Yeah Mickey Mutineers.

It’s a fact!  Nobody except me is actually interested in my notes about the Mickey Mutineers podcast Gigantic Listen Project. (Which is a name I made up just now!)  Not even the Mutineers are all that interested, nor should they be, because my notes do not make sense!

However, this is my blog and I feel some weird need to prove that I am in fact really listening to every ep of the show, out of order and at random times, so here we go. 😀  I have some catchin’ up to do. Again?  What, really?  ME?? 😛

Episode 40:

Jake, you’re so cute. You had to cough.

Cakes and pies!  Good job making it inappropriate, Tim!  I feel awkward!

DOOM GUY!  I missed you!  Don’t go!

“Peter Pan job” actually *does* sound dirty.

Matt and Tim are discussing Labyrinth at Disneyland. I feel like it’s 8 months ago!  I especially like how Tim acts like this is a NEW idea.

Oh I have to add to the discussion of, er, mating tortoises (this is why I could never guest on the show, I’d be all ‘politely hinting’). My sister used to volunteer at the National Zoo and the mating tortoises were like the favourite thing of everyone who worked there.  Particularly the noises they made. Turtle love is a beautiful thing.

Love that we get an entire diversion of Doom Guy on various illegal consciousness altering substances.  What if weed made Doom Guy more paranoid?  This could be a disaster.

So the Tree of Life all lit up like Avatar Tree of Life. “I don’t like that. You can’t let that happen, Jake.” Wait, what? So Jake is the contact for Avatarland protests.  I have a LOT of requests to pass on to Jake!

OMG. If any doors *would* have obnoxiously servile personalities like in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it would *totally* be Walmart doors.

So we start with “which characters are gay” and it becomes a discussion of the hidden sex lives of Winnie the Pooh characters.

By the way, Jafar.  You guys. JAFAR, HELLO.

NICE Arrested Development ref. “I would bake myself into a bread bowl and then serve myself to the troops.”

SO MUCH LOVE for the Araquan bird!

Jake just sang the Brak Show theme from MST3K: The Movie!! Ahhhh I’m dyin’ over here!


Episode 8:
Tim is bouncy. 🙂

How many episodes did “Left For Dead” recur in?  “Imagine a pavilion!”

Yeah, the ol’ Wonders of Life.  You know, I was going to go there on our trip in 2005 and that was the point when they had finally killed it and shut it entirely.  I was TICKED OFF. 😛  I’m not sure in retrospect if I actually missed anything, but I wanted to see it! Plus I was pregnant and you know. That meant they were supposed to open that dang pavilion back up JUST because I was there.

“So who’s your favourite character to meet in the park?”
“I don’t know. Come back to me, ask Jake.”
“Jake, who’s your favourite?”
“Pass! Go back to Josh.”
“Ah, %&*@!”
And that is how Tim got to go twice. 😀

Wow… I can’t believe how long Josh has been trying to talk about trains now. It’s what, like, ten minutes?

Tim used to cry in the Haunted Mansion due to claustrophobia. I’m buyin’ it. ;P

“And that’s why I like corndogs!” Your argument is now invalid!

This episode!  THIS is the episode that made me lose it HUGELY while I was at work! (Well, the first one.)  It comes out of nowhere, as Jake is ranting about not going to Downtown Disney to get to other places around WDW property and just BAM!  Ahahahaha! XD

This episode is also the origin of the lightsabre scream. This episode is full of a wealth of humour for me! 😀


Episode 41:
Washing machine… job?! *suggestive snicker*

I want to see if Tim would truly, legitimately buy a hat at Disney if it looked like an ass.  I don’t doubt that he’d WANT to but I would love to find out if he would really do it.  How much money does it take to make this happen?  Kickstarter??

I want it known that I think I’m probably turning red trying to NOT laugh out loud over the Napoleon discussion.

“Mutineers, Assemble! I have a job!” I knew this podcast was all leading up to this.  I can’t see them as superheroes but I could accept some kind of crack team of ragtag “experts”.  Of something.  Probably something really *wrong*.

Woman in Black.

Guess what kids! Today we get to hear the longest, slowest ad ever made. Kept entertaining(?) with a constant stream of commentary in the background.

That game was perhaps the most confusing game in the gaming history of games.  Also, game. 😀


Episode 9:
Cinnamon toast and nachos, por favor.  (I’ll take it!)

Oh! OH! This is the episode where Tim’s tummy is full of bacon!  Just listen.

“Ahh. I’m so happy we’re us.”  This kind of sums up the entire podcast I think. 😀

The best part of this is where “Clone Tim” proves that each clone gets dumber.

So on my last two trips I have only gone into Innoventions West. Not on purpose. It just happened. 😦  And I should mention that my daughter loves the Great Piggy Bank Adventure.  But it’s not as good as the Great Muppet Caper so I for one am disappointed.  Anyway though, next time I’m putting my foot down. Innoventions East ONLY.

Heyyyy, a milestone: first time on the podcast that the Disney Cruise Line is mentioned! And Tim’s all “I planned it that way”.

I always like it when people actually show some love for Small World, because I’m really like that on the inside. 🙂  I’d love to get to see the Holiday Small World! That would be so awesome ^_^

I tend to agree with Jake’s Travel Tip of the Day.  but that might just be because I like boats, I have no idea if he’s actually right about Ferry Vs. Monorail.

Second occurence of “BUCKFUTTER!”  On Space Mountain no less. Interesting.


Episode 42:
So, for the record, I DID think that I would have listened to a few more older eps by now. But I had a 2-day meeting and it just didn’t happen.


Anyway, this episode is in the cabin in the woods from “Evil Dead”.  And the Necro-Comic Con.

MAN-EFICENT!  That’s the best name for a costume ever, I’ll say that. 😀  Go Tim!  Actually you guys are all making me wish I had a Halloween costume this year. 😦

How’d you start talking about Halloween and end up on the Jingle Cruise?  YOU GUYS NO. Disney is rushing it but you don’t have to!

“R-remember that time we went on Ghost Galaxy?” “That was awesome.” Hands up if you get this, because the way I wrote it out makes it just sound like pathetic small talk. Which it kind of is, but it’s intentionally so. ;D

BUY SOME MICKEY MUTINEERS SHIRTS DANGIT. (I know. I’m broke. 😦 I’m sorry. Shut up.)

I cannot promise that I would buy a “Zombie Cock Ring” shirt. (in fact I know I wouldn’t.) But I would laugh a TON at it!

So that’s how Jake found out he was allergic to pumpkin.  Ohhhh myyyyy. *blush*

Okay. I don’t actually recite the Stretching Room lines in the Haunted Mansion during the ride.  …Not out loud anyway.  I mean… not THAT loud.  But I do have the final lines of Grim Grinning Ghosts memorized and I am NOT ashamed to admit it!

So hurry back, we would like your company.


2 thoughts on “Yeah Mickey Mutineers.

    • Hahaha! I’m so glad someone finds it funny! I kind of figured I was taking up space, but I can post whatever I want in my blog, so it’s my space to take up. 😉 It’s even better if someone other than me finds it funny though… even if it’s just funny that I uselessly post them. XD

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