Saturday Blog Showcase: At Disney With Emily

Today’s Blog Showcase is about a passion, not an obsession!  At Disney With Emily is run by a UK Disney World fan who makes it out to Florida whenever she can, and all things considered she’s got a pretty good track record. 😉  She has made 10 trips in the past 15 years (that’s in contrast with me, I have made 5 in 18 years :P) and has built up a good deal of experience and knowledge. And passion. 😀


Emily’s take on the blogosphere is to post a main blog post with her own speculations and topics each Wednesday, and to answer questions from readers and friends on other days of the week as they come up.  One of the Wednesday posts was a neat one about “WDW Over 15 Years“, reflecting on all the changes since her first visit in 1998 until now; this is a great retrospective and one that many infrequent visitors probably don’t think about. I went once in the 90s – in 1995 – and didn’t go again until 2004, so I dont’ remember half of the things that were different on my first visit.  Emily, thanks to going more often than I, provides a really good reflection on the changes. 🙂  This past week she took a poll on the favourite park of the WDW fandom at large (as represented by a random polling on Twitter) and I am betting her results are a good representation of reality.


So this is a new blog, really still in process of starting up, but sending in questions and comments will definitely help it to grow!  I love getting in on the “ground floor” of blogs and getting to watch them grow, and At Disney With Emily is off to a great start.  Give a portion of your Saturday up to get to know this blog!


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