eBay and Disney World Tickets

Is this a really great deal or are you being suckered by friendly faces?

Is this a really great deal or are you being suckered by friendly faces?

One thing I’ve found when planning Disney World trips is that, out of all the things you can cut corners on, the tickets are the sticking point.  They are going to cost you.  That’s not to say there aren’t a few options to get a slightly lower price – sometimes Disney offers a tiny discount with their room promos, such as this past spring when you’d get an extra 5% off tickets if you booked a room at their resorts that was on a promo.  But to be honest, that’s rare.  There are other options, naturally, and some are legit but some aren’t… but what it comes down to is that you’re not going to get a legimate discounted deal on 1- or 2-day Disney World tickets, period.  Disney won’t discount them, authorized discount ticket sellers don’t discount them – you have to do a minimum of 4 days, usually, for savings to kick in…

So in a pinch, you might think, “What about eBay?” And at first this might seem like a truly perfect answer, because if you search eBay you will find offers for some really cheap Disney World tickets.

I’m going to give spoilers now for the rest of my post, okay? Do not buy ridiculously discounted tickets on eBay.  Period.  No matter what the seller might say, there is simply no legal way that you can get a 1-day Disney ticket for $30 (or $40 or even $50).  The closest I found to a “legit” offer was one where you sit through a timeshare presentation and get the tickets afterwards for the discount price. Having done this in the past, well, it’s up to you if you want to do it.  Frankly I would not order it on eBay, regardless.

The other thing that makes these look legit is that you’ll still see people selling their “old” tickets with “unused days” left on them.  Maybe they purchased a 5-day pass and only used 3-days and so they’re selling the pass for 2/5 of what they paid for it.  Guess what?  You can’t use it.  Doesn’t matter if the days weren’t used.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a no-expiration ticket. Disney has cracked down on making sure that the same person uses a ticket from day one until day whatever.  (And if it’s not a no-expiration ticket, then it’s only good for 14 days after the first use.)  So there really might be 2 days left on that ticket, and the seller might legitimately have been allowed to go back into the park for another two days, but you won’t.

What about the ones that are brand new, priced at just a slight discount – maybe 5% – off of the Disney World full price?  Wouldn’t these be legit if they have never been used?  That’s a valid question.  And you know what, maybe they are valid. But the problem with eBay is you pays your money and you takes your chances, and frankly, I wouldn’t do it.  If you really want to get a reliable discount on theme park tickets, I would go through someone who is an authorized reseller and NOT go through eBay.

And now the exception to ALL of the above!  If you’re looking for collectible, old souvenir tickets, GO eBAY!  EBAY IS IT! 😀  Just don’t go looking for something you can use to get a great deal.  The same goes for Craigslist.  The internet is full of people who want to take your money and give you nothing in return, so please, use the common sense rule: if it seems like too good a deal to be true, if it leaves you thinking “Wow, why isn’t EVERYONE doing this?” it’s probably because it IS too good to be true.

I think about 90% of my readers know all this stuff, but if I can get one person who is Googling “discount Disney tickets on eBay” to stop and rethink what they’re about to do, then my work here is done. 🙂


2 thoughts on “eBay and Disney World Tickets

    • I know, it’s just awful. To think how easy it can be to take advantage of people who just want to have a great family vacation for maybe a little bit less than the prices Disney is asking… So sad 😦

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