Saturday Blog Showcase: Joanna and Her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs

Good Sunday everyone.  I know, how can this be a Saturday Blog Showcase if I’m writing it on a Sunday… well… I had this scheduled to go up on Saturday, September 21, which it indeed did. Blank, because I hadn’t had the time to actually write it during the week (nor did I get the time to do so the next week).  And it was the first of two posts that went up empty.  AAAARGH.  Makes one rethink the “Great Idea” of scheduling one’s posts before they are written in order to keep to a weekly thing. ;D

Anyway!  Today’s 8-day-late Saturday Blog Showcase is about Joanna and Her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs, which is a blog full of Disney joy and trip reports!  Joanna blogs in great detail about her visits to WDW and Disney Cruises, as well as other Disney-related activities and news as they come up.  She’s a contributor to the Magical Blogorail and she also teaches math and makes cakes.  Those last two don’t pop up too much in the Disney blog a whole lot but they’re things I think are neat. ;D

Like many Disney blogs, Joanna’s topics cover a wide variety within the common broader setting of Disney.  Even in trip reports, you’ll find posts answering questions like “Is PhotoPass worth it?” or “Is MVMCP worth the price?”  So although a series of trip report posts may seem like just largely a big personal diary, Joanna actually covers information as well, looking at various factors and planning tips.

She just finished a lengthy series of 20 posts covering Thanksgiving at Disney World, and the newest series, just begun, is a trip report from this past spring about 30 Magical Moments on a trip she took for her birthday with her sister.  When Joanna took the trip she posted photos on her Twitter account of 30 moments she deemed Magical (with pre-made graphic cards!), and the current series is following this with plenty of photos; but it also doubles as a review/recommendation post.  I like the fact that Joanna’s trip reports have this informative edge to them.  There is nothing at all wrong with a good trip report, don’t get me wrong, but there is an accessibility to Joanna’s reports for people who aren’t just flat-out hardcore Disney fans as so many of us are.  Most TRs are only really of interest to those of us who wish we were there, and can live vicariously through someone else’s pictures; these can almost double as a planning guide for someone looking for tips or advice.

So kudos to Joanna, and be sure to check out her Amazing Technicolor Interwebs sometime soon!

Vlog Post: Somebody Got MagicBands!

Well hi there! First of all, please excuse the lack of updates the past two weeks. My office department has two people out on extended vacations at the same time AND we got a “special project” so it’s been just a big happy jumble of overtime. Honestly I’m not sure I even remember who I am right now! 😀

Anyhow though, in between all of that I’m still going to Disney World… next week, in fact… in four days in fact. (Tiny yay in the background!) And, because I’m doing a single night at Animal Kingdom Lodge, on points donated to me by a friend who is a DVC member, I actually ended up being selected to test the MagicBands that Disney World is planning on rolling out sometime in the next few months. It seems as if nearly everyone staying on site this coming month gets to try these, but hey, for those of you who don’t hang out on Twitter with people who go to Disney World on like a weekly basis, this is a much rarer opportunity!

Anyway. So I haven’t had time to blog about them or anything (although this post at My Disney Addiction does a better job than I could anyway), but I will go over the whole experience when I have time.  I DID, however, have time late the other night to record a vlog of me… well, talking about them a lot and kind of holding the up for you to see, in really bad lighting and bad quality.  Yaaaay!

In all seriousness, it is at least slightly informative. If nothing else you’ll learn that I have trouble fitting them on my wrist and the plastic is more solid than I thought it would be. 🙂

But mostly, you should watch it because the camera just loves me!  Obviously. 😛

I promise that I will post about my experience setting up my FastPass+ reservations, and my experience editing them the next day (and possibly my experience editing them again if I go that route… because yes, you can edit them as needed), and also my experience with how the bands work. But it won’t be for a while, because I have crazy overtime, then crazy packing, then MAH VACATION and nobody’s taking that away from me! 😀

Top 5: Disney Cars (Who Weren’t in Pixar’s “Cars”)

Heck, I haven’t even seen “Cars”. But heading off to that well is just the EASY way to do this top 5 list, and heaven knows, I never do anything the easy way!

Now… we just need to see if I can actually come up with 5 cars from Disney movies or shows.  Good luck. 😛  On the plus side, while I can’t say for certain this is a topic no one else has done, I CAN say I don’t think it’s been done all that often!

