Up and Coming: 365 Days At Disney

This is partly a blog showcase (remember when I did Saturday Blog Showcases? I’m gonna do those again, I swear), partly a shout-out, and partly just to toss out some support to a guy with a cool dream!

So tell me this.  What do you think of the idea of going to Walt Disney World every single day? I’m not talking about just being a Florida Resident with an AP. I’m talking about going on a year-long trip to FL with the specific intent of going to the parks every day.  Sound interesting?  Sound fun?  Sound crazy, hard to pull off?

To me, it sounds like something I’d have a good time reading about.  Not only the experience, but the getting there.  Wesley Snyder is the one doing it, and he’s blogging about the whole process over at 365 Days At Disney.  The whole thing is currently within the planning stages, and needs help getting it under way.  The blog is active with Wesley’s thoughts and ideas, as well as posts about WDW in general (not only about the planned trip), and the hope is for this to result not only in an engaging blog but also a book!  (I’m serious when I say I would read this book.)

So the best thing that you can offer right now is support, whether it’s through adding to the readership and audience, or contributing to funding, or getting the word out. Whatever!  Spread the word, visit Wesley’s blog, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook!  This is an adventure I’d like to vicariously live through!  You can also donate, if you feel inclined, at this site. And join me in wishing Wesley luck in achieving his dream!


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