A Few Disney News Bites

Hello everyone!  There are a number of little Junior News stories about Disney from the past week or two, so I’m going to toss them at you and ask: what are you most excited for?

1: The Jingle Cruise!

Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will both be giving a holiday makeover to the classic Adventureland attraction, The Jungle Cruise. The holiday theming will begin “in early November”, so presumably sometime in the next week or two?  From Disney’s description:

In this new seasonal storyline of the attraction, the Skippers have grown homesick for the holidays, so they’ve added holiday cheer to the Jungle Cruise queue and boathouse with decorations that have been mailed to them from home (plus a few they’ve created themselves). The Skippers have also added a slew of new jokes to their tours that are the perfect way to get guests in the holiday spirit. Additionally, Jungle Cruise boats have been renamed with the holidays in mind, and if you listen carefully, you may hear a holiday-themed radio broadcast playing in the background.

My thoughts: I love the idea of a Jingle Cruise – I’m not sure why, I just do – but I’ve always been struck by how the Skippers on the Jungle Cruise are such smartasses. ;D  Somehow it seems weird to me that they’d be so sentimental as to get “homesick” and decorate for the holidays!  But that’s just me.  I’d still love to see this!  What do you think, are you for or against this makeover?

2: New Lounge at Hollywood Studios’s Brown Derby restaurant!

One of the nicer restaurants at Hollywood Studios, the Hollywood Brown Derby is now opening an outdoor patio lounge area for guests.  The area is shaded with umbrellas and menu offerings include beverages (alcohol included), small bites – that’s “fine dining” for appetizers – and some really luscious desserts:

Small bites are on the menu and include artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, duck confit tacos, steamed Prince Edward Island mussels, Derby Cocktail with jumbo lump blue crab, black tiger shrimp, avocado and a horseradish-tomato juice, and two Derby Sliders – a Wagyu beef slider with cognac mustard aïoli, smoked gouda cheese, bacon and avocado; and a house-made chorizo slider with chipotle mayo, manchego cheese, pickles and crispy onions.

You can also just stop for dessert, with Chocolate Three Ways (praline milk chocolate cream, crunchy ganache and orange-chocolate mousse), a banana-white chocolate toffee tower on a cocoa-almond cookie and bananas Foster, or strawberry Champagne cheesecake.

Reservations are not accepted and the lounge won’t take the Disney Dining Plan – this is important to know.  The Brown Derby is on the DDP for *meals*, but not lounge.  However, if you have Tables In Wonderland, it applies!

My thoughts: I’m boring and I don’t go to lounges. I should! but I don’t.  I’m a park commando most of the time, because I need to fill up on Disney experiences while I’m there. Then I think of all the things I missed once I’m back home. 😉

3: Reimagined Disney Magic!

Image (c) The Walt Disney Co./Disney Cruise LInes

Image (c) The Walt Disney Co./Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Magic has been relaunched (cautiously!) with new sailings out of Miami, Florida.  The ship has not been just refurbished, but reimagined, with new spaces and activities and experiences all over the place.  Among the most exciting are the AquaDunk, a water ride that begins with a VERY sudden drop – the floor opens beneath you! – and the Avengers Experience, a kids’ section of the boat with activities and Marvel Comics characters such as a Captain America meet & greet!

My thoughts: They had me at “Cruise ship”. 🙂

So?  What are you most excited about?  Are there any that inspire a yawn and a pass?  Leave a comment and let me know!


4 thoughts on “A Few Disney News Bites

  1. 1. Maybe the skippers are snarky because they’re homesick? I’d love to experience the Jingle Cruise, but won’t be there again until mid-January.
    2. Can’t wait to try out the new lounge (in January!)
    3. The reimagined Magic sounds fabulous! I’ve never been on a Disney cruise. My 3 boys are 10,12, & 13, and I’d like them to all be in the same “group” in terms of the activity areas. Does that mean they’d all have to be 13 & up, or 14 & up? I’m not sure how the kid/tween/teen areas are age-divided. (When they were all little enough to be in the kid area together, we couldn’t afford cruising 🙂 )

    • 1. You know what, I could accept that. But I also have this feeling that they left home in the first place because they were snarky. It’s just like they’ll never be truly happy anywhere. ;D I won’t be there this year, but I am hoping to do a December trip to WDW in 2015. Here’s hoping this will continue for a few years yet…

      2. Report back on how the lounge is! I do love the sounds of their desserts!

      3. I’ve never done a Disney cruise either, but it’s on the “absolutely must do at some point once I can tear myself away from Walt Disney World” list. 😉 The age groups are 3 to 12 for the kids zone, then there’s a tween area called “Edge” for 11-14 years old, and then “Vibe”, the teens-only lounge, for ages 14-17. So I think in another year they can all get into Edge together!

    • Me too! There’s really not one that I’m unhappy about, even if I’m not bouncing off the walls over one or two! Can’t complain! (And I am kind of bouncing off the walls over the Disney Magic improvements!)

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