5. Herbie the Love Bug

Herbie actually is the star of his own live action movies. And there are several.  AND he’s at the All-Star Movies Resort in WDW!  …Having said all that, I’m not sure I can really say much more about Herbie that is that positive.  I’ve never felt inclined to watch a single “Herbie” movie, not even the one with Bruce Campbell in it.  But one thing you can say for Herbie, he’s got stage presence.

You weren't expecting me to put up a pic of Lindsay Lohan here, were you?  BRUCE. CAMPBELL.

You weren’t expecting me to put up a pic of Lindsay Lohan here, were you? BRUCE. CAMPBELL.

4. Lightcycles from “Tron”/”Tron Legacy”

Cheating, I know. These are not cars.  There ARE light cars in “Tron Legacy” but frankly I prefer the light cycles.  The cars aren’t cool enough to make this list. 😉 All I can say is, if I could find a bike that left a big tangible trail of light behind me I would ride it EVERYWHERE.  All the time.  I’d ride it around and around people so that I could tie them up in light-ribbons.

Old school...

Old school…

...New school.

…New school.

3. Goofy’s Car

You’ve seen Goofy’s jalopy, right?  Right?!  That jalopy just screams Goofy.  It’s all big and clunky and falling apart, carelessly slapped together and always essentially serving the same purpose as Goofy, to make a mess of things. 😀  If you haven’t seen it anywhere else, I know you have seen it in Mickey’s Trailer.

2. The Motorcars from “the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”

The “putt-putt-putt” noises that the early motorcars make are so entrancing to Mr. Toad that he can’t stop thinking about them even before he’s driven one.  The cars in this film are completely inanimate, but regardless they serve as an important character in the story, as Mr. Toad’s motivation for a few very bad decisions.  Motor MANIA!



1. Susie the Little Blue Coupe

This is kind of a forerunner of Cars, in terms of design at least, but it’s a sweet little Disney short that you can’t help but smile over.  If you’re over a certain age, you’ve probably seen it a number of times on the older Disney Channel – you know, back when they showed classic cartoons? 😉  Susie is a peppy little blue coupe who hits hard times when she gets a bit older, but finds a happy ending before it’s too late.  And it’s narrated by Sterling Holloway, so no complaints here!

Got any other cars to add?  I’m always interested in your comments!

Saturday Blog Showcase: The Pixie Dust Princess

Good morning and happy Saturday! (and if either one of those is not true for you right now, just pretend I didn’t say it! ^_~)  We’ve made it to another weekend!  To celebrate, I want to take this week’s Saturday Blog Showcase to spotlight something worth celebrating: positivity!

I bet sometimes you just feel run down, tired, sad for no reason. I think everybody feels that way sometimes.  You’re worn out, stressed, cranky, and it seems like there’s nothing to smile about.  When you feel like that, a WONDERFUL Disney blog to visit is The Pixie Dust Princess where you can go to get “A Pinch of Positivity” and just a general positive attitude!

I can’t tell you how much I need to read posts like these sometimes.  Well, like I said, I think everyone just feels run down sometimes and needs a little extra pixie dust.  Sometimes just a good mood, a smile and some optimistic words are infectious.  That’s why I like this blog so much; everything is presented with a smile, with excitement and anticipation!  The author, the “PD Princess” to shorten it a bit ;), posts reviews of Disneyana and talks about news of upcoming events, and always with enthusiasm and love of Disney; I love her posts about Fall (also my favourite season!) and about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, since both of them get me excited for the season as well!  Okay – it doesn’t hurt that I’m already looking forward to both, but regardless, sharing the excitement just makes more excitement!

But my real favourite thing is PD Princess’s dedication to positivity in general.  This post, just about keeping a positive attitude and finding ways to take your life in your own hands and make it the way you want it (like a true Disney Princess!), is one of my favourite posts of all time.  Sometimes, everyone needs a reminder that you make your own future and you can make it as good as you want it to be.  Everyone needs a reminder that life can be hard for everyone but positivity and a belief in yourself can pull you through.

The blog is updated approximately on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule and I recommend checking it out.  Unless you’re married to cynicism, you’ll probably find something to make you smile. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

FastPass to History: Sorcery In the Sky

Nowadays, the only nighttime entertainment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Fantasmic!, and everyone is more than prepared to spend their evening sitting on metal bleachers for this awesome show.  At certain times of the year there are other, special event fireworks shows – New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July, etc.

