say my handle. LIAR!  No but that was a pretty good question actually. I can’t do genuinely messed up questions so I just try to give them opportunities to come up with their own weird stuff.

As far as I was aware, the Main Street Electrical Parade music is sung by a chorus of cats. Or it was at Disneyland, anyway… those feral cats have to be used for something.  Why else does Disney pay them?

More love for Ursula from Josh.  I know who must be on the valentine that I send him next year! (Wait, what??)

“You almost said ‘swamp ass’!”
“I have swamp ass right now, I’m sitting in like a freakin’ foot of water here!”
“Amazon dot-com.”
I can envision the thumbs-up and grin at the camera from here. ^_^

This is one of the eps that has me turning my head away from everyone else while at work so that I can snicker uncontrollably without being seen. XD


Wow, an actually relevant reason to use “BUCKFUTTER” in this ep. It’s like a dream come true!

This is another great ending of the show. Once again, the implication of really stupid things going on that aren’t actually going on?  Yeaaaaaah boy. 😀

According to the end of this ep I am promised a free high five and an air guitar if I can say the last thing that Jake says in this ep!  Aaaand, it’s… “Just keep swimming.”

Where’s my free invisible air stuff? 😀

Episode 13:
Recorded from The Internet!  In Cyberspace!  Y’all are Super-Teens Extraordinaire!  …What’s the Berm Bank? *runs away in shame*

So here are the Top 3/9 Rides and or Attractions from the Mutineers! SPOILERS, sweetie.

Jake’s #3: Space Mountain
Josh’s #3: The Barnstormer
Tim’s #3: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

One of the many things to love about Space Mountain is that you can yell Buckfutter on it. I have my doubts so this will have to be tried and proven for myself.

I love how much kids love the Barnstormer. I have a video of my daughter the first time we went on it. She screamed this one solid unstopping whistling note the entire, what, 55 seconds of the ride.

I went on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride back in 1995 back on my first trip to WDW.  I remember going on it but I don’t remember anything else. Except that I could see the track in front of the car so I was kind of let down.

Jake’s #2:! And also, Spaceship Earth!
Josh’s #2: The Haunted Mansion
Tim’s #2: Dinosaur!

I love Spaceship Earth. I can’t really entirely say why but I just really love it.  Just a deep, abiding fondness.

The Haunted Mansion is only your #2?! JOSH NO.

D, my daughter, really loves dinosaurs but I talked her out of the ride.  Mainly because I know she’d HATE having the carnosaur guy popping out over and over.  She just needs to be a bit older.  She’d be clawing her way out of the car… Meanwhile I really REALLY WANT TO GO ON IT NOW.

Jake’s #1: It was the Haunted Mansion (this is proof that Jake and I share a brain, and also, that’s scary), but then Josh stole and downgraded it, so it is now: tie between Carousel of Progress and TTA People Mover.
Josh’s #1: Jungle Cruise – Disneyland
Tim’s #1: Radiator Springs Racers

Welp, I agree with the love for the Carousel of Progress. I was kind of obsessed with it for a little while and so my husband got me a DVD about the making of it. 😀 TTA People Mover is a fave too (and my daughter is mad at me that we didn’t get to go on it on our trip).   So I guess this is actually proof. One brain. (I want the whole thing back, ya bum.)

I didn’t get onto the Jungle Cruise this past time but I kind of feel like I have done it enough that I don’t have to ride it more than once every 5 years…

Annnnnd, finalement, a ride I have never gone on. So I have no comments! Mwah, goodnight everybody!

Episode 14:
This episode has my fave opening.  The “pull on that strap for me… keep pullin’… OK! Enjoy your podcast!” one.  And I have a milestone today: I finally realized that’s Tim doing that one. 😀

Another shortie from the Berm Bank and I still don’t know what the Berm Bank is. Berm whale?

But I do like Disney trivia games! So I’m cool with this!  Josh’s voice is nearly impossible to hear 😛

I don’t know why I make a point of mentioning every single time “Buckfutter!” is said in this podcast. I just DO.  What is this, #8?

How dare you ask who other than yourselves remember Gadget?  Don’t you understand internet??  I am AMAZED.  Also I’m kind of floored by the passion with which the Chip and Dale theme song was whipped out.  Wooo!

Why is it so easy to get Tim to sing?  I mean I’m not complaining. I’m exactly the same. EXACTLY.  I’ll spontaneously burst into song no matter where I am.

The Haunted Tiki Room theme song is amazing. Who wrote that again?  The Atencio Brothers? 😛

I can name that ride in 12 names!

Episode 43:
Wooo I’m up to date!  New episode comes out tomorrow so I will be behind again!  Go me. 😛 [See? Proof that I wrote this weeks ago!  4 weeks ago to be precise.]

Josh is AT THIS VERY MOMENT in line for the Tower of Terror!  See it was live when it was recorded, and that means that forever more, it’s happening live.  It’s nice to know that every time someone listens to this ep, Josh gets to go back to Disneyland…  Man, that’s it, I’m recording something live in WDW next time. 😛  It should totally work that way. PHYSICS!  I HATE YOU!

I’m actually really excited to go on Tower of Terror ^_^ I’m serious!

OMG I can actually hear Rod Serling in the background too! Above all the child-beating.  …I swear that makes some sense if you listen to the podcast. Kiiiiind of.

I would totally hate Josh if he were talking on his cell phone during the ride. XD  Then, though, if he said he was on a podcast I’d be like “OH! COOL! Say hi from me!”

“I can’t hear you over this loud Twilight Zone guy.”

I’m dying over the noise during the drops. XD  Jake is doing as good a job as anyone can. “This is going to make for an awful podcast.  Did you die?” And Josh is narrating and it’s jibberish. Jake: “He’s still going, folks!”

I swear to God I just listened to that three times over. XD

WOW… this commercial, it’s so smooth!  I – I… WOW! PRODUCTION VALUES!  Also ridiculously cheesy music. This is like a REAL commercial!

Wow, Tim got there FAST!  It only took him the time of the commercial break!

This podcast just turned into a Broadway one-man performance of The Lion King, complete with costumes and props. I assume.  Since I couldn’t see it, my head just filled that stuff in.

The California Dreamin’ ride experience is great. I *think* Josh said “Loop, loop, loop!” and they’re like “Did he say “Whoop whoop”? “I think he said “Lean, lean”!”  Oh that was good. That was too funny. The running commentary/mockery of Josh during it just… you guys, be aware that this was REALLY amusing.


OK. If you’re going to be talking about poo burritos, then the instruction “wrap this **** up” is just a little TOO on the nose. Gaaaah.

Episode 44:
Holy crap I think I went deaf on that intro. HEART ATTACK! XD

Extended Holy Grail references, singing, this podcast is just going full force IMMEDIATELY. Muppets references too?!  Don’t blow all your “A” material in the first five minutes you guys… (Yay!)

Tim’s tendency to sing everything is just starting to become really endearing.  Also my tendency to describe the Mutineers as “endearing” and “adorable” is just wrong, wrong, WRONG.

My legit reaction to the list of speciality churros: NO OH GOD, STOP THIS! PLEASE STOP! XD  I am laughing SO HARD. OH GOD!

A’ight, Trip Advisor Game of Shame!  I am there!

These people are tools. XD

OK, I ended up not being able to comment a whole lot on this ep but it’s a good one. A really, really good one that had me kind of curled up into a shaking trying-not-to-laugh-aloud ball in the corner of my cubicle. That is a good thing, but I will also say that I hate them. A LOT. XD


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