Mickey Mutineers: Take It Like A Cake

I FINALLY know what this means you guys!!

And it's kind of disgusting, but I had already guessed that.

And it’s kind of disgusting, but I had already guessed that.

You can get that as a t-shirt, by the way. BUY T-SHIRTS. Or wrapping paper! Because this is a sentiment that should adorn all gifts. 🙂

Episode 24:
That was a LONG lag after the theme song. I was all about to turn up the volume and stuff. XD

Reporting live from a ham sandwich!

Live show at D23? DO IT! I’d totally (want to) go see you guys there!  (I cannot make it to the West Coast so I just have to WANT to.)

Oooh, a Mutineer movie review! (as opposed to a Mutineer Movie Revue, which would only have to be AWESOME.)  Monsters University!  Art is also my son’s favourite. 😀

I was totally going to be a movie critic at one point. In college. I loved the idea and I even took some movie classes. The thing is I can never make myself write things so I gave up. XD

Matt’s internet is working great and his audacity is kickin’.

I love this conversation about Frozen! Back in June! Talk of the trailer and things like that. Tim, “Tangled” was totally CGI!

Matt: OK, so, if you stick stuff on your Magic Band… Everyone else: *perverted snickering*

Lots of hits from DC = me. Hi! 😀 (Actually I’m just outside DC in Maryland. So it’s probably not me, it’s probably the government, like you said.)

The “Nemo” portion in this episode is amusing me and Matt missed it completely. It went on for a WHILE, too. Complete with wailing.

Pizza pants? Jake: “I like him!”

Oh man, Tim’s audacity stopped working by the end of this one!

Episode 25:
Judge a person by what movie they know Tim Curry from.

This episode starts off quickly devolving into a discussion of the movie “Congo”, for reasons that completely make sense.

One of those moments where everyone is talking about something different. “Try to take over the world!” “Does anyone else see that monkey lookin’ at us?” “Beards are natural gorilla repellants.”  And Matt’s all “What monkey?”

I LOVE Echo Lake. The dinosaur’s name is NOT Norman! OH wait, I get it.

You can’t have two things from the same franchise in different parks?? What about Buzz Lightyear at Magic Kingdom and Toy Story Midway Mania in Hollywood Studios?

I… oh. When we buy through the Mutineers Amazon link, they get a list of what was bought? Creepy.

Is this the origin of “Take it like a cake?”  It’s an inside joke between Matt and Josh… Tim’s collection of pictures of birthday cakes… a special twinkle in his eye when cakes are around… Instead of ChiMo he needs to be CaMo.

YES!  It is! “It’s gonna sit there and take it.” “Gonna take it like a cake!”

And what follows is a lengthy poor choice of words, misuse of air quotes, and discussion of what colour the frosting needs to be or else it will “look bad”. XD

Nightmare Before Elm Street?

Episode 26:
I believe this is the first episode that went “YEAH Mickey Mutineers!” at the beginning.  I really didn’t think “Jake, you don’t start the show, Josh does!” though.

Tim has a bowtie. Bowties are cool.

I really don’t know what to say about how this episode’s start is just so much more ENTHUSIASTIC without Josh. “Triple-fist puuuuump!”

21-fist pump salute. Ahem.

So here’s the breaking news of the RFID chips in the refillable mugs. I think it’s actually something to do with the mugs coming to life in the middle of the night and running off with your jewelry but I could be wrong. 🙂

Oh hello! It’s the That Guy episode!  I can find myself in the That Guy discussion, I think. If I’m recalling correctly. XD I’m not going to say which That Guy I am. XD

…Okay, I’ll say it. I lost my temper at my kids in the park. 😦 I feel bad about it like EVERY DAY. But my son doesn’t remember, and my daughter forgave me.

Can I get a Monkey Fountaineers shirt?

So I did go looking for the Mickey shorts after listening to this episode. It’s pretty awesome, the ones I saw. I watched 3, I think.  Including the hot dog, which guest stars Betty White. “It was pink and delicious!” That was Betty White. 😀

So it’s the first round of Trip Advisor Hall of Shame. My favourite thing about this is that they just answer “You’re an idiot!” to everyone. XD

Well, but the second response to Erica is pretty unique. XD “I said GOOD DAY!”

Episode 27:
First ep with “Say something inappropriate!”  We’re up to like MILESTONE episodes.

Josh was under the seat the entire time! Wha…

Jake really likes canings. I kind of… I kind of wish I hadn’t said that.

Was that “snowball” reference to “Clerks”? Because I love that movie.  But with bleeping sometimes I’m not sure what I just heard. ;D  And half of what dirty stuff shows up on this show, I don’t even get what they’re talking about. LOL!

Did that quiet round of “Casey Jr” include the lyric “Like a heart attack”?

I’m sorry I don’t have a whole lot I can say about this one; I’m trying to finish up work at the same time but it’s a good ep.  There are Segway stunts and everything!

Morgan Freeman is now my pick for a celebrity guest at Disneyland too.  For the same exact reason. Narrate everything.  Morgan Freeman narrated his own birth.  Penguins didn’t exist until Morgan Freeman narrated “March of the Penguins”… he’s THAT GOOD.

The episode ends with my favourite moment from “The Three Amigos”. Podcasts are fun. 😀

Episode 28:
I think that was Matt’s first cold open. “This is gonna be a real short trip. Hit it, Chewie!”

Dish-washing tips: use a kitten to dry. Thanks, Tim. (And yet they decided Matt is the “random” one.)

Marvel movie news. I don’t know anything at all about Avengers 2. Robot from the future? I have to try to figure out if this is a guy I know. (Like, one of my personal robot friends from the future. 9_9 No, I just mean from my prior knowledge of Marvel comics in the 80s.)

Feral cats at Disneyland! OK, I am not sure, but I THINK that Jake was the one who suggested I write a blog post about the feral cats back in like… March?

“Have you ever seen a friendly cat?”  …whaaa? XD

Seriously? You’re using Bukaki as the segue into Amazon.com? XD

And more notable purchase shaming!

Political Correctness. Now I’ve always wondered if the pirates chasing the women being reversed was PC, or more like “Inappropriate for children!!”  I don’t mind THAT one so much because I think it’s a little funny. 😉 I actually mind the one where the guy was talking about hoisting his colours on that winsome wench being changed into talking about, what was it? Food? 😛  But now it’s all about Jack Sparrow, so point is moot. (that’s my least favourite Jack Sparrow change.)

OH they got rid of Jose’s cigar. TELL ME ABOUT THIS. I mean geesh. Smoking so baaad. I mean, I don’t like cigars at all or anything but he does HAVE that one… Gibberish racist rants. XD Uh, not me, the Mutineers. NOT me.

Waiters dressed up like Hitler? (I can’t believe I typed that. I swear it’s funny in context!)

Oh yes the Fox & The Hound book has the most downer ending EVER. EV. ER. I can’t believe they decided to take this story and make it into a Disney film.


I’d be all over a Robin Hood ride.  I’m afraid if they decided to make a Jungle Book ride they’d just remake the Jungle Cruise.  The Jungle Book Cruise.

Episode 29:
When I have finished this episode I will be COMPLETELY UP TO DATE until the next episode comes out and then I’ll be behind again BUT STILL!!

…I don’t have anything to say. *weeps*

I really did listen to it. Seriously.

Episode 50! I love the beginning of this episode. Merry Christmas all. 😀

Tim’s shenanigans led yet again to getting stuck someplace. South pole! What!

Tim seats two! *snicker*  Josh: “We’re having two different conversations.”

Take it away, Jake, baby?  (Debatably, Josh MAY have said “Maybe”. I choose to hear “baby”.)

Once again, I am getting my information from Mickey Mutineers, which is sad and wrong.  Next Avengers movie they fight Ultron, eh?  Now I know!  I have no idea who Ultron is, actually. I do recognize the name. I just don’t know OF him. It? Whatever!