BUT, back in the day, before MGM took on Fantasmic!, they had a fireworks show in the evening called Sorcery in the Sky.  Do you remember it?  Maybe you’ve heard of it but you’re not sure what it was about? The show was a Hollywood-themed fireworks presentation; it ran from 1990 until 1998, and until 2004 had seasonal (ie, holiday event) presentations before being replaced with new holiday fireworks shows.

Since Sorcery in the Sky was developed the same year that “Fantasia” celebrated its 50th anniversary, much of the fireworks were themed in association with it, and the framing of the show was the development of Hollywood “sorcery” – heavily built around Walt Disney’s own sorcery in his movies.  The original show was narrated by Vincent Price.  Movie themes and iconic moments were represented throughout the 9-minute show, and the finale was when a giant Sorceror Mickey appeared and had sparks shoot from his fingers!  (I’m not making this up!  See this page for photographic evidence!)

Since YouTube preserves pretty much everything, here is a video with a full performance of the fireworks show.  Enjoy!  It’s the 90s again! 😀  If you have any memories of this show please share them in the comments!  I visited MGM in 1995, and there is a chance I may have seen this show, but if I did I have NO memory of it at all. XD

This post is part of the FastPass to History blog hop hosted by!  Check out the other posts for more Disney history and thanks to Kimberly for hosting the blog hop!


Top 5: Forgotten Disney Princesses

So sometimes I wonder what the criteria is to get into the official line of Disney Princesses.  The main roster is pretty self-evident and makes sense: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Rapunzel, and now Merida.  Okie-dokie!  Less marketed, but still “Official”, are Pocahontas – okay, still with ya there – and… Mulan.  Which is where I stop and say “Wait, what?” because Mulan isn’t a princess.  Like, at all. She’s a rural peasant who saves her nation but she’s still not actually royalty.  Not even by marriage.  Not like nobody else has ever pointed this out, or anything, and I like Mulan so I’m not trying to dis her at all, but she’s just not a princess.  So why is she there, but others aren’t – let’s say, Alice, or Wendy, or… or Mary Poppins?  Well, it’s not really relevant to the rest of this article, so let’s let that one drop. 😀

Anyway, what really is odd to me though is the fact that they brought in Mulan but they leave out a few actual legit princesses.  More than a few really, they have numerous princesses over the years – official princesses – who just haven’t been interesting, main-character-ish, or – let’s go ahead and say it – profitable enough to rate official inclusion in the Princess line.  So with all that said, here’s my Top 5 Forgotten Princesses (plus an Honourable Mention, because I can do that when I want to!).

YEAH princess!  She's got it down.

YEAH princess! She’s got it down.

Honourable Mention: Charlotte LaBouf (Princess and the Frog).

Yes, Tiana is the ACTUAL Princess by the end of the movie, and as I always like to point out, she has the best princess dress design EVER (lily pads!!); but let’s not forget that her friend Charlotte is a princess, in more than one way, quite before Tiana.  Enough so that she even fulfills the “Kiss A Princess” rule, albeit temporarily!  Okay, Charlotte is really a princess wannabe, but she lands the role for 24 hours anyway, and she’s been living the lifestyle for pretty much her whole life.  This one doesn’t really rank, b/c she’s a backup in a movie that HAS a “legit” Princess, but hey. I love Charlotte almost as much as I love Tiana, and I’d like to see her more.  So there! 😀

Now on to the real list!

#5: Tiger Lilly, Peter Pan

Damsel in distress?

Damsel in distress?

Indian Princess Tiger Lilly is really a background character with no actual lines (except half of a word), and she’s really not “glamourous” the way the official Princesses have to be. Plus I suppose they’ve already got Pocahontas filling out the “Native American” requirement.  But let’s be fair, if Poca counts then Tiger counts too!  She fills all the typical requirements of her time: rescued by the hero, remains noble, even gets a little kiss in by the end. 😉  Despite my jab at first about her lacking the glamour factor, I think it would be kind of nice to have a young princess get some attention in this line.  Without being glittered up like they tried to do with Merida.  Never happen, but it would be a message I’d like to see from the Princess line, which I find a little – um, questionable in certain aspects.  You can be a Princess, hold yourself in high esteem, be valued and respected, and be YOURSELF. (Okay… I confess I’m glossing over the less-PC aspects of the portrayal of the Indian tribe in Peter Pan.  I don’t care to go into it with this particular Top 5 list, but it’s a legit complaint in terms of example being promoted, and we’ll leave it at that.)

