Saturday Blog Showcase: Joanna and Her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs

Good Sunday everyone.  I know, how can this be a Saturday Blog Showcase if I’m writing it on a Sunday… well… I had this scheduled to go up on Saturday, September 21, which it indeed did. Blank, because I hadn’t had the time to actually write it during the week (nor did I get the time to do so the next week).  And it was the first of two posts that went up empty.  AAAARGH.  Makes one rethink the “Great Idea” of scheduling one’s posts before they are written in order to keep to a weekly thing. ;D

Anyway!  Today’s 8-day-late Saturday Blog Showcase is about Joanna and Her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs, which is a blog full of Disney joy and trip reports!  Joanna blogs in great detail about her visits to WDW and Disney Cruises, as well as other Disney-related activities and news as they come up.  She’s a contributor to the Magical Blogorail and she also teaches math and makes cakes.  Those last two don’t pop up too much in the Disney blog a whole lot but they’re things I think are neat. ;D

Like many Disney blogs, Joanna’s topics cover a wide variety within the common broader setting of Disney.  Even in trip reports, you’ll find posts answering questions like “Is PhotoPass worth it?” or “Is MVMCP worth the price?”  So although a series of trip report posts may seem like just largely a big personal diary, Joanna actually covers information as well, looking at various factors and planning tips.

She just finished a lengthy series of 20 posts covering Thanksgiving at Disney World, and the newest series, just begun, is a trip report from this past spring about 30 Magical Moments on a trip she took for her birthday with her sister.  When Joanna took the trip she posted photos on her Twitter account of 30 moments she deemed Magical (with pre-made graphic cards!), and the current series is following this with plenty of photos; but it also doubles as a review/recommendation post.  I like the fact that Joanna’s trip reports have this informative edge to them.  There is nothing at all wrong with a good trip report, don’t get me wrong, but there is an accessibility to Joanna’s reports for people who aren’t just flat-out hardcore Disney fans as so many of us are.  Most TRs are only really of interest to those of us who wish we were there, and can live vicariously through someone else’s pictures; these can almost double as a planning guide for someone looking for tips or advice.

So kudos to Joanna, and be sure to check out her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs sometime soon!


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