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that “What Does the Fox Say?” worked its way into a Mutineers episode?  Frankly I’m only surprised that it took this long. 😛

A 60-minute hourglass… It’s not 60 minutes PLUS one hour.

Jake’s idea: a year in review episode from memory! Trying to remember 2013 without cheating by looking at the internet? Ha, good luck. I remember 2013 by going back over old Mickey Mutineer eps.

“Back in January, there was a new Disney podcast that started…. …AND you’re listening to it right now!!”  Now they’re advising that nobody go back and listen to the early episodes. THANKS FOR TELLING ME THAT NOW, GUYS. 😛

This is a completely epic Segway stunt!  They’re going to leave Tim to die out there!

And in August at D23, nothing happened. THAT I remember!

“Bang, Marry, or Kill” from Detsuh. He needs his own corner. XD I’m sorry, but… bang Cruella? Nooo, ew.

Wouldn’t be a 50th Episode without Swedish Chef!

And time for Random Matt!  And Matt once again sounds really surprised by the idea. “I was just sitting there thinking about rabbit legs…”

Ending on a “huh!” feeling.  So that’s 50 episodes!  And in a few weeks, the 1-year anniversary!  Yeah but I don’t really care about that. 😛

This is as caught up as I will EVER BE, because tomorrow the new episode drops, and I won’t be listening to it until at least Thursday.  So I clearly have to post this today.  Sorry folks, two Mutineer posts in one day… you’ll live. 😀  Especially since it’s the last one for a while!  I’m CELEBRATING!  Celebrating my own ability to slowly listen to fifty 1-hour audio clips about nothing!  I’ma go get drunk! 😀 (I’m at work! Nothing of the sort will be happening! ^_^)


Mickey Mutineers: So this one ep had a penguin

I have actually made my goal now, guys, and I’ve listened to every Mutineers ep. 😀 But I’m having to catch up still on the notes, so there is one more coming up before I celebrate my long-delayed awesomeness of… listening to a thing a lot. Wow.  This is less milestone-like than I thought. 😦

Meanwhile, here are a bunch of older eps and then the next-to-most recent, ep 49, at the end!  Please remember, everyone: NOT appropriate for children or for folks who don’t like to mix Disney with rude humour.  Otherwise, appropriate for… uh… actually this show is not really appropriate for anyone but you can enjoy it anyway. 🙂

Episode 19:
Matt, you had ONE JOB! Nobody knows how to do a fist-pump if he doesn’t say it. I actually got very confused by all that so I can only guess how everyone else must have felt.

Sad fact: my kids need lotion for dry skin/eczema, and thanks to this show I have started saying “it puts the lotion on its skin” on a nightly basis.  This is what my home life is becoming. 😛

OK, this Soarin’ movie info is interesting and I rather like the idea but Soarin’ isn’t in the World Showcase! It’s in the Land, in Future World! <– being That Guy.

Tim wants to know who everyone’s favourite Streetmosphere character is but he doesn’t ask it very well. And also do many people actually have favourite Streetmosphere characters, because I don’t, and neither does Matt.  Though he claims otherwise. 😛

At some point there was a creepy old man in the back roads of the Morocco pavilion selling rolled-up carpets. I’m not sure if you can find him unless you get lost though.  That’s what I’m getting from that.

Heyyyyy, shout-out to Annie/@djphob before she became famous!  DJ Fob!

Send listener questions to the Mutineers, whether Jake asks for them or not!  And whether I’m mentioned on the show or not, which I’m usually not!

Episode 20: Let’s roll this ball!

It’s the very first 20th episode EVER. I for one think it was a pretty good first try.

Matt made up for last week’s fist-pump fail by stepping up the numbers this time!

Jake disappeared at the BEST possible moment for some, like, serious kinds of dramatic tension.

I have two simulataneous thoughts: I think we’re probably going to lose the Muppets at Hollywood Studios too, and also, that is waaaaay TMI about the popcorn bucket. XD

A new Left For Dead and it’s my favourite one.  Zombie water parks.

The first official F-bomb has been dropped.  Oh and a challenge to me to find the first time Tim used it! No, it’s not challenged to me by name but who else could they mean. 😛

Anyway, River Country!  Surprisingly it’s a pretty rumour-free version based mainly on facts (I don’t know why this is surprising to me, I guess just b/c I don’t usually hear stories about River Country that don’t include inaccuracy/urban legends) and since I find River Country to be just about as fascinating as anything at WDW, I’m totally down with this 😀

Scariest Yoda laugh I’ve ever heard. That’s like ChiMo Yoda.

Candy… Mountain?  I’m so glad Josh is as confused by this as I am. You and me, Josh. You and me.

OH YES, this is the one with the Soarin’ Loop!  I *almost* did this on our trip. I was afraid my daughter might have believed me even though she has been on it before and knows very well it does not have a loop. 🙂  She’s deeply gullible, you see.

Oh that’s right!  This is another episode with meeeeee in it. (Guess what? Real reason I’m doing this. Keeping tally of me. No, not really.) Anyway “Ride This/Not That” was fun; we were given no explanation at all of what the question was about. It was just “Name a ride!”  I almost always name Haunted Mansion every time so this time to be different I named Soarin’.  Then Mansion wins. LOL.

More Flight of the Conchords, and if I’m not mistaken, nobody has any idea what Tim is referring to…

I am fascinated by how the endings of the episodes at this stage have extended vehicular sound effects following the lightsabre scream.  Last week’s was a police car siren and now a helicopter.  And it goes on and on and on. XD

Episode 21:
So it’s the… Top 12 Disney Rides. To Ride. While on mind-altering substances! WHAAAAA???

There’s something about the fact that they actually had a “don’t do drugs/here’s our episode about drugs” disclaimer that’s just… dare I say… adorable.

Having said, don’t expect a lot of specific reaction to content on this.  This is a family blog! 😀

Bahahaha, Jake.  Caffeine. On Tuck and Roll. Now we’re right back to adorable. XD

HA! I remember that low-flying goose that killed itself on Fabio’s face! That goose was probably in love with him. It was a tragic act of a broken heart. “It can never be! I shall die while embracing the one that I love!” And splat.

I like how this list might have kind of started out seriously but within just a few suggestions… we’re up to Disney Junior Live, on bath salts.

Best. Amazon plug. Ever.

The mere fact that you call it Poppy tells me you’re ready. [/callback]

Again with the shnozberries that taste like shnozberries!

Disgruntled crowd noises FTW. 😀

Episode 22:
Stopping in the middle is distinctly unpatriotic.

It’s confirmed! The Mutineers really DO podcast pantsless.  And Timless, in this episode. I’m… not sure what’s going on… I’m very perplexed.

Oh gosh, your special guest is adorable. Z?  Zee? “Are you done talking about your favourite ride?” “…No.”

You guys are possibly the most laid-back people I have talked to AT ALL about ticket price increases.  I just… WOW.  Here I’m expecting you to hate everything!  Though I agree when you say it’s annoying to hear the people saying “Walt would be PISSED! Is this what Walt wanted?!” LOL.

I love it when Josh can’t talk. The Land pavilion! Have you ever gone to the Land pavilion and tried to ride the escalator only to find a huge line because one is down?  Actually… YES! Our last trip!  This podcast was in what, June? and my trip in October we were still down to just one escalator! BAH.

SO “Closer” is going to be in my head for the rest of the day and STOP. STOP! XD

OMG!!  TIM!  He regained consciousness!!  I thought he wasn’t here but he was just unconscious the entire time. How about that.  I buy it. 😀

“You’ve been listening to Mickey Mutineers. SURPRISE!”

Episode 23:
I happen to know in advance that this is my favourite episode.  Episode 23 lives in infamy within my memories. 😀

Moist. 😛

I almost thought I detected that someone else might have an … issue with moths.  Not that I know someone who does. Certainly not me.  Okay it’s me.  GOD I hate moths.

