Vlog Cramming: vlogs 3 and 4

So remember I said I was going to be vlogging the weeks leading up to my possible-but-not-yet-definite Disney World trip in October?  And then I posted two and didn’t post any others?
SURPRISE!  I DID record others!  And they ARE up on YouTube! I just have failed at promoting them because I am so unbelievably busy.  So, to catch up, here are vlogs 3 and 4; #3 dates back to before my recent trip to San Francisco (which sort of kicked off my “Falling off the face of the earth” phase I’ve been stuck in since mid-June), I believe it was on 6/10:

My interview with my daughter, in which I ask her questions about what she remembers from our last trip (February 2011, right before her 5th birthday; she doesn’t remember that much *G*) and what she’d like to have come up on the next one!

#4 was indeed recorded on time, on 6/17, while I was in San Francisco. I even got it up on YouTube right away. Then I was utterly not able to blog it up here. My goodness I’m overwhelmed with work! Anyone who follows me on Twitter is probably really sick of me saying that by now. XD

I was put up in the Marriott Marquis, a LOVELY hotel in the Union Square area of San Francisco and just a short mile-or-so walk to the waterfront. As I mentioned in the video, I did indeed get to take Wednesday afternoon off and walk around. 🙂 BUT my camera died about halfway through the walk so I didn’t get to take any pics of the huge Disney Store two blocks from my hotel. 😛

So that’s it! I have vlogs 5 and 6 uploaded and ready to post soon, too!  For the record, my YouTube channel is here and I have a few (very few) non-vlog videos there.  Mostly about my kids though.  Might get more interesting when I have more to post, lol, we’ll see. 😉  Subscribers welcome!  I sub back! ;D


2 thoughts on “Vlog Cramming: vlogs 3 and 4

  1. Hope work has calmed down for you a little bit. 14-15 hour days? Geez. I hope you love love your job. I am SO thrilled to hear that you are on track to go to WDW with your adorable daughter. I cannot cannot wait to hear those trip reports. You should do a few vlogs when you are there! So excited for you and sending you hugs from NYC!

    • Oh yeah, the 14-15 hours days were just during the annual meeting. It’s a medical conference for medical professionals and we plan and staff it. It’s fun and really informative but LOTS of work! (Good paycheck!) Things are still tight b/c of some work absences but the hours aren’t nearly so insane. 🙂 And I do love my job, thankfully! 😀

      Thank you for the excitement and well-wishes! I do plan on vlogging and taking videos while we’re there. Since we’ll be at the campgrounds and I don’t have a smartphone, I probably won’t be able to upload them until after we are coming back home, but I don’t see that being a problem! I’m going to try my darnedest to keep the Halloween party a surprise until the day of and see how she reacts when I tell her that the Magic Kingdom is closing early the day we’re there. 😉

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