Saturday Blog Showcase: Frontierland Station

One of my favourite General Disney Info blogs is Frontierland Station.  In spite of the name, it doesn’t focus on Frontierland specifically or even on the Magic Kingdom exclusively. Or really even on WDW all the time.  It’s just a little of everything wrapped up in a nice neat Frontierland bow!

The blog, run by Kimberly (and I don’t really know how it can be run by one person and have such an ongoing variety of topics and info and regular updates, but then I’m speaking from my own lazy experience, plenty of people Who Aren’t Me manage it), has a special interest in Disney history and trivia, and participates in numerous Blog Hops that fill those roles; this is part of what keeps it fresh and interesting, because there are themed daily updates.  Tiggerific Trivia Tuesday, FastPass to History on Thursday (this one is new and is actually hosted by Frontierland Station), Wordless Wednesday, Favourite Food Friday and Hidden Mickey Monday.  In between, Kimberly posts Disney news from any park or movie that comes up, such as the trailer for the new Thor movie or info on the next Captain America movie, among others.  There are also just general articles, based on personal experiences or observations, both from Kimberly and others.

Via partnering with Chip & Company, Frontierland Station also hosts/promotes giveaways, such as this one for a Disneyland backpack tote, and reports news and rumours.

Like I said, bit of everything, Frontierland-shaped bow on top. 🙂  Definitely a site worth checking out, bookmarking, and checking again.  A lot.  You’ll love it!  I promise!  You can believe what I say, because I never lie, and I’m ALWAYS right! 😉


Disclaimer: The final sentence is a reference to a comedy group I like and is not actually what I believe about myself.  However, it’s not precisely a LIE, and whether I’m ever wrong is a matter of debate, so maybe it IS correct after all…? XD



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