I would totally go on the Tom Petty Racing Experience!

So honestly, genuinely, I will be really sad to lose the Muppets. I am going to CRY. It’s the only, single, solitary attraction at Hollywood Studios that I will emotionally miss!  I’m up for Star Wars Land but… 😦 My MUPPETS!

Tim’s concept of Avatarland is… *different* from what I thought it was going to be. 😦

I find it really amusing that in this episode the guys are talking about competition between parks, and ultimately end with “until we can’t afford tickets anymore”, when in the PREVIOUS EPISODE they pointed fingers at people getting upset about ticket price increases. Guys, it’s ONLY like $5!! 😛

Whoa, this is the only podcast I’ve ever heard that mentions Steven Tyler doing the Shocker!  I think that’s soooo hilarious XD

I wonder what a McDonald’s Theme Park WOULD be like… hmmm…

Introduction of term ChiMo?

I think the phrase of this episode is “Moving on!”

“What opposite sex would you drink rum with?” “A woman.” That works.

You know, the old “Overrated resorts/restaurants” topic is always, ALWAYS good.  I mean I never don’t enjoy it, I don’t know. Yay!

I love the fact that making fun of Justin Bieber quickly degenerates into the Swedish Chef voice.

AND THEN THINGS GET EPIC!!  This is the 3rd or 4th time, easily, that I have listened to this episode JUST for the ending!

Episode 49:
I’m learning about things that girls can’t do. 😛

That penguin is adorably saying “penguin”.  Whose penguin IS that?

“The submarine voyage is going down for a lengthy refurbishment.” Penguin: “WHOA! Uh-oh!” I am relieved to know that the penguin is safe from the comments that came up during this part. XD

“Oh man! I got a great idea! My wife’s gonna be so happy after I do this…” THAT implies something I don’t want to know details of! 😀

OH, is THAT what happens in It’s Tough To Be a Bug?? D:

“Meow-meowmeowmeow-meowmeow…” “THAT’S where the Electrical Parade went! It’s down here!”

CRAZY TRAIN, TOM WAITS STYLE, in meows. …Was pathetic. XD  Matt gave up like immediately.

Yet another new theme for Tim the Food B****.  It’s got a great backbeat this time.  Disneyland Nerd is excited about exciting new beverages.

“Hop across the pond… There’s no pond in the United States!  This map’s stupid.”

I am SO GLAD that Tim the Food B**** is reporting on the Cronut! I am completely not interested in eating one but he’s making it sound… well actually I stand by my opinion. But I am entertained! 😀

You know, Tyson finally spoke this episode and just as I was thinking “Do I just not recognize Tyson’s voice or has he not spoken yet this show?”, Josh realizes he hadn’t. XD

Time for Random Matt! I love that he sounds totally surprised. “I had a dream. This dream is very interesting.”

Listener question: What is the best smell in the Disney parks? Josh: Ursula.

GAH, I just realized that I asked a question last week and it’s a really stupid one. I’m going to get made fun of. *hides*

You know, when @365daysofDisney asked for all the Disney ladies’ stripper names, I did NOT think of Daisy or Minnie. I’m a little troubled that Tim did.  But apparently Sleeping Beauty would be “Nymphomaniac”. Or “The Little Prick” according to Matt. Yikes.

And Tim’s all “she’s got good questions.” WORSE! I’m going to hide MORE because soon they’ll find out how stupid it is.  Oh wait, that’s right, this is take 2. Scrooge McDuck in the Bill Nighy role in Shaun of the Dead? I like it!

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t dead. She’s a rag doll! Corpse Bride, SHE’S dead, though not a princess I guess.  But absolutely dead!  Sally was never actually alive.  Splitting hairs, here. 🙂

Mickey Mutineers: Please Don’t Say Ursula

Just a warning: I am trying to finish up my listen-in-full project by Christmas which is when Episode 50 is scheduled to drop. Meaning the catch-up will be happening a lot for a while, because I have a big backlog of show notes.  AND I found out that Jake (of the show) and at least one other person actually finds these entertaining, which just encourages me, so…

I made a meme.

I made a meme.

Episode 15:
Ahhhh, back to the early shows again. When nothing was funny. (LIES!) This episode is another milestone, because it’s the very first Matt episode! Tune in today!

Josh: “Introducing Matt, our fifth Mutineer!”
Jake: “Wh…why is he the fifth!?”
Tim: “I’m not that fat!”

I remember this episode. Jake sounds kind of like he’s loopy throughout due to recovery from appendix surgery. And Tim sounds like Tim, so… y’know.

This is what you’re supposed to do when you have your appendix out: You eat it. And you show it who’s boss.

I remember when the Mystic Manor ride opened! Everyone was WAY up about it and now nobody’s talking anymore. Nobody cares. Let’s start a resurgence of Mystic Manor love!

“You know what’s sad about Curious George?”
“He got into my bottle of ether and died?”
Wow, that is sad!

Voodoo Donuts is a good idea, although maybe not for Disneyland. But somewhere, somehow. I like it.

This is a family of brothers who love “When I See An Elephant Fly”. That was heartwarming (and at least the third time this song has popped up in this podcast).

You know what I noticed? I focus on the positive in this podcast a lot. Instead of, you know, the 85% of it that’s just crude talk. XD But that just shows you that there is variety here! I may mislead, but I’m not making stuff up!


Episode 16:
All Star Wars! It was the May the 4th episode. I don’t need to explain that.

You can make a link between ET and Episode I, which means that it’s an excuse to dis the ET ride at Universal! Woo. (I love that ride!)

Carl Weathers? You seriously got Carl Weathers confused with Billy Dee Williams?! LOL.

Did Samuel L. Jackson truly belong in the Star Wars prequels? Discuss! Actually this just serves to remind me of the fact that Sam Jackson was not always the total high-ranking BAMF he is today. For quite some time he took B-roles and this is kind of like that, even though he was definitely already a BAMF by the time the prequels were made…

I could go on and on about how Han shot first. Because he totally did! But argh. BUT, I can answer the question of why Greedo misses point blank against Han… According to the “Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina” Greedo is just a bounty hunter wannabe. He’s trying to capture Han to prove himself but he actually just sucks. XD

Kind of like me for knowing that! 😉

Point out how much weight Jabba put on between Episode 4 and Episode 6… C’mon guys. Fat-shaming never helped anyone’s self-esteem! I’m sure he’s already aware of how he looks!

Wait, guys… who says that Lando stole Han’s clothes at the end of “Empire”? Han got the Falcon from Lando, what if he took Lando’s clothes too? What if HAN wears LANDO’S clothes? …Whoa.

One of the things I learned from this episode: Josh has secretly never even seen any of Star Wars, only the Family Guy version. At least, that’s assuming I’m reading the subtext properly.


Episode 45!
Wow, do you actually try to do the intro off the top of your head each week? I couldn’t do that. My head is too full of useful info like the dialogue from “Back to the Future”.

I liked “Super Secret Squirrels”. 😦

Jake’s “Just The Tip” this week is worthy of hours of entertainment. I was already scared of beards, this is not helping!

In a fight between the Doctor, and Bill and Ted, who would win? Without any disrespect to Bill and Ted, obviously it would be the Doctor. I guess ultimately Bill and Ted could pull it together but only if the Doctor were the actual bad guy. And why would he be? SO THERE. I don’t know.

It’s the Top 12 Changes We’d Make To Rides!

Josh’s #3: Pirates on Pirates. I’m going to leave that there.
Matt’s #3: I don’t even want to say that. Something foul on Dumbo. XD Tim is right, there is no line on this show to cross!

Side note: do you guys DELIBERATELY say things that will be easily misinterpreted? “It doesn’t go down on them!” I mean.

Jake’s #3: O Canada in Epcot: add Rush into the movie! Apparently this is Canada’s greatest contribution to humanity.

