Mickey Mutineers: At This Point, I’m Only Entertaining Myself

I have more notes of Mickey Mutineer episodes I’ve listened to! This is mainly just to prove that I am DOING this, since it’s taking so long and it’s really easy to claim that I’m doing it.  As of today I have listened to the first 13 eps, and everything from ep 30-42, so I’m well over halfway done (about 25 out of 43, or… something. I don’t know. I cannot math!), but this is not all of the notes I’ve typed up, and so these notes are rather incoherent, but it’s PROOF!  Also you should listen to the eps to find out what I’m babbling about. 🙂

Mutineers Logo (c) uh... The Mickey Mutineers I guess. In any case I'm coopting it but it's theirs.

Mutineers Logo (c) uh… The Mickey Mutineers I guess. In any case I’m coopting it but it’s theirs.

Episode 35:
This is the MOST enthusiastic opening ever until Jake blows it by being inappropriately non-inappropriate.

Club 33 costs $33,000, which is why we all need to buy things off of Amazon.com via MickeyMutineers.com.  I’ve done it! I’m sure my $14 purchase bought them all beluga caviar for a week. ^_^

I like Tyson.  Canadians rock! (I married one!)

Didgeridoo impression. “And that’s what they sound like. Quick, ask me what another instrument sounds like!”

OMG the “I found a treasure!” noise!  AHAHAHA!  This is the high point of this podcast for me (so far; not ruling out there could be others).  Sea snake!  Noooo!

I do in fact love the TripAdvisor Hall of Shame.

(Then there was a looooong period in which I didn’t even have time for podcast listenin’ due to work and vacation)

Episode 39:

Yes I’m back!! It’s been a month but I’m back. [Note: once again this would have been more effective if I had actually been putting stuff up daily/weekly, or if this were the most recent podcast…]

Free PhotoPass = Photobombing. I’m for it!

Things not to do in the parks!  I’m sure this list is going to be really down to earth, serious, and respectful, knowing the source. ^_^ -Don’t play Frogger on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Good advice! But this just makes me want to do it! -Oh wait, there’s an exception to performing arson in the parks?  Hey – if Tiki Room Under New Management got better, then maybe EVERYTHING would get better if it burned down.  Guys, shouldn’t you be encouraging arson then?

Poo dollar?  You guys, OMG. XD

-It’s definitely frowned upon… Matt you just classed this up a notch with your wording.  Congrats.  And for once I actually know the term you are referring to. XD “Motorboating.” Ehem.

-You might not want to do it, but Matt has suggested the best choreographed death at Disney. Please do not actually try it. Remember, this list is telling you things you should NOT try at home!  Or um. At the parks.

-Don’t ask where the tentacles go. Please don’t.

So wait. When did this list go from “Do not do this” to “what you do is, you go to a high-end restaurant, and…”

NICE segue into Glamazon.com shopping!

I love the interpretation of @thedislife’s “shouldn’t smack someone else’s kid” as Mr. T.  This is all kinds of new and interesting. XD

@YoPaulieNJ stole my “Do not do” idea.  CLEARLY he ripped me off. 😛

Episode 38:

I have no idea what this one will be about.  Woopdeewoo! To give You, the Readers, an idea, it is entitled “A Quiet Evening With Leonard Kinsey” and it’s even more inappropriate for the world at large than the usual episode. 😉

Yeah, “doing it on the monorail”, I did not think about bar crawls. Aaaand now we’ve started talking about something entirely different. LOL.

Funny thing: once you start talking about the timeshare stuff I can totally relate. LOL. My experience with a timeshare presentation was apparently tame compared to the one detailed in the book…

So to answer your unspoken question, YES I do now want to read this book!  and YES I am also terrified to do so. XD
Episode 37:
Do not EVER do a Public Enemy Style shoutout again. EVER. That was AWFUL. XD

Nutella beards. I don’t think I can muster enough love for Nutella to keep from being grossed out by that, sorry!

I’m THOOOOOR!  Kersmash!  *ahem*

“Fun and Fancy Free” had only one bear – Bongo – not two!  Ugh, shut me up, please. XD  WHY am I doing this! I’m being That Guy!

Oh my god after all that you finally remembered to do the news.  Bwahaha.

HOLY S***!  That’s an AWESOME Tom Waits impression!! [Note, in the manner of it’s unmistakably sounding like Tom Waits, not so much in the manner of it actually SOUNDING LIKE him.  It’s the ESSENCE of Waits! Aaahhhh!]

Best ride to do it on?  Well what’s not to love about the romance of Gran Fiesta Tour? I DON’T KNOW I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT.

