More Mutineer Talk

Back to entertain you all with random notes from random episodes of the Mickey Mutineers.  Listen along with me at home!  But if you’re under 18, kids, get your parents’ permission!

Anyway, the most recent Mutineers episode is #40.  To prove how long I’ve been embarking on this “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” endeavor, I wrote these particular notes when the current eps were #32 and #33.  That means it’s just about 2 months ago.  GO ME! 😛  This is how long it takes me…  Enjoy, anyway.


Episode 32:

The general Mutineer consensus is “Screw OSHA” for having, you know, the safety of the workers in mind. 😉 If they wanted people to be safe they should have thought of that BEFORE they closed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad down at Disneyland for like 8 months straight, am I right?

Matt doesn’t believe that people actually have allergies to gluten and wonders what they did before gluten free food.  I can tell you: they felt sick.  A lot. 😉

Meanwhile the Electric Umbrella at Epcot serves a Macaroni and Cheeseburger. I AM EATING THIS, EVERYONE. I don’t want to… but I have to.  I may not return. 😛

Matt shouted like Josh! The Mutineers are turning into cranky old men. The next step is yelling at kids to get off their lawn, which I’m kind of assuming they already do.

See, that’s how you do an Amazon promo.  So many words!  Word salad!

I cannot believe how often this podcast randomly degenerates into singing.  Lots of singing!  There is SO MUCH SINGING in this crazy thing!  (And it’s all – uh… I’m too polite to say it. ^_~)

YAY, listener questions!  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve asked listener questions. Everyone else is cooler than me. 😦

Haunted Mansion bar serving SPIRITS… ahahaha!  I totally love this idea so much.  I swear that @JamboEveryone was a plant on this question and he asked it just so that the Haunted Mansion Bar idea could be discussed.  There is no other answer. 😀

Episode 4:

Wow, brush with celebrity: Flava Flav at Walmart at midnight.  Can’t beat that!

“Disney World needs to smack themselves in the face.”  Feelin’ the love! XD

I think this is possibly the first occurence of the term “BUCKFUTTER” in the show, but I might be wrong and might have just missed it before…   Anyway, all Mutineers are peevish about Cars Land coming to WDW (I still don’t want it) and contemptuous of WDW for stealing it.  “Why do they even have Imagineers since they’re not imagineering anything?”  What about ALL of New Fantasyland Tim?!  HUH??  HUH?!?

Oh wait… “Disney World opened the New Fantasyland and it was NOT a smashing success.”  “Well why would it be?”  I’ll just… go over here… *shuffles away to a corner*

Tim creates the best rumour to falsely spread, Cheese & Donuts Land.  The new Land of Tomorrow!

I was advised that this ep was the first one where the Mutineers “felt comfortable” with the show and “it might as well be episode 1”.  I can kind of hear that in this one; they sound like they’re having a lot more natural fun, which is what appeals to me. XD

“Did you say you’re going to summarize Spring’s question?” “HA!” I’m going to confess that it took me a long time to get that.  Then it clicked.  LOL.

And random singing!  Tim bursts into a vaguely Celine-Dion-like serenade.  I think perhaps it was supposed to sound more like Celine than it did. *G*

Episode 5:

The Mutineers share favourite Walt Disney stories. And argue over whether you can “do shoveling” or just “shovel”.  And then “When I see an Elephant Fly” pops up, as it so often does!

I like that everyone, in general, finds “Darth Mater” as unappealing as I do. The “Uhhhh” noise sums up my opinion.

“Remember when we started calling back to things, like, ten minutes ago?”  WOOHOO Callbacks!

I’ve got a count of at least twice that Jake has said “I seen it!”  I may have missed some. Yep I’m playing that drinking game. Yep it’s 9:40 am. 😀

HEY!  You guys are talkin’ my language here!  DuckTales, Talespin, Rescue Rangers, Bonkers  (Bonkers? Really? when that show was on no one liked it), and I’m going “Darkwing Duck?  And Darkwing Duck??”  And then they said it.  YES to the Darkwing Duck love.  He rocks my socks.

And then thanks for bringing up Dumbo’s Circus. That’s a memory I’d like to be lobotomized over.

Some good Hidden Mickey talk. Hollywood Studios is no longer a Hidden Mickey. 😦  They destroyed it with the Sorcerer Hat.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure = Inception?

This week’s listener question is about souvenirs or Mementos (the Fresh Maker) at Disney Parks.  Some interesting discussions.  And the word of the podcast is DEFINITELY “Segue” or “Segway” as the case may be.

Episode 33:

So YES, I listen to these out of order. Shut up.  Fast forward to NOW! [Note…. wouldn’t that be better if I’d posted this when 33 was the current ep? Oh well] And the episode starts with the Swedish Chef!  Since I haven’t yet re-listened to the first Swedish Chef episode, I haven’t mentioned how ridiculously much this makes me giggle. But best intro ever?  Perhaps, perhaps!

I was going to write about something else, and I can’t remember what it was.  It will now SURPRISE you!  You’ll never see it coming.

Asgard in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland… See basically, Tomorrowland now = Movie Tie-in Land.  I can accept Iron Man in Innoventions, if I have to, but truly now, how DOES Thor/Asgard tie into Tomorrowland?

Top 12 places to wet your.. weenis? Am I spelling that right?  A deliberately dirty-sounding word that isn’t dirty.  How bout that. ;D  This list is great b/c they totally, totally go the full way and talk about sticking your elbow into water over and over.  And then you have a wet weenis.

Random Goonies now.  I love this show.  “This wish is mine, and I’m taking it back!”  From the zombie.

Did you… just… make a Doctor Who reference (“moisturize me”)?


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