Josh’s #1: Trap doors on all the spinners. And Tim gets lewd again. I am honestly not sure how any of the show’s listeners will ever be able to ride Dumbo again!
Matt’s #1: Have the T-Rex randomly eat someone in the car but it doesn’t hurt. OMG, Tim put this in the best possible way. “Like the buckle unbuckles automatically and you go ‘oh s***, it’s me!'”

I love how you can hear Tim’s beer or whatever that is being poured and then fizzing. XD

I miss ALL the good stuff on Twitter. I’m never around for Listener questions or lists or anything! ARGH! Oh well. I’m not actually that clever on the fly anyway. 😉


Episode 46:
Beastie Mutineers. That was sad but I’m going to listen to it again. 😀

Am I wrong that nobody thought Josh was going to actually keep going with that or something? LOL that was awful and great. I’m really amused by you guys all giving your names. That’s adorable. I actually have a mental picture of you all during it. You’re so lame and cute. XD I’m sure you’ve got many opportunities in this episode to dissuade me of that mental picture but for now… wheee!

And you’re right, I did not listen to this on the actual date of release or anything near it. It’s Wednesday, 12/4. 😀


So R2D2 is confirmed to be in Episode 7. I had actually not heard that. Congratulations to Artoo! He’s officially official!

I love “Hey, where IS Perry?” in the background, completely unnoticed…

Is that a cat?! In the Frosted Flakes box? Wow. Holy moley that cat is going to kill you! OMG you guys, let Jake talk about the FastPasses! Bahahaha! XD

Epcot FP picks, pre-tiers: Soarin’, Test Track and Maelstrom. YEP! Those were my picks! 😀 Won’t be again, I guess… haha.

I have to credit “Into the Woods” for making me familiar with this version of Cinderella, related in the “Blood Behind the Ink” segment. That and the Tom Waits song that is referenced (that doesn’t exist).

Nice touch, making Doom Guy a part of the Tim the Food B****’s theme song.

Wait, what kind of accent is this, Tim?! Oh, I know what it is, it’s Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Random Matt… is random. 😀

I think that Walt Disney, were he alive today, might be a regular listener of the Mutineers. Partly as a way to lie in wait and choose just the right moment to take them down. I also think he might have made them “disappear”. And then four new dolls appear in “small world”…

Wow, I creeped myself out. 😛

Johnny Bravo has his own corner of the show now. Kind of a drunken ranty emails corner!

WAHAHA! I will in fact take notes on you if you are on this show. I am CREEPY like that! And speaking of creepy, congratulations Tim, you just finally made me laugh out loud while listening to the show at work. XD

I like this list of drinks that the characters would drink. Though I don’t know what most of those are. [/lightweight]


Episode 47
Best part of this ep so far: the HUGE breath Josh took before doing the yell.

YAY! Annie and Danny! I haven’t been able to keep up with the FPPC even though I loves it. It’s next on the list. This helps ease the withdrawals! Everyone go listen to Annie and Danny’s Fastpass Podcast!

Double-chin pump! XD

For the record I think that Annie is the first woman to officially be a guest on this podcast. (Another lifelong dream of mine, destroyed.) Way to go Annie! Breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceiling! 😀

“What are you diggin’ in your bum bag for?” LOL.

LOL, wait a minute! Was there an edit at like 14:30 or so? I mean, I’m sure there are tons of edits but that one sounds like it was a big chunk taken out. A big chunk of “moist”. (Ew.) Now I’m dying to know what was removed!!

Don’t say “pickle juice” three times! And I totally did it in my head and then laughed out loud again. I think my coworkers think there’s something wrong today.

Tim is bored and singing “Hakuna Matata” in the background. And has managed to get the others in on this too now.

More of the awful ride crossover ideas from Detsuh. I think Walter White’s Scary Adventures is the best. Not that I’d want to go on it but hey, I never wanted to go on Snow White’s Scary Adventures anyway.

This episode provides so many opportunities to answer “Ursula” to the listener questions!

Tim and Annie are just hitting it off left and right here. Duetting on Hakuna Matata, doing the secret ChiMo handshake, just… wow…

Guys I like Tim the Food B****. It’s so disturbing, oh god. But no don’t do it now! I was just eating an apple and I don’t need any of that coming out my nose!

“Beefypants” gets an apology but “DJ Hand Job” doesn’t?

Episode 17:
Tim’s sound effects. He should get paid for them.

“Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.” LOL I like how this turned up in episode 45 but backwards. “Wait what?!”

“It’s business time. Know how I know it’s business time? It’s Wednesday night.” WOOOO Flight of the Conchords!

They sell Astronaut Ice Cream on Amazon.com! I’m there! As Tim points out it’s probably Neopolitan, because that’s the only kind anyone ever sees.
Jake: “I’ve seen cookies & cream.”
Tim: “No you haven’t.”

Holy moley, Mickey Mouse singing “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz in “Mickey and the Magical Map” at Disneyland. I’m THERE.

Captain EO: ready to see it leave? I actually agree, but I also do NOT want Honey I Shrunk the Audience back. I think it’s just as dated as EO and I just want a new 3D movie. Dagnabbit. 🙂

“I believe I was promised a grilled cheese sandwich.”

I love the Jake’s Friend story that no one would let him tell. “I wanna talk about my friend…”

Have you guys done an ep about the definition of a Hidden Mickey? If not, reminding now. If so I will found out soon…

And now we know Tim’s seduction techniques aka methods of getting great customer feedback on his cable installations.

Tim, NOBODY says Stitch’s Great Escape is awesome. Nobody. Ever.


Episode 48:
YABBA-DABBA-DOOOOO! 😀 Aaaahhhh I love these guys. ^_^

After all this time it turns out that they’ve all been the figments of Tyson’s imagination. AND so are Annie and Danny! What about Safari Mike and that other guy!?! This is creepy! Where does it end! What about ME?? (It’s ultimately always about me.)

So we missed the Mickey Mouse short at the beginning of Frozen. Which is sad, sad, SAD. I loved when they used Clarence Nash for Donald in PhilharMagic and the idea of doing the same with Walt’s voice for Mickey makes me happy.

Aaaahahahaha. “Say Gang, get aload’a this!” That kills me. And Harry Caray news delivery! My son calls him “Whiskers”, it’s a long story. I mean you can guess why but the full story as to why he has seen that sketch is long. XD (Short answer, he hasn’t.)

The secret of Shia LeBoeuf’s name meaning is revealed. (I think it may mean “douchebag”?)

“Why is Jake the only one without tattoos here?!”
“I haven’t been to… prison.”

I agree with Tim’s assessment of himself. He is clearly Winnie the Pooh, not Eeyore.

We have a very useful and informative “Just the Tip” from Jake today.

Holidayland? Is this a real thing? I mean was it?

It’s always a good day when the Main Street Electrical Parade is sung in meows.

“…And Josh please don’t say Ursula.” But he said it BEFORE that request was read! XD You can’t stop the Ursula!


Episode 18:
Why Tim is still allowed in Idaho.

Avatarland = Ferngully and its magical Goalie.

So wait, Avatar is like Ferngully meets Pocahontas? I dunno. I haven’t seen either of those. Yay me!

Beer talk is funny. IBUs? That’s how hoppy it is? (Random: The Hoppiest Millionaire. That has NOTHING to do with the podcast, it’s just me. I warned you in the meme, OK?) So if it has higher bitter units it’s hoppier? Seems contradictory.

“At Disney World there’s some other freebies you can get -”
The correct response is: “*Beads*.” “BEADS?!”

I don’t think they call the Disney Vacation Club their “Best kept secret” anymore. Last time I was there I didn’t see them advertising it that way but you know, I could be wrong, because I avoid that stuff. 😉

In the most recent episode they speculate that they’re all products of Tyson’s imagination, while in this episode they wonder if perhaps all their listeners, and their Twitter handles, are their father. Answer: Yes!

