Making Sure the Kids are Out of the Room…

It has been a while since I’ve mentioned the Mickey Mutineers, but for those of you who weren’t following me when I did, I’ll recap.  I like podcasts – a lot – and there are a bunch I *try* to follow, but really only 2-3 I’m actually regular with… and even those I get behind pretty quickly sometimes.  All are Disney themed and all are fun; however, the one that is fundamentally NOT family-friendly is the Mickey Mutineers.

Mutineers Logo (c) uh... The Mickey Mutineers I guess. In any case I'm coopting it but it's theirs.

Mutineers Logo (c) uh… The Mickey Mutineers I guess. In any case I’m coopting it but it’s theirs.

It’s not necessarily that kids wouldn’t like this show.  I mean I think that a lot of boys of all ages would love it.  Their mothers maybe not so much. XD  Then again, I’m a mother of a boy, and I’m deeply amused by them (although I would not let my son listen to them for the next, um, 16-17 years. AND HE’S 25!!! No I’m kidding. He’s 4).  I guess there’s some deep-seated part of many of us that loves something juvenile and inappropriate. XD

So as long as you can accept that they’ll talk about Disney and just say things that are wrong… wrong, wrong, WRONG, and that they use language and make comments not appropriate for young kids, and they EARN their rating for older listeners, look, there’s a good chance you’ll be amused. That’s all I’ll say.

I for one love ’em. They’re hilarious.  The podcast is hosted by 4 brothers, Josh, Jake, Tim and Matt, and in all they’re just… supremely amusing.  I listen to them at work – with headphones, ALWAYS with headphones – and pretty much every episode I’m turning my head and choking back guffaws. (SWEDISH CHEF.)

Well, as I said, I fall behind quite often and there are entire chunks of episodes I haven’t heard.  So a month or two ago I embarked on an as-yet incomplete journey to listen to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.  Which I’m doing out of order, because I’m listening to the new ones as they come out, then going back and listening to older ones. I have no sense of continuity but I’m enjoying it awfully much!

And when I enjoy things I blab about them.

This is a thing you should know about me.

So for the past few weeks that I’ve been catching up (weeks? Months? I don’t remember when I started this and I’m inconsistent, but dedicated) I’ve kept a file with my random observations about each ep written in it. Just like you shouldn’t listen to the podcast with kids around, you probably also shouldn’t read my comments with kids over your shoulder. Juuuuust in case. I mean, I’m a pretty G-rated kinda gal (PG at most) but when your subject material is what it is, I don’t really remember WHAT I’ve written… Just saying!

You can listen along with me at if you like. Or you can ignore this entirely and move on with your lives.  Up to you! *G*


So starting at what was the then-current episode and just jumping around all over the place…

Episode 30: So Josh gets really worked up over spinners.  Josh hates spinners, everyone.  No room for argument there.  The Main St. Electric Parade is briefly sung with Meows.

This episode has an extended subject of Disney Dislikes, the Top 12 by the Mutineers plus the complaints of Listeners, which at least early on are dismissed violently by our hosts. “Nope! Deal with it!” was overheard.

Lemme see, what else.  Some news including the opportunities to “hack” the FastPass machines, that’s what caught my attention!  That explains how my pal Mahima got FPs to every one of the Magic Kingdom Mountains the other day.  STICK IT TO THE MAN, Mahima!

“I think they should just do racial profiling and get over it. Next!” –Matt. “Modern Mouse Josh, you are ‘Biscuit’ now.” –Tim.

And RANDOM “When I See An Elephant Fly”.

Episode 1: This is the most awkward introductory podcast ever. XD

Josh has a Coke addiction; which amuses me because so do I and I won’t drive for long distances without a bottle of Diet Coke. And (this is the actual point of this comment) I tell my husband “I’m not goin’ any further until I get coked up!” and we laugh and hope no police officers overheard me. XD

Disney World’s new president is Clappy Happy Doris, apparently.

Various themes are introduced in this episode that will recur throughout, though no one knew it at the time. Including Arrested Development references.  And including Magic Bands! Let it be on the record that Magic Bands were hated from Day One!

