Saturday Blog Showcase: Sassagoula Steamboat Co.

It HAS been a while since we’ve had a Blog Showcase here, hasn’t it?  Well, I want to go on and get this bloggy-blog moving again, and I consider the Showcases to be an important part of that.

This week I want to give a shout-out to a new blog that has quickly become one of my favourites, The Sassagoula Steamboat Company!  Run by Katy, this blog is another fan-run mix-of-everything variety, ranging from personal experiences to personal opinions and everything in between.  I don’t mean to write it off with that comment: those tend to be my favourite kinds of blogs, because while blogs devoted to a single aspect of WDW – specific location, or travel advice, or upcoming news, or rumours, etc – are very useful, I’m not always in the mood to delve deeply into that one subject. I like the personal touch that a round-up of topics brings.

The most recent posts as of today on Sassagoula are all across the board, which means little repetition and plenty to sustain my limited attention span.  There is a photo-based review of Coronado Springs Resort (nice, b/c I have never been there!), a Fastpass To History post about Mickey’s Starland (remember Mickey’s Starland? I was actually there while it was up but I didn’t remember that it was called that then), a “Where in the World?” photo quiz, Katy’s take on the “Kill, Marry, Refurb” game that This Happy Place Blog and Mouse on the Mind Blog are famous for, Tips and Tricks for traveling… see, lots of stuff!  All over!

Disclaimer: in what is currently the most recent post, the feature is Fridays at Fulton’s – Weekly Blog Features, and a post of mine is listed on there.  I just want to emphasize, that is not why I’m showcasing this blog, that was a lovely coincidence!  I had picked out Sassagoula to showcase back on Tuesday and haven’t gotten to it until right now. 🙂

In closing, Sassagoula Steamboat Co. is really a lot of what I love in a blog – a variety of subtopics all celebrating my favourite place on earth, a positive attitude and opinion that still expresses an opinion without just “Everything Disney is equally great amirite??” (not that I see a lot of those… nearly everyone has SOME opinion on Disney, lol), and a willingness to celebrate the community of WDW fans along with the location itself.  Do yourself a favour and check it out today, you won’t regret it!


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