Yeah so – I crammed this one full of fun, huh? Stay tuned because I have … uh, some more to go!  I don’t remember how many. 🙂

The Mickey Mutineers: “We’re brain-eating amoebas!”

You know how last post I said I had some catching up to do? I still have some catching up to do. In terms of posting my notes, not taking them.  As of right now I have 11 episodes left to listen to!  I ROCK!  I think there’s something tragic about my priorities and sense of accomplishment here.

Anyway, in case it was not properly clear, each ep is linked to the Mickey Mutineers podcast site where you can download them; however I did it that way because that’s how I do it but most people would probably want to download them via iTunes, which I cannot use due to technological ineptitude.  But download on iTunes, then rate and review!

Episode 10:
Double-digits! Celebrate with me!! 😀

Whale, whale, whale!  Ahahahahaha I’m wayyyyy too amused by that.

“And we are the Mickey Mutineers! And I’m going to apologize for that right now. No, wait! I meant celebrate that! Yay, we’re us!”  Yaaaaay!  This is such a positive message for the youth of America…

This week’s Blue Sky News is a doozy!  Ohhhh, I remember when they announced the Downtown Disney/Disney Springs stuff!  Ohhh, memmmmmorieeees…

There is nothing, NOTHING on this show that makes me crack up as much as “Whhhaaaaa….?!”  Which I have started doing at home, and it makes my son laaaaaaugh. XD

I’ve never been to Disney Quest.  Don’t really care about it. I’m way too wrapped up in the parks so I never go anyplace else.

…Disney’s Porn Bungalow?

Oh! Oh this is the episode that randomly mentions me!  “Mickey Mutineers! We’re brain-eating amoebas!  On Twitter, @rkellywdw, you can use that!”  I *have* used that. ^_^

Let’s take a vote. Which of the Mutineers’ deluxe hotels do YOU, the listener, like best?  A France-themed hotel inside of Epcot; a water-themed hotel called “Disney’s Aqua Resort” (or something, I’m too lazy to go back and listen to the name again); or Tim’s surprisingly classy and not-food-related Black and White resort?  Personally I can’t pick. Plus I’d never have enough moolah to stay in any of ’em. 😉

This episode is noteworthy for Tim doing a lot of genuine serious talking. And getting mad at Josh and Jake for distracting him. I’m sure Tim is not the least bit hypocritical for doing this. XD

Episode 11:
Who knew it was so hard to say “Mickey Mutineers”?

Bringin’ up Left For Dead again.  I love that game!  So the upstairs of the Starcade?  Is that it? Am I making this up?  Star Traders? I don’t know Disneyland at all.

Nothin’ on the inside! Arrested Development shout-out 😀

Armchair Imagineering = an idea for a Wreck-It Ralph ride in Disneyland using Peoplemover technology and Starcade space for the queue.  Hmmmm. I like the idea of bringing the Peoplemover into it… so there’s that… And I will admit that going from game to game is a cool idea. But is it “enough”?

I think this is the first time that the Amazon promo has mentioned porn. And I also think after this it is ALWAYS mentioned. XD  I mean it is what the internet is for.

Hey, a random kid has shown up! I’m sure he is in no way known by the Mutineers!

“People with awesome beards only.”
“I’m out.”
“I’m out.”
“I’m in!”
“I thought you said AWESOME beards.”

HAHAHA, it’s funnier that Josh swore after accidentally using Robbie’s name than it is that he accidentally used it. XD

“All space aliens are British, but not all British are space aliens!”
“This is true. Because of the Revolutionary War.”
So THAT’S why…

I can’t believe I’m 11 episodes in and Matt still hasn’t put in an appearance yet.  That’s just… crazay!  I’m so used to Matt now!  Is it me, or is the show actually less crude without him?

Episode 12:
What a subdued, happy little quiet intro on this episode compared to nowadays.  I feel like I’m going through time.

It’s not that I’m JUST noticing this, but I love how Tim is the impetus for every stupid new location they get stuck in each week.  You all need to stop humouring Tim!

Arrested Development!  You guys are your own weird Arrested Development show.

Oh it’s meeee!  This is one of my episodes! “Our very good friend on Twitter” and then they can’t actually say my handle. LIAR!  No but that was a pretty good question actually. I can’t do genuinely messed up questions so I just try to give them opportunities to come up with their own weird stuff.

As far as I was aware, the Main Street Electrical Parade music is sung by a chorus of cats. Or it was at Disneyland, anyway… those feral cats have to be used for something.  Why else does Disney pay them?

More love for Ursula from Josh.  I know who must be on the valentine that I send him next year! (Wait, what??)

“You almost said ‘swamp ass’!”
“I have swamp ass right now, I’m sitting in like a freakin’ foot of water here!”
“Amazon dot-com.”
I can envision the thumbs-up and grin at the camera from here. ^_^

This is one of the eps that has me turning my head away from everyone else while at work so that I can snicker uncontrollably without being seen. XD


Wow, an actually relevant reason to use “BUCKFUTTER” in this ep. It’s like a dream come true!

This is another great ending of the show. Once again, the implication of really stupid things going on that aren’t actually going on?  Yeaaaaaah boy. 😀

According to the end of this ep I am promised a free high five and an air guitar if I can say the last thing that Jake says in this ep!  Aaaand, it’s… “Just keep swimming.”

Where’s my free invisible air stuff? 😀

Episode 13:
Recorded from The Internet!  In Cyberspace!  Y’all are Super-Teens Extraordinaire!  …What’s the Berm Bank? *runs away in shame*

So here are the Top 3/9 Rides and or Attractions from the Mutineers! SPOILERS, sweetie.

Jake’s #3: Space Mountain
Josh’s #3: The Barnstormer
Tim’s #3: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

One of the many things to love about Space Mountain is that you can yell Buckfutter on it. I have my doubts so this will have to be tried and proven for myself.

I love how much kids love the Barnstormer. I have a video of my daughter the first time we went on it. She screamed this one solid unstopping whistling note the entire, what, 55 seconds of the ride.

I went on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride back in 1995 back on my first trip to WDW.  I remember going on it but I don’t remember anything else. Except that I could see the track in front of the car so I was kind of let down.

Jake’s #2: Amazon.com! And also, Spaceship Earth!
Josh’s #2: The Haunted Mansion
Tim’s #2: Dinosaur!

I love Spaceship Earth. I can’t really entirely say why but I just really love it.  Just a deep, abiding fondness.

The Haunted Mansion is only your #2?! JOSH NO.

D, my daughter, really loves dinosaurs but I talked her out of the ride.  Mainly because I know she’d HATE having the carnosaur guy popping out over and over.  She just needs to be a bit older.  She’d be clawing her way out of the car… Meanwhile I really REALLY WANT TO GO ON IT NOW.

Jake’s #1: It was the Haunted Mansion (this is proof that Jake and I share a brain, and also, that’s scary), but then Josh stole and downgraded it, so it is now: tie between Carousel of Progress and TTA People Mover.
Josh’s #1: Jungle Cruise – Disneyland
Tim’s #1: Radiator Springs Racers

Welp, I agree with the love for the Carousel of Progress. I was kind of obsessed with it for a little while and so my husband got me a DVD about the making of it. 😀 TTA People Mover is a fave too (and my daughter is mad at me that we didn’t get to go on it on our trip).   So I guess this is actually proof. One brain. (I want the whole thing back, ya bum.)

I didn’t get onto the Jungle Cruise this past time but I kind of feel like I have done it enough that I don’t have to ride it more than once every 5 years…

Annnnnd, finalement, a ride I have never gone on. So I have no comments! Mwah, goodnight everybody!

