FastPass to History: Sorcery In the Sky

Nowadays, the only nighttime entertainment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Fantasmic!, and everyone is more than prepared to spend their evening sitting on metal bleachers for this awesome show.  At certain times of the year there are other, special event fireworks shows – New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July, etc.

BUT, back in the day, before MGM took on Fantasmic!, they had a fireworks show in the evening called Sorcery in the Sky.  Do you remember it?  Maybe you’ve heard of it but you’re not sure what it was about? The show was a Hollywood-themed fireworks presentation; it ran from 1990 until 1998, and until 2004 had seasonal (ie, holiday event) presentations before being replaced with new holiday fireworks shows.

Since Sorcery in the Sky was developed the same year that “Fantasia” celebrated its 50th anniversary, much of the fireworks were themed in association with it, and the framing of the show was the development of Hollywood “sorcery” – heavily built around Walt Disney’s own sorcery in his movies.  The original show was narrated by Vincent Price.  Movie themes and iconic moments were represented throughout the 9-minute show, and the finale was when a giant Sorceror Mickey appeared and had sparks shoot from his fingers!  (I’m not making this up!  See this page for photographic evidence!)

Since YouTube preserves pretty much everything, here is a video with a full performance of the fireworks show.  Enjoy!  It’s the 90s again! 😀  If you have any memories of this show please share them in the comments!  I visited MGM in 1995, and there is a chance I may have seen this show, but if I did I have NO memory of it at all. XD

This post is part of the FastPass to History blog hop hosted by!  Check out the other posts for more Disney history and thanks to Kimberly for hosting the blog hop!



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