Saturday Blog Showcase: Kasey Knows Orlando

Returning yet again from a temporary hiatus (I need to recover from my vacation! :P) it’s the always hugely popular Saturday Blog Showcase!  I have a backlog of blogs… that sounds neat!… which I have to cover, but I’m skipping slightly ahead this weekend to showcase a nifty informational blog that just started and needs some attention.

Kasey Knows Orlando is written by a longtime Orlando resident with an interest in helping vacationers get the most out of their Orlando vacations, particularly those at Disney World (and Universal and Sea World fit in there too)!  Kasey is, speaking personally, a very sweet person who loves to help others and spread her enthusiasm for Disney and Orlando in general!  She’s got some great insider tips, suggestions for details you might not think of, and she’s also blogging with Orlando Informer for some added bonuses. 😀

The end result is that there is a variety of information on Kasey Knows Orlando. Only every 3rd or 4th post is Disney, on average; in between are articles on Discovery Cove, Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and even additional posts on things like finding Orlando in Las Vegas!  But my favourites are the Disney World posts, and I’ll tell you why: because they pick a few “off the beaten trail” topics and run with them.

A blog, in my opinion, needs to have something to set it apart in order to survive.  If you’re going to be general information, you need to do a GREAT job keeping up with the news and information as it comes out, and present it properly. (We can tell, I fail at that one.)  If you’re going to be opinion-based, you do best to have a solid and engaging writing style to keep people interested in reading your opinions.  And if you’re going to do travel tips, you probably shouldn’t have a blog limited to things like “Did you know you can skip the main lines at a lot of Disney World attractions by using FastPass?” 😉

Instead Kasey focuses on things like “Free Things to do at Disney Deluxe Resorts“, or a “Survival Guide to New Fantasyland“, or my current favourite, “Unique Quick-Service Restaurants at Disney World“.  Why is this last so cool?   Because there are a number of unique counter service restaurants, but it’s also easy to fail to realize they are there if you aren’t planning out your menus in advance.  Out of Kasey’s recommendations, I’ve eaten at Tangeriene Café in Epcot (it’s delish!), Fairfax Fare and Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios, and Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom.  And they are ALL good 😀

I hope you’ll check out Kasey’s blog and visit regularly for tips and insights you may not see any place else. 🙂  Have fun! (Tell them I sent you! No, you don’t really have to do that, it wouldn’t do anything.  No free pie or anything.)


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