Episode 14:
This episode has my fave opening.  The “pull on that strap for me… keep pullin’… OK! Enjoy your podcast!” one.  And I have a milestone today: I finally realized that’s Tim doing that one. 😀

Another shortie from the Berm Bank and I still don’t know what the Berm Bank is. Berm whale?

But I do like Disney trivia games! So I’m cool with this!  Josh’s voice is nearly impossible to hear 😛

I don’t know why I make a point of mentioning every single time “Buckfutter!” is said in this podcast. I just DO.  What is this, #8?

How dare you ask who other than yourselves remember Gadget?  Don’t you understand internet??  I am AMAZED.  Also I’m kind of floored by the passion with which the Chip and Dale theme song was whipped out.  Wooo!

Why is it so easy to get Tim to sing?  I mean I’m not complaining. I’m exactly the same. EXACTLY.  I’ll spontaneously burst into song no matter where I am.

The Haunted Tiki Room theme song is amazing. Who wrote that again?  The Atencio Brothers? 😛

I can name that ride in 12 names!

Episode 43:
Wooo I’m up to date!  New episode comes out tomorrow so I will be behind again!  Go me. 😛 [See? Proof that I wrote this weeks ago!  4 weeks ago to be precise.]

Josh is AT THIS VERY MOMENT in line for the Tower of Terror!  See it was live when it was recorded, and that means that forever more, it’s happening live.  It’s nice to know that every time someone listens to this ep, Josh gets to go back to Disneyland…  Man, that’s it, I’m recording something live in WDW next time. 😛  It should totally work that way. PHYSICS!  I HATE YOU!

I’m actually really excited to go on Tower of Terror ^_^ I’m serious!

OMG I can actually hear Rod Serling in the background too! Above all the child-beating.  …I swear that makes some sense if you listen to the podcast. Kiiiiind of.

I would totally hate Josh if he were talking on his cell phone during the ride. XD  Then, though, if he said he was on a podcast I’d be like “OH! COOL! Say hi from me!”

“I can’t hear you over this loud Twilight Zone guy.”

I’m dying over the noise during the drops. XD  Jake is doing as good a job as anyone can. “This is going to make for an awful podcast.  Did you die?” And Josh is narrating and it’s jibberish. Jake: “He’s still going, folks!”

I swear to God I just listened to that three times over. XD

WOW… this commercial, it’s so smooth!  I – I… WOW! PRODUCTION VALUES!  Also ridiculously cheesy music. This is like a REAL commercial!

Wow, Tim got there FAST!  It only took him the time of the commercial break!

This podcast just turned into a Broadway one-man performance of The Lion King, complete with costumes and props. I assume.  Since I couldn’t see it, my head just filled that stuff in.

The California Dreamin’ ride experience is great. I *think* Josh said “Loop, loop, loop!” and they’re like “Did he say “Whoop whoop”? “I think he said “Lean, lean”!”  Oh that was good. That was too funny. The running commentary/mockery of Josh during it just… you guys, be aware that this was REALLY amusing.


OK. If you’re going to be talking about poo burritos, then the instruction “wrap this **** up” is just a little TOO on the nose. Gaaaah.

Episode 44:
Holy crap I think I went deaf on that intro. HEART ATTACK! XD

Extended Holy Grail references, singing, this podcast is just going full force IMMEDIATELY. Muppets references too?!  Don’t blow all your “A” material in the first five minutes you guys… (Yay!)

Tim’s tendency to sing everything is just starting to become really endearing.  Also my tendency to describe the Mutineers as “endearing” and “adorable” is just wrong, wrong, WRONG.

My legit reaction to the list of speciality churros: NO OH GOD, STOP THIS! PLEASE STOP! XD  I am laughing SO HARD. OH GOD!

A’ight, Trip Advisor Game of Shame!  I am there!

These people are tools. XD

OK, I ended up not being able to comment a whole lot on this ep but it’s a good one. A really, really good one that had me kind of curled up into a shaking trying-not-to-laugh-aloud ball in the corner of my cubicle. That is a good thing, but I will also say that I hate them. A LOT. XD

Yeah Mickey Mutineers.

It’s a fact!  Nobody except me is actually interested in my notes about the Mickey Mutineers podcast Gigantic Listen Project. (Which is a name I made up just now!)  Not even the Mutineers are all that interested, nor should they be, because my notes do not make sense!

However, this is my blog and I feel some weird need to prove that I am in fact really listening to every ep of the show, out of order and at random times, so here we go. 😀  I have some catchin’ up to do. Again?  What, really?  ME?? 😛

Episode 40:

Jake, you’re so cute. You had to cough.

Cakes and pies!  Good job making it inappropriate, Tim!  I feel awkward!

DOOM GUY!  I missed you!  Don’t go!

“Peter Pan job” actually *does* sound dirty.

Matt and Tim are discussing Labyrinth at Disneyland. I feel like it’s 8 months ago!  I especially like how Tim acts like this is a NEW idea.

Oh I have to add to the discussion of, er, mating tortoises (this is why I could never guest on the show, I’d be all ‘politely hinting’). My sister used to volunteer at the National Zoo and the mating tortoises were like the favourite thing of everyone who worked there.  Particularly the noises they made. Turtle love is a beautiful thing.

Love that we get an entire diversion of Doom Guy on various illegal consciousness altering substances.  What if weed made Doom Guy more paranoid?  This could be a disaster.

So the Tree of Life all lit up like Avatar Tree of Life. “I don’t like that. You can’t let that happen, Jake.” Wait, what? So Jake is the contact for Avatarland protests.  I have a LOT of requests to pass on to Jake!

OMG. If any doors *would* have obnoxiously servile personalities like in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it would *totally* be Walmart doors.

So we start with “which characters are gay” and it becomes a discussion of the hidden sex lives of Winnie the Pooh characters.

By the way, Jafar.  You guys. JAFAR, HELLO.

NICE Arrested Development ref. “I would bake myself into a bread bowl and then serve myself to the troops.”

SO MUCH LOVE for the Araquan bird!

Jake just sang the Brak Show theme from MST3K: The Movie!! Ahhhh I’m dyin’ over here!


Episode 8:
Tim is bouncy. 🙂

How many episodes did “Left For Dead” recur in?  “Imagine a pavilion!”

Yeah, the ol’ Wonders of Life.  You know, I was going to go there on our trip in 2005 and that was the point when they had finally killed it and shut it entirely.  I was TICKED OFF. 😛  I’m not sure in retrospect if I actually missed anything, but I wanted to see it! Plus I was pregnant and you know. That meant they were supposed to open that dang pavilion back up JUST because I was there.

“So who’s your favourite character to meet in the park?”
“I don’t know. Come back to me, ask Jake.”
“Jake, who’s your favourite?”
“Pass! Go back to Josh.”
“Ah, %&*@!”
And that is how Tim got to go twice. 😀

Wow… I can’t believe how long Josh has been trying to talk about trains now. It’s what, like, ten minutes?

Tim used to cry in the Haunted Mansion due to claustrophobia. I’m buyin’ it. ;P

“And that’s why I like corndogs!” Your argument is now invalid!

This episode!  THIS is the episode that made me lose it HUGELY while I was at work! (Well, the first one.)  It comes out of nowhere, as Jake is ranting about not going to Downtown Disney to get to other places around WDW property and just BAM!  Ahahahaha! XD

This episode is also the origin of the lightsabre scream. This episode is full of a wealth of humour for me! 😀


Episode 41:
Washing machine… job?! *suggestive snicker*

I want to see if Tim would truly, legitimately buy a hat at Disney if it looked like an ass.  I don’t doubt that he’d WANT to but I would love to find out if he would really do it.  How much money does it take to make this happen?  Kickstarter??

I want it known that I think I’m probably turning red trying to NOT laugh out loud over the Napoleon discussion.

“Mutineers, Assemble! I have a job!” I knew this podcast was all leading up to this.  I can’t see them as superheroes but I could accept some kind of crack team of ragtag “experts”.  Of something.  Probably something really *wrong*.

