Sunday Blog Showcase: Relive The Magic

I’m far, far behind on Blog Showcases and there are a lot of people I’ve intended to get to for some time, so this weekend gets a two-fer! 🙂

Relive The Magic is actually both blog and podcast; you can find the podcast on iTunes, or collected here (for anyone who, like me, doesn’t use iTunes), and you can also get videos of the podcast recordings on the RtM YouTube channel. The podcast is hosted by Dallas Thompson, and he covers a wide amount of news on theme parks, Disney-related news, and very much more.  The podcast is well-informed, Dallas even attends events and records them live for you, and he also covers Disney Infinity and other fun things. 😀

Right now, though, I’m going to focus the rest of this post on the blog portion, because this is a Blog showcase – though I make up my rules so if I wanted to expland it to blog/podcast I COULD, but the other reason is because RtM keeps up the blog pretty regularly and in-depth, and I think that deserves as much of a shout-out as the podcast!  Blogging on a regular basis is HARD, and Dallas puts a lot of information and makes an effort to be thorough rather than just report the basic headlines of whatever news is released.

For instance, here is the RtM blog post on the Avatarland concept art.  As you have seen from my post on the subject (I should say “may have seen” since you might not have), everyone and their mother can post these pictures just to say “Hey look!”  Dallas cropped and enlarged them to examine details that are missed when you look at the whole thing in its original size.  That’s a great thing to do, too, because those concept art images are so full of rich detail that they DESERVE to be called out.

As of this week, Dallas is reporting on the newly-reimagined Disney Magic cruise ship, including the Avengers Academy experience for younger guests, and a description of the “AquaDunk”, the new water ride experience on-board the reimagined ship.  Both of these blog posts offered more information and detail than I have seen in most other forums, particularly Disney’s own official releases, so I find them really useful and I’m looking forward to the next posts.

Definitely keep coming back to Relive The Magic’s blog, and sign on for the podcast as well.  (Particularly the October ones, Dallas and I share a Halloween enthusiasm, and he’s been focusing on Halloween events lately!)


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