Saturday Blog Showcase: Modern Mouse Radio

So to start with, Modern Mouse Radio is also a podcast. Hence the Radio part of the name.  But the podcast is hosted by Josh and Keith, and Josh also runs the blog which houses the podcast.  I’m going to focus on the written portion here, b/c when I actually remember to do my podcast roundup, I link up to MMR podcasts already. 🙂

Josh has a lot of recurring features, all with a lot of thoughts, facts, and opinions in them.  When I started the blog showcase I mentioned that I like people who write like that – take Disney stuff and give an insight with opinion and personality.  MMR does this and does it well, and it’s high entertainment for me.  I’m not saying it’s FUNNY (although it often is, I’m just not limiting it to that), more like really well-rounded.  Entertainment as it should be.

There are a number of recurring features in the MMR blog: one is The Whole Picture, in which Josh takes an in-depth look at each Disney feature in the order it came out.  Most recently posted was The Three Caballeros, but keep in mind I said EVERY feature Disney released, so the one prior to that is Victory Through Air Power, which you have probably never heard of unless you are a hardcore Disney film fanatic.  Which you really might be, I’m not saying you’re NOT, don’t get excited. I’m just saying either you are, or you haven’t heard of this film.  Right?  We cool?

Uh, anyway.

Other recurring features are Top 5 lists (which I love, just in general) that avoid doing the obvious, simple theme and instead pick something hyper-specific like “Top 5 Disney Stories Horribly Ruined by Modernization” and the like; Disney Trip Planning posts which take a particular topic and go on at length about them (gee, that feels vaguely familiar to me somehow); and links to Keith Lapinig’s vlog entries (look, even though this is a blog feature I still snuck in a plug! Keith’s videos are EXCELLENT, everyone, and I recommend them as well; maybe I’ll do a full-on review/showcase someday soon!).

In all: great blog, great writing, and highly recommended for a fun way to kill several hours. Just keep going back through the posts and lose track of time! 😀


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