Woman in Black.

Guess what kids! Today we get to hear the longest, slowest Amazon.com ad ever made. Kept entertaining(?) with a constant stream of commentary in the background.

That game was perhaps the most confusing game in the gaming history of games.  Also, game. 😀


Episode 9:
Cinnamon toast and nachos, por favor.  (I’ll take it!)

Oh! OH! This is the episode where Tim’s tummy is full of bacon!  Just listen.

“Ahh. I’m so happy we’re us.”  This kind of sums up the entire podcast I think. 😀

The best part of this is where “Clone Tim” proves that each clone gets dumber.

So on my last two trips I have only gone into Innoventions West. Not on purpose. It just happened. 😦  And I should mention that my daughter loves the Great Piggy Bank Adventure.  But it’s not as good as the Great Muppet Caper so I for one am disappointed.  Anyway though, next time I’m putting my foot down. Innoventions East ONLY.

Heyyyy, a milestone: first time on the podcast that the Disney Cruise Line is mentioned! And Tim’s all “I planned it that way”.

I always like it when people actually show some love for Small World, because I’m really like that on the inside. 🙂  I’d love to get to see the Holiday Small World! That would be so awesome ^_^

I tend to agree with Jake’s Travel Tip of the Day.  but that might just be because I like boats, I have no idea if he’s actually right about Ferry Vs. Monorail.

Second occurence of “BUCKFUTTER!”  On Space Mountain no less. Interesting.


Episode 42:
So, for the record, I DID think that I would have listened to a few more older eps by now. But I had a 2-day meeting and it just didn’t happen.


Anyway, this episode is in the cabin in the woods from “Evil Dead”.  And the Necro-Comic Con.

MAN-EFICENT!  That’s the best name for a costume ever, I’ll say that. 😀  Go Tim!  Actually you guys are all making me wish I had a Halloween costume this year. 😦

How’d you start talking about Halloween and end up on the Jingle Cruise?  YOU GUYS NO. Disney is rushing it but you don’t have to!

“R-remember that time we went on Ghost Galaxy?” “That was awesome.” Hands up if you get this, because the way I wrote it out makes it just sound like pathetic small talk. Which it kind of is, but it’s intentionally so. ;D

BUY SOME MICKEY MUTINEERS SHIRTS DANGIT. (I know. I’m broke. 😦 I’m sorry. Shut up.)

I cannot promise that I would buy a “Zombie Cock Ring” shirt. (in fact I know I wouldn’t.) But I would laugh a TON at it!

So that’s how Jake found out he was allergic to pumpkin.  Ohhhh myyyyy. *blush*

Okay. I don’t actually recite the Stretching Room lines in the Haunted Mansion during the ride.  …Not out loud anyway.  I mean… not THAT loud.  But I do have the final lines of Grim Grinning Ghosts memorized and I am NOT ashamed to admit it!

So hurry back, we would like your company.

Trip Report 2013: Day 3, Part 5: And Now a Resort Break

If I haven’t mentioned it before (I have, but oh well), staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge has been a dream of mine.  It’s the Deluxe resort I most want to stay at.  (It still is, despite having stayed for a night!)  So if nothing else, even if I don’t get to go back, I can scratch one off my Bucket List! 😀

Getting to Animal Kingdom Lodge was a tiny bit tricky, but I figured it out. It was a lot easier, it turns out, than getting to the Magic Kingdom *from* AKL – but I’ll get to that later… 😛  Anyway, I have some advice for anyone who stays at Kidani Village for the first time: Don’t park in the first part of the garage.  Keep driving until you see the entrance to the resort.  That’s all. (I think everyone who isn’t me could probably figure this out.)

An incredibly awful picture of the main entrance to Kidani Village, taken the next morning.

An incredibly awful picture of the main entrance to Kidani Village, taken the next morning as we were leaving.

The fact that they had covered garage parking enticed me, so once we got there I parked at the far end of the garage, in the Zazu section.  We left our bags and things in the car so that we wouldn’t have to lug everything in at once to check in, and so I thought once we had our room I’d come back and get the bags we’d need overnight. Right? Sounds good huh?

It turns out that it was like a five-minute walk from where we parked to the lobby.  Not joking. I don’t know why I didn’t keep driving, but I was just in a hurry to get parked and check in! Lack of judgment on my part. 🙂  It was just walk and walk and walk, door after door of rooms of the resort but no idea how much farther it was to the lobby!  Door after door after door and at this point we suddenly needed the bathroom again.  So once we got to the lobby, before we could check in we had to duck into the (single room) bathroom first.  And there was a line. 🙂

Check-in itself went quite well.  D sat and watched a couple of cartoons and I tried to look around the lobby a little, but the check-in was so quick that I didn’t really have a chance!  They had a sitting area for kids with the afore-mentioned cartoons, and then just behind that an outdoor porch area with rocking chairs where you could go watch the animals.  I was immediately a little chagrined by the fact that I would obviously not be taking full advantage of what was clearly a BEAUTIFUL resort. 😦  Animal Kingdom Lodge needs at least an afternoon of exploration!  I’m not saying I regret staying there, not in the least, but I regret not having more time to take it in!  I hope it’s not my only visit there.

So we got our room number and it was even farther from the car. Ahem.  We were up, I want to say, on the 9th floor (I’m not looking at my room info right now) and since we had checked in we took a little bit of time to look out onto the animals.  We could see some zebras and just barely, a baby giraffe that wasn’t officially “out” yet for the public.  Then we found our room and I had D get settled in, before I went back to the car for our things so that she could get her swimsuit on and we could go to the pool.

As for the room, we were in a Deluxe Studio, which came with a heck of a large bathroom, a queen-sized bed, a pull-out sofa bed, a kitchenette, and the other standard amenities.  The Studio rooms have a balcony, but ours didn’t overlook the Savannah – rather it was looking out on the parking lot front of the resort.  The pics I took were limited because of my low battery, and don’t do the room justice at all, so I recommend you visit the AllEars.net gallery (or your favourite picture collection for WDW) to see some other pics.  Meanwhile here are mine!

Here's all my stuff on the bed! Because that's worth seeing.

Here’s all my stuff on the bed! Because that’s worth seeing.  Note the Mickey towel art!! 😀

The kitchenette!  I actually did like two dishes!! :D

The kitchenette! I actually did like two dishes!! 😀

This is the pull-out couch, pre-pull-out.

This is the pull-out couch, pre-pull-out.

I discovered three great things: 1) the balcony was AWESOME.  I’m sure seeing the animals would’ve been even better but I LOVED just having one! It was waaaay too hot to sit out there at that time, though, so I just stepped out and back in. Sigh.

Here is the view from our balcony, though this is actually the next morning.

Here is the view from our balcony, though this is actually the next morning.

2) we were very, VERY close to the Samawati Springs pool – across from it, in fact.  And 3) we were really close to an elevator that went all the way down into the garage.  So when I took that elevator back down to the lobby floor, I took note of which one it was (I want to say it was Rafiki) and – ten minutes later – was able to park RIGHT by it and get back up to our room almost instantly.

The unfortunate part was that it was already after 3:30, closing in on 4pm.  I had scheduled our afternoon break to be from 2:45-4:30 and then to return to Epcot at 4:45, but obviously that wouldn’t happen.  Fear not for I am not Rigid Planning Momma, but Flexible Momma!  It just meant we’d have to be careful not to miss our Test Track FastPass which was 5-6pm.

The Kidani Samawati Springs pool was awesome. It was large and the play area was even better than the one at Fort Wilderness. Here are a few pictures I didn’t take:

From www.aklresort.com, used without permission.

From http://www.aklresort.com, used without permission.

From www.mouseplanet.com, used without permission.

From http://www.mouseplanet.com, used without permission.

From www.ownerslocker.com, used without permission.

From http://www.ownerslocker.com, used without permission.

