Is Free Dining Coming to Walt Disney World in Fall 2013???

You actually can get that much food on this plan if you know what you're doing.

There is a rumour that it might be… but I don’t know!  WATCH THIS SPACE, and when we know for sure, I’ll say so! 😀  I’m hearing that it will be announced (IF it is going to be announced!) in August.  So hang tight for another few weeks and we’ll know!

If it does come out, why not get some assistance snapping up your dining quickly with some expert advice?  As a travel agent I’m trained with Disney destinations and can happily book you a great – dining included – stay!  Or if you book your own trip and transfer to me within 30 days of booking, not only do you get assistance, you get a transfer “thank you” gift of $25 or more! 🙂  See for more info, or email me at   But mostly let’s just cross our fingers that the free dining comes out! 😀


3 thoughts on “Is Free Dining Coming to Walt Disney World in Fall 2013???

  1. Several years ago, I booked a WDW vacation during a time that offered the free dining and it was awesome. We saved so much money and we were able to try restaurants that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. The only thing that we found was it was almost too much food- with the desserts and such! We also discovered that we could use our daily “snack” for tasters at the Food and Wine festival. If they offer this promotion again, it is definitely the time to book a trip!

    • I honestly couldn’t agree more. When the Dining Plan is free it is, without a doubt, a great deal – one of the best they offer! My husband and I were there for Food & Wine in 2005 and we had the free dining then… we kept forgetting to use our snack credits so our last day we had about 5 each left over and we made great use at the F&W! Thanks for the comment!

      • Isn’t it awesome to pile them up for food and wine? I was with a friend for the Expedition Everest Challenge and the day after the race we just ate and used them up. There is nothing like beer, escargot and potato soup first thing in the morning!

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