And moving on, what… wait, what extinct attraction would you build a monument to?  I’m confused.  But my all-time favourite running gag, the “WhaaaaaaaAAAAA?” response, pops up so what can I complain about? 😀

Cartoon Planet reference?!  I am FLOORED!  Heeeey everbuddy!

Episode 36:

It’s Safari Mike!  And he was appropriately inappropriate! I’m never going to be able to see Safari Mike in the same way again….

It’s been a while since Mike has been on any podcast but his own. There was that period in April where he was on every podcast EVER.  Remember that?  Ahhh, good times. 😀

They added Planes characters to Soarin’ Over California??  WHY?  That’s insane. That’s so lame!  Well they didn’t have those at Epcot.

OH GOOD, no more Cars Land at Hollywood Studios rumour.  Yay!  That inspired so much griping, I’ll miss that, actually. 😀

Well it sounds like Ep 36 was the last current appearance of Doom Guy, unless I’m wrong… (By the time I post this, it will probably no longer be true!)

Oooh! Safari Mike’s awesomely awful My Disney Experience – with an intro like this my expectations are high. Will they be met? (Tune in to find out!)

I’m with you guys, I actually do kind of like the FastPass+ system! I mean I like the spontaneity and all, but man, it’s really nice knowing FOR SURE that you have a FP for the rides you most want to do.

I’m now officially scared of beards. 😦

What Disney character would you punch in the face or elsewhere?  Whose question was this again?? LOL! Not Ursula! Except I kind of understand the urge.  Huh, go figure.

Ooh I got saved for last. Fail to mention that this was in response to “What should we talk about with Safari Mike?” Which is why I said Star Wars. 😛  Actually it was “Star Wars?” because I couldn’t think of anything else. Other than Avatarland. Lalala… 9_9  Oh well. I’m glad you’re talking about Avatarland. And I’m glad to help Matt find out about hashtags.  Bring one into Avatarland!

And now back to the Classics!

Episode 6:

Now THIS ep, I know I have previously listened to.  But seeing as it is from late February, it’s been a good long while. 🙂

“I’m gonna call it Blue Sky News, and ignore Josh, because these are news items where people are just like ‘Oh hey! I heard this once!'”  Ie, rumours. Yay!  Oh, “Stark Expo” was announced in February, that’s right!  Ahhh, memories. 🙂

It does say “omnipotent” on your forehead!

I’m kind of surprised about the attachment Josh has to Autopia.  I only have the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway to compare it to but C’MON. That needs to go. WHY is it still there?!

Those two ducks are funny! They never get through the act! XD  (This episode has at least three different Roger Rabbit references. How ’bout them Brooklyn Dodjahs?)

Yeah, this is definitely the ep that hooked me on the Mutineers. A certain amount of Disney discussion but much more cracking each other up.  That’s what keeps me coming back.

Callback! “I do shoveling!”

When you think about it, it’s really interesting that the discussion about peeing in line has stayed on-topic for longer than ANY other discussion that has come up on this episode!

I know where the hidden Donald is in the Haunted Mansion! But I don’t have a pic of it and if I am not allowed to Google it then I will just totally suck. 😛

Episode 7:

Ahhh, this is the “Up” episode! With the balloons!  This is actually my favourite ending to any podcast ep that I’ve heard so far. 😀

There’s always money in the banana stand!  My bag says that. …I’m just going to leave that there.

If the Tree of Life lands on someone will it still be the Tree of Life?  Or… the Tree of DEATH!

Loving the general hatred of Avatarland. It’s happening anyway and that’s why this is so funny.  “I love Animal Kingdom. Why TRASH IT UP with Avatarland?”

My favourite parts of this show are when they spontaneously start talking about what’s going on in “the van”.  Tim just caught a rabbit while fishing from high above the Amazon.

Will somebody please just take the Mutineers to Club 33 already?!

And now Tim just rode his Segway onto the wall and flipped the van sideways.  I have no doubt that this actually happened.

Side note: the chimichanga story is really funny and also just makes me SQUIRM. XD

I JUST looked up the Most Interesting Man in the World this morning!  So now I know what the heck that reference was about! (It’s MONTHS later. I am slow. I will never be cool and I’m aware of it. So that makes me cool! Right?… Wait.)

Is this the first time when you had a listener question where the answer was Ursula?  Because the answer is always Ursula, but I think this is the first occurence of that…  I like the pick of Carlos’s lady. “Don’t be cheecken!”  She’s saucy!

Ahhh I love the reinterpretation of the “Which animatronic would you bring home to mother?” question!  A whole new world!

Well that’s all for today, but of course, you can always have more Mutineer content by checking out their blog and podcast at www.mickeymutineers.com, and don’t forget to tell Matt that they have a website.  Thanks for readin’!


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