D completely avoided the water slide this time, but she did love the actual pool itself and preferred being in there over being in the play area. I’m not sure why because I would have given my arm to get to run around that spot! 😀

We played for about 45 or so minutes, and I felt bad cutting D off after that, but we needed to get back to the park.  She was disappointed but agreeable, and we got back by 5:15 or so and made our Test Track FPs. Our other two FPs were for Soarin’ between 6-7pm, and for the Maelstrom between 7-8pm.  I had scheduled it to try to get around the other half of the WS by 8:30 and to leave before Illuminations, because D is not a Night Owl by any stretch of the imagination and because I hate trying to navigate thru crowds.

But how did that plan pan out?  Stay tuned to see…

Trip Report 2013: Day 3, Part 4: Half of the World Showcase

Starting towards World Showcase meant, of course, that – again – we had to stop and watch the Fountain of Nations. I honestly don’t think we were ever able to pass it without stopping to watch. D managed to get just close enough to get coated in a fine mist from the spray-off, which tickled her pink. 🙂 Then moving on, we stopped off at the cranberry bog right before entering WS. This was TOO COOL, y’all! Though I would not want to be standing in there all day, I can tell you that. It was HOT in the direct sunlight!

I wonder how many times that day people asked if they could come in too?

I wonder how many times that day people asked if they could come in too?

D asked, as I’m sure everyone did all day long, if she could go in too. She was told that unfortunately since she hadn’t brought her waders, it was a no-go. I put in that I’d TOLD her to pack them. I think I confused her. 😉

Once we were officially inside the World Showcase, we were SURROUNDED by Food & Wine kiosks. It’s been a while since I’ve been at Epcot for F&W and I’d forgotten how thickly they were peppered throughout!

I really wanted to try everything, but that’s just not going to work when you’re doing the parks on a budget. Unless your entire budget is FOR Food & Wine and that’s a different trip. 🙂 In this case, I wanted to find something I’d like that D might like too. We passed several kiosks before I settled on the Kalua Pork Slider from Hawaii.

If I could go back to one thing it would be this. Pic is from www.disneyfoodblog.com and used without permission.

If I could go back to one thing it would be this. Pic is from http://www.disneyfoodblog.com and used without permission.

OH MY GOSH. This was heaven on a bun. A tiny, tiny bun. A tiny, delicious bun full of meaty heaven… now I’m getting strange. But the pork was really well-seasoned and well-cooked, and the chutney sauce was delicious. AND, I was able to scrape the sauce off some of it and give a few little bites to my moderately-picky 7-year-old, who deemed the pork and the bun both delish, as well. 🙂

We still needed something more for her, so I cast about and ended up buying D a blueberry Greek yogurt from Greece, a cup of Cheddar Cheese Soup from Canada (and she took the opportunity to tell everyone that her father is Canadian), and I want to say she got some pineapple juice. I know it was some kind of juice. Anyway, she loved the yogurt and at first spoonful liked the soup, but it’s a very strong flavour and after the second or so spoonful she had changed her mind. I finished that off and we made do with snacks we’d brought, after that.

We picked out one of the Marketplace Discovery Passports, where you can get a stamp for each country you buy from, but unfortunately we didn’t get to do that much tasting (for budget reasons). Still, I’m so glad to have been able to go for Food & Wine again!

Photo is from adventuresofthefoodaholic.blogspot.com and used without permission, but I can't find mine to photo it.

Photo is from adventuresofthefoodaholic.blogspot.com and used without permission, but I can’t find mine to photo it.

Getting back to our itinerary, and settling into the World Showcase, we headed to Canada first. As mentioned, D is half-Canadian, and she made a point of wanting to see the Canada Pavilion and watch the movie. I love the look of the Pavilion. We went down to the Kidcot stop first, and she and I started colouring our Duffy. The Canadian flag on the one she got was STAMPED on – lazy Canadians. 😉 We decided we’d colour a little bit, together, at each Kidcot stop and not finish it officially until the last one. 😀

Then we headed back up and followed the waterfall across the bridge, to get to the O Canada! theatre.

If you've got no idea where this is, GO TO THE CANADA PAVILION.

If you’ve got no idea where this is, GO TO THE CANADA PAVILION.

Waterfalls are everywhere in Canada. (Not really. Well, kind of.)

Waterfalls are everywhere in Canada. (Not really. Well, kind of.)

I’m not a huge fan of Martin Short, to be honest, but I think he’s a sweetie and genuinely classy. Also I’ll take him as The Cat in the Hat over Mike Myers any day. I mean if I have to choose. 😉 We got there around 1 o’clock, watched the movie (which I enjoyed, because I luv Canada and I get even more sappy over it when I see it celebrated), and when we got out our further exploration of the pavilion was cut short in the search for a bathroom. The URGENT search. XD

We booked it to the UK, and once the urgency was taken care of, we got to wander around a little. D really liked the phone booths, and when I suggested she get in and we take a picture, she turned it around and said *I* should go in! I am all for posing (as we’ve seen), so I was up for it! 😀

It was really hot in there.

It was really hot in there.

We took our time wandering through, found the Kidcot station, and kept an eye out for characters; we couldn’t find Mary Poppins but we did bump into Alice. Since she’s a face character, I figured there would be a conversation opportunity so I told D to think of what she’d like to say to Alice.

D asked Alice if this was her house.  Alice answered that no, it was the White Rabbit's house, but he wasn't home and he had locked the door so she couldn't get in to explore. I liked this Alice. :)

D asked Alice if this was her house. Alice answered that no, it was the White Rabbit’s house, but he wasn’t home and he had locked the door so she couldn’t get in to explore. I liked this Alice. 🙂

Couple of cute blondes! :D

Couple of cute blondes! 😀

As we made our way towards France, we passed some CMs drawing on the ground with chalk. They were writing “Supercalifragialisticexpialidocious” and things like that, and D suggested that maybe it meant Mary Poppins was coming, but I didn’t see her so I said we should keep going and we’d try to see her later. Spoiler alert, we never did… I feel kind of bad for it now… but on the other hand, I think if we’d lingered more than we did, we’d have missed getting to see all the pavilions. It’s amazing how time flies at Disney!

As we made our way around the lagoon, we kept trying to meet more characters, but they were always either leaving soon (so no more people in line) or they were coming soon, but I didn’t want to spend more than 15 minutes waiting and hanging around. It was getting later than I’d wanted it to, and my goal was to get halfway around World Showcase before leaving to check in at Animal Kingdom Lodge and take a rest. So we went as far as we could, without stopping for characters or attractions, but still trying not to rush and making a point to find all the Kidcot stops.

Somewhere on this fountain in Morocco is a Hidden Mickey. I don't think it's in this photo, though.

Somewhere on this fountain in Morocco is a Hidden Mickey. I don’t think it’s in this photo, though.

In Japan D picked up an origami sea turtle from the CMs working at the Kidcot stop! She wanted to make a crane, but they said instead she could take whatever she wanted. Then we *had* to go into the store, which also houses their cultural display. Right now the display is on mythical animals, both in traditional legends and in current culture. IE, in anime, video games, and so on. This was REALLY interesting and D and I took our time at it. I went in especially wondering if they’d have any Lum representation, since she’s an Oni, and they DID! My husband and I have always loved “Urusei Yatsura” and he’s a big Lum appreciator so I had to get a pic for him.

Lum! :D

Lum! 😀

By the time we got out of the Mitsukoshi Department Store, where I looked with interest for gifts but didn’t find anything I loved that was priced low enough for cheapie me, it was past 2:30. That was the time by which I had hoped we’d be checked in and going to the pool, so I told D we’d move American Adventure from the afternoon to the evening on our itinerary and make a point of seeing it that night. I have never seen it, and it was D’s other main “TO DO” in the World Showcase. We turned around and headed back to the car so that we could head over to AKL.