#4: Eilonwy, The Black Cauldron

C'mon! She totally looks the part!

C’mon! She totally looks the part!

There is actually a good chance you have no idea who this is. 😀  That is, if you haven’t seen “The Black Cauldron”, the – well, the animated flop from the mid-80s.  It’s based on a rather good series of books fantasy books, but they didn’t do the best adaptation of all-time.  A bit on the boring side as I recall.  Eilonwy is a fun character – more so in the books, they kind of defanged her a little in the movie – but she is indeed a princess, and a bit of an enchantress, too.  And she’s cute as a little firecracker button, she is!  She’s got a temper and a giant stubborn streak in the books, as I recall, though she mellows over the course of them; in the movie, she’s just a bit feisty, if I’m remembering right.  I’d like to see her again, regardless.  I like her name, her design, and her general Eilonwyness.

#3: Megara, Hercules

The only potential "princess" to wear a glower half the time. And look really good with it on, too.

The only potential “princess” to wear a glower half the time. And look really good with it on, too.

C’mon. Megara. Megara, guys.  She’s got one of the best songs of any Disney film out of the later half of the 1990s, she’s a great conflicted character, and really now… wife of the son of the king of the gods?  You’re going to tell me that doesn’t count as a princess?  FEH.  Megara ought to be represented here. You know why she isn’t – because she doesn’t have a big poofy dress.  THAT’S WHY.  Well, maybe it’s also because she spends half the movie working for the bad guy, or because she’s quick with a sarcastic quip, and maybe Disney decided that wasn’t the “image” they were promoting with their Princess line.  That makes more sense than the dress thing, I guess.  If you ask me, that’s WHY she should be included in the Princess line.  DIVERSITY, Disney!  Not all princesses have to have good attitudes all the time!

#2: Kida, Atlantis

Kida is as upset as I am that it is really, REALLY hard to find good screencaps of her on the internet. :(

Kida is as upset as I am that it is really, REALLY hard to find good screencaps of her on the internet. 😦

I haven’t seen this movie since it came out. I’m not even joking.  I haven’t seen it since 1999 or whenever it was released. 1998? I don’t know. I was looking forward to Atlantis and I was more than a little let down by it, though I enjoyed it, I guess. I don’t remember it that well since I haven’t seen it since. 🙂 But I still think Kida honestly should be recognized here, even if it’s just as a “backup” the way Pocahontas is.  She’s got an interesting design, she’s powerful, independent, smart, and maybe kind of dangerous.  But kind.  She’s a very different kind of princess, one with experience and wisdom, and I bet she’d be the oldest member of the Princess line if she made it on there.  I’m not just saying that because she has white hair, I know that’s just cosmetic. 😉  But weren’t the inhabitants of Atlantis all, like, hundreds of years old?  Oh well.  Bring out Kida.  Her movie should be given another fair shake, and I’ll tell you why: Because the guy who plays Father Guido Sarducci is in it, and I could listen to him read the phone book and still laugh.

#1: Giselle, Enchanted

The only real-life gal on our list! She wins for singing in the middle of a park.  That is my FAVOURITE THING.

The only real-life gal on our list! She wins for singing in the middle of a park. That is my FAVOURITE THING.

Okay, if I’m honest, Giselle doesn’t meet the standards for Princess-hood either (see my complaint about Mulan).  But she SHOULD.  Sure, she isn’t actually a princess at the start of the movie, but really, all that’s missing is the formal title! She talks to animals, wears floofy dresses, has flowers in her hair, and breaks into spontaneous song in public parks.  And manages to get others doing the same.  Everyone else on this list is debatable, but Giselle IS a Disney Princess, and Disney knows it.  She was a walkaround character for a while and nearly was added to the permanent pantheon.  However, what I’ve read (might not be true, this is the internet) is that, because she was portrayed by a living person, Disney did not own the intellectual copyright on her appearance and would have to pay royalties to Amy Adams, the actress who portrayed her, if they wanted to use her image.  Since this is a unique case among their princesses, they removed her from the lineup instead. 😦

So!  Share your thoughts in the comments!  Please don’t pick any PC arguments though. It’s not a matter of whether or not I think they’re valid, I’m just not going after that right now. 🙂  I’ve mentioned before that I like to keep this blog mainly positive, and if I’m going to debate things like Disney and PC, I’m going to do it in a different post.  Thanks for being respectful! 🙂