Episode 2: The number one thing I learned from this episode is not to eat the turkey legs at WDW. To be fair, they only talk about one person getting sick from it, but they make it sound so awful that I’m going to be afraid forever. 😀

Also, the birds at WDW are cannibals.

Josh was accused of being a Brony, to which he replies “gross”, which sounds like protesting too much to me. It explains a lot.

I’ll just take one moment to squee over “the Department of Redundancy Department”!  That’s one of my all-time favourite one-liner jokes. 🙂

A “new segment” on the podcast which I don’t think has actually surfaced: “Mouse-stalgia”.  Aaaaand we are narrowly saved from hearing a rousing rendition of “Yellow Submarine”.

“Don’t say ‘Erector’, this is for kids!”  LIAR. LOL!

Episode 3: This podcast has no windows, and no doors.  Just FYI. (This episode really sets the bar for the intros, which I have to say, I consistently love.)

Apparently Winnie the Pooh may or may not be… dead?!

Now what starts out as a defense of MuppetVision 3D at Disneyland and how Disneyland is renting out the space for upcoming 3D movies suddenly turns into a big diss-fest on “Captain Eo”.  And Michael Jackson by proxy.  “How much more would you like Captain Eo if Michael Jackson sounded like Optimus Prime?” “I wouldn’t leave!” “I’m there right now!”  This then leads into the best impression of Robin Williams I’ve ever heard, in a way that sounds nothing like him. 😀

I’m as disappointed as anyone that the “Restaurant at the End of the Universe” restaurant idea fell flat.  COME ON PEOPLE.

Episode 31:

Special Guest-Star Dusty steals some hearts (and possibly souls). I honestly have NO IDEA what he is talking about.  Is he referring to the sky in Pirates of the Caribbean? Like the night sky? Because if not that might have been the weirdest discussion ever.

D23 Park Teases: Possible teases about Star Wars Land?  A Kiddie Ride (Mutineers call Spinner, which as we remember from last week, is Josh’s hot button) and Mos Eisley Cantina are in Phase 1, ostensibly.  Rumours are also that some kind of Star Wars ride will replace the Great Movie Ride.

I think it’s kind of sad that I’m getting my rumours and news from the Mutineers.  The mind, she boggles!

That was the absolute worst promo EVER. Thanks, Tim.  Josh’s was the most perverted, but Tim just didn’t even try.

Toy Story of Terror is discussed. My husband told me about this last month. Funny story: I have a habit of hating the pitches of like almost everything, ever.  Sometimes I end up liking them when I see them but my initial reaction is almost always “REALLY?  Ugh, whatever.”  Read between the lines on this, lol.

Awwww, what a touching tribute to Jake midway through this ep. SO much brotherly love.

“I think ALL of our listeners have said that they want a shirt, that’s like, five shirts I’ve gotta make.”  Ahaha, I see what you did there! XD


Now, this is not everything I’ve listened to (not even close), but I thought this is really all you need for now. In fact it’s more than you need.  You or anyone else.  It could be argued that nobody NEEDS any of this, but… I don’t caaaare! 😀


6 thoughts on “Making Sure the Kids are Out of the Room…

    • I put in a request for a Doom Guy shirt. 😀 There have been multiple times when I’m hunched over sounding like I’m choking because I’m trying so hard not to laugh out loud! They just have so much FUN, it’s contagious. XD

  1. Wow! Thanks so much! This was real fun to read because I don’t remember most of the stuff we talk about. It’s also great to hear that we are making people laugh and knowing we’re only having fun doing so. Because really that’s all it’s for, to entertain ourselves and others! Thanks for listening and keep…listening… (that lost momentum)

    And Doom Guy shirts are in the works…

    • I think that actually is what makes the podcast work out so well, that it’s clear that you guys are entertaining yourselves and we get to sort of sit in on it. It makes you guys laugh so it makes us laugh. 😀

      And WOOHOO on the shirts. 😀

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