Wordless Wednesday: Disney Transportation

WDW2008 123

Circa 2008.

I’m kind of disappointed; I thought I had some pictures of 2011’s Tron Monorail wrap (or as I called it, the Tronorail – I’m so original and witty), but it turns out I only took movies. WAY TO THINK, REBECCA.  Anyway, this week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is Disney Transportation, and although I’ve only taken Magical Express on one trip (we usually drive), it was indeed Magical! ❤  Tronorail would have been a lot more interesting, really, because anyone can put up a pic of ME, but y’know.  Memmmmoriiiies!

Focused on the Magic
Thanks to Deb at Focused On the Magic for hosting the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Disney Transportation

  1. Great memories too! I love spotting the ME. I always feel like my vacation has just begun. The Tronorail would have been cool too though;) I’ll find one of mine and post it. I really liked it. Of all the special designs they’ve done that was the best!

    • The design on the Tron wrap was really excellent. I LOVED how they used the rest of the monorail as the tail to the light cycle. That was such a great touch! I liked Tron Legacy but I really especially loved the Tronorail. We kept seeing it but I never got to ride it, lol!

    • Oh yeah! I knew it would be a meaningful choice, I just like to try to put up pics that you might not think of immediately… and Magical Express is beloved but “easy”. But beloved! So I am still comfortable in my choice. 😉 Thank you!

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