Trip Report 2013: Day 1

The first day of our trip was our travel day.  I set the alarm for 5 am and woke up D shortly afterwards.

I grabbed her clothes and left her to get dressed while I packed her things, then gave her some books, her toothbrush and toothpaste, and her Advair dispenser, and a backpack to put them in.  Then I finished up our packing, my husband got some food ready, and we basically rushed around getting things together.  That night I found out that D had NOT packed her toothbrush or her Advair. (Fortunately she didn’t need it!  She doesn’t get asthma attacks, her chest just tightens up, but it’s usually triggered by colder weather/allergies.  She did fine in FL, thank heaven. This was one of several things though that made me feel like a lousy Mom. :P)

I made some really awesome egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches on English muffins, and some blackberry muffins (well, made those the night before, I didn’t whip up muffins at 5am), and I also bought donuts the night before and put these together:

See, it's a hidden Mickey. I made Mickey donuts! :D

See, it’s a hidden Mickey. I made Mickey donuts! 😀

Turns out I need not have bothered, because D did not finish a single one of these. She ate half the sandwich, half a muffin (I brought six! throughout the week she never had another!), and three bites of one of the three donuts I brought.  Siiiigh.  We brought back the food that lasted, but I hate thinking of how much I had to toss out.  Oh well!

Anyway, it was still dark when we set out. The actual departure was awesome because I put on the first volume of the Disney Classics CD, and we pulled out and left to the strains of “The Circle of Life”.  It was inspirational. 😀  We made pretty good time, and although the first 2 hours or so were filled with some “How long until we’re in Florida?” and “are we nearly in Florida yet?”, after a while D decided she was going to pass the time by counting to 1,000.  She made it to 350 before she got distracted and forgot that goal, but somehow that activity miraculously cured her of her boredom, and after that we had a great time.  We listened to music, played car games, and she worked in a “Magic Ink” book I had bought her… well, when she wasn’t carsick, that is.

She also took a lot of photos on my camera.









Car window...

Car window…

I love this one :D

I love this one 😀

And this is honestly like 1/3 of the pics she actually took. Yeah.

And this is honestly like 1/3 of the pics she actually took. Yeah.

My goal was to stop about every 3 hours or so unless there was a bathroom emergency. Our first stop was slightly later than I intended it to be, and we took a while – long story short, D had a lingering fear of toilets that flush by themselves.  She’s used them before but not often and they still make her nervous, so I had to talk her through our first stop. The good side is, this trip finally got her over that fear. THANK GOODNESS.  So I ended up checking in with my husband later than I had meant.  He was intending to go out with our son for the day and I called him about 45 minutes later than I’d said I would 😛  I felt bad but he sounded OK once I actually called.  By this point D already had plenty to tell him, just in general, so it took a little while to get going again.  Then it was more car games and more carsickness, and more photos.  Our second stop was South of the Border, because I am convinced that if you are driving down I-95 and your route passes SotB, you have to stop there.

One of many, many South of the Border signs you may see on your trip.

One of many, many South of the Border signs you may see on your trip.

Another SotB sign.

Another SotB sign.

HEY!  Does that say "HATS"?!  You've GOT me, baby!

HEY! Does that say “HATS”?! You’ve GOT me, baby!

And now there is no escape.  TOURIST TRAP!

And now there is no escape. TOURIST TRAP!

I’ll be back later with the rest of Day 1! Don’t want to overwhelm with excitement right away, amirite? 😛


7 thoughts on “Trip Report 2013: Day 1

    • I remember looking at it from the road when we went in 1995, but I never stopped there until 10 years later. I learned not to stop there going BACK from Disney as it’s just disappointing. 😉

    • Thanks! The TR gets more interesting but the pictures become, sadly, fewer and farther between as I go 😦 She told me after we got there on Tuesday that she didn’t really believe we were going until we arrived. XD

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