Saturday Blog Showcase: My Disney Addiction

No, not mine.  Not that I’m pretending like I don’t have one. It’s just that in this case, “My Disney Addiction” is in fact the name of the blog and not me talking about my own preferences/personal issues.

The blog is run by Rhiannon, and here is why it’s a great read and not just another Disney blog: Rhiannon has a sarcastic streak and a great sense of humour, so she manages to blend snarky wit into her posts without coming off as if she I actually whining or griping about Disney.  The Disney love is clear, even when there is something she’s not thrilled with.

Topics-wise, the blog is somewhat familiar – I mean that in a positive, cozy way, not a “bah, same old stuff” dismissive sort of way – as Rhiannon is addicted to pin trading, overplanning (yeah for overplanners!), and Disney dining (or sometimes Disney drinking) so there are posts on those topics.  Only they’re not done like generic “here are some tips for anyone reading!” posts. They’re done kind of as if the writer thinks they are for that purpose, but they’re actually really individualized.  You know you’re not reading a “travel tip” blog, you’re reading someone’s personal blog.

I can’t explain it, really.  It’s just FUN. 😀  It’s kind of what I kid myself I want to write like, you know, fearlessly witty and fully yourself!  …Except that myself is not fearlessly witty and I don’t drink a whole lot or anything.  Oh speaking of fearless, check out the post on Boma Mustard (this is my current favourite post) as an example of both the Disney Food Blogging posts AND Rhiannon’s love of foods hot enough to eat away at your stomach lining.  The current most recent post as of this writing is about her Must-Do List at Disney – a well-loved topic!  But I guarantee it’s not a retread of other people’s lists (and bears pretty much nothing at all in common with Stacy’s Must-Do video on Resort TV).

For a bonus good time, always read Rhiannon’s tags.  They’re like Easter Eggs. ;D


3 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Showcase: My Disney Addiction

  1. Holy mouseballs!!!! I feel famous and honored and a little bit Grinch’s-heart-growing-several-sizes all the same time! I was pretty sure the only person who read my blog was my mom. And now I know that not only did I have another reader, but a reader who actually likes it! It’s a dream come true. Thank you, Rebecca!

  2. And now I’ve thanked you twice because it looked to me like the first one got lost on my phone. There are reasons I shouldn’t try to communicate with others before noon. Feel free to delete one! Sorry. Thanks again for the third time! 🙂

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