Saturday Blog Showcase: Princesses and Pixie Dust

This week’s Saturday Blog Showcase is Princesses and Pixie Dust, written by a Florida local with a really fantastic, gorgeous name!  (If you didn’t guess, her name is Rebecca.  No relation.)  Becca embraces Disney with gusto and writes about whatever pops into her head, and really… I like what pops into her head. 😀


The most recent posts include spending a day solo at Animal Kingdom, an Ode to School Bread, Becca’s favourite moments from the recent Disney Songbook event with Alan Menken and Richard Sherman, and (my personal favourite) “How to Disney-fy Your Sick Day”. There are quite a few more, don’t think otherwise, I’m just scratching the tip of the iceberg (aka what is on the main page as I write this).  Princesses and Pixie Dust is a new blog, and so there’s not a giant overwhelming amount of content, but rather just enough to sink into … rather like a nice warm Disney bath.  (Disclaimer: I may or may not be kind of cold at the moment and thinking of warm baths in general. Back to the showcase.)


Stylistically speaking, the strongest appeal about Becca’s writing style for me is that she likes lists and she illustrates them beautifully.  Each of her posts is full of a number of photos and, when applicable, videos; and she structures them numerically.  You might have noticed I like that kind of thing. (Maybe.  A little.  Or have you not noticed that yet.)  It not only makes it very clear, but there’s something really… I don’t know, engaging about it.  I like following a train of thought that way.  But it also gives a very thought-out structure to the posts.  I especially liked it with the Disney Songbook post, where it did more than just list highlights, it draws attention to WHY they are highlights.


So, if you’re looking for a new Disney-themed blog to devour (like I often am), check this one out if you haven’t yet.  It’s fun, simple yet informative, and well… you kind of can’t go wrong when it’s written by a Disney lover.  (And I’m sorry you got sick right before your planned trip, Becca! Least you got to make up for it!)


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